BitBoy Crypto accused of threatening class-action lawsuit lawyers

In a court filing on March 20, lawyers for the class-action lawsuit accused Ben Armstrong, also known as BitBoy Crypto, of making multiple threats against them after they filed a lawsuit against him and other FTX influencers for promoting FTX crypto fraud without disclosing compensation. The lawyers claimed that Armstrong harassed them with endless phone calls, tweets, and emails, as well as insulting and threatening posts on social media. The court filing alleged that Armstrong made up to 21 calls within a 45-minute period, leaving voicemails full of vulgarities that specifically targeted the lawyers. The voicemails also included warnings of First Amendment protesters around their houses 24/7 day and night and that the lawyers’ home addresses were being circulated on Reddit.

The court filing also alleged that Armstrong made threats to Adam Moskowitz, one of the lawyers in the class-action suit, including a message that prompted a report to authorities, warning the lawyer that “these people are dangerous” and can result in “you and your family shot.” Armstrong also allegedly called Moskowitz a “bitch” and an “unbelievably dumb mother fucker” in an email before stating that he “never even promoted FTX” and warning Moskowitz to expect a counter-suit.

The court filing claimed that Armstrong encouraged others to join the attacks and posted a YouTube video directed at the lawyers and those who bought the suit, allegedly warning them that he was “coming at them with full force.” The lawyers noted that this was not the first time Armstrong had caused threatening controversy, as he had filed and later dropped a defamation suit against fellow YouTube content creator Erling Mengshoel Jr, who goes by “Atozy.”

Armstrong filed the defamation suit against Mengshoel in response to a November 2021 video titled “This YouTuber scams his fans…Bitboy Crypto,” which alleged that Armstrong was dishonestly promoting assets to his audience for his own benefit. However, Armstrong dropped the lawsuit a few weeks later and claimed that Mengshoel had won after raising more than $200,000 for his defense in less than 24 hours.

BitBoy Crypto has not yet responded to the recent allegations made against Armstrong. The class-action lawsuit seeks $1 billion in damages from Armstrong and other FTX influencers.


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