Litecoin Sees Gains As MimbleWimble Kicks In, What It Means For LTC’s Price

Litecoin follows the general sentiment in the crypto market and trades in the green during today’s session. As of press time, LTC is exchanging hands at $110,21 with a 1.7% profit in 24-hours.

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LTC moving sideways in the 4-hour chart. Source: LTCUSDT Tradingview

The increase in the price of Litecoin has been driven by relief in larger cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The latter has been showing bullish momentum in lower timeframes and could see more profits in the coming weeks.

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Selling pressure triggered by macro factors has been and will remain mitigated during February. As NewsBTC reported earlier, this month has been historically bullish for Litecoin and the crypto market.

No doubt, the recent announcement of LTC’s MimbleWimble upgrade as a Release Candidate or beta could have a long-term bullish impact on Litecoin. The upgrade has undergone a multi-year development and stands as one of the most hyped rollouts for this cryptocurrency amongst its community.

The Litecoin Foundation and MimbleWimble’s lead developer David Burkett made the announcement via social media platform Twitter. Burkett published the first LTC addresses using the MWEB extension, seen below.

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The developer started working on this upgrade in 2019, and as the Foundation revealed, MimbleWimble will be part of this cryptocurrency’s Core 0.21.2 release candidate with an additional improvement to its privacy and security. The upgrade is expected to be activated on mainnet in the coming months.

As Guy Corem, co-founder at DAGLabs said, MimbleWimble will be approved by the Litecoin community if the upgrade sees 6,048 nodes signaling for its implementation starting at block heigh 2,217,600. The upgrade needs to be approved by 75% of the LTC nodes before this window closes.

The Foundation said the following on the upgrade as it revealed a report published by Quarkslab about its capabilities:

The protocol provides valuable new security enhancements about the privacy of transactions on the blockchain, in addition to months of further review and testing by Litecoin developers.

What Is Next For Litecoin (LTC)?

The Litecoin Foundation clarified that the community and miners can begin signaling for MimbleWimble right after receiving the upgrade’s code. Once the aforementioned threshold is reached, the activation date for the implementation of this proposal will be locked in.

The Foundation also revealed that the signaling process will be based on BIP8, a mechanism to introduced soft forks on the mainnet with a flag day activation that will be set after a determined period of time.

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Miners will be able to vote by using a field called “version” on each Litecoin block to be included in the blockchain. Burkett said the following on the upgrade:

MWEB is a crucial next step in Litecoin’s evolution. The optional confidentiality MWEB provides gives the user notable and needed protections for small everyday items, to salaries, or even buying a home.


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Led By Litecoin, Mid-Cap Altcoins Bleed With Bitcoin

Litecoin awoke from a month-long slumber to follow the general sentiment in the market. The price of LTC broke above the $200 resistance, only to drop with the crypto market flash crash.

At the time of writing, Litecoin trades at $181 with a 17.31% loss in the daily chart.


The market seems to be reacting to the events triggered by El Salvador making Bitcoin legal tender. Whales could have used the bullish sentiment to push down the prices, triggered liquidations, and entered new positions.

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Despite the crash, Analyst Ali Martinez believes Litecoin could reclaim its bullish momentum. Since the beginning of August, the number of unique addresses that joined the network reached a higher high, the analyst said.

As seen below, this metric stood at 220,000 new addresses created on September 6th alone. The Number of New Addresses from Glassnode is useful to measure the number of users with fresh capital coming into LTC and “could be interpreted as a sign of optimism”, Martinez said.


In addition, large investors went on a “buying spree” with the number of addresses holding 10,000 to 100,000 adding over 720,000 LTC in the past 30-months. This coincides with the increase in the price of Litecoin, as seen below.

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Further data provided by IntoTheBlock records around 170,000 addresses that bought 3 million Litecoin when the price was at $222. Martinez believes this is the next major resistance, LTC’s price must recover and rise above it to push into previous highs.

Support is bigger than resistance in terms of volume. Still, prices must slice through $222 to advance further.

