Usain Bolt Partners with Step App to Propel Healthier World

Usain Bolt, the 8-time Olympic gold medalist and 11-time world champion, has teamed up with Step App to take fitness and exercise a notch higher by incorporating Web3 and the metaverse.


As a FitFi platform building a gamified metaverse for the fitness economy, Step App intends to generate a healthier world through Web3. Therefore, the platform’s choice of Bolt as its core brand ambassador is intended to attain this objective.

Bolt stated:

“Exercise has always been, and still is, a massive part of my life. When I learned what the team at Step App was building, I was instantly inspired and wanted to be part of this incredibly important global movement.”

Since the blockchain economy has expanded beyond finance to incorporate play elements, fitness, and lifestyle, Step App transforms daily exercise activities like jogging or walking the dog into competitions or social activities with friends and strangers.

As a result, this encourages people to earn by exercising, leading to economic freedom. Bolt pointed out:

“I’ve said in the past that we need to aspire to inspire, and through Step App, I would love to inspire as many people as possible to live a healthier and happier life. We are just getting started.”

Launching the gamified metaverse will give at least 20 million pre-signed users the chance to earn, play, socialize, and exercise. 

Krill Volgin, the CEO of Step App, stated:

“Our mandate is to inspire people to exercise daily, so they feel better physically & mentally, and feel we will achieve this by incentivizing their exercise by paying them in crypto.”

Users will earn KCAL tokens after completing each fitness step, enabling them to unlock more economic opportunities. Volgin added:

“We are not just building an industry-leading Web3 platform, but more importantly championing a global movement to get millions of people around the world to become healthier.”

Crypto rewards seem to be enticing people to hit the gym, according to a recent survey by fitness platform FitRated. 

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81% of Americans Would be Motivated to Exercise if they Got Crypto Earnings, Study Shows

81% of Americans would be encouraged to work out if they were to receive cryptocurrency rewards, according to a survey by fitness platform FitRated. (13).jpg

The study interviewed more than 1,000 people with distinctive investing experiences, body types, and backgrounds across the United States. It intended to gauge what would motivate people to exercise even in the metaverse.


Per the report:

“81% of people would be motivated to stay fit by earning cryptocurrency for exercising. 4 in 10 people would cancel their current gym for a fitness membership in the metaverse.”

In addition, 75% of Americans would be inclined to sign up for gym memberships using cryptocurrencies


Bitcoin emerged as the most preferred


According to FitRated:

“Bitcoin was the number one most desired currency that people requested in exchange for working out.”

Respondents preferred crypto rewards in Bitcoin (BTC) at 72.8% followed by Ethereum at 35.5%. Dogecoin (DOGE) rewards capped the top three at 34.6%, thus showing an inclination towards memecoins.


When it came to the type of exercise that would be consistently done for a year in exchange for cryptocurrency gains, pushups, bench presses, and squats were the most desired at 45.9%, 44.9%, and 41%, respectively. 


The study added:

“Evidently, cryptocurrency motivates the type of fitness that covers a lot of distance, i.e., walking (49.1%), cycling (47.2%), or running (39.3%).”

Interestingly, a previous survey by the National Bureau of Economic Research disclosed that money would not motivate people to hit the gym. Therefore, it seems cryptocurrency is changing this narrative. 


Crypto rewards are emerging as a favored marketing tool in different quarters. For instance, fast-food chain Burger King revealed plans to give away cryptocurrency prizes to its customers through the Robinhood brokerage platform. 

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