Japanese Firms to Launch New Web3 Game CAPTAIN TSUBASA RIVALS

Japanese game developers Thirdverse Group and BLOCKSMITH&Co. announced Tuesday for their collaboration to release a new Web3 game called “CAPTAIN TSUBASA RIVALS”.


According to the report, “CAPTAIN TSUBASA RIVALS” is a new blockchain-based game inspired by the manga series Captain Tsubasa. Captain Tsubasa is a manga series first published in 1981 by Japanese animator Yōichi Takahashi. The series tells the story of Captain Tsubasa (Ozora Tsubasa), who dreams of becoming a professional footballer. As a result, Captain Tsubasa has significantly influenced football players and enthusiasts in Japan and worldwide.

Under its gaming model, “CAPTAIN TSUBASA RIVALS” is a new blockchain-based game that rewards players for playing. Players are rewarded for spending more in-game time, developing their characters, collecting valuables like armour, skins, and many others or completing different tasks. Players of in this game can train characters from the original Captain Tsubasa comics and compete against other players.

When playing versus other players, items can be collected and then later exchanged for rewards, such as new characters as NFTs. The game’s main feature is that players can collect items through matches with other players, and then exchange them for rewards like new lead and support characters. In other words, as a result of playing, players can receive digital valuables like NFTs and either trade them with other players or sell them on the market, earning money as a result.

Unlike traditional smartphone games, the report said that the characters in this crypto game will be generative NFTs. This means that each character will have unique attributes and strengths that are randomly generated, ensuring that no two characters are alike.

The winning point that makes CAPTAIN TSUBASA -RIVALS more advantageous for players is that it has a game strategy that considers various parameters like characters’ special moves, skills, attributes, and compatibility. Besides that, another key to victory in this blockchain game is that it enables players to develop a unique generative NFT by training and levelling up their characters.

Another unique feature of this crypto-based game is its in-game marketplace, allowing players to buy and sell their characters. Players can also generate their own NFTs and train them using tokens called Tsubasauts, which can be earned through the story mode. According to the report, CAPTAIN TSUBASA -RIVALS is set to launch by the end of 2022.

The new development by Thirdverse Group and BLOCKSMITH&Co demonstrates that blockchain technology continues to evolve the sub-genre called “Crypto-Games.” Crypto games are different from traditional games because they enable players to earn digital valuables like crypto, and NFTs, by playing the game.

Image source: BLOCKSMITH&Co., Thirdverse Group


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Blockchain Game Developer Oasys Grants $20m Investment in Private Token Sale

Oasys, a Japan and Singapore-based company focused on developing blockchain games, has secured a $20 million investment from a cryptocurrency leader.

Compared to traditional financing methods in the past, this financing adopts a private token sale, led by Republic Capital, a blockchain financing and investment platform.

In this round of funding, these funds will be used to enhance partnerships with new and existing game developers, digital asset exchanges, and other companies in the gaming and crypto ecosystem.

 “Oasys is shaping the future of blockchain games and leading the charge by bringing legacy gaming IPs on-chain. We believe it was only a matter of time before the gaming giants like Bandai adopted blockchain technology and are impressed by the domain expertise of the Oasys founders,” said by the founder of Republic Capital, Brian Johnson.

In addition, the funds raised this time will also be used to expand its talented team and support future game marketing and business development.

Other investors included Jump Crypto, Crypto.com, Huobi, Kucoin, Gate.io, bitbank, and Mirana Ventures, participated in this round of funding.

Oasys is an eco-friendly blockchain built for the gaming community, providing users with fast transactions and zero gas fees.

In June, Oasys and Consensys formed a strategic partnership to create a better end-to-end blockchain gaming experience.

Oasys is actively listing its tokens on several of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges and is leading the way in blockchain gaming by bringing traditional gaming IPs on-chain.

Konvoy Ventures, a venture capital startup, has announced the launch of its Konvoy Ventures Fund III as it looks to deepen its feet in the Web3.0 gaming ecosystem.

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Web3 Gaming Platform LootRush Raises $12m in Seed Round

Web3 gaming platform LootRush has raised $12 million in seed funding led by crypto company Paradigm, aiming to make playing Web3 video games more accessible and more convenient for users.

