Breaking: NBU Token Gets Listed on PancakeSwap

Nimbus – an automated DeFi platform that offers 16 earning strategies for users based on IPO participation, Lending, Crypto-Trading, and more – announces a new token listing. On June 17, 2021, its NBU token of BEP-20 standard gets listed on PancakeSwap, the most popular DEX on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Ultimately, the listing allows users to enjoy all the benefits of the platform without suffering from the high gas fees of the Ethereum network.

This move comes after Nimbus’s integration with Binance Smart Chain with a goal to lower the gas costs for users by 15 times and make the ecosystem more accessible worldwide. As it’s not possible to use the existing ERC-20 standard native tokens, NBU & GNBU, on both blockchains, Nimbus had to replicate NBU and GNBU in the BEP-20 standard that’s accepted on BSC. 

The BEP-20 versions of the new tokens encompass the same tokenomics and use-cases as explained in the Nimbus website. At the same time, they are likely to have higher potential than the ERC-20 version as Nimbus development on BSC becomes the top #1 priority for the team for the coming months. 

As for NBU (BEP-20), besides being the platform’s utility token, it provides access to 16 earning strategies and can be used to receive extra benefits when using the Nimbus dApps. Finally, only until June 25, users can stake it at up to 80% APY on the Nimbus platform – which is one more reason to partake in the upcoming PancakeSwap listing.

“The BSC integration enhances interoperability and accessibility of the Nimbus ecosystem. Our listing on PancakeSwap, on the other hand, allows Nimbus to activate its massive Chinese community and expand to new markets. Now Nimbus solutions are truly accessible to anyone – all you need to have is an internet connection.” – Jorge Sebastiao, CEO of Nimbus.

The listing of the NBU BEP-20 token on Pancake Swap will enhance the growth of the Nimbus community in one of the most important regions for the crypto industry – China. As more and more users execute swaps, the entire community benefits. Finally, this is a perfect time for NBU to be featured on a new DEX as the market is once again in a bullish phase. 

About Nimbus Platform

Nimbus is a DAO-governed ecosystem of dApps that offers 16 earning strategies for users based on IPO participation, Lending, Crypto-Trading, and more. With its integration into the Binance Smar Chain, Nimbus is looking forward to becoming a cross-chain platform. In the meantime, users can enjoy 6 staking options, liquidity providing, LP token staking at 100% APY, and so on. The ultimate goal of Nimbus is to merge the best of Traditional Finance with the best of DeFi in one spot and make it more user-friendly.

For details on the BSC integration:

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Nimbus Platform’s GNBU Governance Token Listed on Uniswap

The GNBU governance token of the Nimbus ecosystem is now live on Uniswap—the world’s largest decentralized exchange.

Listings at the Nimbus Internal Swap Machine and Uniswap

The GNBU listing on Uniswap on March 17 took place a week after the token began trading on the Nimbus Internal Swap Machine on Mar 10. Even there, with limited visibility, its price rose 2X in just two days. 

From Nimbus’ design, the DAO-led protocol gifts holders. As a result, traders and savvy investors are scrambling for the token, knowing what ownership means. Unlike other governance tokens, GBNU owners can not only trade it and vote but also receive revenue shares from the over 10 revenue-generating dApps and pools of the Nimbus platform. Those enable IPO participation, startup financing, peer-to-peer lending and borrowing, and so on.

Accordingly, GNBU holders can enjoy capital gains and satisfactorily diversify their portfolios by holding a single token: GNBU. If any one of the ten pools underperforms, there is the safety net of the other nine, balancing the system and ensuring consistent income streams.

An Opportunity for Arbitrageurs

Furthermore, arbitrageurs can earn extra income by exploiting price differentials between the Nimbus Internal Swap Machine and Uniswap. 

Their participation also eliminates divergence, which can be an attack vector if complex products are built on the highly potent GNBU token. 

Moreover, Uniswap is decentralized and open-source, relying on the Automated Market Makers (AMM) model. It means liquidity providers of the ETH/GNBU and NBU/GNBU pools are incentivized, providing users with yet another income stream.

Why GNBU Stands out as an Opportunity for DeFi investors

The odds of the GNBU token succeeding in the immediate to medium term remains high. Examples of other high potent governance tokens like COMP or YFI can be prime examples. These tokens have been some of the top gainers in the DeFi bull run of the last 15 months. 

During this time, leading open-source DeFi protocols have not only garnered support from retailers, but governance token holders have relished from what would be perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

The good news is that there is another opportunity for Nimbus ecosystem fans to tap on the potential of the GNBU.

Aside from the over ten revenue streams, the Nimbus platform has more than 50,000 users. Their users expect the Nimbus Ecosystem to eventually evolve into a one-stop-shop for where the top traditional investment products shall become automated and available with crypto. The dApps for IPO participation, Peer-to-Peer Lending and Borrowing, Crowdfunding, and Crypto Arbitrage-Trading are just the starting point. 

