Fetch AI’s Discord Server Hacked Through Unauthorized Access

In a concerning security incident, Fetch.ai’s official Discord server was compromised on Sat Aug 12, 2023, at 3:00am UTC. According to a statement released by Fetch.ai, a malicious individual gained unauthorized access to the server through an admin account with the username “Atari_buzz1kLL.”

The company has urged users to exercise caution and refrain from interacting with any posts on their Discord channel or direct messages claiming to be from Fetch.ai or its staff. They have specifically clarified that “There is no Fetch token airdrop happening right now,” possibly in response to fraudulent activities or misinformation circulating within the community.

Fetch.ai has committed to issuing another statement as soon as the problem has been fixed while aggressively attempting to retake control of the server. Users are warned to watch out for odd behaviour on Discord in the meantime, including possible phishing or fraud efforts.

Although the precise nature of the breach and its possible effects on users are not yet known, the circumstance serves as a reminder of the need of strong security precautions and user awareness in the digital era.

Fetch.ai hasn’t given specifics on how the unauthorized access happened or what steps are being taken specifically to avoid such instances in the future. The incident serves as a warning to all users of online platforms to exercise caution and confirm the legitimacy of messages, particularly in situations when sensitive personal and financial data may be at danger.

Fetch.ai has not provided any more information on how the problem will be fixed as of the time of this report. As the business attempts to get things back to normal and make sure its online presence is secure, the neighborhood waits for further developments.

Recent occurrences indicate a rising pattern of cyber assaults that target social media sites, including Twitter and Discord, as well as blockchain initiatives. Users and businesses alike have experienced major financial losses and compromised security as a result of these hacks.

On Jul 23, 2023, CoinList’s Twitter Account was hacked, adding to the growing list of social media-related breaches.

On Jul 21, 2023, Uniswap Founder’s Twitter Account was hacked by an individual who had created over 23 phishing sites in the past few months. This resulted in the theft of approximately $3.6 million from around 358 victims.

On Apr 25, 2023, KuCoin’s official Twitter account was hacked, leading to users losing funds in a fake giveaway event.

On Jan 29, 2023, Azuki, a popular nonfungible token project, had its Twitter account hacked, resulting in the theft of almost $750K in USDC within 30 minutes.

On Oct 23, 2022, Gate.io’s hacked Twitter account appeared to be promoting a fake giveaway of 500,000 USDT, putting users at risk of losing funds.

On Aug 29, 2022, Mysten Labs confirmed that the contents stored in its Discord server were hacked.

On Apr 01, 2022, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) announced that its Discord Server was “Compromised.”

These incidents underscore the importance of robust cybersecurity measures and vigilance on the part of users and organizations. The growing frequency and sophistication of these attacks are a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities inherent in digital platforms, even those related to blockchain and cryptocurrency, which are often considered more secure.

The Fetch.ai incident fits into this broader pattern, reflecting the challenges faced by the industry in ensuring the security and integrity of online platforms.

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Bitget Pledges $10 Million for Fetch.ai Ecosystem

A big cryptocurrency derivatives exchange known as Bitget just just made the news that it will be spending $10 million towards the development of an ecosystem that is known as Fetch.ai. An artificial intelligence agent network is the primary offering made available by Fetch.ai, a startup that specializes in the provision of infrastructure for autonomous service providers. This network makes it possible for decentralized and autonomous agents to carry out a range of tasks, ranging from simple data processing to complex financial modeling. In addition, the smart wallet that is provided by Fetch.ai includes automation and interaction with OpenAI’s ChatGPT API. This API was first introduced in January 2023 and has amassed a user base of one hundred million users in only a few short months after its debut.

The investment that Bitget has made in the AI infrastructure provider Fetch.ai has two main goals: one is to contribute to the firm’s continued growth and the other is to encourage the extension of commercial partnerships that the company already has. Bitget cited the recent AI buzz that was generated by OpenAI’s ChatGPT as evidence that the technology has the potential to increase human productivity and creativity. As part of the partnership, Bitget will provide marketing consultancy and other services to Fetch.ai in order to aid the firm in growing its clientele.

According to CoinGecko, Bitget is now the ninth largest cryptocurrency spot exchange in the world, with a daily transaction volume of $990 million in bitcoin. This information was obtained from Bitget. Bitget, a company that now serves over 8 million consumers, has its headquarters in the Seychelles. The company’s clientele is spread out throughout more than one hundred countries and territories. In April 2023, Bitget was awarded a regulatory license, which cleared the way for the firm to start providing its services to customers in Lithuania. In the previous month, the firm made an investment of $30 million in the multichain wallet provider BitKeep. As a result of this investment, the corporation became the dominant investor in the company.