The company said the financing would expand the team globally and buy NFTs at scale.

In this round of funding, investors include Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Y Combinator, and the creators of Axie Infinity, Plaid, Wildlife Studios, Dapper Labs, and The Chainsmokers and Vivi Nevo participated as angel investors.

LootRush says that:

“To play videogames using web 3 technologies, players experience a high barrier of entry. And, as interest in these types of video games continue to skyrocket, players are looking for ways to go from intent to enjoyment in as little time, with as little cost, as possible.”

“We enable players to play video games with NFTs at 100x lower price, providing more flexibility and a larger portfolio of NFTs to have fun,” said by LootRush.

The US-based LootRush was founded in 2015 to “make Web3 video games as easy to use as a mobile device or play video games on Steam” Playing games on Steam is like installing the Steam client and buying what you want. The game is then as easy to download as it is to play.

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Long ago I decided never to bet against this man…. He is way too connected, way to powerful, way too many crypto resources at his beck and call. Honestly, I would not bet against Sam in this Wild Wild West… I would just keep busy learning and playing my own game.

Long ago I decided never to bet against this man…. He is way too connected, way to powerful, way too many #crypto resources at his beck and call. Honestly, I would not bet against Sam in this Wild Wild West… I would just keep busy learning and playing my own game. https://t.co/tDh71rEiIU


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DeFi dynasty? Synthetix co-founder’s siblings reveal blockchain game project

A fledgling blockchain-based game project called Illuvium has already managed to attract support from major industry backers — a development owed in part to the fact that Illuvium co-founders Kieran and Aaron Warwick are the brothers of Kain Warwick, the co-founder of decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Synthetix.

In a tweet on Friday, Kain announced that “after two years of pressure,” his brothers were revealing to the world a blockchain-based game:

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Kieran Warwick clarified that development work has only been underway since September, and that the “two years” refers to the length of time Kain had been badgering Kieran to re-enter crypto full time. 

“I left to found a startup in the food industry in 2016, [and] in hindsight maybe not the best call,” Kieran admitted.

Despite the late uptake, the few resources released to the public already promise a title with myriad influences.

“The two genres that we have drawn the most inspiration from are collectible RPGs (such as Pokemon) and Auto Battlers (like Teamfight Tactics or Dota Underlords). As far as aesthetics we are going for a stylised feel that sits somewhere between the manga style of RPG and more hyper realistic games,” said Kieran.

Gameplay will also feature some unique twists utilizing a yield farming program for the native ILV token, as well as deploying NFTs in innovative ways that may influence the strategy behind collecting game assets.

“We use a fusion mechanism where three Illuvial NFTs are burned by the user to mint a more powerful Illuvial NFT. This mechanism is common in Auto Battlers, but by employing smart contracts to control minting and burning we’ve introduced more certainty for collectors and players.”

While the ambition is sprawling, the Warwick brothers are bringing extensive ecosystem heft to bear. Despite only re-entering crypto full time recently, Kieran says he’s no stranger to concepts like liquidity pooling, as he’s currently “participating heavily in DeFi across over 50 projects.”

Moreover, some of DeFi and gaming’s biggest names are early supporters. Kieran says that  “six of the top DeFi founders” have invested in Illuvium’s pre-seed round — presumably including Kain. Illuvium will also be built using a layer-2 scaling solution from Immutable, the development studio behind hit NFT card game Gods Unchained.

Kieran says he’s hoping to leverage these connections to create a gaming experience that empowers players.

“One of the most frustrating experiences as a gamer is feeling like a consumer of a game rather than a participant, and while many game studios have improved on this over the last few years by handing more control to their communities there is no way to have the level of community ownership that we are going to provide in the traditional gaming world.”

To ensure this community ownership, Kieran said that Illuvium will be governed by a DAO, enabling players to control gameplay tweaks and balancing. Additionally, a portion of funds from the outcomes of high-stakes, winner-take-all “Leviathan” arena battles will be allocated to a vault controlled by the DAO, as well as other fees.

While even a game demo is a “few months” out and the liquidity mining program is slated for March at the earliest, Illuvium’s 15-man team is resolute in delivering a product to a market they believe might eventually become the standard.

“We believe mainstream gamers will see the opportunity migrating to permissionless platforms where they can truly own the entire game.”