Litecoin, Solana, Polkadot, Follow The Bearish Trend

Almost no altcoin in the top 20 by market cap has been able to hold its gains. Litecoin is one of the worst-performing in the past day, followed by Internet Computer (ICP) with a 23% loss, Polkadot (DOT) with a 17.3% loss, Cardano (ADA) with a 16.6% loss.

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These altcoins have shown resilience to previous downside trends. Only Solana (SOL) records a 10.7% profit in the daily chart on the back of the growth of its ecosystem.

In the short term, Bitcoin could determine the fate of the entire market. Litecoin displays solid fundamentals for a recovery, but BTC losing key support at $43,000, could potentially trigger another leg down to its previous range around the high levels of $30,000.


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Crypto Analyst: Buying Litecoin Now Is Like “2020 Ethereum”

Litecoin is in scintillating form of late, having posted a new all-time high of $410 in the early hours. After months of stuttering, LTC finally joined the likes of BTC and ETH in reaching that milestone moment during this bull run.

With that, the bull case is building. Some suggest this is just the beginning, with more upside for Litecoin on the way. This is especially applicable as the Mimblewimble upgrade draws closer to rollout.

Litecoin Starting to Build Momentum

Dogecoin’s top performance shows miracles can happen. DOGE is up an unbelievable 12,000% YTD, working its way into the fourth spot on CoinMarketCap off the back of this run.

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Meanwhile, Litecoin’s relative underperformance so far has raised several concerns. Even so, LTC manages to remain in and around the top-ten despite its underwhelming price action. However, in what some see as a turning point, Litecoin today posted a new all-time high.

@KongBTC chimed in by drawing parallels between Litecoin now and Ethereum in October 2020, when it was priced around the mid-three hundreds.

Buying $LTC at $360 now is the same as buying $ETH at $360 in October ’20. that’s the tweet.”

Since Q4 2020, Ethereum has gone on to break all-time high after all-time high, growing by approximately 1,050% during this period.

Analyst alanmasters charted Litecoin on a weekly time frame using fib bands to perform his analysis. He expects the price to hit as high as $1.5k in the mid-term. With a $5k price target by year-end if it can sustain its momentum.

Litecoin TA

Litecoin TA


“We are likely to see much more growth, if Litecoin is to follow the King and Queen of the cryptocurrency coins.

Based on my fib. Projections, we are looking at $500, $900 and even $1,450 or more…

$5,000? Maybe, but this can take longer… We aim at $1,500 mid-term… $5K is surely possible but this might happen by years end.”

Mimblewimble Update

Mimblewimble is Litecoin’s most significant implementation to date. Founder Charlie Lee described the update as the final piece of the puzzle in making Litecoin sound money. Lee said the history attached to cryptocurrencies is a major sticking point that counts against them in this regard.

“You’ve heard stories of Coinbase banning people from using their service if they found out that the coins you received were sent from, say, a gambling website or from a dark marketplace. That makes the coins not very fungible.”

This is why he sees the addition of privacy and fungibility, via Mimblewimble, as critical to Litecoin’s future.

Developers have been working on Mimblewimble since late 2019. Lead developer David Burkett recently gave an update saying the project is nearing completion. But loose ends to do with audits, reviews, bug fixing, and documentation still require tying up.

However, Burkett has yet to confirm a definite rollout date.


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This Analyst Predicts Massive Litecoin Rally And “Mental” Impact On Non Holders

Litecoin goes against the general market sentiment with a 24.5% and 57% rally in the higher timeframes. At the time of writing, LTC trades at $316 with 4.8% profits in the daily chart.


Anonymous trader Julio_LTC has set support for LTC at $280 with a price target set at $330. The operator is bullish as LTC climbed in the Relative Strength Index (RSI), a measure used to assess price momentum, in the lower timeframes. If the price action gets invalidated $218 could operate as critical support, as shown below.


LTC seems to be correlated with Ethereum’s performance rather than Bitcoin, as usual, according to the trader. Therefore, Litecoin’s rally could experience a cool-off or further appreciation if ETH leads the price action. If LTC hits its target, it could see stronger momentum towards a higher price. The trader added:

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I dont believe we’ll see $7000+ this year but I do believe $LTC can go into the $3000-$5000 range. #LTC is a late game player.

