Fox Renews Dan Harmon Krapopolis for Third Season Amid NFT Tie-Up

Fox has announced that it has renewed Dan Harmon’s animated comedy series, Krapopolis, for a third season, despite the first season not even airing yet. The show is produced by Fox Corp’s NFT firm, Blockchain Creative Labs, and features NFTs called “Krap Chickens.” These NFTs depict cartoon chicken avatars in the same art style as the show and offer holders exclusive access to experiences, content, rewards, and voting rights on certain aspects of the show. Fox’s president of scripted programming, Michael Thorn, expressed his faith in Harmon and his work, saying, “We’re so bullish about the work that we want to support and its ability to find an audience and succeed. While [a third season order] is atypical, it was a no-brainer for us with Krapopolis.” The show is set in ancient Greece and follows a “flawed family of humans, gods and monsters that try to run one of the world’s first cities without killing each other.” The cast includes Richard Ayode, Matt Berry, Pam Murphy, Duncan Trussell, and Hannah Waddingham.

In other NFT-related news, Baobab Studios sold out its first collection of 8,888 NFTs just nine hours after launch. The collection is called “Momoguro” and is tied to an upcoming role-playing game on layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution, ImmutableX. The game has breeding elements and quests in a world named “Uno Plane,” with NFTs being a key part of the gaming experience. According to data from CryptoSlam, the NFTs have generated $8.1 million worth of secondary sales to date, with $7.6 million coming on the day of launch.

Flare, a Layer 1 Ethereum Virtual Machine blockchain, welcomed its first NFT platform after Sparkles went live. The platform is set to hone in on the interoperability of native Flare protocols to increase use cases for NFT utility.

Additionally, Square Enix’s NFT-friendly CEO, Yosuke Matsuda, is stepping down after nearly 10 years at the helm. The move won’t be finalized until an annual shareholders meeting in May, but Takashi Kiryu has been named as his successor. While Web3 and NFTs weren’t explicitly mentioned in the notification from Square Enix, the firm did indicate that it is still looking to push on with new tech integrations, suggesting its blockchain-related plans may remain unhindered. Matsuda had previously taken a bullish position on Web3 gaming and emphasized Square Enix’s devotion to “aggressive investment and business development efforts” in the space in 2022 and beyond.

Finally, Magic Eden has launched a “Mint Madness” campaign that offers free access or “free mints” to 13 Web3 games in March. The campaign went live on March 3 and is spread across Polygon, Ethereum, and Solana, with nine, three, and one games on each platform, respectively. Magic Eden is also offering a 20,000 Polygon (MATIC) prize pool worth roughly $23,200. The prizes will go to the top 10 traders of the NFTs related to nine of the new games based on Polygon, with the top prize fetching 4,500 MATIC ($5,220). The full list of available games during the promotion includes Planet Mojo, Meta Star Strikers, Alaska Gold Rush, Shrapnel, Petobots, Blast Royale, Rogue Nation, Tearing Spaces, Freckle Trivia, Realm Hunter, Legendary: Heroes Unchained, Shrapnel, and Papu Superstars.

The NFT market continues to grow and expand, with more companies and industries embracing the technology. From animated comedy series to role-playing games, NFTs are being used to provide exclusive access and rewards to holders. Fox’s renewal of Krapopolis for a third season before the first season even airs is a testament to the potential success of NFT tie-ins with media and entertainment. Baobab Studios’ successful sale of its Momoguro NFT collection further highlights the growing interest in NFTs in the gaming industry. With the launch of the Mint Madness campaign by Magic Eden, NFT holders can now get access to a range of Web3 games and potentially win prizes. As the NFT market continues to mature, we can expect to see more creative and innovative use cases for the technology.


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Dave Portnoy Is Now A Bitcoiner, Thinks You’re An Idiot If You Don’t Hold Any

A few days ago, Dave Portnoy returned to Bitcoin with an almost $1.1M buy of 29.5 BTC. Today, he thinks “you are an idiot if it’s not part of your portfolio.” The Barstool Sports owner and main personality might have a point, but the whole situation is still funny. Especially, considering everything Portnoy has said about Bitcoin over the years. 

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The born-again Bitcoiner visited Stuart Varney in his “Varney & Co.” show at the FOX Business Network. This is what happened:

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What Did Dave Portnoy Tell Stuart Varney About Bitcoin?

In 2020, the Winklevoss twins helped Portnoy to make his first Bitcoin investment. There was a small dip, and Portnoy panicked and sold it all. The community mocked him, and he went on to make questionable investments, but that’s neither here nor there. In the “Varney & Co.” interview, Portnoy reveals “I was waiting for my reentry point.” Impressively, he bought in at $36.9K.

