Five Bitcoin Short Films For A Lazy Holiday Evening: Energy, Money, &… Basket?

Happy Holidays from the NewsBTC team. We come bearing gifts. The cure for those suffering from cryptocurrency withdrawal syndrome. Spend the evening learning about Bitcoin in the most relaxed way possible. These five films were released throughout 2021 and contain the alpha everyone needs for the years ahead. At least the first four do, the fifth one has nothing to do with Bitcoin except for one small detail.

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Our sister site Bitcoinist covered the films and most of the accompanying text comes from those articles. Is there a better time for these films to make an appearance in NewsBTC than this lazy evening? Grab your beverage of choice, heat up those leftovers, and hit play in the one that interests you the most. Chances are you’ll end up watching them all.

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Once again, happy holidays and happy watching!

Bitcoin Short #1- “This Machine Greens” (38 mins)

Is Bitcoin mining’s energy consumption a bug or a feature? This documentary’s “thesis is that the process is “a net positive for the environment.” The aim was to “dispels many of the misconceptions about Bitcoin mining.” Directed by  Jamie King, of “Steal This Film” fame, and produced by Enrique Posner and Swan Bitcoin. 

[embedded content]

From the Bitcoinist’s coverage, in Part 1 they focus on the Petrodollar system:

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“Watch “This Machine Greens” to learn how the US Military literally backs the Petrodollar. And, of course, the US Military uses infinite energy year after year. Learn about the deal that the US made with Saudi Arabia. The US was to protect the Middle East. The Saudis promised that “The global oil market will be denominated in and conducted with dollars. Ensuring a constant global demand for the currency.” Think about the results of this crucial deal.”

From Bitcoinist’s coverage, in Part 2 they explain how Bitcoin mining will fund green energy initiatives:

“According to Alex Gladstein, Bitcoin can fund the “Electrification of new areas and creation of new economic activity.“ This machine greens, if you will. And if we’re talking infrastructure for clean energy, Magdalena Gronowska breaks it down:

 “It’s derisking constructions of renewable energy facilities. It’s derisking it because it’s willing to buy 24/7, 365. And when you have a predictable buyer, a predictable revenue stream, it’s easy to plan out your operations. And that certainty means that that site gets built.”

Bitcoin Short #2- “Human B” (73 mins)

This recent German documentary is one of the best introductions to Bitcoin produced to date. On top of that, directors Aaron Mucke and Eva Mühlenbäumer created a slick audiovisual piece that flows like a river and is an aesthetical pleasure to watch. 

[embedded content]

In Bitcoinist’s coverage of the documentary, they introduce it like this:

“Human B” shows us how people in Germany and Austria view the Bitcoin phenomenon. This is a worldwide movement, and it’s important to listen to all the voices out there. In the documentary, we get to hear from Bitcoin authors like Der Gigi and Anita Posch. From economist and punk rocker Marc Friedrich and journalist Friedemann Brenneis. Plus, from a normal person like Jan, who ends up being the star of the show.

The documentary takes a surprising left turn when it travels to Caracas, Venezuela. There, we hear from Alessandro Cecere AKA El Sultán del Bitcoin, and from Juan José Pinto from Doctorminer.”

#3- “Hard Money” (34 mins)

This one is not about Bitcoin per se. This Bitcoin short is about money. To understand why Bitcoin is so important for the planet, people might need a refresher course on what money actually is.  This documentary is analogous to the first few chapters of Saifedean Ammous’ “The Bitcoin Standard,” and features sound bites from some of the most important Bitcoin philosophers out there. Directed by Richard James.

[embedded content]

In Bitcoinist’s coverage of the film, they convince you to watch it with this:

“Watch the “Hard Money documentary and you’ll be able to answer these questions: Why was gold chosen as the premier form of hard currency? What were gold’s “severe flaws”? What is inflation and how does the government hide it? How breaking the relationship between the Dollar and gold broke the relationship between the market and reality. What is low and high time preference?  What does fractional reserve banking create? Why are the institutions that issue debt effectively printing new money?”

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Bitcoin Short #4- “Bitcoin Is Generational Wealth” (15 mins)

This one is not a documentary, even though it uses some of the genre’s techniques. Also, this is the only specimen on this list that didn’t get a positive review from Bitcoinist. Why is that? We won’t spoil it for you. Watch the film first and then read the linked text. Directed by Matt Hornick. Written and narrated by Tomer Strolight.

[embedded content]

In Bitcoinist’s bad review of the film, we find this quote:

“Half speculative fiction, half predictive programming, “Bitcoin is Generational Wealth” is in a genre of its own. Using high-quality stock footage to produce a professional montage, the film should work. But it doesn’t. Is the script to blame? Probably. The film shows an idyllic future that every Bitcoiner has dreamt about, but it doesn’t explain how we get there. It takes the “Bitcoin fixes this” meme to its ridiculous extreme.”

#5- “Lynchpin” (21 mins)

This one is about amateur basketball. Its only link to Bitcoin is that Swan and the Bitcoin Movie Club financed and produced it. Is this the first of many or a one-time thing? Word on the street is that the companies will finance several chapters of this story, but don’t quote us on that. “Lynchpin” was supposed to be a TV show, so it sounds possible on that end. We’ll keep you all posted. Directed by Mike Nicoll.

[embedded content]

In Bitcoinist’s presentation of the short film, they introduced it as follows:

“Compton Magic’s Etop Udo-Ema, “America’s most recognized basketball powerbroker,” is “Lynchpin’s” star. Before Covid hit, this charismatic man receives an offer that he can’t refuse. The whole short film follows him trying to change sponsors and create a league. That carries Etop to Roc Nation and its boss Jay Z, who happens to be Puma’s creative director. The whole enterprise seems to be on its right track. No one could predict the monkey wrench that hit the world’s engines.”