Trader Crypto Tony is equally bullish after LTC broke the $289 resistance. The trader said:

Litecoin is going to run so hard it is going to mentally affect those left behind. Bags are packed and ready for launch. The BTC pair tells a story and I want us all to be a part of that story

Litecoin’s Fundamental Signal Potential Bullish Momentum

Data from Glassnode indicates that Litecoin has reached a 3-year high Realized Price at $129.65. Similarly, LTC’s Realized Market Capitalization stood at an all-time high with $8,7 billion.

On-chain activity has been showing ambiguous signs with Litecoin’s network transaction volume at a 4-month low of 359,724 LTC. However, the number of Receiving Addresses reached a 1-month high at May 3rd, with 12,771 addresses.

Additional data provided by IntoTheBlock with their In/Out of the Money Around Price (IOMAP), an indicator to visualized clusters of Litecoin’s price distribution, records potential price support at $259 and $269 with over 5.96 million LTC bought by 103,000 addresses around these levels.


As the chart shows, if LTC rallies there could be major resistance at $314 to $322, $332, and $340. As mentioned, investors should keep a close eye on ETH’s performance for a potential breakout. At the moment, Ethereum’s rally seems to be cooling off but holds potential for another leg-up.


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Forget Lightning, Litecoin Is About To Strike Twice Against Bitcoin

Litecoin is cleared for takeoff after a brutal downtrend against Bitcoin and the dollar. Could the cryptocurrency known as digital silver be the next altcoin to pop like Ethereum, Dogecoin, and the rest of the pack?

Here’s a closer look at the technical signals suggesting a change in the tides is here – a reversal that could cause lighting in the LTCBTC trading pair to strike for a second time.

The Long Running Deviation Between Digital Silver And Gold

The digital gold narrative has fueled much of Bitcoin’s growth over the last two years. Being the “fastest horse in the race against inflation” and a way for corporations to protect treasury reserves has brought the crypto market to the mainstream.

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Following Bitcoin, Ethereum went for a long run that’s still ongoing today, and other altcoins like Dogecoin have been the talk of finance. Yet still, Litecoin lagged behind.

The once top ten titan of a cryptocurrency has since fallen out of the list completely, and has some catching up to do. That time could be now, however, as momentum on the highest timeframes against Bitcoin have begun to turn up for Litecoin.

litecoin bitcoin

litecoin bitcoin

Momentum is turning up after more than 666 days of Litecoin holder hell | Source: LTCBTC on

Litecoin Ready To Strike Back Against Bitcoin Like Lightning

Litecoin has now spent a hellish 666 days in a downtrend against BTC, letting digital gold steal the entire show for several years. But like the real relationship between physical gold and silver, after gold makes a run, the silver ratio improves in the following months to years.

The same is happening now with Litecoin, now that an altcoin season is back across crypto, and lower liquidity coins begin to rake up all the capital.

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It takes less capital to move the price of these coins further, and after such a long-stretch of negative sentiment in Litecoin while Bitcoin soaked up all the positivity, it could result in an especially powerful move.

All the same perfect-storm conditions are back from the last time the tides changed. The LMACD is turning up on monthly timeframes, suggesting momentum is in bulls’ favor.

The downtrend both times lasted roughly the same amount of time, and the big move up came after breaking above the middle-Bollinger Band – something that is clearly happening again now according to the chart pictured above.

With Bitcoin diving, and Litecoin and other altcoins getting their day in the limelight now, there’s a chance the massive move is only just beginning. Measured move targets point to as much as a 240% move against Bitcoin. Will LTC strike BTC for a second time?

Featured image from Pixabay, Charts from


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CNBC Gives Charlie Lee The Platform On The Benefits Of Litecoin Over Bitcoin

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee spoke on CNBC, explaining the differences between Litecoin and Bitcoin. He reiterated past comments on it being cheaper and faster. But, what’s interesting is that CNBC rarely gives much coverage to LTC, yet Lee had the opportunity to promote his project to a mainstream audience.