As a direct consequence of Bitget’s investment, it is projected that Fetch.ai would see increased levels of growth. The company is in the process of increasing the size of its infrastructure so that it can support autonomous services. As a result of Bitget’s financial support, Fetch.ai is in a position to both expand the scope of its commercial relationships and continue the development of innovative products. These are the kinds of problems that can be solved with the help of artificial intelligence.


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Fetch.ai Enhances Web3 Adoption after Onboarding 40,000 New Users

Fetch.ai’s ambition to a Web3-driven digital economy gained steam after onboarding 40,000 unique and active users from Get My Slice (GMS), a leading consumer-centred data marketplace.

As a machine learning-based blockchain platform, Fetch.ai has been deploying Autonomous Economic Agents (AEA) to automate any industry for enhanced productivity. Therefore, its latest quest for Web3 exploration will be boosted by its decentralized application (Dapp) network.

Per the report:

“Continuing its efforts to rapidly scale its active ecosystem of Dapps and active user-base, Fetch-ai Network has onboarded 40,000 active and unique users from Get My Slice with plans to bring millions more users soon.”

Following a $150 million development fund with crypto exchanges ByBit and MEXC Global, Fetch.ai sees Dapps as the key to lowering the barrier to entry of the Web3 world, which renders smarter automation technology and enhanced data privacy.

As a result, the blockchain platform has existing partnerships with Festo and Bosch aimed at onboarding Web2 companies to an interconnected system of Web3 Dapps hosted by the Fetch.ai network.

Kamal Ved, the chief product officer at Fetch.ai, pointed out:

“We are constantly looking for use cases that leverage the core tenets of Web 3.0 and give all the participants equitable control with fine-grained incentivization avenues.”

The newly onboarded users will be able to utilize the data marketplace for an equitable ecosystem and tokenization purposes. 

Ved added:

“Use cases around data sharing based rewards such as the Get My Slice product offering can benefit using the Fetch-ai Network’s Web 3.0 tech stack of blockchain, agent-based automation and AI to democratize data sharing.”

To facilitate and accelerate secure data sharing, Fetch.ai rolled out an end-to-end encrypted file-sharing platform dubbed DabbaFlow, Blockchain.News reported.

Thanks to blockchain technology, DabbaFlow was meant to make data auditable, verifiable, and secure.

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West Ham United Inks Deal with Fetch.ai, Harnessing the Power of AI & Blockchain

West Ham United, one of the top football clubs in the English Premier League (EPL), has selected Fetch.ai as its official artificial intelligence partner for the women’s and men’s teams.

As artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning-based blockchain platform, Fetch.ai will improve business and day-to-day activities at West Ham United. 

For instance, by using digital twins or autonomous economic agents availed by Fetch.ai, the West Ham United fraternity will have the opportunity to eliminate intermediaries by gaining full control of their digital interactions like booking a hotel, making travel arrangements, and social media.

Nathan Thompson, West Ham United’s chief commercial officer, welcomed the partnership and stated:

“We are delighted to announce our first Official Artificial Intelligence Partner and welcome Fetch.ai to the club at an exciting time for the business, and the industry. We’re looking forward to working with Fetch.ai on their smart parking concept, social media platform and upcoming projects that will provide smart solutions for fans.”

Fetch.ai will also assist in promoting the West Ham United brand across the club’s fast-growing international channels and on the LED perimeter advertising platform at the London stadium.

Humayun Sheikh, the CEO and founder of Fetch.ai, noted:

“We are proud to be partnering with West Ham United. We’re very excited about bringing forth our AI solutions in new and creative ways to power the future of world class Premier League football, entertainment and technology for fans in the UK and around the world.”

Sitting among the top-ten clubs in the EPL, the top tier of English football, West Ham United seeks to enrich fans’ experience through AI and blockchain solutions provided by Fetch.ai.

Meanwhile, Fetch.ai recently partnered with Resonate, a decentralized social non-fungible token (NFT) platform, to offer users a personal AI-powered, decentralized, and trusted social media experience. 

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Cardano and Five Altcoins Set To Outperform Bitcoin As New Phase of Market Cycle Begins, Predicts Crypto Strategist

A popular crypto strategist and trader says six mid-to-large cap altcoins will likely shine brighter than Bitcoin (BTC) in the coming months.

The pseudonymous crypto analyst known in the industry as Capo tells his 173,000 Twitter followers that he expects big moves from the smart contract platform Cardano (ADA).



ADA is currently trading at $2.28, virtually the same from a week ago after battling back from a low of $2.13 on Wednesday.

