Former Coinbase CLO Brian Brooks Joins Hashdex’s Board of Directors

Hashdex, a global pioneer in crypto asset management, announced the addition of Brian Brooks to its Board of Directors. The board now expands from four to five members. Brooks, a representative of Hashdex investor Valor Capital Group, will serve as a strategic advisor, providing counsel on global regulation to further Hashdex’s global market growth.

Hashdex, known for co-developing the Nasdaq Crypto Index™ (NCI™) with Nasdaq, provides global investors with a reliable benchmark for the crypto asset class. In 2021, Hashdex introduced the world’s first crypto ETFs and other innovative products, enabling over 225,000 investors to simply and securely add crypto to their portfolios.

Brooks, often referred to as the “first fintech Comptroller,” is recognized as a visionary global leader in financial services, fintech, and cryptocurrency. His career is marked by historic achievements on bank charters, including granting the first fintech and crypto charters, and promoting bank-fintech partnerships. As a member of Hashdex’s Board, Brooks will enhance the firm’s efforts to bridge the gap between the crypto ecosystem and traditional finance, accelerating institutional adoption and scaling key partnerships with financial organizations and policymakers worldwide.

Marcelo Sampaio, Co-Founder and CEO of Hashdex, stated, “Brian’s extensive experience as a leader in financial regulation and the crypto industry will help Hashdex meet our core mission of giving investors simple and secure access to the developing crypto ecosystem. His proven ability to push forward thoughtful, innovation-driven public policy is much needed at this time, and we are thrilled to have him as a partner and advisor.”

Prior to joining Valor, Brooks served as CEO of two blockchain-focused companies and as chief legal officer of global crypto exchange Coinbase. He was also acting U.S. Comptroller of the Currency, heading the U.S. government agency that charters and supervises the national banking system. He served as a member of the FDIC board of directors and as a voting member of the Financial Stability Oversight Council.

Brooks currently serves as a Managing Partner at Valor Capital Group, a Venture Capital fund manager founded in 2011 that pioneered the “Cross-Border” strategy, seeking to act as a bridge between the U.S. and Latin America technology markets. Valor, which invests in transformative businesses from startup to scale-up stages, led Hashdex’s Series A round and has been supporting the company with strategic, business development, and regulatory initiatives in Brazil and abroad.

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EU Approves Brazilian Crypto Asset Management Firm Hashdex to List ETP Products

Brazil-based global digital asset management company Hashdex announced on September 1 that it has been approved to list its exchange-traded product (ETP) in the European Union.

In May, Hashdex launched the Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index Europe ETP on the Swiss SIX securities trading platform.

This is a major milestone following the issuance of approval on the six major Swiss exchanges, laying the foundation for expansion in the European market.

Previously, the company launched a crypto ETF “Web3 ETF” which will be listed on the Brazilian stock exchange B3 from March 30 under the ticker symbol WEB311.

In May this year, Hashdex launched the Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index Europe ETP on the Swiss SIX securities trading platform.

Meanwhile, Bruno Sousa, Head of New Markets at Hashdex, also commented on the development, saying: “Receiving approval to list in the European Union in only three months is a testament to the tireless efforts of our talented team as we expand our suite of products that serve the needs of European investors. We are focused on building on the recent successful launch of the Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index Europe ETP in Switzerland, and we look forward to continuing to make strong strides in positioning Hashdex as the leading European crypto issuer with the ability to deploy innovative, diversified strategies using our proven ETP structure.”

In partnership with Nasdaq, Hashdex has launched a 12-part course designed to provide financial asset managers with information on the evolution of the digital asset ecosystem, investment considerations, regulation, taxation and more Educational Resources. Due to the increased interest of financial advisors in acquiring knowledge in the field of digital assets, Hashdex has launched this course as a resource for investment managers considering cryptocurrencies in their investment strategies.

In February last year, Hashdex launched the world’s first crypto exchange-traded fund (ETF), the Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index ETF. The fund is traded on the Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX) for accredited non-US investors. Investors provide institutional investors with an easy solution to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market.

Hashdex has more than 125,000 investors globally and has approximately $467 million in assets under management.

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Brazilian Asset Manager Hashdex Appoints Laurent Kssis as Managing Director

Hashdex, a fintech investment management firm based in Brazil, announced Tuesday the appointment of Laurent Kssis as Managing Director and Head of Europe. - 2022-03-30T183252.138.jpg

In the new role, Mr. Kssis is expected to accelerate Hashdex’s European expansion as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to help investors across the globe better understand and gain diversified exposure to the crypto asset class.

Hashdex said Mr. Kssis brings an extensive experience in crypto asset and European crypto exchange-traded fund (“ETFs”) management practices to the company.