Then, Stuart Varney reminds Dave Portnoy that he said he was getting out of Bitcoin because he didn’t understand it, and asks him if he does now. Portnoy responds, “No, no I haven’t figured them out. But here’s what I have figured out, Bitcoin is here to stay. It’s not going anywhere. It’s widely adopted. You see main institutions getting in. It’s the future.”

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Even though Portnoy has a point, it’s funny that he hasn’t even begun to do the homework yet. He just trusts the main institutions’ research and due diligence and goes with it. Retail investors don’t have that luxury, but Portnoy is a wealthy man and his investment is just a small part of his portfolio. In any case, he promises that he will build on it, and eventually, “I’ll probably have a Billion dollars worth of Bitcoin.”

What Gives Bitcoin Its Value?

Near the end of the Bitcoin talk, Varney challenges him. He tells Portnoy that he’s too old to wait for Bitcoin to take over, and then, Varney tells him what he really thinks: “It’s a gambling chip. It’s not a store of value.” Portnoy, who hasn’t done the homework, can’t answer in a proper fashion. We can, though.

According to Varney, Bitcoin’s price “depends entirely on how many people want to buy it and how many people want to sell it.” That’s true, like every market on Earth the price of bitcoin responds to supply and demand. However, the value of Bitcoin comes from the network. 

All over the world, thousands of people invested their money in ASICs that validate transactions. They buy energy and get compensated for it by a system that no one controls and has no owner. Plus, thousands of node operators keep everyone in check. Plus, millions of holders took their money out of the traditional system and betted on this emerging one. And this is just the beginning. 

Besides that, those “gambling chips” that Varney mentioned happen to have the characteristics of perfect money. Mankind has been looking for something like this since it realized that it needed some kind of technology to organize and facilitate trade, which is the bedrock of society. However, if someone owned the Bitcoin network, “the characteristics of perfect money” wouldn’t be worth a damn. But, no one does. Bitcoin is for everyone.

BTCUSD price chart for 02/05/2022 - TradingView

BTC price chart for 02/05/2022 on Gemini | Source: BTC/USD on

What Has Portnoy Said About Bitcoin?

Mark this as this article’s comedy section. When Portnoy first liquidated all of his bitcoin investment, these were the numbers he was dealing with:

“Portnoy clarified a day later that he actually lost $20,000 from his initial $1,250,000 investment, which amounts to a mere 1.6%. Many in the cryptocurrency space referenced the number, noting how Portnoy wasn’t ready for the fast and volatile Bitcoin market.”

After being mocked, he doubled down on his stance and tried to get people to focus on the stock market

“I’m begging my crypto friends to get involved in the stockmarket. Bitcoin is stuck in the mud. Let me lead you. We will get back to crypto later. The time to strike is now! No time for weak hands! Make the move!”

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To make things funnier, when Portnoy bought Safemoon, he promised:

“I’m never buying Bitcoin. Never never, I don’t believe a thing about it. But I do think it’s profitable, and I think there’s enough steam that it may just continue to go up forever. But I don’t buy the underlying junk behind it.”

Maybe that’s because Portnoy hasn’t even done the minimum effort to understand “the underlying junk behind it.” However, cheers to him for admitting his assessment of the situation was wrong and correcting his course.

Featured Image: screenshot from Portnoy in Varney & Co.  | Charts by TradingView


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Coinbase Launches Support for Series of Altcoins Across Full Retail Platform

Top US crypto exchange Coinbase is expanding support for four Ethereum tokens and a pair of other altcoins across its full retail platform.

After a release on Coinbase Pro, IDEX (IDEX) is now available to buy and sell on the company’s main retail trading platform and mobile applications.

The Ethereum token powers the IDEX decentralized exchange which features an order book, automated market maker (AMM) and staking for holders.

IDEX has seen a roller coaster of price action this week, leaping from $0.25 to as high as $0.46 before slowly correcting down to its current valuation of $0.31.

Coinbase is also listing the environmentally-conscious Moss Carbon Credit (MCO2). The Ethereum-based project seeks to fight climate change and protect the Amazon rainforest.

The MCO2 token surged nearly 125% from 9.24 to $20.77 after the initial Coinbase Pro listing but has since cooled off and currently trades for $12.01.

Polkastarter (POLS) is next on the list of new Coinbase additions. It’s a fundraising project built on the Polkadot blockchain. The altcoin ramped up from $2.94 to $4.94 for a total leap of 68% but has settled back to $3.45 at time of writing.

Also joining the Coinbase suite is ShapeShift Fox Token (FOX), the native token of decentralized exchange ShapeShift. FOX is Ethereum-based, and holders have voting rights on the project’s DAO (decentralized autonomous organization).

The Coinbase Pro listing announcement helped spark a rise from $0.77 to a weekly high of $1.04. FOX has since dipped to $0.74, down over 10% on the day.

Next up is Spell Token (SPELL), which governs the platform where users deposit interest-bearing cryptos to mint the stablecoin MIM.

