Coinbase Traffic Hits Historic Highs Following Super Bowl Ad, Jumping to Top 2 on App Store

Following a minute-long ad worth $14 million meant for the Super Bowl, US-based crypto exchange Coinbase raked in the dividends because traffic reached historic highs. - 2022-02-15T104948.915.jpg

Reportedly, the traffic was overwhelming, resulting in the Coinbase app surging to the second spot from the 186th position on the Apple store, according to Block Research.

The Block added:

“Crypto apps shot up App Store download charts in the US on Monday morning, after a Super Bowl studded with digital assets advertising. Super Bowl LVI’s face-off between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams also saw two of the biggest crypto exchanges, FTX and Coinbase, compete for eye-balls.”

Surojit Chatterjee, the Chief Product Officer at Coinbase, took to Twitter and confirmed the company’s significant traffic witnessed following the advertisement. He stated:

“Coinbase just saw more traffic than we’ve ever encountered, but our teams pulled together and only had to throttle traffic for a few minutes. Humbled to have been witness to this.”

He added that the Coinbase landing page also went haywire.

“We had over 20M hits on our landing page in one minute. That was historic and unprecedented.  We also saw engagement that was 6 times higher than our previous benchmarks.”

The Super Bowl is usually a battle of the titans, given that it’s the annual playoff championship game of the National Football League (NFL). 

Therefore, it’s a famous game on American soil and beyond, making companies splash significant amounts to get notable airplay. 

For instance, Singapore-based crypto exchange platform selected NBA’s four-time most valuable player (MVP), LeBron James, as its new weapon for mainstream adoption during the Super Bowl. 

This move was seen as a stepping stone towards crypto adoption because his influence and reputation go beyond the sphere of basketball and sports. 

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Crypto exchange FTX.US to give away Bitcoin as part of Super Bowl ad

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX.US will be giving away free Bitcoin as part of its upcoming advertising campaign at the Feb. 13 Super Bowl LVI.

However, the amount of Bitcoin given away has yet to be determined because it will depend on what time the ad runs on the East Coast.

For example, if the ad runs at 8:50 PM, the Bahamian-based exchange will give away 8.50 BTC ($374,000 at current prices). But if the ad is aired later in the game — at 11 PM for example — the giveaway will increase to 11 BTC (around $484,000 at the moment).

The airtime slot for the ad is scheduled in the game’s second half, which is slated to start at 8 PM ET (1:00 AM UTC, Feb 14), an hour and a half after initially kicking off.

The prize will be split between four people, who will need to open FTX.US accounts to claim their prize, however, you don’t need an account to enter. The winners will be contacted via Twitter direct message.

Anyone who follows the company’s Twitter account and retweets the pinned tweet of its commercial between the time the ad airs and 11:59 PM EST is eligible to win. Participants must also be legal residents of the U.S., although New Yorkers are excluded.

The upcoming Superbowl ad campaign comes as FTX CEO and Founder Sam Bankman-Fried continues to target sports as the fastest-growing customer base for crypto adoption.

FTX first announced its purchase of the Superbowl ad time slot in October 2021, wanting to reach a wider audience. The Superbowl has an estimated TV audience of 92 million viewers.

At the time, Bankman-Fried said, “there is no bigger, more mainstream event to share a message like that than the Super Bowl.”

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In June, FTX.US partnered with seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady and his wife, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen. The exchange also became the official sponsor of Major League Baseball in the same month.

In March, it arranged to name the Miami Heat’s home stadium the FTX Arena until 2040, before gifting every spectator in one section of FTX Arena $500 in crypto at the Miami Heat season opener game.


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Crypto Ads to Pop up in Super Bowl - 2022-02-07T165749.215.jpg

Cryptocurrencies may dominate this Super Bowl ad, emerging as the winner. Coinbase Global Inc., the largest U.S. exchange, as well as exchanges FTX and will all be involved, according to a person familiar with the matter. Canadian exchange Bitbuy had an advertisement during the Canadian broadcast.

A 30-second ad on NBC run of past Super Bowl commercials could cost as much as $7 million. Advertising in the Super Bowl is a money-spinner business.

“It’s a way to get our name out there,” said FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried. “In terms of venues to do that, it’s hard to find a higher-profile one than this

According to sponsorship consultancy IEG, the crypto industry has surpassed airlines, fast food restaurants, and wine and spirits companies as the industry that sponsors the most sports.

In the sports arena, two exchanges, FTX and, have been particularly aggressive.

On December 15, FTX Derivatives Exchange inked a global sponsorship deal with professional NBA basketball team Golden State Warriors, a move that will provide FTX brand presence throughout the team’s stadium known as the ‘Chase Center’.

Earlier as reported by Blockchain.News on August 24, The American cryptocurrency exchange giant FTX sponsors the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) with $17.5 million in cryptocurrency in exchange for getting the 10-year naming right of the California Memorial Stadium.

Last December,, announced that it has partnered with Los Angeles’ Angel City Football Club (ACFC) for exclusive rights to issue official cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Several months ago, signed a 20-year cooperation deal worth $700 million with Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), which owns the Staples Center and the L.A. Live.

On the other hand, Binance, the world’s largest exchange, criticized Monday its peers for running Super Bowl ads and hiring celebrities to promote cryptocurrencies.

“I think it’s great that the industry is taking over the Super Bowl,” Changpeng Zhao, founder and CEO of Binance, adding that he hopes to educate the public about the risks of cryptocurrencies.

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Buy high, sell high: Custom pipe-maker to Snoop Dogg and Santana tokenizes bongs

Las Vegas-based glass pipe maker to the stars Jerome Baker Designs will launch a series of bong-related NFTs tied to corresponding physical assets early next month.

The NFTs, on FDCTech’s Ethereum-based platform, depict the unique glassblowing process for each bong and come with additional unique benefits. They are due to drop on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 13) and the corresponding physical bongs will be auctioned off at Superchief Gallery.

Jerome Baker Designs Founder and President Jason Harris is considered to be one of the top ten glassblowers in the world, according to smoking products marketplace SLX.

He founded the business in the early 1990s and has built custom-made pieces for celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, George Clooney, Grateful Dead, Santana and Rita Marley.

He told Cointelegraph he is excited to step into the world of crypto-driven digital art.

“As an artist, we need a certificate of authenticity to connect to the art. NFTs act as a certificate of authenticity and create value and legacy.”

According to Harris, while other forms of art like sculptures can be bronzed and paintings replicated or copied, glassblowing is a one-time effort that cannot be replicated.

“You will have a documented experience of the creation of that artwork and in that lay the magic. It’s like buying a pair of Jordans. If you ever want to sell them, you might need the packaging in perfect condition. The NFT acts as a certificate of authentication and the artwork acts as the package.”

An early concept behind the NFT collection: Jerome Baker Designs

Harris said the five bong NFTs to launch on Super Bowl Sunday will be in line with his Burnt Orange collection, a collection of translucent bright orange glass bongs.

Those who own a bong NFT will receive real world benefits such as glassblowing classes and a visit to the Las Vegas Dream Factory (Jerome Baker Designs Headquarters).

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This is not Jerome Baker Designs first foray into blockchain and the studio has been accepting Bitcoin since 2012. Harris believes that the global population will soon jump on the bandwagon and accept the crypto asset for payments. The company plans on accepting Ethereum payments shortly.