Polygon Launches Web3 .polygon Domains with Unstoppable Domains

Polygon, a popular Ethereum scaling solution, has announced a partnership with Unstoppable Domains to enable users to create Web3 .polygon domain names. With this new offering, users will be able to log into Web3 applications, make use of human-readable wallet addresses, and create decentralized websites. The service will be available to an estimated 180 million users and 40,000 services across the Polygon blockchain ecosystem.

Unstoppable Domains, a blockchain domain provider, leverages Polygon to mint decentralized domains with zero gas fees. To date, over 2.7 million domains have been registered on the Polygon blockchain. Users will be able to use .polygon domains to create digital identities that are compatible across 750 applications, games and metaverse platforms. These can be used to login to web apps, as cryptocurrency wallet addresses and decentralized websites.

In addition to providing decentralized domain names, Unstoppable Domains also allows users to create profiles that can be connected to social media channels, acting as a digital identity across Web3 platforms and networks. A statement from Polygon Labs’ Vice President of Business Development, Sanket Shah, highlighted the importance of unlocking user-owned digital identity for Polygon users. He said, “Web3 domains will give our community a digital identity that they fully own, so they can log into dapps without giving away their personal information and transact crypto without lengthy wallet addresses.”

Unstoppable Domains will also offer access to premium .polygon gaming and digit domains from March 16. Decentralized domain services like Unstoppable Domains and Ethereum Name Service (ENS) have become increasingly popular over the past year, seeing considerable growth in domains registered.

In August 2020, American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase partnered with Unstoppable Domains to offer payments through domain handles instead of cryptographic addresses. Coinbase then partnered with ENS in September 2022 to provide users with free “name.cb.id” usernames in an effort to replace alpha-numeric wallet addresses with human-readable alternatives.

Overall, the partnership between Polygon and Unstoppable Domains will provide a more user-friendly experience for interacting with Web3 applications, as users will no longer need to rely on lengthy wallet addresses or give away personal information. With digital identity becoming increasingly important in the blockchain space, this offering could be a significant step forward in creating a more accessible and user-owned Web3 ecosystem.


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Unstoppable Domains Partners with Fantom to Make Crypto Transactions Easier

To eliminate the pain points associated with cryptos like misunderstanding, trepidation, and fear, Unstoppable Domains has collaborated with Fantom to make transactions simpler and easier.

Fantom, a layer-1 blockchain platform, expects the strategic partnership to trigger a frictionless and unified crypto ecosystem. Per the announcement:

“Unstoppable Domains will support the Fantom network, and allow Fantom’s more than 3.5 million users to benefit from the simplified movement of digital assets via human-readable wallet addresses.”

Unstoppable Domains is a top platform for Web3 digital identity whose NFT domains act as a payment hub comprising human-readable addresses.


Through the partnership, the Fantom network will benefit from simplified crypto transactions, user verification, and identity ownership. 


Michael Kong, Fantom CEO, noted:

“Unstoppable Domains has been at the forefront of decentralized domains for years, and is a pioneer in the Web3 space. We are thrilled to work alongside Unstoppable Domains to bring these domain names to the Fantom Network, and to further simplify the movement of digital assets for our users.”

On his part, Sandy Carter, SVP and channel chief of Unstoppable Domains stated:

“The number of use cases for NFT domains continues to grow. We are excited to work with Fantom Foundation to help improve crypto payments, and bolster the wider Web3 landscape.”

The Fantom network recently incorporated automatic audits into decentralized applications (dApps).


Meanwhile, Unstoppable Domains recently introduced an easier way for users to purchase cryptocurrencies on MoonPay, Blockchain.News reported. 


The partnership between MoonPay and Unstoppable Domains is intended to resolve the loss of crypto funds once sent to the wrong addresses because it is nearly impossible to recover. Furthermore, the collaboration also intended to make the onboarding of mass users into the Web3.0 space more realistic.

