Now Or Never: Litecoin Plummets To Bottom Of Top Ten Crypto Assets

Litecoin is often called the silver to Bitcoin as digital gold, and strangely, the two cryptocurrencies and two precious metals are exhibiting the same behavior where one is lagging behind the other.

The lack of momentum in the digital and physical forms of silver have kept the price of both assets at bay for the entire recent bull market in each class. With no growth in Litecoin compared to other cryptocurrencies, the altcoin is only a billion dollars away from losing the top ten cryptocurrency by market cap status – something its held pretty much since its inception.

“Digital Silver” Is The Altcoin That Simply Won’t Shine

Litecoin is an offshoot of the original Bitcoin code, created in 2011 by former Google and Coinbase engineer Charlie Lee.

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Much like how on a per ounce basis gold is more both more scarce and valuable than silver is, there are four times as many total LTC compared to Bitcoin’s 21 million BTC.

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In addition, there’s faster transactions, among other benefits. Outside of the few differences, there’s mostly similarities between them – including a hard-coded halving recurring every four years or so.

litecoin versus bitcoin ethereum Litecoin is severely lagging behind the rest of crypto | Source: LTCUSD on

But unlike Bitcoin, that halving amounted to very little in terms of sustainable returns for investors of the altcoin. The cryptocurrency is lagging far behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, and most other cryptocurrencies in the market.

Also unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum and several other altcoins, Litecoin has failed to set a new all-time high since the bull market began.

Even gold has set a new price record, while silver still trades well below its. It is bizarre that the asset dubbed digital silver, is following the path of physical silver so well, versus the rest of the crypto world.

Litecoin At Risk Of Losing Top Ten Crypto Status

The continued underperformance of Litecoin compared to there rest of the market, however, could knock the cryptocurrency out of the top ten assets ranked by market cap, according to price aggregator CoinMarketCap.

The animated GIF above is a look back at the past decade or so the historical snapshots will go back, taken from the first ever date, then annually each March closest to the end of the month.

Every single snapshot, Litecoin is ranked anywhere from number two to ten, and every rank in between. It’s never had the number one spot, but it’s also never lost the top ten.

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But the likes of Chainlink, Stellar, and Bitcoin Cash are all right on its tail, some within a $1 billion striking distance for making history for unseating Litecoin. Each of the three assets have also had a stint in the top ten themselves.

There’s also a rising stablecoin – USD Coin – right on its tail, and with more stablecoins being created monthly, the chances of it taking out the altcoin are also high.

Could a fall out of the top ten and from grace be a fatal blow for the coin, or is sentiment reaching this deep of a low in the coin a sign that capitulation is setting in and things might finally turn around?

Given how far behind Litecoin is, the low supply, several bullish technicals, and more, the altcoin could end up shocking the world when it finally does.

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Chart Comparison Demonstrates Effectiveness Of Bitcoin Digital Gold Narrative

2020 was the year of the digital gold narrative amid a pandemic and unprecedented money printing. In 2021, only Bitcoin matters and comparing it to gold at this point is selling the coin short.

Now is the age of cryptocurrency, and no comparison shows that better than the two charts you are about to see side-by-side.

The Bitcoin Standard Emerges As Gold Melts Down

Bitcoin was designed by Satoshi Nakamoto as the first form of peer-to-peer digital “cash,” but also sought to give the cryptocurrency several traits of of a commodity such as rarity. This was achieved through the asset’s 21 million BTC hard cap.

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The cryptocurrency creator’s early comments showed a distinct fascination with gold, and appears to have been attempting to create a digital representation of the hard money standard.

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The term gold standard is used to describe a time when all fiat currencies were pegged to the shiny precious metal, and it was a time that was much more prosperous and wealth gaps weren’t nearly as wide.

The evolution of the dollar and all fiat money into what it is today, did away with the gold standard decades ago. As a result, the price per ounce of gold skyrocketed form around $30 to $2,000 this past year.

At the gold bull market peak, however, a passing of the torch took place. The moment gold topped in August, coincides with the moment hedge funds and public companies began buying BTC.

bitcoin btc xau

bitcoin btc xau

Gold's value has been diminishing while Bitcoin's rises. Coincidence? | Source: BTCUSD on

From that moment forward, Bitcoin has been in its most powerful uptrend yet and spiked from $10,000 to $50,000 with not even a trillion in capital to show for it. Gold outflows began to rise the same time Bitcoin trading volume and futures open interest started to climb to previous highs.

If the $10 trillion the gold market cap commands makes its way into Bitcoin, the price per coin could reach more than $500,000 a piece.

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The chart above shows exactly when the deviation took place, and gold’s downtrend began. Prior to that, both assets initially performed well as a safe haven post-pandemic, however, the digital currency has completely taken over since.

The digital gold narrative has been effective, and now Bitcoin is ready to set it sights on replacing the dying dollar instead.

Bitcoin was once following a gold fractal closely for years, which has thus far benefited the young cryptocurrency well. But now that the torch has been passed, will Bitcoin soon be the asset to catch up to?

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Entrepreneur Calls Ethereum Silver To Bitcoin As Digital Gold, Not Litecoin

Bitcoin is well above its former record, thanks in part to the digital gold narrative taking hold in 2020 with institutional investors. But as those who get into cryptocurrencies consider diversifying beyond BTC, one entrepreneur and crypto trader says that Ethereum is the digital version of silver, not Litecoin as it has long been called. […]


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