Yahoo Hong Kong to Launch NFTs Products for Pet Lovers

Yahoo Hong Kong’s online magazine (BetterMe Magazine) announced on Monday that it will launch its first NFT project, popularly known as ‘City Frenchie’, on July 21.

For many pet owners, owning a pet is like having a child. They consider pets as family members, and these family members deserve to be pampered and entertained.

Yahoo Hong Kong, in collaboration with its online magazine, will launch 100 pet Frenchie-themed NFTs. The global pets theme park NFTs will not only welcome pets of all kinds, their owners and other pet lovers but also express a core brand pillar like environmentalism, mental and physical wellbeing, culture, travel, and uniqueness.

Every City Frenchie has its one-and-only personality and hobby. Users, therefore, can find the NFT that best represents them to express their love for their furry friends in the metaverse.

Matthew Chan, Head of Sales, Yahoo Hong Kong & China, commented about the development: “With aims to offer seamless, one-of-a-kind experiences to our users, Yahoo Hong Kong has been actively embarking on new opportunities as technology reshapes the world, our lives and the way we connect with not only others but with information. Growing our footprint in the metaverse and NFTs are priorities for Yahoo Hong Kong. We hope to bring even more entertaining and fruitful experiences whilst promoting Hong Kong art via a partnership with a local illustrator in BetterMe Magazine’s City Frenchie project.”

For every City Frenchie NFT bought, BetterMe Magazine will donate parts of its profits to the Society for Abandoned Animals Limited (SAA) to support the huge expenses of forgotten, senile, disabled or ill animals.

SAA promises to give such animals a forever family or be their home until they pass with the mantra of “no killing, no abandoning”. Owners (digital collectors) of City Frenchie NFTs can support these animals and have an opportunity to visit the pets at SAA.

According to Yahoo Hong Kong, 1,105 City Frenchie NFTs will be available at the presale on Artzioneer on August 1, starting at HK$800 (payable by Mastercard or Visa). The official launch will take place on August 8.

Allowing Users to Connect with Digital Worlds

The branding is actively continuing to expand its footprint in the metaverse to bring exceptional experiences to its users.  The latest development comes after Yahoo, last month, launched a series of Metaverse and NFT-related activities in the Decentraland metaverse to entertain Hong Kong residents. 

According to the California-based company, such new metaverse possibilities are making it possible for Hong Kong residents to keep up with their social lives while still adhering to COVID-19 rules.

Yahoo believes that the metaverse might let local residents who are quarantined keep in touch with friends and family.

Yahoo’s Decentraland metaverse debut came a few days after Meta on Facebook announced big plans to bring metaverse technology to Hong Kong.

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Following Meta, Yahoo Announces Metaverse Activities in Hong Kong

American web services provider Yahoo has announced that it is launching a series of metaverse activities in Hong Kong. - 2022-06-16T151744.822.jpg

Yahoo plans to launch activities to explore the use of immersive advertising technologies. The company’s announcement comes a day after Meta Platforms announced similar plans to use Hong Kong as a testing ground to roll out several metaverse initiatives.

Yahoo’s announcement stated that the company will host virtual concerts and exhibitions on the popular metaverse platform Decentraland. They plan to feature local idols and artists and release a limited amount of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

“Yahoo Hong Kong has always been providing a wide range of online services that are relevant to people’s daily lives, including using the latest technology to improve and enhance the user experience,” said Lorraine Cheung, head of the audience at Yahoo Hong Kong. “We hope to use the metaverse to connect people regardless of time and physical location.”

Yahoo is also launching an NFT exhibition called “The Abyss of Kwun Tong” this week in collaboration with local creators. The exhibition is about the iconic Hong Kong neighbourhood that has been transformed by redevelopment projects.

Other tech companies such as Meta and South Korea’s Samsung Electronics have also chosen Hong Kong as a testing ground to pursue metaverse-related activities.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp’s owner Meta announced on June 14 that the company will partner with local firms such as cafes, schools and art hubs to deliver “first-hand” metaverse experiences in the city. Another part of the plan is to explore the potential use of metaverse in daily life.

As part of the experience, Meta plans to host virtual reality (VR) exhibitions at local cafes and augmented reality (AR) training workshops for educators and school pupils. The company also plans to work with local Hong Kong artists and share their NFTs gigs on Instagram.

Meta on Tuesday said that it will work with local partners such as cafe chains, schools and art institutions to provide “first-hand” metaverse experiences in the city and explore the potential use of the metaverse in daily life. This will include VR exhibitions at local cafes and open AR training workshops for educators and secondary school students. It will also work with local creators in Hong Kong and share their non-fungible token projects on Instagram.

The metaverse is a virtual world where people are expected to socialise, play, trade and work in the future. 

Meanwhile, the asset management arm of Samsung Electronics launched Hong Kong’s first exchange-traded fund (ETF) earlier this week, focusing on blockchain technology. The move underpins the development of the metaverse.

According to the South China Morning Post, is also planning to establish its foothold in Hong Kong with its cloud computing business unit Amazon Web Services. 

The company is planning a strategic collaboration with Hong Kong Science Park to nurture local tech professionals and help start-ups in biotechnology, artificial intelligence and software-as-a-service fields.

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Yahoo! Japan works with Line to launch NFT trading

Major Japanese internet company Yahoo! Japan has partnered with messaging giant Line to launch nonfungible token (NFT) trading.

Line officially announced Tuesday that its cryptocurrency-focused subsidiary LVC Corporation would collaborate with Yahoo! Japan to enable secondary trading of NFTs issued on Line’s proprietary blockchain.

As part of the partnership, Yahoo! Japan would place Line blockchain-based NFTs on its online auction service Yahoo! Auctions, a service set up by the company back in 1998 to compete with e-commerce giant eBay.

To enable NFT trading on the platform, the two partners would integrate Yahoo! Auctions with the Line Bitmax wallet, Line’s proprietary blockchain wallet designed for managing digital assets, including NFTs. The collaboration will enable users to trade NFTs managed through the Line Bitmax wallet directly on Yahoo! Auctions. According to the announcement, the companies expect to launch NFT trading on Yahoo! Auctions by late 2021.

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“We will work with other partners to revitalize the distribution of valuable content and contribute to the expansion of the secondary distribution market in the NFT industry,” the announcement notes.

The announcement comes soon after Line launched the NFT Market Beta Service on its Line Bitmax wallet in late June.

As previously reported, Yahoo! Japan has been an active player in the cryptocurrency industry in Japan. The company is known for backing Taotao; a major local cryptocurrency exchange launched in 2019. The exchange was acquired by Japanese financial conglomerate SBI Holdings last October.