U.S. IRS Clarifies Taxation on Crypto Staking Rewards

The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued a ruling that clarifies the taxation of cryptocurrency staking rewards. According to Revenue Ruling 2023-14, released on July 31, 2023, crypto staking rewards must be reported as gross income in the year they are received.

Details of the Ruling

The ruling specifically applies to cash-method taxpayers who receive cryptocurrency as rewards for validating transactions on proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchains. This includes both direct staking of cryptocurrency and staking through centralized crypto exchanges.

The IRS defines dominion as the time when the investor controls and has the ability to sell, exchange, or otherwise dispose of the cryptocurrency rewards. The fair market value of the crypto rewards should be included in annual income and determined at the time the assets are received.

Background and Implications

Cryptocurrency staking is a process where individuals participate in the validation of transactions on a blockchain by holding and “staking” their cryptocurrency. In return, they receive additional units of cryptocurrency as rewards.

Previously, the IRS had subjected crypto-mining rewards to both income and capital gains tax but had no provisions for staking rewards. This new ruling treats crypto staking like stock dividends, according to Messari founder Ryan Selkis.

The ruling states: “If a cash-method taxpayer stakes cryptocurrency native to a proof-of-stake blockchain and receives additional units of cryptocurrency as rewards when validation occurs, the fair market value of the validation rewards received is included in the taxpayer’s gross income in the taxable year in which the taxpayer gains dominion and control over the validation rewards.”

Price Influence on PoS-Based Cryptocurrencies

The IRS’s ruling on crypto staking rewards is a major step towards delineating the tax obligations of crypto investors in the United States. It provides specific guidelines for those involved in PoS blockchains, and it may have implications for the prices of PoS-based cryptos, like Ethereum, depending on market reactions and investor sentiment.

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Coinbase One Unveils New Features Including Zero Trading Fees and Increased Staking Rewards

Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced significant updates to its premium membership service, Coinbase One. Notably, the platform will now offer zero trading fees and enhanced staking rewards to its members. These features are accompanied by additional benefits from Coinbase’s partners like Messari and CoinTracker. These benefits are available for a subscription fee of $29.99 per month.

As part of the announcement, Coinbase is also expanding access to Coinbase One to users in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Ireland. This global expansion is in line with the company’s aim to provide fewer fees, more rewards, and a seamless experience for users worldwide in the crypto economy.

Coinbase One provides more value for both frequent traders and long-term investors. Traders can now execute numerous trades across hundreds of assets without the worry of transaction fees. Meanwhile, long-term investors can maximize their crypto economy involvement with the aid of lower commissions for staking ADA, ATOM, SOL, and XTZ. The membership also provides exclusive rewards throughout the year, enabling users to gain more from their crypto holdings without any additional fees.

Coinbase One is set to provide a smooth user experience by addressing customer service issues promptly. A dedicated support team is now available 24/7 for users from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Ireland. In addition, U.S.-based members will receive a pre-filled tax Form 8949 that conveniently organizes crypto transactions for easy tax filing.

Coinbase One members can also take advantage of exclusive, limited-time partner deals. These include 90 days of exclusive crypto market insights and analytics with Messari Pro and an assortment of benefits from other partners like Alto IRA, Blockworks’ Permissionless, CoinTracker, and Lemonade. These offers demonstrate Coinbase’s commitment to bring the best of the crypto economy to its users.

The expansion of Coinbase One to the UK, Germany, and Ireland is part of the company’s broader strategy to bring its services to more countries in the future. Coinbase remains steadfast in its mission to develop trusted crypto products and services while supporting other innovators in bringing the next billion people into the crypto economy.

Wil One’s zero trading fee policy be the potential game changer in the crypto Industry?

Coinbase has often faced criticism for maintaining some of the highest trading fees in the crypto industry. These fees have historically been a significant revenue source for the company, demonstrating the efficacy of the model despite user grievances. The introduction of a zero-trading-fee structure for Coinbase One members is a clear response to these criticisms and could set a precedent for other cryptocurrency exchanges to follow.

Binance, Coinbase’s primary competitor and the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has been highly successful due, in part, to its strategy of keeping fees low. This model has allowed Binance to attract a massive user base and set a standard for affordability in the industry.

However, Coinbase’s move towards zero fees for its premium members marks a potentially disruptive change in this landscape. Although this policy is currently limited to Coinbase One members, it could significantly impact competitive dynamics if expanded more broadly or if it forces other exchanges to consider similar strategies to maintain market share.


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