Grimes Offers to Split Royalties with AI-Generated Music Creators

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI)-generated art has created a stir across various industries, and while some have highlighted concerns around copyright infringement issues involving AI-generated art, not all artists are against the fusion of AI and their intellectual property.

One such artist is Canadian musician and producer Grimes. In a recent tweet, she announced that she would treat AI creators using her voice the same as other artists she collaborates with. Grimes wrote that she would want to “split 50% royalties on any successful AI-generated song” that uses her voice.

Grimes has no label and, therefore, “no bindings” to any major entity in the music industry that could cause intellectual property rights issues. The artist continued to say that she finds it “cool to be fused with a machine” and that she is in favor of open-sourcing art, ultimately “killing copyright.”

Grimes mentioned that she is “curious” about what creators can do with the technology and is “interested in being a Guinea pig.” In the initial tweet, Grimes posted an article on the recent outcry surrounding AI-generated tracks of Drake and the Weekend, which have been floating around the internet.

However, not everyone is on board with the idea of AI-generated art. On April 13, music industry giant Universal Music Group sent an email to all major streaming services to block AI from accessing its catalogs for learning purposes. The company said it won’t hesitate to do what is necessary to protect its rights and those of the artists it represents.

Despite the concerns, Grimes believes that the fusion of AI and music is the future. In a separate statement, she revealed that she is creating a voice simulation program along with a team of developers, which will be made publicly available. She sees the potential for AI-generated music to lead to new and exciting sounds that were previously impossible to create.

However, AI-generated deep fakes utilizing images and voices of individuals are already causing major headaches and ethical concerns. Recently, a German tabloid used AI to generate a fake interview with the former Formula One driver Michael Schumacher. Concerns are even circulating within the companies producing the technology, after reports revealed Google employees’ worries over its forthcoming AI-chatbot.

The debate around AI-generated art and the implications it has for copyright and intellectual property is ongoing. While some are hesitant about its implications, others, like Grimes, are excited about the possibilities and are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with this emerging technology.


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What Elon Musk’s Vision Of The Dogecoin Moon Could Look Like

Is this what Elon Musk wanted? To constantly be present on every type of news outlet? The bastion of quality journalism known as Page Six reports that the billionaire, his rockstar girlfriend, and musical guest Miley Cirrus went to a Dogecoin-themed party. This was after Musk’s infamous Saturday Night Live hosting gig, a night that created all kinds of disasters. 

The party was at a hotel called Public, which opened just for the celebrities for the first time in 14 months. Page Six describes it as:

“It was a cryptocurrency-themed bash for Elon,” a spy told Page Six. “Ian opened it just for Elon and his guests. Girls were dressed as aliens, walking around with trays of Dogecoin cookies and cupcakes, and there were Dogecoin ice sculptures.”

To make things worse, a handler brought a Shiba Inu dog, a live Dogecoin logo. Other celebrities in attendance were actual comedian Chris Rock, SNL’s creator Lorne Michaels, Weekend Update’s Colin Jost, and South Park’s creator Matt Stone.

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Panic Attack for Princess Peach

Apart from that, Page Six reports that Grimes was hospitalized the day after. She informed the public herself through her Instagram page. 

“Forgot to post these cuz I somehow caused myself to have a panic attack and went to the hospital yesterday which tbh was quite scary and I suppose it’s a good time to start therapy.” Grimes captioned the pics of her dressed as Princess Peach alongside musical guest Miley Cyrus.

Yes. That was Grimes as Mario Bro’s Princess Peach in a much-mocked sketch that made the rounds on social media after Elon Musk’s disastrous performance. It’s worth noting that the billionaire was one of the very few people that has been invited to host SNL without being an actor, comedian, musician, or performer of any kind.

Dogecoin price chart for 05/18/2021 - TradingView

Dogecoin price chart for 05/18/2021 - TradingView

DOGE price chart on Bitfinex | Source: DOGE/USD on

Financial victims of Elon’s Performance

Grimes wasn’t the only one affected that night. As NewsBTC reported, Dogecoin took a 30% dip after Musk’s performance:

In the run-up to last weekend’s SNL show, Musk was expected to mention Dogecoin, which he did during his opening monologue, and again during a Q&A describing it as a “hustle.” But markets reacted by selling off, tanking the price by as much as 30% at one point.

At the time, the tanking went down to $0.49 per coin. Nowadays, it’s even lower. Dogecoin trades at $0.47 at the time of writing. Of course, the coin is still affected by Elon’s takedown of the whole cryptomarket by announcing that Tesla wasn’t accepting Bitcoin anymore because of bogus concerns about its environmental impact. For more information about this matter, head over to Bitcoinist.

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Last but not least, Musk’s fortune also took a dive after people realized how unfunny he was. According to Forbes estimations:

The fortune of Tesla’s billionaire cofounder and CEO, Elon Musk, has plunged by more than $20 billion since Musk made his controversial appearance on Saturday Night Live last weekend.

Is this what Elon Musk wanted?

 Featured Image by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash - Charts by TradingView


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Steve Aoki Joins Celebrities Dropping NFTs on Ethereum

Key Takeaways

  • Steve Aoki is releasing a collection of NFTs on Nifty Gateway this Sunday.
  • A teaser suggests that the NFTs feature music by Aoki, alongside animated visual art.
  • Aoki is the latest in a slew of stars to participate in the growing NFT trend.

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EDM comes to Ethereum: Steve Aoki is dropping his first NFT collection this week. 