Capo, who uses Elliot Wave theory for much of his analysis, says ADA and a number of additional crypto assets appear to be at the start of a fresh altcoin season.

Elliot Wave theory is a form of technical analysis that aims to predict future price movements by identifying collective trader psychology that appears on charts in waves.

He points to a new bull wave that appears to be starting in the Altcoin Perpetual Futures Index as one sign of what’s to come.

“ALTPERP bullish trend is intact too. It’s also forming a potential cup and handle, whose minimum extension is very high. Maybe the w3 is starting here because many altcoins are starting their w3.

Source: Capo/Twitter

Capo is also looking for NOIA, the native token of the Syntropy ecosystem, to outperform BTC in the weeks and months ahead. Syntropy is an open-source protocol aimed at improving the internet via encryption and optimized performance. NOIA is priced at $0.40 at time of writing, up 14% over the past week, according to CoinGecko.



Next on the analyst’s list is COTI, an enterprise-grade platform that allows organizations to build their own payment solutions and digitize any form of currency using the networked datastructure protocol Trustchain. CoinGecko pegs COTI at $0.52, down 14% from $0.60 a week ago.

Next up is the decentralized machine-learning network Fetch.ai. The FET token is valued at $0.75, down 35% from its all-time high of $1.17 in early September.

The Ethereum-based virtual world known as The Sandbox is also on Capo’s list of coins that appear ready to outrun Bitcoin. The platform’s native token SAND is designed to allow users to monetize their gaming experience. SAND currently sits at $0.79, having ranged between $0.76 and $0.88 since last Friday, according to CoinGecko.

Last on Capo’s list is the eSports and blockchain-based video entertainment protocol Verasity. Its native token VRA is up 60% over the last week to $0.05, including a 30% surge over the past 24 hours.

Capo further explains in a lengthy thread why he’s seeing a new altcoin season in the making. He says Bitcoin appears to be targeting the six-figure mark.

“During bull markets money tends to flow from Bitcoin to altcoins, because people [are] greedy and always want more profits.

Now Bitcoin is confirming the bullish scenario, and $100k and higher targets are likely to happen in the next few months. This would create the perfect scenario for people to get comfortable and start speculating on altcoins.”

He is also seeing signs that Bitcoin’s dominance of the overall crypto market cap will lower but does warn of the potential of a major correction in early 2022, which might end the altseason as well as the overall crypto bull cycle.

“Huge hidden bearish divergence showing up, and the green support is getting weaker.

In my opinion, it will take the 2018 lows (36.50%) and the altseason could end there.”

Source: Crypto Capo/Twitter

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Crypto Trader Michaël Van De Poppe Plots Ethereum Path to $20,000, Predicts Rallies for Chainlink and Four Altcoins

Popular crypto analyst and trader Michaël van de Poppe is plotting Ethereum’s (ETH) price path to $20,000 while also predicting rallies for Chainlink (LINK) and four other altcoins.

The crypto strategist tells his 424,200 Twitter followers that he sees Ethereum following its 2017 bull market trajectory.



“Beautiful comparison between ETH 2017 and ETH 2021. Had a similar structure in 2017, where it broke south with a correction of 50%. Now, the same price action takes place, with a correction of 35%. The path to $15,000-20,000 per ETH is still open.”

Source: Van de Poppe/Twitter

Source: Van de Poppe/Twitter

The crypto analyst is also bullish on decentralized oracle network Chainlink against Bitcoin (LINK/BTC). Van de Poppe sees LINK rallying to resistance at 0.0007 BTC, worth $29.42, and representing a 27% move from its current value of 0.00055 BTC ($23.11).

“Chainlink: the most undervalued coin in the top 20. I’m still bullish on this one and oracles.”

Source: Van de Poppe/Twitter

The next coin on the trader’s radar is Elrond (EGLD), a blockchain platform designed to power distributed apps, enterprise use cases, and crypto transactions. According to Van de Poppe, Elrond is poised for a strong rally against Bitcoin (EGLD/BTC) to his target of 0.008 BTC, worth $336.25.

“This one is always one of the earliest runners. Earlier this year, February, it ran as one of the first coins too. Beautiful [support/resistance] flip. I think we hold that level and have another run to [0.008 BTC].”

Source: Van de Poppe/Twitter

Next up is payments infrastructure platform COTI (COTI), which Van de Poppe says must stay above support at $0.48 or $0.41 to have a shot at igniting a surge of over 100%.

“Flip of either of those two levels and continuation towards $1 is likely.”

