The Use of Blockchain in the Film Industry

Web 3.0 technologies are making further inroads into a variety of traditional businesses, hence introducing innovation to previously established protocols.

This encompasses creative industries that have a long history, such as the music business, as well as more contemporary creative sectors, such as the film industry.

The new film Fuzzy Head will have its world debut this year at the Slamdance Film Festival, which is an Oscar-accredited film festival for independent filmmakers. The production of the film was made possible by the blockchain-powered crowdfunding site “The most crucial part of crypto and blockchain integrations in the film business will be increasing fan interaction through NFTs and opening up a new asset class to all different sorts of investors via compliant security tokens,”

Dapper Labs and Untold have formed a partnership in order to advance Untold’s technology and provide its programmes with more accessibility.

Other noteworthy movies, such as “The Comeback Trail,” which stars Robert De Niro and Morgan Freeman, have also received financial backing via this platform. It is not the first time that a film festival has seen the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in films that are making their world premieres.

In 2019, representatives from the Filmio blockchain platform went to the venerable Sundance Film Festival in order to explore potential ideas for the blockchain-based entertainment platform that they are developing.

During Sundance Film Festival of the previous year, Liquid Media Group made an announcement about their first blockchain film streaming with a slate of digital panel discussions.

Additionally, the business discussed the effect that nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have had on filmmakers and the communities in which they work.

The movie “Prizefighter,” which was directed by Russel Crowe and released in 2022, used non-traditional forms of financing (NFTs) in order to partially support its production. The director described the movie as being “audience-driven.”

According to Aksu, the use of blockchain-based technologies by heritage directors and large festivals adds awareness to these tools for small filmmakers, who stand to gain tremendously from using them. These are also wonderful possibilities to build a genuine community that supports ground-breaking initiatives like blockchain.

The previous year, film director Anthony Hopkins was successful in selling all of the items in an NFT collection that was based on characters from movies that he had previously produced.

In addition, Quentin Tarantino developed novel film techniques (NFTs) based on his groundbreaking film Pulp Fiction.

Later on, he became embroiled in a big legal dispute with the film production business, which centred on allegations of copyright infringement.


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“Warriors of Future” Set to Debut as Asia’s First NFT Blockbuster Movie

Warriors of Future, a multi-million-dollar Hong Kong sci-fi action movie by One Cool Group, seeks to be the first Asian blockbuster film to feature a non-fungible token (NFT) collection. 

warriors of future.jpg

The NFT collection will have 10,000 unique 3D avatars comprising four types of soldiers and is expected to be minted on August 6. It will also be powered on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain

Warriors of Future will adopt an innovative interchangeable mechanism in the NFT collection, allowing users to interchange traits within the NFTs they hold. 

The interchangeable parts include the background, helmet, arms, armour body, and weapon. The report noted:

“These interchangeable elements will be reflected in real-time in the NFT marketplace. The holder will also be able to use their NFT in action as an avatar in the upcoming Warriors of Future mobile game.”

The Warriors of Future is a film set in the future, whereby the Earth is devoid of life because of pollution and climate change. Nevertheless, a meteorite brings extraterrestrial life to the planet. The movie is expected to be theatrically released in Asia this year, having taken six years to produce.

Ella Wong, the Chief Financial Officer of One Coo Group, pointed out:

“We are so excited to unlock the limitless potential of the entertainment industry powered by blockchain for our next-gen users. Our upcoming film titled Warriors of Future serves as a pioneer in such a collaboration, which allows us to explore more possibilities in the future.”

“We look forward to connecting the best of the entertainment industry in ways and experiences that were not possible before,” he added.

Through the partnership between One Cool Group and Gusto Collective, Warriors of Future NFT seeks to be the first series of a long-term Web3 and entertainment IPs’ integration projects.