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Unstoppable Domains Pairs with MoonPay to Optimise Crypto Payments

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) domain name provider Unstoppable Domains is introducing an easier way for users to buy cryptocurrencies on MoonPay, one of the leading infrastructure service providers in the Web3.0 ecosystem.


Losses due to sending funds to the wrong addresses are almost impossible to recover, and native wallet addresses predispose users to a lot of security risks. The partnership between MoonPay and Unstoppable Domains will resolve this avoidable dilemma and make onboard mass users into the Web3.0 space more realistic.

Per the details of the partnership between Unstoppable Domains and MoonPay, clients will be able to use their customized domain names as a wallet when buying assets on the platform.

Rather than the complicated crypto wallet that many crypto traders are used to, a simple ‘.crypto’ domain can easily be deployed in the MoonPay buying flow.

“MoonPay and Unstoppable Domains share a common mission to make it easier for everyone to onboard into the world of Web3,” said MoonPay co-founder and CEO Ivan Soto-Wright, adding that “MoonPay’s checkout product makes topping up crypto wallets with bank cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay on the front-end smooth and intuitive. Unstoppable Domains streamlines the tail-end of the journey by removing complex strings of digits and characters for public wallet addresses and replacing them with custom domains.”

As a way to commemorate the new integration, Unstoppable Domains said it is giving all old and new MoonPay users a free $40 Domain name credit to help them get started.

“We’re thrilled to be adding MoonPay to our Unstoppable partner family and are excited to work together to make Web3 more intuitive,” said Sandy Carter, SVP of Business Development at Unstoppable Domains. “Whether someone is just starting out in Web3 or is a seasoned cryptopian, our partnership with MoonPay will make their experience simpler. 

The duo of Unstoppable Domains and MoonPay are known as core facilitators and advocates of a usable Web3.0 ecosystem and are channeling their funds, efforts, and products.

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Abu Dhabi Women Set to Receive Free Crypto Domains to Expand Their Web3 Knowledge

To give women residing in Abu Dhabi the opportunity to expand their knowledge base and ultimately explore the Web3 world, Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) and Access Abu Dhabi have teamed up with NFT domain name provider Unstoppable Domains. 

Women of Web3, a powerhouse group of disruptive female US tech entrepreneurs, made the revelation during a visit to Abu Dhabi.


Therefore, women residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) capital will have the chance to explore the Web3 space through free crypto domains. Moreover, the initiative aims to bridge the gender gap because approximately 5% to 7% of all crypto users are women. 


Abdulla Abdul Aziz Al Shamsi, the acting director general of ADIO, welcomed the move and said:

“Abu Dhabi is ensuring the future of Web3 is built around a powerful infrastructure that appeals to all members of the community. By supporting initiatives that invite and uplift women, we can champion diversity early in the Web3 era.”

By enhancing women’s knowledge base, Al Shamsi believes “the partnership with Unstoppable Domains to provide free crypto domains to all women in Abu Dhabi embodies the emirate’s promise of inclusion, while creating opportunities for private sector participation in a fast-growing space.”


As the UAE gears to become a blockchain/crypto hub, Abu Dhabi intends to have a piece of the cake by propelling Web3 opportunities. 


Sandy Carter, the SVP of Unstoppable Domains and Founder of Unstoppable Women of Web3, noted:

“It’s great to see Abu Dhabi leading the mission to bring Web3 opportunities to women in the Middle East. It has been an honour to be a part of the ‘Women of Web3’ delegation.”

She added:

“Providing free crypto, NFT and blockchain domains to all women in Abu Dhabi is a power move that ensures women will be included in increasing numbers within the fabric of the Web3 movement for generations to come.”