Mostly recently, Mr. Kssis served as Managing Director and Global Head of ETPs at Swiss issuer 21Shares. He managed the listing of more than 25 crypto ETPs across several European regulated exchanges. He also served on the issuer’s board of directors, where his presence was valuable in developing and pushing for innovative single tracker product launches for its European expansion.

Before joining 21Shares, Kssis worked as the CEO of the Swedish based crypto issuer XBT Provider AB, nowadays popularly known as CoinShares company. Prior to that, Mr. Kssis acquired over 15 years of experience in managing ETFs as well as professional experience in leading major companies, including Labranche, Bluefin, and Societe Generale.

Mr. Kssis was also actively involved in the primary and secondary capital markets, where he served several European ETF issuers, including Lyxor and IndeXchange (now Blackrock). In 2015, he led Coinsilium group in becoming the first blockchain venture company to IPO on the UK stock exchange, where he was subsequently appointed Non-Executive Chairman. Recently, Mr. Kssis stepped down as a board member of Swedish Index Provider Vinter Co after three years of service.

Marcelo Sampaio, Co-Founder & CEO of Hashdex, talked about Kssis appointment and said: “His (Kssis) background in crypto exchange-traded products, particularly in Switzerland – which has become the leading venue for listing crypto ETPs – will be invaluable in supporting Hashdex…We are honoured to have him join our team.”

Bridging Traditional Finance with Digital Asset Solutions

Early this month, Hashdex launched and listed Web3 ETF on the Brazilian stock exchange, B3, to serve the growing investor demand for regulated exposure to crypto ETFs. Hashdex developed the crypto ETF to provide a diversified method for investing in Web3.

In January, Hashdex launched a decentralized finance ETF (DEFI11) that provides institutional and individual investors with diversified, safe, and regulated exposure to all DeFi ecosystem value chain segments. The DeFi ETF enables investors to invest in DeFi assets such as Unisawap, AAVE, Compound, Maker, Yearn, Curve, Synthetix, and AMP.

Last February, Hashdex launched the world’s first crypto exchange-traded fund (ETF) that enables over 250,000 investors to add cryptocurrency to their portfolios. The Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index ETF is available for trading on the Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX) for accredited non-U.S. institutional investors to gain exposure to the crypto market.

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Digital Asset Firm Hashdex to Launch Web3 ETF on the Brazilian Stock Exchange

Hashdex, a global digital asset management firm headquartered in Brazil, announced Tuesday the upcoming launch of its Web3 ETF. - 2022-03-16T143307.707.jpg

The company’s newest crypto ETF will be available on the Brazilian stock exchange, B3, under the ticker symbol WEB311 starting from March 30.

Hashdex developed the crypto ETF to offer a secure and diversified method for investing in Web3 and its underlying smart contract platforms.

Built-in partnership with CF Benchmarks, a major global digital asset market indices provider, WEB311 will replicate the “CF Web 3.0 Smart Contract Platforms Index”, which allocates to digital assets native to smart contract blockchains. The index’s largest holdings are Ether, Cardano, and Solana, each at roughly 22% as well as other assets in the index include Polkadot (19.5%), Algorand (8.8%), Tezos (3.5%) and Cosmos (1.1%).

Marcelo Sampaio, co-founder and CEO at Hashdex, talked about the development and said: “The WEB311 ETF not only provides exposure to the smart contract platforms underpinning Web3 but serves as an accessible and unique way to invest in projects that will be the main engine of the internet of the future.”

Meanwhile, Sui Chung, CEO of CF Benchmarks, also commented about the development and said: “The launch of the WEB311 ETF is a further proof of growing investor demand for regulated exposure to specific segments of the fast-maturing blockchain economy, demonstrating how our partners at Hashdex are committed to delivering innovation for both institutional and individual investors.”

Bridging Traditional Financial Market Access to Digital Assets

Early this month, Hashdex partnered with Nasdaq and therefore launched a twelve-part course designed to provide informative and educational resources for financial asset managers on the evolution of the digital asset ecosystem, investing considerations, regulation, taxes, and more. Due to increased interest among financial advisors in obtaining knowledge in the digital asset space, Hashdex unveiled the course to offer resources to empower the investment managers as they consider incorporating cryptocurrency into their investment strategies.

In January, Hashdex launched a decentralized finance ETF (DEFI11). The DeFi product offers diversified, safe, and regulated exposure across all segments of the DeFi ecosystem value chain. The ETF enables investors to invest in DeFi assets (including Unisawap, AAVE, Compound, Maker, Yearn, Curve, Synthetix, and AMP) to enable them to get better benefits in the crypto market.