[embedded content]

Litecoin is One of a Few Long-Standing Projects Still Prominent Today

Charlie Lee launched Litecoin in October 2011 with the intention of it being a “lite” version of Bitcoin. As a clone, it shares many similarities, but the fundamental difference comes from Litecoin employing the newer Scrypt Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm over Bitcoin’s SHA-256.

Mining cryptocurrencies can occur using a CPU, GPU, or ASIC miner. ASIC miners are able to generate more hashes (tries) per second to match the target data string and “win” the block. Therefore ASIC miners have a distinct advantage over other mining means.

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Under these circumstances, Bitcoin mining has turned into an ASIC “arms race” and a game that only the well-resourced can play.

Litecoin developers choose Scrypt because it’s less susceptible to ASIC mining. While Scrypt ASIC miners have since become available, a significant portion of mining on the network still happens via CPU and GPU, making Litecoin mining a more accessible option for everyday people.

Expanding on the differences, Lee spoke about Litecoin having quicker confirmation times and a higher supply of tokens.

“It is also faster, has more coins than Bitcoin, it has four times as many coins and it’s also four times faster. So Bitcoin transactions happen every ten minutes, Litecoin transactions happen on average every two and a half minutes.”

But what makes Litecoin more suitable as a medium of exchange is the low fees it offers. For all of these reasons, Litecoin has managed to stick around as a large-cap while projects such as Namecoin and Peercoin have faded into obscurity.

Low Fees Makes it an Attractive Proposition

When asked to explain the congestion on Bitcoin and how that leads to high fees, Lee said because the network is so busy, miners cherry-pick the highest paying transactions to write them into the next block.

“the Bitcoin blockchain is full. Every time a block comes the whole block is being used by transactions. So because of that, everyone is competing is get their transactions into the next block. So the way they do that is compete by paying more fees, so the miners will choose transactions that pay the most fees…”

This is not the case with Litecoin. It features a bigger “bandwidth” and less congestion, giving it some of the lowest fees in the industry. Data from puts the current average transaction fee at $0.046.

CNBC’s willingness to host Lee and allow him the opportunity to explain Litecoin’s value proposition was a major coup for the project.

Litecoin daily chart

Litecoin daily chart

Source: LTCUSD on


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How Litecoin Can Follow DOGE To The Moon And Reach $2,000

With a 181.5% increase in the 24-hour chart, Dogecoin (DOGE) is breaking every resistance towards a new all-time high. On the other hand, Litecoin is showing strong momentum and, according to a trader, it could follow DOGE’s performance.

Investing App Robinhood offers its users the possibility to trade with 6 cryptocurrencies: DOGE, Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, and Litecoin. Trader and analyst “Pentoshi” believes DOGE’s current price action is coming from this platform.

However, Litecoin has the “best-looking chart” and is amongst the cheapest to buy in Robinhood, said Pentoshi. These two factors could converge with DOGE and LTC mining cycles. Pentoshi added:

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On top of that. $Doge and $LTC is mined together. They are United by blood. Miners can take profits to LTC and it’s cheap compared to the Robinhood traders other options.

Pentoshi further added that PayPal’s crypto services have benefit LTC’s price. In LTC/BTC trading pair, Pentoshi set support in 444,976 satoshis and is aiming at 996,579 satoshis in the long run. The trader added the following on DOGE and LTC mining cycles:

$DOGE and $LTC are mined together. Both have the same cycles shown here: They are cyclical and repeat their fractals. Litecoin is just starting! It’s all there when you zoom out. History simply repeats.

Litecoin (LTC) on route to $2,000?

Data from IntoTheBlock shows LTC indicators like Net Network Growth, metric to measure Litcoin’s “true” network growth, Large Transactions, Concentration, and others are bullish. The Futures Market Momentum is also bullish due to the increase in volume and open interest.

Litecoin LTC

The metric In/Out of the Money Around Price indicates further appreciation and support for LTC around $268 and $287. Over 100,000 LTC addresses bought almost 2 million LTC near these levels.

