ChatGPT Forecasts the Likelihood of Ripple XRP Reaching $1 in 2023

ChatGPT, an AI model developed by OpenAI, has recently offered insights into the likelihood of Ripple’s XRP reaching the $1 milestone in 2023, with our prompts. While the analysis is data-driven, it’s important to clarify that these are not financial recommendations.

XRP is a digital asset that was created by Ripple Labs in 2012. Unlike Bitcoin, which aims to be a decentralized digital currency, XRP was designed with the specific purpose of facilitating cross-border payments and money transfers. It is known for its speed and low transaction fees, making it attractive for financial institutions and payment service providers.

The potential of XRP extends beyond just being a cryptocurrency. With the advent of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and the increasing need for faster, more efficient global transactions, XRP is positioning itself as a bridge currency that can link disparate financial systems. Its underlying technology, the Ripple protocol, allows for the direct transfer of money between two parties, eliminating the need for a central intermediary and reducing the cost and time of transactions. This makes XRP a compelling option for a range of financial applications, from remittances to supply chain finance.

ChatGPT’s Analysis

According to ChatGPT, there is a moderate likelihood of XRP hitting the $1 mark in 2023, provided several key factors align favorably.

Regulatory Environment

ChatGPT briefly considered the regulatory environment surrounding XRP, particularly focusing on the recent SEC v. Ripple case. The court’s decision on July 13, 2023, had immediate and dramatic effects on XRP’s market price. Following the announcement that XRP was not considered a security when sold to the public, the cryptocurrency experienced a meteoric rise, surging from $0.47 to $0.938 in just one day—an increase of approximately 100%. This rapid ascent liquidated a significant number of short positions, adding fuel to the rally.

However, the euphoria was short-lived. XRP prices have since retraced substantially and are now trading at around $0.5. While the SEC’s actions against Ripple have concluded, the lawsuit itself has not been fully settled, leaving a cloud of uncertainty hanging over XRP’s future price movements. This regulatory backdrop is an important factor that was considered in ChatGPT’s analysis of XRP’s potential to reach $1 in 2023.

Market Trends: Bitcoin Price and Its Influence on XRP

ChatGPT’s analysis also takes into account the current market trends of Bitcoin, which is trading at around $26,600 as of now. The model indicates that if Bitcoin’s price surpasses the $30,000 mark, the likelihood of XRP reaching $1 increases. Furthermore, should Bitcoin climb to $35,000 in the remaining months of 2023, XRP’s chances of hitting the $1 milestone become very high.

Other Key Driving Factors

CBDCs: The rise of Central Bank Digital Currencies could influence XRP’s role in the financial ecosystem.

XRP in International Payments: XRP’s growing adoption for cross-border payments and money transfers adds to its potential for price growth.

Expert Opinions

Financial experts caution that AI models like ChatGPT can offer valuable insights but should not replace professional financial advice. Investors should conduct their own research and consult professionals before making investment decisions.


ChatGPT’s forecast offers a nuanced, data-driven perspective on XRP’s potential to reach $1 in 2023. The model considers a range of factors, including Bitcoin price trends and XRP’s role in international payments.

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From $5,000 to $120,000: Standard Chartered’s Controversial Bitcoin Price Predictions

According to Retuers, Standard Chartered predicts Bitcoin’s price to reach $120,000 by 2024, reaching $50,000 this year and $120,000 by 2024. This upward trend aligns with the recent increase in Bitcoin’s value, encouraging miners to hold onto the digital currency.

Standard Chartered predicted earlier this year that the price of Bitcoin would reach $100,000 by 2024, and that the challenging “crypto winter” had ended.

However, it’s crucial to note that Standard Chartered’s past Bitcoin price predictions haven’t always hit the mark.

In September 2021, the bank’s cryptocurrency research unit predicted that Bitcoin would reach $100,000 by early 2022, along with a significant Ether price spike. However, Bitcoin experienced a dramatic drop of more than 75% in 2022.

In December 2022, they issued a warning of a potential plunge to $5,000. Eric Robertsen, global head of research at Standard Chartered Bank, explained, “Yields plunge along with technology shares, and while the Bitcoin sell-off decelerates, the damage has been done. More and more crypto firms and exchanges find themselves with insufficient liquidity, leading to further bankruptcies and a collapse in investor confidence in digital assets.” However, Bitcoin’s price action since then showed that the lowest price since its record high in November 2021 was $15,476 on November 11, 2022, defying the bank’s prediction.

Despite these past missteps, the current market sentiment aligns with Standard Chartered’s optimistic view. On July 6, Matrixport reported that Bitcoin hit a one-year high on June 22, 2023, signalling the end of bear markets and the onset of a new bull run. Drawing from past trends in 2013, 2017, and 2021, Matrixport predicts a 100% chance of another massive Bitcoin bull market by 2024, with a price target of $125,000.


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‘Powder keg’: FSInsight report says a single spark could see BTC 5X

Financial research firm FSInsight predicts in a new report that Bitcoin could reach $222,000, and Ether could reach $12,000, by the end of 2022.

At current prices of BTC ($43,350) and ETH ($3,080), that would mean a nearly five-time and four-time increase in price for each coin respectively.

The Digital Assets In A Post-Cycle World report explained several factors that are likely to combine to drive prices to those heights by the end of the year. Compared to other cycles, it would appear that BTC has not achieved what the report calls “overly frothy valuations.” This could be attributed to better efficiency in the market, or a transition from a payment solution to a store-of-value.

The lack of bubble-like prices is shown by the fact that since the May 2020 Bitcoin halving, BTC market cap peaked at an increase of just 3.7x. This is the lowest increase since the 2016 halving, when the market cap peaked at an increase of 4.2x.

The halving is when the mining reward issued per block is reduced by half, reducing the new supply coming onto the market. The 2020 halving saw block rewards go down to 6.25 BTC per block.

Supply-side dynamics are also seen as a bullish signal by FSInsight. Illiquid supply of BTC — Bitcoin which has found a long term home in storage — comprises about 75% of the circulating supply. The report states:

“The current supply dynamics can best be described as a powder keg. The question remains who lights the match.”

This observation tallies neatly with the Feb 7 video from the InvestAnswers Youtube channel. Host James Mullarney said that due to the current lack of sellers, a “buy between 100,000 and 200,000 Bitcoin within the space of one or two weeks” could send the price up 3X.

The FSInsight report also noted that market value to realized value (MVRV) of BTC is at the lowest level since April 2020, when price was still below $10,000. From that point, BTC price climbed steadily up over the next year to a high of about $57,000 in May 2021.

Ultimately, the report forecasts BTC price to reach a range of $138,000 to $222,000 by the end of 2022.

The case for ETH

The bullish forecast for ETH began by showing how Ethereum generated nearly $10 billion in fees in 2021. According to the report, that is a 1,564% annual growth rate from 2020.

ETH saw a 1,564% annual growth rate in 2021 from 2020, according to FSInsight.

The ETH supply-side dynamics also spell bullish signals for the analysts, which noted that the burn mechanism from th implementation of EIP 1559 creates “disinflationary pressure,” but added:

“While we do not necessarily believe this to make ETH ‘sound’ money, it is certainly beneficial for price.”

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FSInsight analysts conclude that ETH is “remarkably undervalued.” Analysts factored in The Merge, when Ethereum is scheduled to transition to Proof-of-Stake consensus, Layer 2 platform development, and the potential launch of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), to forecast a price of $12,000 by the end of 2022.