Decentralists criticize Uniswap’s new privacy policy.

As a consequence of the recently revised privacy policy of the decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap, it seems that some users are displeased with the service. These people are worried that the practice of gathering and storing user data violates the core ideas behind cryptocurrencies.

A few vocal members of the community have replied in recent days to a blog post that was written back in November and published on the website to announce an updated privacy policy for the organization. They have mentioned in their comments that it is rare for a decentralized firm to obtain and preserve information about its users. This is something that they have stated.

Being open and honest is really necessary.

It was stated there that they did not want any of their customers to be surprised at any point.

This privacy policy, which was most recently updated on November 17th, reveals that the exchange collects data from publicly-available blockchains, information about user devices such as browser information and operating systems, and information about users’ interactions with the exchange’s service providers, amongst other types of information. The most recent update to this policy occurred on November 17th.

In addition, Uniswap said that none of this information includes personally identifying details such as a first or last name, street address, date of birth, email address, or Internet protocol address. Uniswap has confirmed that the aforementioned information is absent from this material.

Despite this, some members of the cryptocurrency community have expressed concerns that the developments run counter to the industry’s fundamental principles, which are centered on protecting the privacy and anonymity of users. These members of the community have voiced their concerns in a number of different ways.

The programmers who created the cryptocurrency that protects users’ anonymity On November 21, Firo sent out a tweet to its 83,700 followers in which it said that the recent privacy upgrade that was done by Uniswap establishes a “dangerous precedent” for DEXs. The post was directed against Uniswap.

OwenP, an affiliate for the decentralized exchange SpookySwap, made the statement that it was unusual for a decentralized exchange to gather and keep user information on the backend of the platform. OwenP’s statement was made in response to a question about why a decentralized exchange would do such a thing.

As a result of the recent shutdown of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange at the beginning of this month, the term “transparency” has gained greater traction in the industry.


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Huobi DeFi Labs Partners with Kava Labs to Expose Users to New DeFi Opportunities

Huobi continues to expand its scope in the decentralized finance (DeFi) scene, as the Huobi Defi Labs inked a partnership deal with cross-chain DeFi platform Kava Labs, to bringing the Huobi BTC (HBTC) token to Kava, while also providing liquidity mining to Huobi users.

CeFi and Defi Coming Together

According to a joint announcement, the partnership between Huobi Defi Labs and Kava would allow Huobi users to carry out yield farming for HBTC using the Kava platform. The collaboration is one of the ways that DeFi is being integrated into a centralized platform like Huobi.

Meanwhile, Huobi would need to comply with Kava’s strict compliance and code auditing procedures, before HBTC gets approval from KAVA holders governance group and node operators. With the above requirement met, users can mint and burn HBTC via the Kava platform. 

The HBTC token would also have other uses on Kava, with the announcement stating:

“Following the creation of HBTC as an asset on Kava, it can then be used a collateral for USDX loans in the Kava lending app or as an asset to be supplied and borrowed in the HARD Protocol Money Markets giving HBTC holders the ability to borrow, lend, and earn with HBTC on Kava.”

Both platforms are also planning to onboard other Huobi tokens such as HUSD and HT onto the Kava.

Commenting on the partnership, Huobi vice president Ciara Sun, said:                    

“Providing our users with diversified DeFi Apps and services is one of our priorities. We chose  Kava platform for HBTC yielding in a cooperative mindset to bridge CeFi and DeFi and to introduce diverse instruments and liquidities to the current market.”

Shortly after the creation of Huobi DeFi Labs by the crypto exchange giant Huobi back in August 2020, the platform launched the Global Defi Alliance, amid rising interest in the DeFi sector. The alliance was created to facilitate cross-border collaboration between the West and East.

At the time of the launch, members of the initiative Huobi, and DeFi platforms such as Compound, Maker DAO, dYdX, and Nest were the founding members. Later in September, 10 more members joined Huobi’s DeFi Alliance. They include Synthetix, Aave, Coingecko, Balancer, Curve, among others. 

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Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak’s EFFORCE Crypto Kicks Off on HBTC

Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder, new blockchain project to fund energy-efficiency projects, Efforce has launched its token WOZX on, a 100% Token Holder Owned Trading Platform.

Steve Wozniak, HBTC, WOZX, EFFORCE

The cooperation between a high-tech team backed by Wozniak and a leading team from the blockchain industry has shown us an ambition that may end up a revolution in the environment and energy industries.

After success with Apple, Wozniak was attracted to the technology of blockchain and use of cryptocurrencies. As a believer in blockchain industry and cryptocurrency economics, Wozniak and other industry veterans founded the energy-efficiency company Efforce.

Efforce is a blockchain-based energy saving platform which provides an innovative way for companies to fund energy-efficient projects and save energy expenses. Launching a token named WOZX, Efforce allows contributors to fund energy efficiency projects by investing in WOZX and be repaid in tokens representing the energy savings achieved.

The energy efficiency market has always been too complex for retail investors. However, with the innovative business model launched by Efforce, anyone interested in energy projects can easily access the market, while companies who wish to implement solutions will be able to negotiate directly with consumers or contributors in the open market. Tokenization will play an important role in this process. With the issuance of WOZX, a contractual relationship between contributors and companies seeking funds for energy projects is formed, allowing contributors to participate directly in the savings generated through the projects.

Wozniak stated in a release:

“We created Efforce to be the first decentralized platform that allows everyone to participate and benefit financially from worldwide energy efficiency projects, and create meaningful environmental change.”

The goal is to decentralize the $241 billion energy financing market, much as Apple aimed at in popularizing personal computing. The most important part of Efforce’s project, the WOZX, has been carefully designed and issued. The Wozniak team chose to first launch the WOZX.

Wozniak’s Adventures in Crypto

While Wozniak has always been a Bitcoin believer and managed to buy in when the BTC price was at around $700 per coin. As he revealed to CNBC, the Apple co-founder, unfortunately, sold most of his stash at the end of the bull run of 2017 and 2018—he now holds only one Bitcoin.

At the time of the CNBC interview in 2018, Wozniak said he saw his Bitcoin investment as more of an experiment than anything but remarked on the natural evolution of Bitcoin. He said:

“Bitcoin is mathematically defined, there is a certain quantity of Bitcoin, there’s a way it’s distributed… and it’s pure and there’s no human running, there’s no company running and it’s just… growing and growing… and surviving.”

The Apple co-founder’s WOZX token was launched on December 3 on HBTC, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Like Bitcoin, WOZX has a limited supply but a much larger one of 1 billion tokens. The token’s initial price was 0.1 dollars at the time of launch and reached 1.41 dollars per token and within just five days, the crypto’s price increasing in value by 1,400%.

Efforce’s continued climb now makes the WOZX token one of the best performing crypto asset currently trading.

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