Crypto Market Bloodbath Creates Largest Stretch Of Fear Since April Peak

As the downtrend in the crypto market continues, so does extreme fear. What’s inspiring the sell-off? Is it Omicron? Or is it Evergrande? Is it a conspiracy? Or is it the holidays? All those questions and more have had the Fear and Greed Index pointing left for a month straight. What does this mean? Where do we go from here? That’s what we’re here to explore. 

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But first, let’s talk about the Fear and Greed Index. One of the many Bitcoin indicators, it measures the market’s general sentiment at the moment. Zero is extreme Fear. A hundred is extreme Greed. And the indicator oscillates between those two at any given time. It’s been said that the crypto market is very emotional. The Fear and Greed Index is there to keep investors from making irrational decisions based on sentiment alone. 

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Fear And Greed Index, Extreme Fear

Fear And Greed Index shows Extreme Fear | Source: Arcane Research’s The Weekly Update

What’s The Fear And Greed Index Saying Now?

According to Arcane Research’s The Weekly Update, fear has settled in:

“The Fear and Greed Index has now signaled “Fear” or “Extreme Fear” for almost one month straight. The last time we saw such a prolonged fearful market sentiment was at the beginning of the summer when the market sentiment was fearful for more than two months straight. With the sustained consolidation of bitcoin, the late autumn euphoria has dampened, and the overall sentiment seems very negative at the moment.”

The report also says that, “during steady sell-offs, bitcoin tends to outperform the overall crypto market.” And this time was no exception, BTC “outperformed all indexes so far in December, seeing a negative return of -18% after a relatively flat second week of trading this month.” On the other hand, “the Small Cap index has seen a loss of nearly a third of its value in December.“ What does this mean in general?

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“The bitcoin dominance has risen by 1.13% in the last week. This is the third time we’re seeing bitcoin dominance bottom at 40% in 2021. The last two times were May 19th and Sep 13th. It seems that the 40% threshold is a difficult area for alts to sustain”

BTCUSD price chart for 12/15/2021 - TradingView

BTC price chart for 12/15/2021 on Eightcap | Source: BTC/USD on

What Can We Expect In The Future?

To get our dose of technical and on-chain analysis, let’s give the mic to this month’s Fear & Greed Index Newsletter:

“A major factor here is the cycle support band. We cannot ignore the fact that Bitcoin had just closed 2 consecutive weeks below the market support band. Historically, this meant that we’d see a longer consolidation phase before we could have a true reversal in the trend. The takeaway here is this, as long as Bitcoin closes the week below the cycle support band, we shouldn’t expect any major breakout in price to take place.”

Every dog has its day, though. A week ago, analyzing a very similar market sentiment, NewsBTC informed you:

“A “Fear and Greed” Index on Extreme Fear levels, according to certain analysts, has historically preceded crypto market local bottoms. However, a run into new highs could see an obstacle as the macro-economic outlook turn complex.”

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It’s also important to remember that only two months ago, we were in a similar situation and the sentiment did a complete 180 in a matter of weeks. 

“The indicator dipped all the way down to extreme fear on 30th September, but in under two weeks the sentiment has already rebounded back to extreme greed. The report notes that this shows how fast the sentiment can change among the crypto market.”

With that being said, and a disclaimer that this isn’t financial advice, in a situation like this there’s only one thing we could say… hodl the line! 

Featured Image: PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay| Charts by TradingView


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Bitcoin Leads Charge Of Large Cap Altcoin Dominance In October

Bitcoin has regained dominance over the market in recent times. The digital asset has seen price recover towards previous highs, with less than 1% left for it to surpass its previous all-time high. This has so far renewed faith in the asset and the market and has seen sentiment move into the positive in the broader crypto market. Bitcoin has not shown any signs of slowing down since then.

On the index side, bitcoin has not taken any prisoners in its market domination. The digital asset has crushed every single index in the market and has outperformed indexes from small to mid-size, bar the Large Cap Index. BTC price shows that the asset is back in the lead. Trends show that it has only begun to rally. With October margins showing a 180% turn from September lows. This is quite simply bitcoin’s season.

Bitcoin Takes Charge Of The Market

Bitcoin’s numbers for the month have been nothing short of exceptional. It has led the charge for the massive recoveries that have been witnessed in the market. The total market rally was sparked by BTC’s upward movement which began at the beginning of the month and since then, the Large Cap Index has recorded an impressive profit margin.

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BTC has been at the forefront of the recovery in the market. The digital asset is up 29% in the month of October. While the Large Cap Index is up 32% in the same time frame. The recovery strength demonstrated in the price of top coins like BTC, ETH, BNB, and DOT have been the driving factor behind the Large Cap Index success in the market.

chart showing bitcoin performance versus indexes

chart showing bitcoin performance versus indexes

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BTC outperforms small and mid cap indexes | Source: Arcane Research

Both Bitcoin and the Large Cap Indexes have outperformed their counterparts in the market, which have not fared as well in the market. The top coins have recovered close to their previous all-time highs, pushing the total crypto market cap towards new all-time highs.

Small And Mid Cap Indexes Not Faring As Well

Small and Mid Cap Indexes have also recovered in the month of October but compared to bitcoin and the Large Cap Index, they have not fared as well in the market. Arcane Research reported that the Small and Mid Cap Indexes have recorded growth of 16% and 11% respectively.

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Both indexes had seen a favorable summer while bitcoin had suffered bitter crashes and dips. However, this has changed in favor of BTC following its performance in the market after summer ended. Trading volume had returned to the pioneer digital currency and it had surpassed the smaller altcoins in the market.

Bitcoin price chart from

Bitcoin price chart from

BTC price balances above $64K | Source: BTCUSD on

In addition to outperforming the Small and Mid Cap Indexes, Bitcoin has also maintained dominance over the broader crypto market. Right now, the BTC dominance sits at 46.9%, representing a two-month high.

Featured image from Bitcompare, chart from


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Bitcoin (BTC) $ 38,062.20 2.91%
Ethereum (ETH) $ 2,061.80 2.27%
Litecoin (LTC) $ 69.76 1.29%
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $ 223.22 0.02%