Raj Chowdhury, the CEO of blockchain development company HashCash Consultants, had previously acknowledged that a paradigm shift was being witnessed in the Middle East, especially the UAE, as the region’s interests were changing from oil to crypto and metaverse, among other blockchain innovations. Drafting women along this path of innovation is a step in the right direction

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Over 50% Crypto Investors Backup Security Keys by Paper Wallets, Threatening its Vulnerability

New research conducted by Unstoppable Domains, Efani, and NGRAVE suggests that more than half of crypto investors, taking 54% of the respondents, store their security keys on a paper wallet amid intensified cyber attacks. 

More than half of crypto users (54%) continue to keep their backup on a paper wallet. Furthermore, 50% of respondents stated that if someone were to find their backup, their keys would be compromised, per the report.

The study scrutinized investors’ attitudes towards asset security in the crypto space. It was undertaken in 87 countries, with 2,000 people being surveyed. 

Ruben Merre, the CEO and co-founder of NGRAVE, noted:

“The results of our annual Security Self-Audit show that there are glaring gaps in the methods investors are using to ensure the security of their assets, especially at a time when high-profile and high-value breaches are becoming increasingly common. It is clear that there is much to be done to secure the crypto assets of investors the world over, if the industry is to avoid the hacks that we have seen in recent months.”

On the other hand, most respondents had a preference for exchanges. The research stated:

“62% of respondents store part of their crypto on multiple exchanges, while a third of people store more than 40% of their crypto on a single exchange, leaving them vulnerable to a single point of attack.” 

According to the study, the wallet of choice was a QR-code based hardware wallet, with 6 in 10 respondents using one. Furthermore, the use of these wallets also doubled from 10.4% to 21%.

Merre noted that despite 54% of crypto investors keeping their security keys in a paper wallet, this trend declined compared to 67% recorded last year as other options like social backups through Shamir Secret Sharing (SSS) were coming up. He added:

“This trend speaks in favor of the use of metal backups, which grew significantly from 15.8% to 25% over the course of the last 12 months.”

Merre believes investors ought to trust that their assets are secure and safe for mass adoption to happen in the crypto industry.

Some of the mistakes that should be avoided when securing crypto assets include not using a brain wallet, avoiding custodial wallet options, and not paying for a wallet, Blockchain.News reported. 

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Circle and Unstoppable Domains to introduce username-based USDC payments

The bid to introduce human-readable as an alternative to the usual lengthy alphanumeric crypto wallet address system is set to achieve another milestone following the recent partnership between Circle and Unstoppable Domains.

According to an announcement issued on Wednesday, Unstoppable Domains, a blockchain domain name provider, and USD Coin (USDC) stablecoin issuer Circle are collaborating to release readable .coin usernames for USDC transfers.

As part of the partnership, both companies will collaborate to enable support for .coin username extensions across wallets and crypto exchanges that support the popular stablecoin.

Under this arrangement, USDC transfers will become akin to sending an email, likely mitigating the problem of transferring coins to the wrong address, especially for the not-so-tech-savvy.

Indeed, the announcement quoted Josh Hawkings, senior vice president of marketing at Circle making a similar point adding that the feature will help to make USDC more accessible.

Commenting on the partnership, Unstoppable Domains CEO Matthew Gould said: “Simple usernames combined with dollar-pegged stablecoins take the fear and risk out of spending crypto.”

Related: Unstoppable Domains’ .crypto websites now available via Brave browser

The Circle partnership comes swiftly on the heels of a similar collaboration with popular crypto wallet provider Blockchain.com. In June, Cointelegraph reported that Blockchain.com was integrating Unstoppable Domains’ human-readable username feature to enable crypto transfer to other supported wallets and exchanges, including MyEtherWallet and Coinbase, among others.

Unstoppable Domains has reportedly sold over one million crypto-related domain names across contextual extensions such as .crypto, .nft and .coin, among others. In May, privacy-focused browser platform Brave announced support for Unstoppable Domains, a move that enabled seamless access to .crypto domains for its users.

With a Cloudfare integration going online back in February, major mainstream browsers have begun integrating with Unstoppable Domains, including Opera which expanded its .crypto support for all its browser platforms, both web and mobile back in April.