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And that’s enough Bitcoin for tonight. Happy holidays!

Featured Image by Bru-nO on Pixabay | Charts by TradingView


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Swan Bitcoin Launches Service For High-Net-Worth Clients And Institutions

Today, bitcoin investment company Swan Bitcoin announced the launch of Swan Private, its dedicated service to help high-net-worth individuals, corporations and institutions invest in bitcoin and manage their funds.

“Swan Private helps clients establish and build their bitcoin position over time,” according to an announcement shared with Bitcoin Magazine. “Clients often make a large purchase to establish an initial position. Swan then makes it easy to smooth market volatility over time with automatic recurring buys. When clients have more capital to deploy than already planned, Swan can make one-time purchases of up to $10 million with no annual limits.”

Swan Private will offer clients access to a dedicated team, support for wire transfers with no purchase limits, guidance on how to maintain self custody of the private keys for bitcoin addresses, guidance on retirement accounts and assistance on completing tax forms, per the announcement. 

Its brokerage and custody services are supported by Prime Trust, a Nevada-regulated trust company. Clients can withdraw their bitcoin into self custody, or choose to hold it in cold storage through a legal trust account that they hold.

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The new service comes in the wake of numerous major institutions and influential investors buying into bitcoin, along with a sustained bull run throughout most of 2020 and into 2021. This trend has been most notably pioneered by software intelligence company MicroStrategy, which diverted $250 million of its reserve assets into bitcoin in August 2020 and has continued to make significant investments since.

“Since MicroStrategy started the corporate Bitcoin standard trend, Swan Bitcoin has seen significant growth in the number of high-net-worth individuals and corporate customers,” Robert Breedlove, the managing director of Swan Private client services, said in the announcement. “This demand led Swan to launch Swan Private, a service dedicated to this demographic.”


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Interview: Redefining Time Preference With Kaz Bycko

For this episode of Bitcoin Magazine’s “Meet The Taco Plebs,” I was joined by the host of the “Down The Rabbit Hole Podcast” and Swan Bitcoin employee, Kaz Bycko.

In this episode, we dove into Bycko’s past and talked about what brought him to Bitcoin. As he explained his rabbit hole story more and more, I consistently saw similarities to mine. We both got into Bitcoin during our senior years of college, then dove deeper into it in college and after college, we started to pursue careers in the space full time.

We then jumped into what has changed in Bycko’s life personally after finding Bitcoin, and why he values Bitcoin that much more. Because remember, you don’t change Bitcoin, Bitcoin changes you. After we talked a little bit about high and low time preference, he touched on one’s time preference being more than just their spending habits. How you choose to spend your time and what you spend your time doing is a big factor in one’s happiness and success. 

Below are some of Bycko’s most interesting thoughts shared during the interview. And be sure to check out the full episode for more.

How Did You Find Bitcoin And Fall Down The Rabbit Hole?

My Bitcoin rabbit hole story began when I was a senior in high school (circa 2013 to 2014). I was taking a college-level government course at the time and began to explore the world of politics, government and economics. At this point in my life, I had no idea what money really was. I was mainly interested in the overlap of how the money system worked and influenced geopolitics. Sometime during that year, I watched a documentary called “The Zeitgeist” which opened my eyes to how broken the money system was. 

Somewhere deep in the dark crevices of the internet, I remember stumbling upon a thread talking about Bitcoin. I barely gave it the time of day. Fast forward two years to college Kaz. This is where my tech rabbit hole started and I began to dive deep into internet privacy, computer security, hacking, etc. This was my second encounter with Bitcoin. I started to see all these sites talking about Bitcoin and the dark web, etc. and I said, “Woah. This is pretty cool.” The concept of there being a currency that was hard to track that you could use as a medium of exchange on the internet piqued my interest (little did I know).

How Has Bitcoin Changed Your Life?

Bitcoin has fundamentally changed my life. It has changed how I define value, how I experience time, my diet, optimism, personal finances and so much more. As of recently, Bitcoin has changed the message I have to the world and how I spend my time expressing that. Two years ago, I never imagined starting a podcast.

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Bitcoin dollar cost averaging offers better average returns in the long run, peace of mind and an easy way into the world of Bitcoin.

What Do You Consider To Be The Most Amazing Thing About Bitcoin?

The difficulty adjustment — it’s not enough to have a hard-capped supply. When I first got into Bitcoin this is something I barely even noticed. Now I believe it is the most crucial piece to proof-of-work and fundamental to Number Go Up technology.

How Would You Advise Someone To Learn About Bitcoin? What Are Your Favorite Podcasts, Articles And Books?

My first advice is always: buy a little bit of bitcoin. Once someone has even $10 worth, they are more inclined to scratch the itch of “Okay, now I have some… what is it?” My next recommendation is to read “The Bitcoin Standard” and get on Bitcoin Twitter. After that, I let them know about my favorite Bitcoin podcasts: “Tales From The Crypt,” “Bitcoin Rapid Fire” and “Stephen Livera Podcast.”

What Is Your Best Bitcoin Pitch?

Assets are hyperinflating due to monetary debasement. Each day, money saved in dollars and fiat currencies slowly loses its value as new money is created to reduce the debt burden of borrows. Average, everyday people, bear the brunt of this practice. Before Bitcoin, the only way to escape this cycle of serfdom was to invest in stocks, bonds or gold — all of which are free to be seized by the same people who are debasing the currency. Now we have Bitcoin — the insurance policy that pays out the more crazy and reckless governments and central banks decide to get with monetary and fiscal policy.


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