Japanese Manga Artist to Auction NFT Digital Art on IOST-Integrated Marketplace

Japanese manga artist Chihiro Tamaki is set to auction NFT digital art on IOST-powered NFT marketplace TOKENLINK.

Manga Artist to Tap IOST-Based NFT Marketplace

In an announcement made today, decentralized, high-throughput, smart contracts platform IOST (IOST) revealed that NFT marketplace dubbed TOKENLINK will soon witness the auction of the NFT digital art called “A IOST platform warrior fighting for developers” created by Japan-based manga artist Chihiro Tamaki.

Extending the use of blockchain technology beyond just record-keeping, TOKENLINK, the IOST-based NFT marketplace seeks to leverage the emerging technology to manage royalties related to the transfer and assignment of copyrights.

Specifically, IOST is the ideal smart contract platform for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in that it provides a gas-efficient smart contracts alternative that is conducive for small transactions.

The IOST team writes in part:

“We believe that NFT can contribute to digital art transactions that are suitable for transactions and can return royalties to all creators. Profit-sharing is implemented through smart contracts, programs that run on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and reliability of the business model built in the IOST ecosystem.”

For the uninitiated, Chihiro Tamaki is one of Japan’s leading comic artists with global fan-base writing in a wide variety of genres. Notably, Tamaki’s book titled “Walkin’ Butterfly” has already been translated into multiple languages and made into a TV drama.

Details of the Auction

Close to 20 of Tamaki’s works in the form of digital art and digital manga will be auctioned in the NFT Marketplace.

What’s more, Tamaki’s works will also function as a gaming item.

IOST Focusing on NFT Space

There is no denying that NFTs have been all the rage in the cryptocurrency industry for the better part of 2021.

IOST has been at the forefront of the NFT frenzy by regularly updating its growing community with its latest endeavors in the space.

On a recent note, BTCManager reported that IOST was giving away “The Wind” NFT to 200 lucky fans in commemoration of the project’s success over the years.

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