Optimism Will Roll Out Single-Click Launch For Ethereum Projects

Many layer 2 solutions are competing on being the most active in developments. Amid these scaling solutions in Optimism, and given its latest announcement, it will soon enable developers to launch DApps with just a single click of a button.

Optimism provides support for all the apps on the Ethereum ecosystem. It ensures that transaction fees are lower by keeping its data on the blockchain but running computation off-chain.

The team’s latest blog reveals that an upcoming upgrade will facilitate the launch of DApps on its layer. This means that every tool running on Ethereum will also run on Optimism.

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Latest Upgrade To Provide Support For Ethereum Protocols

The disclosure by the Optimism team assures the developer’s community that the upgrade will help them to simplify the process of launching their decentralized apps. Also, this simplicity stems across features such as gas and traces. Developers targeting Geth now have the opportunity to launch without changing their codes.

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Optimism disclosed that it had overhauled the codes. As a result, it can now go beyond being compatible Ethereum Virtual Machine only to become an EVM equivalence by making its protocol efficient and lightweight.

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One of the steps the team took to reduce the protocol’s load was to delete its custom compiler. It also deleted over 25,000 lines of codes as it upgraded.

According to the post, the team asserts that developing the “EVM-compliant rollup” is not very easy given that it aims to support the whole Ethereum stack. Moreover, to also implement the security features which EVM requires will also cost a lot of money. However, it is mandatory because every line of codes added to the system comes with possible vulnerabilities.

Optimism Pursuing Compatibility

As for now, the layer 2 scaling solution is now fully equivalent with EVM using Geth. Though it is working to become compatible with alternative node implementations such as Erigon and OpenEthereum using below one thousand lines of codes. The team disclosed that they hadn’t changed the security model of the protocol even with this release.

The reason behind the growth of Optimism is the move from Ethereum mainnet to other chains & layer 2 solutions compatible with EVM



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The migration of capital from Ethereum to these other solutions was to reduce the high fees characterizing transactions carried out on its base layer.

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The information from Dune Analytics even reveals that another rollup network Arbitrum has a TVL of $2.62 billion, which is the largest ETH Bridge. This rival protocol went live three weeks ago, and it is already making waves.

But it is not the only protocol as Polygon ERC-20 Bridge emerged after Arbitrum and is now boasting $2.35 billion in TVL. After Polygon came, Avalanche Bridge and Fantom Anyswap Bridge and each now record $1.86 billion and $476 million, respectively.

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Optimism announces upgrades enabling ‘one-click’ roll-up deployment

According to a blog post published by Optimism on Sept. 18, the team anticipates Ethereum-native protocols will be able to launch on its network in a single click by the end of October.

“Any tooling that can run on Ethereum will run identically on Optimistic Ethereum,” the post highlighted, adding:

Optimism, the Ethereum Foundation-backed team building developing a layer-two roll-up network, has announced upgrades to its protocol that will enable developers to deploy on its network in just “one-click.”

“Anyone who has written code targeting Geth can now deploy without change — even for advanced features like traces and gas.”

The post asserts that Optimism overhauled its code in a bid to extend beyond Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility to achieve “EVM equivalence” through shrinking the protocol down to its most lightweight and efficient form possible. 

To realize their minimalist philosophy, Optimism’s custom compiler was deleted alongside more than “25,000 lines” of other code as part of the upgrades.

“Building an EVM-compliant rollup poses an even greater challenge: supporting the entire Ethereum stack within the new science,” the post asserts. “Re-implementing security-critical EVM features is costly; every additional line of code introduces the risk of vulnerabilities.”

While the team says it has achieved full EVM equivalence with the Geth Ethereum client, they now hope to facilitate compatibility with alternative node implementations such as OpenEthereum and Erigon with “under 1,000 lines of code.”

Optimism added that no changes have been made to its current security model through the latest release.

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Optimism’s progress comes as capital migrates from the Ethereum mainnet to EVM compatible chains and layer-two scaling solutions in a bid to mitigate the high fees associated with transactions executed on Ethereum’s base layer.

According to Dune Analytics, rival rollup network Arbitrum currently boasts the largest Ethereum bridge by total value locked (TVL) with $2.62 billion despite having launched roughly three weeks ago.

Arbitrum is followed by the Polygon ERC-20 Bridge with nearly $2.35 billion, the Avalanche Bridge with $1.86 billion, and the Fantom Anyswap Bridge with $476 million.