All these solutions work independently and harmoniously to benefit the token holders aiming to improve his/her bottom line in a risk-mitigated environment. 

Additionally, as the Nimbus platform evolves, adding more functionalities for a close, beneficial ecosystem, token holders will be entitled to all those benefits too. 

Decentralization, Transparency, and Possible Listing in a North American Stock Exchange

The Nimbus ecosystem is, as aforementioned, led by a DAO. Only a small percentage, 10 percent of all GNBU tokens in circulation, have been assigned to the Nimbus Organization. 

Accordingly, with GNBU holders in control, they can propose and, if approved by other community members, directly contribute to propelling the platform forward. 

Also, Nimbus plans to be listed in one of the leading stock exchanges in North America in the next few months. 

A subsequent listing would mean providing a link between centralized, traditional finance with decentralized finance in a symbiotic relationship thrusting the sphere closer to mainstream adoption.

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Nimbus Platform Utility Token, NBU, To List on Uniswap on Feb 24, Opportunity for Value-Seeking Investors?

The NBU utility token, native to the Nimbus Platform, is listing on the Uniswap DEX on Feb 24, 2021, at 12 PM GMT. 

Uniswap is the Centerpiece of DeFi

Uniswap is the world’s largest Ethereum-based decentralized exchange, processing over $100 billion in trading volumes.

With the growth of DeFi and increasing push to shift from traditional finance systems to decentralized options offering end users more latitude, the Nimbus Platform is positioned to provide suitable alternatives to DeFi value seekers. 

Presently, decentralized finance, or DeFi, manages over $40 billion of locked assets, and Uniswap is one of the largest. 

According to Defi Pulse, a site that tracks the number of digital assets locked in different open finance protocols, Uniswap locks over $4.1 billion of value. 

What is the Nimbus Platform?

Nimbus is a full-scale DAO-governed ecosystem that will eventually feature four high-performance DeFi dApps. These will blend the best parts of the burgeoning open finance ecosystem and exciting aspects of traditional finance. 

Users will access over ten incentivized strategy pools from one platform powered by the NBU token, opening new lucrative positions for users.

For instance, they would participate in activities like startup financing and Initial Public Offering (IPOs) via the IPO Hub.

Benefits of NBU Launching on Uniswap 

Before this listing, the token has been distributed at Nimbus Internal Swap with outstanding results from their over 50,000 trading app users. 

Data from the Nimbus Analytics platform reveals that total liquidity stood at over $3.4 million on Feb 22, with NBU trading at $1.25.

Value Distribution and Reinforcing the Sense of Community

Nimbus is designed for synergy where platform activities directly benefit NBU token holders. This is because NBU is a utility token, acting as a key to all platform’s solutions. Therefore, users who acquire NBU via Uniswap would do so cheaply while helping the ecosystem develop.

The Uniswap protocol is designed so that projects, like the Nimbus Platform, can distribute their tokens through a model to users without relying on third parties. 

Accordingly, on Feb 24, users would acquire NBU tokens without submitting their personal information or unnecessarily divulging other details. 

Exploit Arbitrage and make Money

The listing of the NBU token is also the beginning of an exciting journey for DeFi users. 

The NBU token, considering what it serves, would eventually list at more decentralized and centralized exchanges. With this, there will be an opportunity for market-making users to exploit and profit from arbitrage opportunities should they arise, therefore balancing the system.

Early adopters who get in ahead of the crowd are in a prime position to clip changes in Arbitrage, making decent returns. 

NBU Prices Will Rise with Increasing Adoption

Outside of arbitrage exploitation, it is expected that more users will trial the platform while concurrently earning more returns from capital gains. 

If anything, the external listing of the NBU token is timely for the project considering the current bull run. Understandably, users who missed out on other projects whose valuations have more than quadrupled don’t want to make the same mistake by missing out on Nimbus.

Specifically, for NBU holders, there will be more upcoming exciting launches and events directly beneficial to the Nimbus Platform ecosystem in weeks ahead.

Overly, this helps attract value, therefore driving adoption. Altogether, this solidifies Nimbus Platform’s goals of providing more earning revenues for users. 

Acquire NBU Tokens Cheaply

For users wishing to place large orders, they won’t have to worry. Uniswap’s liquidity is relatively larger than those of periphery centralized exchanges and even that of Nimbus’ Internal Swap machine. 

Accordingly, liquidity won’t be a challenge, a boost for enthusiastic fans keen on acquiring NBU tokens.

Admittedly, the Internal Swap machine charges a higher commission. However, the sole for this is to create a virtuous cycle. Fees are plowed back to liquidity providers who stake after purchasing tokens from the internal swap machine, token holders referral programs, and more. 