Aaron Lau, the founder and CEO of Gusto Collective, stated:

“Web3 is the future of entertainment. It’s a game-changer with a vision for a more open, decentralized, and secure internet, enabled by advances in technologies like blockchain and machine learning. The emerging concept of ownership of digital assets has immense potential.”

Meanwhile, the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) revealed plans to offer licensed exchanges the chance to trade NFTs earlier this year.

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South Korean Movie Industry Embraces NFTs by Offering Merchandise and Collectible Tickets

To attract more viewers, the movie industry in South Korea has gone a notch higher by incorporating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as a marketing tool. 

With NFTs taking the world by storm, the Korean movie sector has not been left out of this bandwagon since December 2021 by offering NFT merchandise and collectable tickets to a limited number of moviegoers. 

For instance, Lotte Cinema and Warner Bros. gave out NFT merchandise to the first 30,000 people who purchased tickets during the release of “The Matrix Resurrections.” 

A Lotte Cultureworks spokesperson said:

“All of the 30,000 NFT products were given out to the audiences. NFTs are trendy these days, so there is no reason not to do an event like this again.”

The spokesperson added that the NFT merchandise, which includes exclusive scenes of the movie and two signed posters, was sparking curiosity, thus attracting a larger audience. 

NFTs are seen as a game-changer

According to Director Cho, NFTs are expected to be a stepping stone towards more revenue in the Korean movie business in the post-pandemic era. He stated:

“We anticipate NFTs to open up new possibilities in the film market, which has been stagnant due to the COVID-19.”

NEW, a film distributor, is eyeing to propel NFTs to an advanced stage, given that it announced the sale of 3,000 generative art NFTs developed using the IP address of upcoming film titled Special Delivery found on the leading NFT platform OpenSea. 

With NFTs taking the form of digital images where the buyer owns the link of the image as proof of ownership, a University of Sussex expert recently opined that NFTs would be “everywhere in the future because anything requiring evidence of ownership will be an NFT”. 

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NFTs to help brewers and farmers preserve UNESCO Belgian beer heritage

Brewers and farmers from Belgian Barrels Alliance (BBA) have partnered with Zeromint to offer nonfungible tokens (NFTs) aimed at preserving the UNESCO recognized Belgian beer culture and heritage. 

As a part of the partnership, Zeromint will mint and offer exclusive NFTs on the GoChain blockchain, which will be made available for international beer fans via BBA. Starting today, the organization will run several BBA NFT collection projects around sustainability and the preservation of Belgian beer heritage for the next 14 days.

According to the official statement, the first Belgian Barrels NFT auction will be used to recruit 11 participants for acting in a BBA-produced movie titled Belgian Barrels:

“The aim of the movie project is to further eternalize the Belgian Beer history through a professional cinematic movie production, which BBA plans to promote and distribute globally.”

In addition, the NFT winners will join a whitelist VIP access to all BBA events and access to vintage beer menus and exclusive bottles at BBA clubs. “Eighty percent (80%) of the revenue generated from the NFT auction will go towards a local charity in Belgium,” the announcement stated. Tom De Block, Co-founder of the Belgian Barrels Alliance added:

“Belgian beer is not just beer. It is a rich and complex history about old families and true people that became legends. It is simply an honor to open some of their bottles and to tell their story.”

The Alliance also plans to launch NFTs initiatives to promote tree plantations and learn specialized artisan skills and traditions in addition to building engagement and reward opportunities for beer fans and enthusiasts.

Related: Vodafone auctions world’s first SMS ‘Merry Christmas’ as NFT for charity

British telco giant Vodafone announced plans to create an NFT of the world’s first Short Message Service (SMS) and auction the proceedings to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (the UN Refugee Agency).

The SMS, that reads “Merry Christmas,” was sent 29 years ago over the Vodafone network on Dec 3, 1992, to Richard Jarvis, an employee at the time.

As Cointelegraph reported, the historic 15 character-long SMS will be auctioned off in a one-off sale conducted by the Aguttes Auction House in France.