Elliptic Hires OakNorth’s Jackson Hull as Chief Technology Officer

Elliptic Ltd, a blockchain analytics firm based in London, announced the appointment of Jackson Hull as the company’s new Chief Technology Officer on Thursday.

Hull comes with over 20 years of in-depth relevant experience in software as a service (SaaS) to Elliptic. Hull, a renowned expert in building innovative and scalable analytics and data platforms, has developed award-winning products across financial services sectors.

Most recently, Hull worked at OakNorth Bank, where he led the Product, Information Security, Engineering and Design teams in building the firm’s credit risk analytics platform.

Before that, Hull worked as Chief Technology Officer at the well-known British insurtech brand GoCo Group, developing and scaling high-volume transactional platforms in heavily regulated markets.

Hull’s experience in working with global financial firms implies he possesses significant insight into the challenges encountered by Elliptic’s clients. His passion for developing world-class engineering teams fits well with the Elliptic team.

Hull’s hiring comes at the right time when Elliptic recently launched its next-generation blockchain analytics engine, Holistic Screening, which establishes a new standard for cryptocurrency risk management.

Simone Maini, CEO at Elliptic, talked about the appointment: “Having someone with Jackson Hull’s background and experience join our leadership team validates Elliptic’s vision to make a world powered by crypto fairer and safer for all.”

Fight Against Financial Fraud

Formed in 2013, London-based Elliptic helps crypto businesses and financial institutions to meet their Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF), and sanctions compliance obligations.

Early last month, Elliptic launched a new risk analytics tool called Holistic Screening to track and screen crypto movement across multiple blockchains.

Attacks on crypto bridges have been a good fortune for hackers this year. In July, Chainalysis, another blockchain analytics company, released a study that identified that cross-chain bridges alone account for around $2 billion in stolen funds this year.

Such stolen crypto assets are then mostly laundered through cross-chain DeFi products (including bridges and decentralized exchanges) and mixer services to evade sanctions.

Elliptic’s Holistic Screening helps crypto users (like businesses and financial institutions) to quickly and at scale trace stolen funds moved from one blockchain to another using a bridge.

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Tennessee: City of Jackson Looking to Accept Bitcoin (BTC) for Property Tax

Mayor Scott Conger of Jackson, Tennessee, is exploring options to make the city accept property tax in bitcoin (BTC).

Bitcoin Adoption, One Step at a Time

In yet another development toward mainstream bitcoin (BTC) adoption, Mayor Scott Conger of Jackson – the 8th largest city in Tennessee, U.S., today tweeted the city’s blockchain force is exploring options to make bitcoin a part of the state economy.

Specifically, the Mayor tweeted:

In addition to enabling its citizens to pay property taxes in BTC, Jackson’s blockchain task force is also looking at ways to allow employees to dollar-cost average the premier cryptocurrency by market cap.

In another tweet, the Mayor took aim at dollar debasement saying that every year the greenback continues to weaken against commodities and thereby is losing its purchasing power. He demanded more accountability from the U.S. federal government.

Government Officials Steadily Warming Up to BTC

While bitcoin started off as an anti-establishment digital form of money that seeks to take the power from the status quo, it is steadily being embraced by government officials the world over for its several other merits.

The biggest and perhaps the most significant development in this regard is El Salvador’s open embrace of the premier cryptocurrencies. Not only has El Salvador made bitcoin legal tender in the country but is also actively working toward mining BTC with renewable sources of energy most notably via geothermal energy extracted from the country’s volcanoes.

That being said, it is yet to be seen whether the citizens of El Salvador like the bitcoin push in the country.

Several other economically troubled countries are expected to follow El Salvador’s lead as was reported by BTCManager on June 16. I

n fact, one of these countries – Paraguay – recently witnessed the introduction of a bitcoin legislation bill in the parliament that seeks to create conducive regulations for digital currencies in the South American country.

As for the U.S., competition is growing fierce among the states to establish themselves as a crypto hub in the country.

In related news, BTCManager reported on July 5 how Wyoming had become the first state in the U.S. to recognize decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) as legal entities.

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Jackson City in Tennessee Plans to Accept Property Tax Payment in Bitcoin

Jackson City, the eighth-biggest city in the US state of Tennessee, intends to permit its residents to pay property tax in Bitcoin (BTC), according to Mayor Scott Conger. 

Mayor Conger announced his ambition on Twitter by stating that:

“Our blockchain task force is looking into how the CityofJacksonTN can accept property tax payments in Bitcoin and allow our employees to DCA in Bitcoin.”

DCA is an investment strategy in which an investor divides up the total amount to be invested across periodic purchases of a target asset to reduce the impact of volatility on the overall purchase. Therefore, employees in Jackson will be able to make fewer Bitcoin purchases when the prices are high and more when the prices are low.

U.S. major cities develop crypto-friendly policies

Conger created the city’s blockchain task force back in April, intending to encourage crypto usage. It comprised various experts in the blockchain/crypto space. The city’s blockchain task force was orchestrating this move. 

Jackson is among the crypto-friendly cities in the US. Miami’s mayor, Francis Suarez, has shown his commitment to having Bitcoin integrated into the city’s ecosystem.

In February, Miami disclosed its commitment to allow its employees to receive their salaries in Bitcoin. Secondly, the city was considering local fees and taxes to be paid in BTC or other cryptocurrencies

Suarez was also eyeing Miami becoming the first city globally to place some of its treasury into Bitcoin. Meanwhile, as a way to open the doors to more addiction treatment, the US-based Legacy Healing Center accepted Bitcoin and Ethereum as valid forms of payment. 

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@jackson_forelli @BitcoinQ_A This cannot be changed so it doesn’t matter if you tell it or not Some people don’t think government is the enemy so it’s not on their radar, especially billionaires

@jackson_forelli @BitcoinQ_A This cannot be changed so it doesn’t matter if you tell it or not

Some people don’t think government is the enemy so it’s not on their radar, especially billionaires


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