Bot-traded futures, explained

According to TradeSanta, demand for trading bots has increased substantially of late.

The latest figures from the platform’s website suggest that it now has more than 100,000 active users, and over 3,200 active trading bots. More than 3.8 million deals have also been completed since the software launched.

A range of technical indicators are provided by TradeSanta, and the software also allows large volumes of crypto to be bought and sold without causing prices to spike or drop. Trading bots can also be launched in just five minutes using pre-set templates — and alternatively, users have the freedom to build customized strategies from scratch.

Futures and other derivatives have become increasingly popular in the world of cryptocurrencies as the industry matures. TradeSanta is hoping to provide the technology that allows traders to make the most of this new trend and enjoy levels of automation that are commonplace in stocks, bonds, commodities and forex.

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Automated trading in a bull market, explained

They can help you tackle a falling market with poise.

One tool championed by TradeSanta is the trailing stop-loss. This means that a normal stop-loss order doesn’t need to be set manually every time a market trend takes a turn against a trader’s favor — across both long and short positions.

For someone who is holding on to Bitcoin while it appreciates, adding a 10% trailing stop-loss ensures that the bot continues to track the cryptocurrency as it rises in value. An order will only be triggered when BTC falls by more than 10% from its latest peak — helping to lock in some of the profits that have been accrued. This can help mitigate some of the losses that could have been incurred if a normal stop-loss order was in force.

When using this order type, it’s crucial to ensure that an adequate trailing distance has been established. It’s not unusual for Bitcoin to fluctuate by 5% in a single day, and a small percentage may result in assets being liquidated before they continue to travel upward again.

Of course, a normal stop-loss order can still have its uses, allowing you to specify exactly how much loss you would be willing to tolerate if prices fall.


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