IOST-Based Emogi Network to Release Revival, an NFT Marketplace

Emogi Network, a censorship-resistant platform for distribution media on the IOST high throughput protocol, is dipping its feet in the burgeoning NFT space.

The Revival NFT Marketplace

In an open letter on May 20, the network said it plans to launch the Revival NFT Marketplace in late June 2021.

To distinguish itself, the marketplace will be a multi-chain aggregated NFTs trading platform. It shall integrate exciting features like NFTs auction, fixed-price trading, and a groundbreaking Margin Reward Mechanism.

Of note, their option to launch on IOST while still bearing the multi-chain aggregation feature is strategic.

From the IOST enterprise-grade chain, creators would mint and trade NFTs quickly and profitably.

Unlike competing networks, like Ethereum, IOST boasts of negligibly low trading fees and is scalable. Because of these leeways, creators can use their rails to participate in a profitable venture in a censorship-resistant environment.

The $20 Million REVIVAL NFT Fund

Ahead of this release, the Emogi Network is launching a $20 million fund dubbed the REVIVAL NFT Fund.

Their goal is to make the Revival marketplace attractive for leading artists worldwide and catalyze the tokenization of high-value artworks.

Besides, funds will build and foster collaborations with institutions, identify gifted artists, and incubate them. Out of this fund, artists would receive technical and marketing support.

At the same time, the fund will also go a long way in providing connections between fans and creators.

This is because of the integration of DeFi into NFT and rolling out a marketplace that will reach a global audience.

Emogi Network for Content Distribution

The Emogi Network is a Proof-of-Stake consensus system that remains open-source and censorship-resistant, a benefit derived from the security of the underlying blockchain, IOST.

The Emogi marketplace is for content creators, content validators, and consumers.

All of them are interlinked and play a critical role.

One of their consumer-facing products, Bermi, has mainly seen high adoption in Latin America.

IOST Partner Releases First Audio Track NFTs

In late April 2021, one of IOST’s partners, the Platinum Egg team, released the first audio track NFTs by music creators on TOKENLINK—their first NFTs marketplace.

Unique, each audio track could be sold as a game item on the CrossLink game.

For every sale, the creator receives 10 percent as Royalty payments.

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