Litecoin LTC

In support of the bullish case, crypto trader Kaleo said LTC’s price to $1,000 is “imminent” and even set a further target toward $2,000.

LTC is trading at $313 with a 12.9% profit in the 24-hour chart. In the weekly and monthly chart, LTC has 38.6% and 56.1% profits, respectively.


Data from CryptoQuant indicates a rise in Coinbase premium over the past day. In this platform, there are already orders to sell LTC at $550 as analyst Eric Thies commented. Therefore, Litecoin investors seem to have enough reasons to remain bullish.


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Litecoin On The Verge Of Monster Move Against Bitcoin

Litecoin has been among the worst performers in the crypto market in 2020 and 2021 thus far, despite the coin’s longevity in the top ten assets by market cap.

The coin’s fortunes could soon turn completely around, due to what looks to be a monster-sized move brewing against Bitcoin on the altcoin trading pair. Here’s why technicals suggest that near and mid-term Litecoin should outperform the top cryptocurrency by miles.

Litecoin Longevity Helps Altcoin Maintain Top Ten Crypto Cap Ranking

The cryptocurrency market is constantly changing. The top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap currently looks vastly different now than it did one year ago. Coins that were in the top ten during the last bull market, are now no longer part of that elite.

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XRP, a coin ranked in third for most of its lifetime, nearly plummeted completely from the top ten – but has since made a dramatic recovery.

Another coin the cryptocurrency bull run has mostly ignored, has been Litecoin. Along with Ripple, the altcoin dubbed digital silver have lagged behind the rest of the top ten assets, yet some how have clung on. Both of failed to set a new all-time high, but according to technicals, they’re next in line to do so.

ltc btc litecoin bitcoin

ltc btc litecoin bitcoin

Several bullish technicals suggest a major breakout and monster move is coming | Source: LTCBTC on

LTCBTC Monthly Technicals: On The Brink Of A Monster Bullish Move

Litecoin is an offshoot of Bitcoin code and often considered the silver to the digital gold narrative. The digital gold narrative has taken Bitcoin’s market cap to $1 trillion, but like silver lagging behind gold itself, Litecoin has barely been a blip on anyone’s radar.

However, bullish technicals on the LTCBTC trading pair are indicating a massive move against Bitcoin.

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If a full turnaround starts now, a perfected TD 13 countdown marked the bottom with incredible precision. Supporting a major reversal on the altcoin ratio against Bitcoin, the monthly Stochastic indicator has crossed upward after spending two years in the bottom range. Coinciding with the crossover, the monthly Relative Strength Index has fallen back to touch a support level that wasn’t tapped since 2015.

The logarithmic MACD is also rolling upward, falling short of a bullish crossover just yet. The often considered lagging indicator is instead a signal that there’s clear skies ahead, and is more of a confirmation that a reversal has taken place.

Turning upward the last time in early 2017, took Litecoin to its current all-time high. After holding onto the top ten like a champ, it could finally be time for digital silver to shine.

Featured image from Pixabay, Charts from


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Litecoin Signal Shines, Suggests Downtrend Against Bitcoin Is Over

Litecoin is trading at around $200… still. The altcoin has failed to set a new all-time high like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others in the top ten have, yet it has clung onto the ranks for its entire lifetime.

A signal has appeared – across several of the highest timeframes – that could suggest that the long downtrend against Bitcoin is about to come to an explosive ending.

Litecoin Loses Luster During Bear Market, Can’t Catch A Spark

Few coins have had as difficult of a time recovering since the last bull market as Litecoin has. The only other coin in the top ten to struggle so severely is XRP, and the coin’s parent company Ripple is locked in a legal battle with the SEC.

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Litecoin has no such issue to keep its prices down, yet the coin has yet to do much better than its 2019 peak, and is not even halfway recovered to its previous all-time high around $418 per LTC.

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Meanwhile, Ethereum just smashed above $2,000 and Bitcoin is trading at around $60,000 per coin – more than three times its former high.

The rise in Bitcoin but subsequent stagnancy in Litecoin, has caused the altcoin to absolutely nosedive in terms of the LTCBTC trading pair. But with a handful of potential reversal signals forming on the ratio, things soon could turn around for an extended phase.



