Joe Rogan Holds High Hopes For The Cryptocurrency Industry

There have been several reactions and comment from prominent personalities about the trend of cryptocurrency from the beginning of 2022. The world’s most prominent controversial podcaster and comedian, Joe Rogan, has just expressed his ‘hope’ for digital assets. He made this confession during a recent podcast interview.

On January 8, Rogan, through the 1760th episode of his podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience,’ deliberated on the crypto future. This discussion was with Adam Curry, his fellow podcaster.

The estimated number of listeners for every episode of Rogan’s podcast is about 11 million. This is significantly high irrespective of the moves from Spotify in censoring some offensive episodes. Also, Rogan’s podcast bagged the top position of the most popular during 2021 on Spotify.

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The world’s most prominent podcaster stated that cryptocurrency would either entirely fall or become an opportunity for sailing to a better future for human lives.

Curry stated that several young individuals are moving out on his part. Such moves could be for developing parallel networks and systems. He confirmed his loyalty to Bitcoin by stating that he’s on the BTC train to provide more security for his funds. He lamented the broken money system, causing misery, inflation, and even wars due to its link to oil.

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Curry has been the host of ‘No Agenda,’ a right-wing podcast that has received criticisms from the medical community and mainstream media. They believed that Curry has been promoting conspiracy theories.

Metaverse And Cryptocurrency Vision From Podcasters

The discussion between Rogan and Curry transcended to the potential of digital Metaverse that Silicon Valley controls. Also, they talked about NFTs and their role within the crypto space.

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Rogan composed a theory for the future where firms could devise their digital tokens. Hence, buying their products will demand that customers utilize the tokens.

He cited that Apple could achieve that with ease. Rogan explained that the process would be first to buy the digital coins you will use to buy the company’s products. He said that the process is similar to stocks.

Reacting to that, Curry expressed his disagreement by saying that Rogan’s explanation is different from the plan. Instead, Curry stated that powerful governments and institutions are expected to focus on their Central Bank Digital Currencies, CBDCs.

He mentioned that individuals would have crypto tokens and wallets allocated from the Federal Reserve. Hence, retail banking will have little or no use.

Irrespective of the positive vibes from the podcasters in appreciating cryptocurrency, lots of crypto community members are pretty skeptical.

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The two podcasters, Rogan and Curry, stand within the crypto space as being highly controversial. Rogan is famous for his kicks against ‘political uprightness. So, he had gained past criticism for his jokes that depicts racism, sexism, and transphobia.

Rogan received payment from CashApp in July 2021 to advertise Bitcoin to his listeners. Also, in November, he got $100,000 as a BTC payment.

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World’s biggest podcaster Joe Rogan has a ‘lot of hope’ for crypto

Controversial comedian and commentator Joe Rogan said that he “has a lot of hope” for cryptocurrencies in a recent podcast interview.

In the 1760th Jan. 8 episode of his podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan discussed the future of crypto with fellow podcaster, Adam Curry. Rogan’s podcast has an estimated 11 million listeners per episode, despite Spotify’s attempts to censor some of the more offensive episodes.

Rogan, whose podcast took the top spot as most popular on Spotify during 2021, stated:

“It’s either going to fall apart completely, or we’re going to use this as an opportunity to right the ship and come up with a better way to live our lives,”

Curry is the host of right-wing podcast “No Agenda” which has been criticized by the mainstream media and medical community for promoting conspiracy theories.

Curry explained that “there is a whole slew of young people who are just opting out, and they are moving to build parallel systems and parallel networks,” before adding, “I’m on the Bitcoin train because I believe my money is safer there.”

“The money system is broken. It causes inflation, it causes misery, it causes wars because it is linked to oil.”

Rogan’s vision for the Metaverse

Rogan and Curry also discussed the possibilities of a “Silicon-Valley-controlled” digital Metaverse, and the potential role of NFTs in this space.

Rogan theorized a future where companies come up with their own digital tokens which customers would need to use to purchase their products.

“Apple could easily do that,” Rogan said, “you would buy coins, and through those coins you would buy products… It’s almost like another version of stocks or something.”

However, Curry wasn’t convinced, saying “that’s not the plan,” and he expects powerful institutions and governments will instead set their sights on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

“You will have crypto. You will have a digital wallet. It will be directly from the Federal Reserve to you. And there will be little retail banking – that just won’t happen anymore.”

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Despite the podcasters’ positive appraisal of crypto, many members of the community remained skeptical. In a Reddit post to the r/Cryptocurrency subreddit, one user “thenudelman” commented, “An endorsement from Captain Pseudoscience. Coulda done without it.” Another user, “Dubsy 101” added, “He’s an idiot and the last person we want associated with Crypto.”

Both Rogan and Curry have proved to be highly controversial figures in the crypto space and beyond. Rogan is known for his vocal rejection of “political correctness” and has received criticism in the past for making racist, sexist, and transphobic jokes.

In July 2021, CashApp paid Rogan to tell his listeners to buy Bitcoin (BTC), and he accepted a BTC payment of $100,000 in November.


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