The reason for this symbiotic, beneficial cycle is to solely improve user experience and to provide more than one revenue stream for users.

Earn More from Liquidity Provision and LP Staking

Notably, the Nimbus Platform’s liquidity pools and LP staking are the real gems of the protocol. They are both accessible only for holders of the NBU tokens. 

Liquidity provision keeps the Nimbus ecosystem reliably running. Users who provide liquidity to Nimbus’ pools receive a portion of trading fees charged on swappers. 

As of writing, liquidity is improving, with trading volumes recently rising above $250k. On the other hand, staking liquidity on the LP staking can result in up-to 100 percent APY. 

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Nimbus Project: A Holistic, User-Centric Approach to DeFi

The 21st century is marked by a push from people and organizations to democratize access to financial services, regardless of geographical location. 

By incorporating technology, a new revolutionary sub-sector, Fintech, a solution merging technology in enabling better access to financial instruments and services, emerged.

Fintech to Drive Financial Inclusion

Fintech continues to find widespread use especially with the exponential growth of crypto. The proliferation of cryptocurrencies in the last 10 years continues to point out the benefits of fronting new technologies as a means of pushing for better penetration of financial services. 

A new application in smart contracting and crypto, called DeFi, began to take root in 2019. By late January 2021, there was over $24 billion worth of assets under management in DeFi, according to trackers. Anchored on smart contracting’s flexibility, DeFi has different flavors ranging from those offering trustless swapping of tokens, lending and borrowing, derivatives trading, insurance, and more. 

Seeking to tap on their evolution in crypto is the Nimbus Platform.

What is the Nimbus Platform?

While DeFi solutions create wealth generation opportunities, democratizing access to financial services, it hasn’t been a perfect silver bullet as proponents hoped it would. Part of this is because DeFi and crypto are still new concepts packed with experimental albeit disruptive solutions. 

Although some positive results have been posted, some visible shortcomings from high, unrealistic yields in some protocols and the absence of customizable solutions meeting users’ specific needs are temporary hindrances. Coupled with low adoption levels, DeFi, though revolutionary, is still nascent. 

The Nimbus platform plans to change this narrative. 

Nimbus is an established fintech platform that is now transiting to DeFi. January 27, it’s launching a new DeFi ecosystem that is easy to use and that incorporates different wealth-generating opportunities all in one spot and available via a single native token: NBU. Through their ecosystems of dApps serving a specific niche, they ensure that every dollar, regardless of amount, is put to efficient use, a part of a wider scheme helping in financial inclusion.

Just a year after launching, the Nimbus platform has accumulated over 50k users. With a solid background, the project’s creators blend good practices used by traditional players with the myriad of opportunities and flexibility that distinguish DeFi.

The Nimbus Platform smart contracts are audited by Zokyo, ensuring that the idea was created and actualized by a team of experienced specialists drawn from companies such as Huawei work as intended for the common good. 

The Nimbus DAO-Governed DeFi Ecosystem

On Jan 27, Nimbus will be launching a new DAO-governed DeFi ecosystem offering users with more than 10 earning strategies. 

Unlike other dApps that dot the DeFi space, all of Nimbus’ applications are based on clear and thoroughly tested revenue-generating mechanisms, including from the traditional markets. These opportunities, it must be noted, were previously unavailable to ordinary investors. 

The NBU token will prime this ecosystem. Only 10 percent of the NBU governance token will be under the Nimbus Organization for complete decentralization. 

Nimbus DeFi dApps

The revenue-generating mechanism behind this autonomous, decentralized, and community-controlled ecosystem will be from IPO participation, startup financing, P2P lending, a Crypto Arbitrage-Trading dApp the centralized version of which is currently being used by more than 50k users, and more pools. 

The IPO Participation Hub dApp allows users to participate in mainstream IPOs through liquidity pools, enabling ordinary investors to acquire stocks that won’t be ordinarily possible in traditional settings. On the other hand, the Startup Finance dApp, a crowdfunding protocol, is a suitable tool for DeFi token holders to access equity and convertible notes of potential projects at an early stage. 

All these startups are carefully vetted, preventing capital misappropriation and pushing the chances of making profits higher. The EU license for this operation is pending, but they have already struck agreements with major Liquidity Providers. 

All this is part of the Nimbus Platform plan of being a bridge between digital assets and investment products. Users will have more access to additional asset classes and investment products as the company receives all the required licenses to be able to offer this in a fully compliant and secure way.

The IPO Participation, Startup Financing, and P2P Lending dApps will all be controlled by the Nimbus DAO. How the DAO operates and evolves will be determined by the holders of the Nimbus governance tokens, who will also receive a share of the DAO’s revenue.

On the launch date, January 27, users will be able to swap any amount of NBU straight on the Nimbus website, take advantage of their new referral program, and stake the NBU token that earns a 12 percent APY. The first two dApps shall be launched shortly after. 

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