A TD 13 signal has triggered on the LTCBTC monthly | Source: LTCBTC on

LTCBTC Reversal: The Sign That Things Could Finally Turn Around For The Altcoin

After Litecoin peaked, it spend nine full months in a downtrend against Bitcoin until a TD 9 signal appeared. The altcoin then saw a short-term boost with its halving in 2019, but after it peaked then, its been all about Bitcoin in the crypto industry ever since.

Following a bear market bounce, the altcoin fell for another consecutive 25 months, ignoring another TD 9 and instead reaching a TD 13 countdown on monthly timeframes. Coinciding with a narrowing pattern on the Relative Strength Index, an explosive breakout is imminent.

The same powerful 13 countdown is evident on quarterly timeframes also | Source: LTCBTC on

The TD 13 has also appeared on even more powerful timeframes, such as the LTCBTC quarterly represented in the chart above.

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Zoomed in even further for the chart below, there’s even a TD 9 within the past week on daily timeframes.

A less powerful TD 9 on daily timeframes may have kicked off the turning point | Source: LTCBTC on

Both a TD 9 and TD 13 signal suggest a trend is reaching a point of exhaustion, and due to turn around. And it already has since the daily TD 9 triggered.

The LTCBTC pair is now higher, and there’s green forming in a sea of red finally. If the tides finally turn, and Bitcoin maintains relatively high prices, the cost per Litecoin could explode as it finally plays catch up with the likes of its digital gold counterpart, Ethereum, and the rest of the altcoin space.

Featured image from Deposit Photos, Charts from


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How Litecoin went on a rally after fake renaming to Bitcoin Lite

Aprils Fools was almost over, but there was still a joke in store in the crypto space. Litecoin creator Charlie Lee made a fake announcement via Twitter claiming that Litecoin would be rebranded to BitcoinLite, “as Satoshi Nakamoto intended.”

Lee posted a version of Bitcoin’s whitepaper highlighting the letters LITE and a link to Litecoin Foundation’s official website renamed BitcoinLite Foundation. The home page reads “Just Like Bitcoin. But ‘Lite’er!”, adding that Bitcoinlite is “4 times more scalable than Bitcoin” with higher transaction fees and a supply of only 84 million coins. It even offered users a BitcoinLite Wallet. The website contained the following message:

After several hard-fought, intense back and forth discussions within the Litecoin community, it was decided that Litecoin will undergo a rejuvenating marketing campaign — Litecoin will be rebranding itself to “BitcoinLite”.

The reason behind the rebranding was a supposed opportunity to capture new investors “confused” by the different forks of BTC (Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Gold). These investors think that each of these versions is the “real BTC”. Therefore the “Bitcoinlite Foundation” could gain new followers that “we’d previously been missing”.

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The page outlines a fake roadmap that begins with the “takeover” of the Bitcoin domain and changing the information related to this cryptocurrency to BitcoinLite information. However, the publication makes some “true” observations about Litecoin and highlights some of its features in what some members of the crypto community later called a publicity stunt. The website claimed:

Community donations will be much appreciated to help achieve this task, as Litecoin unfortunately did not have an ICO launch to help pay for everything (…). It’s been a wild ride getting here, but we’re so glad to finally have reached this point (…) April 1st marks the beginning of a fresh, brand-new quarter and so far, we’re starting it off with a kick.

LTC on the rise

After Charlie Lee’s fake announcement, LTC went on a 5.3% rally, at the time of writing, and is one of the top gaining coins in the 24-hour chart after Filecoin (27%) and UNI (6.3%). LTC is trading and $203 with 14.9% gains over the last week.

Recently, MimbleWimble via Extended Block code was completed by lead developer David Burkett. The protocol is intended to bring additional privacy and scalability features to the blockchain. However, LTC’s price has not benefited from the news.


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Bitcoin (BTC) $ 26,195.02 1.43%
Ethereum (ETH) $ 1,581.32 0.71%
Litecoin (LTC) $ 64.47 0.28%
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $ 207.11 0.86%