Steve Aoki Creates First NFT 

The NFT space has a new entrant. 

Famed EDM DJ Steve Aoki has confirmed that he’ll be releasing his first set of NFTs through the Gemini-owned marketplace Nifty Gateway this coming Sunday. 

A video clip of the first piece features an animation accompanied by a segment of Aoki-style electronic music. Aoki said that the visual art had been designed by Antoni Tudisco, a digital artist who’s been active in the NFT community. 

Aoki also confirmed that the drop would feature both limited edition and open edition releases in his announcement. It goes live at 2:00 PM Eastern Time on Sunday. 

Steve Aoki is one of the world’s most famous DJs, known for spearheading the EDM movement. He’s released ubiquitous dance hits with artists like Afrojack and regularly performs at Tomorrowland, EDM’s poster event. 

Stars Adopting NFTs 

Nifty Gateway has attracted many big-name artists like Aoki as NFTs begin enjoying more mainstream interest.

Yesterday, Grimes released her first NFTs through the online marketplace. Several limited pieces were sold for $20 in an edition of 100, while two pieces titled “Earth” and “Mars” featuring music by Grimes were released for $7,500 on a limited timeframe. The most valuable piece is a unique called “Death of the Old,” which also features a clip of her music. Bidding is currently at $200,000 with seven hours remaining. 

By minting NFTs on Ethereum, musicians can release their work directly to fans without traditional intermediaries.

Aside from the musicians that have recently jumped onto the trend, NFTs have been a major hit in the digital art world.

Arguably the central figure of the movement is Beeple, whose “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” piece is currently on sale at Christie’s. Bidding is at $3 million; the auction closes in 10 days. 

The technology has also caught on among sports fans, thanks to games like NBA Top Shot and Sorare. In November, a unique Kylian Mbappé card sold for $60,000 on Sorare. The fantasy football game recently received investments from Barcelona striker Antoine Greizmann and others in a $50 million raise. 

As NFTs have exploded, some have warned of the risks of high-priced pieces losing their valuations in the future. But for now, the space is booming, with major names joining in weekly. 

Disclosure: At the time of writing, the author of this feature owned ETH, and a number of other cryptocurrencies. They were also part of a raffle for a Beeple NFT. 

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Rare Beeple Donald Trump NFT Sells for Record-Breaking $6.6 Million

Key Takeaways

  • A unique Beeple NFT has sold for $6.6 million. It’s now the most expensive NFT ever created.
  • In another historic moment for the NFT space, a Christie’s auction for a Beeple piece commences today.
  • As stars begin to embrace the NFT movement, pop artist Grimes will sell her first digital collectible this weekend.

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A one-of-a-kind Beeple piece has sold for $6.6 million. It’s now the most expensive NFT ever created. 

Beeple Breaks His Own Record

A unique NFT by Beeple fetched $6.6 million on the secondary market yesterday.

“CROSSROAD” was first sold in a Nifty Gateway sale in November 2020. The piece is themed on the 2020 U.S. presidential election—the listing featured two different pieces called “Biden win,” and “Trump win.” Beeple explained that the token would change to the “Trump win” design if Donald Trump won the election in a note accompanying the piece. The description read:

“PLEASE FUCKING NOTE: If trump wins, this token will change to that video of sexy boi king trump stomping through hell FOREVER. I don’t want you coming back to me bitching that you spent $2M* on this and now it’s a video of orangeman going HAM and it’s keeping u up at night popping mad boners. should have voted bruh.”

Both Beeple and Nifty Gateway noted the record-breaking sale yesterday.

The artworks appear to depict a crowned Trump running through a burning dystopia and a more peaceful scene where he’s laying on the ground motionless, covered in graffiti. Since Joe Biden won the election, the token features the piece with Trump on the floor. It received a winning bid of $66,666.60.

The $6.6 million price tag means Beeple has broken his own record for creating the world’s most valuable NFT. Previously, another piece of his called “THE COMPLETE MF COLLECTION” held the record at $777,777.77. Beeple, real name Mike Winkelmann, is fairly new to the NFT game, but he’s quickly become a cult favorite.

Many of his pieces have fetched significant sums on Nifty Gateway. The complete drop from his last sale totaled $3.5 million in sales.

The “CROSSROAD” record could soon be eclipsed, though: starting from today, the world-famous auction house Christie’s is running a sale for his “EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS” piece. The digital artwork features all 5,000 pieces from the first 5,000 days of his “EVERYDAYS” project and is likely his most elaborate piece to date. The sale runs until Mar. 11, and Christie’s will also accept ETH.

Celebrities Flock to NFTs

Several other major artists have recently joined Beeple and the NFT boom, many of them through Nifty Gateway.

This week, the platform will release an NFT series by Claire Boucher, the acclaimed experimental pop musician better known as Grimes.

The drop is happening this Sunday at 2:00 PM Eastern Time. Details of the collection are scarce on both Nifty Gateway’s website and Boucher’s own channels, though Nifty Gateway has posted a tweet mentioning the drop.

Previously, the platform has listed pieces alongside the likes of Mesut Ozil and Justin Roiland. 

The Grimes drop is Boucher’s first known entry into the Ethereum ecosystem, though she’s likely somewhat familiar with crypto already. Since 2018, she’s been married to Elon Musk, renowned for his crypto affinity—not least Dogecoin. 

Disclosure: At the time of writing, the author of this feature owned ETH and a number of other cryptocurrencies. 

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