Yearn Finance Launches New Vault, While YFI Retakes Bullish Momemtum

Popular DeFi protocol Yearn Finance has launched a new product, a yield generator called yvBOOST. Part of its suite of vaults, this product will complement the “Backscratcher” vault and will allow users to earn and boost rewards in the Curve-based token 3CRV.

“Backscratcher” offers rewards in Curve’s, an Ethereum exchange liquidity pool, native token CRV. The vault simplifies the process of obtaining Curve’s additional rewards by locking a portion of the CRV for the users.

That way, all vault participants can benefit from the option of boosting their APY if they lock additional CRV. In addition, they receive Curve DAO management fees. Their newest product, yvBOOST, offers compound long exposure with Curve’s native token:

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With yvBOOST the 3Crv earned from the yveCRV vault is sold to CRV and deposited back into the vault, increasing yvBOOST’s balance of yveCRV (…). while simultaneously increasing the boost of all Yearn vaults with Curve Finance strategies over time.

Yearn Finance has launched a yvBOOST-ETH pool on decentralized exchange SushiSwap to create liquidity for their new vault, as the team behind the protocol reveals. This pool offers a higher return on SUSHI-based rewards.

As a bonus, the protocol has launched two additional vaults, the crvFRAX, and crvLUSD. These products have a 2% management fee and 20% performance fee, but users can claim their tokens without additional cost.

Yearn Finance The Second Highest Earning In DeFi

According to Yearn Finance’s Q1 earnings report, the protocol’s key primary driver for their earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA), a metric used to measure financial performance, is their yVault. The report indicates:

Our YFI vault saw a large increase in revenue for March as we encouraged depositors to migrate to the v2 vault resulting in a higher TVL generating more revenue.

However, treasury assets-based products are becoming an important source of revenue. Yearn Finance’s team expects this trend to continue in the coming quarters. Ryan Watkins, a researcher at Messari, stated the following on Yearn Finance’s Q1 report:

Last month’s revenues annualized puts Yearn at $50mm+ in revenue. $60mm+ if you add treasury farming activities and assume they’re constant from March. All organic. No token incentives. Will also note that this puts Yearn at the second highest earning protocol in DeFi behind MakerDAO adjusted for token incentives.

Yearn Finance YFI YFIUSDT

At the same time, Yearn Finance’s governance token YFI has seen significant gains in the lower and higher timeframes. The 30-day chart records the highest gains with 37.2%, at the time of writing, and the 7-day chart closely following with 35.7%. At the time of writing, YFI trades at $53.983 with a 10.7% in the daily chart.

Yearn Finance YFI USDT


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How DeFi Season Could Send YFI To $270,000 Per Token

When Andre Cronje released Yearn Finance (YFI), the DeFi fever was brewing. Two events converge and launched the sector into full madness: Uniswap’s UNI airdrop and governance token YFI breaking every foreseeable resistance to reach $30,000.

At that moment, Bitcoin was trading at approximately $10,000. Now, after a downtrend, YFI seems ready to reach new highs. YFI is trading at $51.386 with 15.4% profits in the 24-hour chart. Over the week, YFI is up 15.9%.

Yearn Finance YFI

Data from DeFi Pulse point to a highly bullish outlook for DeFi. Picking up the upward momentum from February 2021, the DeFi ecosystem has an all-time high Total Value Locked of $57.9B. Top 3 protocols Compound, Maker, and Aave hold over $20B alone.

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Yearn Finance YFI

Amidst this DeFi Season, trader Sean Nance said YFI could go as high as $270,000 per Token “soon”. According to the trader, YFI’s market at that price would keep it away from the top 10 cryptocurrencies hinting at a further upside movement. Nance said:

I’ve got 270k as a pretty reasonable target on YFI soon. I’m not sure if y’all are prepared for what’s coming to the market.

Yearn Finance aims for improvement

Setting support at $34.170 and $20.335, Nance indicated YFI recommended investors to buy more YFI and YFII. In support of this thesis, investor Daniel Cheung said Yearn Finance’s Total Value Locked reached a new ATH today with YFI price and it stands at $3B.

Cheung revealed to be “massive in YFI” and added Yearn Finance is “undervalued” with a story that is demanding recognition from the sector. At present, Yearn Finance growth could be amongst the highest in DeFi. Therefore, Cheng expects YFI to appreciate further. He added:

The $1.5 billion TVL in V2 alone produces $30 million in management fees. I would not be surprised if with the addition of performance fees across all vaults and yield from Yearn’s treasury farming, run-rate revenue is > $100 million. Markets are starting to appreciate undervalued protocols with outstanding fundamentals (…)

Yearn Finance YFI

Yearn Finance community seems very active via its governance model. Lawyer Gabriel Shapiro has been working on a new operational governance model with user “Tracheopteryx”.

Via his Twitter handle Shapiro explained this proposal attempts to “craft a governance philosophy” rooted on  real-world situations, based on what the lawyer described as “realpolitik”. Shapiro added:

(…) as applied to yearn, we call this philosophy “constrained delegation”: a system in which the primary role of YFI holders is to help decentralize and fine-tune the parameters of legitimate exercises of power within the community.

With an important number of partnerships in place, an active community that could gain more power, and strong fundamentals, YFI could be holding a moon ticket set to depart in the coming months.


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The Bullish and Bearish Scenario of Yearn Finance’s YFI Token

Yearn Finance’s governance token YFI continued its winning spree entering the Thursday session as its price maintained its weekly gains of about 30 percent. The YFI/USD exchange rate surged in the early European session, hitting $31,884 before turning lower due to profit-taking sentiment. That marked the second time in the previous 24 hours that witnessed […]


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Bullish Indictor Prepares Yearn Finance (YFI) For Record High; Here’s How

According to a textbook bullish indicator, Yearn Finance’s governance token YFI is preparing to target its all-time high. Dubbed as “Ascending Triangle,” the pattern envisions YFI/USD just shy of $44,000, a record high achieved mid-September following the pair’s supersonic bull run. It anticipates YFI/USD to hold support near its ascending trendline while testing its horizontal […]


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Yearn Finance (YFI) Climbs 16% Despite Crypto Bloodbath Elsewhere

Yearn Finance’s YFI rose by up to 16 percent in just two days of trading, even though its peers across the cryptocurrency market bled. The decentralized finance token formed an intraday high at $25,858 in the early trading session in London. At its weekly low, the YFI/USD exchange rate was as low as $17,605, according […]


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Bitcoin (BTC) $ 27,668.41 1.09%
Ethereum (ETH) $ 1,644.27 0.78%
Litecoin (LTC) $ 64.13 2.70%
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $ 229.51 1.15%