MobiePay: Secure Fiat & Digital Currency Payment Solution

Launched in 2018, MobiePay is an innovative fiat and digital currency payment solution to customers and businesses.

As a global payment and reward ecosystem, MobiePay enables consumers to spend or transfer fiat money and cryptocurrencies instantly from their mobile devices to other parties or users.

Alongside initial application development, Mobiepay is also designed to time the checkout process and support cashback programs on purchases with its native utility token MobieCoin (MBX) which connects all digital currencies directly to the global retail market.

The ecosystem’s vision is to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and local currencies while offering a fast, safe, and easy standard of payments. Overall, this model is well accepted and can help people to connect in the digital asset markets.

MobiePay is Working to Create Connections

In the attempt to drive mainstream adoption, MobiePay formed a strategic partnership with Orion Protocol to bring support to ORN token and add value to the Mobie ecosystem.

In the longer run, MobiePay heads to open up access to financial services to those who have no saving accounts and lack the deposit capability.

MobiePay is applicable to all types of payments, you can send money to your friends, easily pay in physical stores or in online stores. MobilePay applies to any bank, which guarantees payment subscriptions and units, data payments to be kept confidential in private mode.

The Mobie Ecosystem

The Mobie ecosystem develops four key products: Mobie Wallet, Mobie X, Mobie Pay and Mobie Coin.

Mobiepay products

Mobiepay products

Mobie Wallet

Mobie Wallet is in fact a mobile and web app that performs the same functionality as your bank account. Users can use the wallet to store, transfer, receive their currencies as well as to make payments online or in stores.

A major highlight is the cashback and rewards system, which enables consumers to instantly get a recompense using the wallet’s services and they can later use it for whatever they want, whether spending or sending to others or donating it.


MobieX is specifically designed to mix-match the demand of crypto holders. That said, the way the product works is similar to most existing crypto wallets. Mobie X, however, differentiates itself from others, through a user-friendly interface and valuable services.

Users can simply keep track of their crypto portfolio, buy and exchange tokens and cryptocurrencies across the world with no charges. Mobie Wallet and MobieX’s integration allows consumers to use their assets to make transfers and purchases for merchandise. It’s available on mobile devices and the web.


Mobie Pay is part of the Mobie ecosystem customized for merchants. In other words, it is a gateway allowing merchants to receive payments from consumers within the Mobie network.

With MobiePay, merchants are able to get funds in their local currency at low transaction fees with no chargebacks. Another great feature of MobiePay is that merchants can benefit from its own database to accelerate their loyal customers’ direct outreach.

Plus, the affiliate and ambassador program makes it easy for merchants to generate special offers and collect membership advantages by introducing new customers to the Mobie Family.

Apart from serving merchants, MobiePay also encourages consumers to get cashback bonuses on daily purchases from major global brands and retailers.


MobieCoin native utility token (MBX) presents the core infrastructure powering the entire ecosystem. This token is set to become a global currency, which people across the globe can exchange and trade. Plus, all Mobie merchants and partners will receive MobieCoin as a reward token when joining the network.

MobiePay Key Features

With Mobiepay, users can purchase merchandise and services, and transfer money to friends. Instead of paying high fees to send funds, Mobiepay makes it quick, and inexpensive.

You can also receive and store assets via MobiePay. Thanks to the innovations, the transactions of buying and selling goods, paying and receiving money between countries around the world become more convenient and popular.

Like other digital payment solutions, MobiePay provides fast and convenient payment and is on a mission to become a form of payment commonly used in the international market.

In addition to fast and convenient payment features, MobiePay also allows users to transfer and receive money for free between accounts.

The ecosystem continues to develop and to be a worldwide network. In the future, MobiePay has plans to integrate to more merchants and retailers, opening up numerous choices for consumers.

Through the process of widespread emergence, MobiePay focuses on consumer and business features.

Consumer Features

As MobiePay’s vision is to open up access to the unbanked community, the network allows users to make purchases and payments worldwide with no need for a bank account or debit card.

You won’t have to worry and get confused trying to buy goods and services online because your credit card is declined.

Instead, users can use their mobile phones to access MobiePay services. This replacement will eliminate the risk of sensitive information being exposed, adding a layer of security to digital transfers. Banked users will absolutely get complete access to MobiePay services.

Consumer Features

Consumer Features

Whether you need to send currency to someone in your home country or a friend in urgent need in an outsider location, MobiePay users can instantly transfer currency to them with just one press.

You’ll save more time and money compared to other expensive transfers. Both consumers and merchants can benefit from the loyalty and rewards program.

When purchasing from Mobie merchant partners, consumers will instantly receive cashback and can use it for their spending or donating to charities for a good cause.

MobiePay features over 225,000 online sites and more than 500 retailers, opening up abundant shopping options for consumers. The Mobie app is designed with a chatting function, users easily keep connected with their friends or even share their shopping choices.

Business Features

Understanding the rapid development of e-commerce, MobiePay acts as a bridge between merchants and consumers, opening up lots of opportunities for e-commerce businesses to integrate online payment services and easily approach their target consumers in a near-instant.

Cash is guaranteed to arrive within seconds rather than 2-5 days.

MobiePay also offers proprietary data for merchants to leverage their marketing strategies, better approach their target customers, and generate more income. The affiliate program enables merchants to earn a commission whenever referral users make purchases on the Mobie ecosystem.

Business Features

Business Features

MobiePay helps merchants make transfers quickly and conveniently as well as protects customers from the risk of chargeback fraud and credit card disputes. Merchants can exchange fiat and digital currency without any fees. Plus, the shopping and payment process can easily be managed through QR Code Payment.

The security system makes customers feel more secure without worrying about their bank account information being leaked as MobiePay won’t store any card information, shipping and billing details, or payment methods on the merchant’s PoS systems, they are only stored on the Mobie mobile app.

Business features also include the ability to send payslip and rewards to employees directly to their mobile devices.


With many benefits that MobiePay brings to both merchants and consumers, the network has proved its necessary role in the payment process while also building its position and reputation in the global market.

After a few years of operation, this payment ecosystem is used and trusted by hundreds of millions of individuals & businesses and there’s more to expect from MobiePay.



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