Likvidi Launches Platform to Help Farmers Access Carbon Credit Markets

Sustainable finance company Likvidi on Thursday announced a strategic investment and partnership deal with Israeli startup Albo Climate.

Through the partnership, the two firms have launched ‘Veriforest’, a new global digital registry forestry platform, to enable small landowners (small-scale farmers) and medium sized forest administrators (firms owning lands and forests) to access the carbon offset markets.

The carbon credit market has been inaccessible to such landowners due to high transaction, monitoring, and reporting costs that have discouraged their participation.

The global digital registry forestry platform, therefore, removes barriers preventing small landowners and midsize forest administrators from accessing the carbon offset markets. The platform will make it possible for millions of such landowners to commit themselves to sustain their land’s legacy for future generations.

Albo Climate applies AI to satellite imagery to map, measure, and monitor carbon sequestration and scale-up carbon removal.

Agriculture and forestry activities are sources of GHG emissions. The good news is that forest landowners can generate carbon offsets through new afforestation, and reforestation projects, among others. This ensures that land use has a positive impact on livelihoods, food supply, the economy, environmental restoration, development goals, and climate targets.

To do this, Likvidi and Albo have launched the global technology-enabled platform for carbon sequestration (removal). This global platform provides entry to the international carbon market for small-scale forest landowners who are realizing agroforestry projects for carbon sequestration through biomass growth, majorly through trees, which is measured with the help of satellite monitoring.

The platform supports the initiation and development of such agroforestry projects and facilitates the subsequent trade of the so-called ‘carbon removal units (CRUs)’ that are generated from the sequestered carbon.

The launch of the new platform is set to enable landowners to get a real-time value assessment of how much income their forest properties could generate in the voluntary carbon market.

Landowners who choose to enrol their forest or land properties on the digital registry platform would lock in multi-year payments for the resulting carbon offsets from buyers seeking to offset carbon emissions. There is no cost to landowners to use the digital platform.

Veriforest combines blockchain with Albo’s satellite and AI capabilities to accurately monitor the carbon sequestration of forestland which will make carbon credits more tangible than ever before.

Veriforest has therefore created an end-to-end solution that offers tokenized carbon credits for offset to individuals and firms.

The new partnership means that forested areas can now be quickly and accurately assessed for carbon storage and credit issuance and logged in the Veriforest registry platform. The Veriforest solution can scale to meet the massive demand for measurements of carbon-related data and can bring carbon credits to market faster than existing traditional methods.

Albo Climate CEO Dr Jacques Amselem talked about the development and said: “It’s a pleasure to work with our fellow passionate technologists at Likvidi and to be able to bring our satellite imagery analysis products to enhance the Veriforest solution that Likvidi is building. We look forward to years of partnership ahead.”

Israeli startup Albo Climate has built a revolutionary technology for the estimation of carbon stocks and sequestration. It’s AI technology uses proprietary Deep Learning algorithms to analyze satellite imagery and validate carbon credits for forestry projects anywhere across the world. Satellite-mounted sensors are able to scan vegetation and pick up information not visible to the naked eye.

Albo’s technology uses AI (artificial intelligence) and ground truth datasets to produce an in-depth profile of carbon storage over a huge area. The analysis has applications for both small- and large-scale projects.

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@CredibleCrypto @CryptoHodl30 @AlexCobb_ They are literally the largest OTC desk in Asia. Do you think institutional mindshare is negligible during a once-in-a-lifetime asset class transition? Seems you can’t seem the forest through the trees.

@CredibleCrypto @CryptoHodl30 @AlexCobb_ They are literally the largest OTC desk in Asia. Do you think institutional mindshare is negligible during a once-in-a-lifetime asset class transition?

Seems you can’t seem the forest through the trees.


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Purchase Carbon Credits Tokens and Contribute to Planet Preservation with MOSS

Amazon forests play a major role in many of the processes that make our planet habitable: water cycles, weather patterns, and the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. The forest is home to more than 30 million people and over 10% of the world’s biodiversity. Yet the forests are dying, and human activities lead to their deterioration at a large scale level. If we do not act now, it will be too late. Fortunately, some organizations are aware and are looking at ways to salvage it. 

MOSS is one such environmental platform that has taken it upon itself to preserve the planet and work on projects that deserve attention. It is one of the largest platforms specializing in the purchase of carbon credits from the Amazon forests. By buying carbon credits, you also will support the world’s most important asset: Our own planet.

What does MOSS do?

MOSS is the world’s largest environmental platform involved in purchasing and selling carbon credits to individuals and companies. It is quite a pioneering initiative that considers technology to contribute to the changing scenario of global warming and forest preservation. Through its initiative, it democratizes the sale and purchase of carbon credits for people.

MOSS purchases carbon credits from selected projects to prevent CO2 emissions or capture them from the atmosphere. Interested ones can buy the carbon credits directly from its digital platform. You can then carry them in a digital wallet for future compensation if you are not looking at compensating immediately.  

What are carbon credits?

They are digital certificates issued by different environmental projects and companies. They can be sold to individuals and companies which are looking to reduce the impact of greenhouse gases. One carbon credit equals 1 ton of Co2 emission, meaning it will represent that amount of CO2 which the company or individual vows not to release or ensure that it is not released.

MCO2 tokens

MCO2 Tokens are ERC20 digital assets issued on the Ethereum blockchain by MOSS. The tokens are intangible commodities under the Common Exchange Act and regulations widely known by the CFTC. In short, they are tokenized carbon credits issued by MOSS. each token represents ownership of a carbon credit, which is verified. They are not designed or sold as securities or any other investment product. 

To hold the tokens, users must have a digital wallet that supports ERC20 digital assets. They can be freely transferred from the digital wallet to any other Ethereum blockchain digital wallet. When one makes the transfer to a third party, the transfer of the MCO2 tokens constitutes a transfer of the certified carbon credit title to the 3rd party. The token has undergone an audit process from top audit firms like Perkins Coie, Certik, among the main ones.

The token has been taken well in the industry and already placed 190 in its rankings in market cap. At present, $40 million is the market cap, and new record-setting proceeds of $10 million were sent to different Amazon Forest Conservation projects in 8 months. If you are environmentally-aware, then you should visit MOSS to gain further details.

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