Last February, Hashdex launched the world’s first crypto exchange-traded fund (ETF), the Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto Index ETF. The fund, which is available for trading on the Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX) for accredited non-U.S. investors, provides a simple solution for institutional investors to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market.

Hashdex has more than 125,000 investors in its products globally and holds approximately $467 million under management.

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Brazil Lists Another Bitcoin ETF, First Carbon-Neutral

Hashdex launched its newest bitcoin ETF in Brazil, another addition to the country’s diverse bitcoin ETF menu and the first to be carbon neutral.

Investment firm Hashdex has announced its newest bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) offering in Brazil, BITH11. The investment vehicle provides bitcoin exposure to retail investors by tracking the Nasdaq Bitcoin Reference Price (NQBTC).

“In addition to being an asset of great technological importance, Bitcoin is now considered by many as a potential store of value,” the announcement read. “Its predictable monetary base, the security of its decentralized network and its low-correlation with other asset classes have caught the attention of…renowned investors in the traditional finance market, who, along with the growth of the network, has made Bitcoin appreciate in value by thousands of times in the past decade.”

Shares of the BITH11 ETF track the bitcoin market price as reflected by the NQBTC, in Reais, Brazil’s national fiat currency, minus fees and expenses. The fund invests in shares of the Hashdex Nasdaq Bitcoin (HNB) ETF, a wholly-owned fund established in the Cayman Islands and listed on the Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX). The HNB ETF invests in bitcoin through spot and futures positions to track the NQBTC – a benchmark developed by Nasdaq to reflect the bitcoin market price in dollars.

Hashdex currently has six fund offerings and over $600 million in assets under management (AUM). However, BITH11, which incurs administration fees of 0.3% a year, is not Brazil’s first, as QR Capital launched a 100% bitcoin ETF in March 2021.

But BITH11 is the first carbon-neutral bitcoin ETF in Brazil. Hashdex said it would work with german carbon rating company CCRI to estimate the carbon footprint of all bitcoin acquired by the HNB ETF – the fund BITH11 invests in. The investment manager said it would then purchase carbon credits and invest in carbon-neutralizing projects to offset its carbon footprint, limited to a yearly sum of 0.15% of HNB’s liquid assets total value.

Carbon-neutrality is currently in vogue, especially when it comes to Bitcoin. However, Bitcoin is not harmful to the planet. It is uniquely positioned to help the entire world employ clean energy sources more widely, as well as help fossil-fuel-powered energy producers leverage stranded energy and capture pollutant waste, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing emissions.


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New Brazilian Bitcoin ETF pledges carbon neutrality

BITH11, a new exchange-traded fund (ETF) launched in Brazil by crypto-focused alternative investment firm Hashdex Asset Management, claims to be the country’s first “green” Bitcoin ETF.

The fund plans to neutralize its associated carbon emissions through purchasing carbon credits. To meet the ETF’s objectives, Hashdex has partnered with Germany’s Crypto Carbon Ratings Institute (CCRI) — which will produce annual reports estimating the energy consumption and carbon emissions underpinning the creation of BTC acquired by the fund.

The ETF is currently aiming to invest 0.15% of its liquid assets into carbon credits and eco-friendly technologies every year. The fund was launched on the B3 Brazilian Stock Exchange late last week under the ticker BITH11.

According to a rough translation, Rogerio Santana, relationship director at the São Paulo-based B3 exchange, stated:

“The new ETF offers investors exposure to variations in the world’s main digital asset, with all its growth potential and value reserve, in a regulated, secure manner and under sustainability goals,”

Hashdex is an issuer of regulated crypto investment funds, having launched its first crypto-focused ETF, HASH11, in April of this year. Over the past month, HASH11 has gained 33% according to Bloomberg.

In addition to HASH11 and BITH11, Hashdex also offers a weighted Nasdaq Crypto Index (NCI) fund tracking BTC, and its Bitcoin Risk Parity Gold Fund.

Related: SkyBridge buys 38,500 tons of carbon offsets

Green crypto funds have grown in popularity this year as concerns over the fossil fuel-based energy consumption of crypto mining operations entered mainstream discourse.

In May, Canadian Bitcoin ETF issuer, Ninepoint, announced plans to offset the carbon footprint of its BTC fund, partnering with carbon offsetting service provider CarbonX.

The following month, crypto-focused hedge fund manager One River Digital reported a surge in demand for carbon-neutral Bitcoin investment products.

On August 3, Global investment firm SkyBridge Capital announced that it had partnered with carbon credit provider MOSS Earth to purchase tokens representing 38,436 tons of carbon offsets.