SPELL moved from $0.009 to as high as $0.020, sitting at $0.015 at time of writing.

The final altcoin now available across all Coinbase platforms is SuperFarm (SUPER). The Ethereum token powers the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace SuperFarm, where users can stake their SUPER holdings to earn NFT-redeemable points.

SUPER rose from $1.06 to a weekly high of $1.77, is currently priced at $1.35.

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Fox Corporation backs Eluvio’s $100M raise as part of its content plan for NFTs

U.S. mass media company Fox Corporation has made a strategic investment in digital content management firm Eluvio to help develop Fox’s nonfungible token business.

An announcement on Aug. 25 reported that Fox Corporation’s investment marks the completion of Eluvio’s Series A funding round at a valuation of $100 million. Eluvio is a company dedicated to managing, distributing and monetizing premium content via blockchain.

Under the new agreement, Eluvio will provide the technology for Fox Entertainment’s and Bento Box Entertainment’s recently launched NFT business and creative unit according to the announcement.

In mid-June, Fox partnered with Hollywood animation studio Bento Box to launch Blockchain Creative Labs, a $100 million creative division providing content creators, intellectual property owners, and advertising partners blockchain solutions to build, launch, manage, and sell NFTs.

Eluvio’s Content Fabric open protocol blockchain network has been built for owner-controlled storage, distribution and monetization of digital content at scale. The platform provides live and file-based content publishing in addition to NFT minting backed by smart contracts providing proof of ownership and access control.

Fox and Bento will be leveraging Eluvio’s technology to attract a wider market of content creators, media partners, and advertising clients. It will enable the companies to launch and market new NFT collections linked to popular content and TV shows.

Eluvio’s blockchain has also been praised for its eco-friendliness by avoiding energy-intensive mining and using a more efficient (but less decentralized) proof-of-authority consensus.

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Paul Cheesbrough, Chief Technology Officer and President of Digital for Fox Corporation touted the technology:

“At FOX, we believe that the blockchain, and the overall shift towards a more decentralized web, is providing creators with a wealth of opportunities to reach consumers with exciting new experiences.”

CEO of Blockchain Creative Labs and co-founder of Bento Box Entertainment, Scott Greenberg, stated that there is a great opportunity in tokenized media on the blockchain, adding “we will build this business as we together chart the future for the NFT market.”

In May, Fox announced it was teaming up with the Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon on a NFT marketplace for its series Krapoplis, an animated comedy set in mythical ancient Greece.


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Fox launches $100M creative fund for NFT content creation

Rupert Murdoch’s mass media company Fox Corp. has launched a $100 million creative fund for NFTs, under the auspices of its ne NFT firm Blockchain Creative Labs.

The NFT division was unveiled last month alongside a new animated comedy series dubbed “Krapopolis” from Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon. The show is set to premiere in 2022, and will be a satirical comedy focused on life in ancient Greece.

Fox says he $100 million in funding will be used to support “content creators, IP owners, and advertising partners end-to-end blockchain computer ecosystem solutions to build, launch, manage and sell NFT content and experiences, and fungible tokens, as well as digital goods and assets.”

Blockchain Creative Labs will also keep a close watch out to identify “growth opportunities” that present themselves in the rapidly evolving NFT space.

Scott Greenberg, the former president and chief operating officer (COO) of independent animation company Film Roman has been named the new CEO of Blockchain Creative Labs and will oversee the unit and the newly formed content fund.

Greenberg oversaw the production of the Simpsons during his time at Film Roman, and currently serves as the CEO to the Bento Box Entertainment studio — a firm he co-founded, which is also a subsidiary of Fox and a partner to Blockchain Creative Labs.

Bento Box has produced the cult favorite animated comedy show Bob’s Burgers, along with other notable series such as Hoops and Central Park.

“Entrepreneurs at our core, FOX and Bento Box are uniquely situated to bring exciting offerings to the digital goods, token and NFT marketplace,” Greenberg said.

As reported by Cointelegraph in May, Blockchain Creative Labs will manage dedicated marketplaces to shows partnered with the firm.

The marketplaces will include content such as NFTs depicting characters and background artwork, GIFs, and tokens that unlock exclusive social experiences for dedicated fans.

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It is yet to be revealed which animated series will get its own NFTs via Blockchain Creative Labs, however, there is speculation that a series produced by Bento Box could be likely in light of Greenberg now overseeing both firms.

Long running Fox animated series The Simpsons has also been discussed as a potential option, with the show referencing cryptocurrency on multiple occasions.

In February 2020, a Simpsons episode featured Jim Parsons of Big Bang Theory as a guest star, who explained crypto and how a blockchain works. An episode in April 2021 depicted Marge checking her investment gains after watching a show dubbed “Crazy Cash,” which had Bitcoin displayed next to an infinity symbol on the ticker feed.