Source: Van de Poppe/Twitter

Another coin on the trader’s radar is Harmony (ONE), a blockchain focused on powering a decentralized economy. According to Van de Poppe, Harmony is gearing up for a 90% rally in its Bitcoin pair (ONE/BTC) from its current value of 0.00000368 BTC ($0.15).

“Massive [support/resistance] flip and bounce from this one here. That’s great! Looking at continuation happening, through which we might see a bit more correction before 0.000007 BTC ($0.29) is next.”

Source: Van de Poppe/Twitter

The last coin on Van de Poppe’s list is decentralized machine-learning network Fetch.ai (FET). According to the crypto strategist, Fetch.ai looks bullish against Bitcoin (FET/BTC) after converting previous resistance at 0.000014 BTC ($0.59) into support.

“Probably ready for 0.00005 BTC ($2.10).”

Source: Van de Poppe/Twitter

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Crypto Analyst Says Two Altcoins Ready To Rally, Bitcoin Bear Case Has Been Invalidated

A popular crypto strategist and trader believes the “bottom is in” after a rough week for many cryptocurrency investors.

The analyst, pseudonymously known as Capo, tells his 165,300 Twitter followers that price patterns suggesting Bitcoin (BTC) would fall below the $38,000 support level appear to be invalidated.



“38k seems invalidated. It dumped to 39.5k and the inability to reach the lower target shows weakness from bears.

Bulls have shown strength breaking 44k with negative fundings, so I’m bullish.”

Now Capo is turning his sights on profiting from altcoins, saying it’s “impossible not to be bullish” on the market as a whole.

Capo is highlighting two altcoins in particular. First is the artificial intelligence blockchain project Fetch.ai (FET).

“This chart is incredibly bullish. Support/Resistance flip of the range high. Pump incoming.”

Source: Twitter/Capo

Also on his radar is financial technology (fintech) payment solutions platform COTI (COTI).

“COTI retesting the all-time high. Ready for another leg up. [Here’s] a better view of $COTI. Very bullish.”

Source: Twitter/Capo

FET is valued at $0.77 at time of writing, down 5% in the last 24-hours according to Coingecko, while COTI’s price is $0.51, up 11% in the last day.

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Chainlink (LINK) is Live on Arbitrum Rollup Testnet

Chainlink, the decentralized live price feed oracle token, is live on Arbitrum, beginning with Chainlink Price Feeds for DeFi developers.

The Latest Data Feed Ecosystem Development

The company is developing a new oracle network to support the demand for more accurate price data since DeFi’s Total locked value exceeds $35B.

For the uninitiated, Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that allows public blockchains and smart contract platforms to bring external, off-chain data sources to on-chain operations with minimal trust in third parties. 

It is a noteworthy project tackling the oracle problem — the ongoing challenge of bridging real-world data such as market stats, event outcomes, and even the weather to the blockchain without relying wholly on centralized data providers. 

Smart contracts are one of the most creative uses of blockchain technology today. However, they face a significant issue – scalability. Also, Ethereum smart contracts are usually slow. Arbitrum is configured to scale up smart contracts on Ethereum. 

Better Performance

Arbitrum tech lowers operational costs providing more scaling with zero security risks. Developers don’t have to rewrite their applications before they can run on the Arbitrum chain.

Thus, its scalability solutions offer smart contracts with better performance, more computation, the ability to accommodate more users, etc. It merely entails moving the entire mechanism off-chain and giving them a much-needed speed boost. 

Chainlink is the most widely-used decentralized oracle network. It is an accepted standard in the blockchain space, with platforms like Fetch.ai and Blockstack merging with it. The decentralized oracle networks are presently securing billions of dollars in value for live apps across several different blockchains and now support a wide variety of use cases.

Accomplished Ecosystem

Chainlink isn’t a single oracle network but rather a complete ecosystem consisting of many decentralized oracle networks that run simultaneously or parallel. Chainlink’s development team explained that each oracle network could offer many types of oracle services without cross dependencies’ on other oracle networks.

Chainlink has made a recovery from the downswing in February. The drop from the all-time high of $37 managed to secure and embrace support at $20. A rebound came into the picture and has been persistent despite the resistance at $31. If LINK breaks above this crucial resistance, a massive breakout will likely occur above the record highs.

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Fetch and Yoti join forces to bring KYC to autonomous DeFi agents

Fetch.ai, a project building a network of autonomous agents for blockchains, has announced a partnership with Yoti, a digital identity provider.

Blockchains, and DeFi smart contracts in particular, often require manual interactions to trigger specific events. These could be contract calls, particular exchange transactions, publishing oracle data and many more. While these actions are often permissionless or done by the developers of the smart contract, there may be circumstances where nobody is able to perform these actions. This is where Fetch comes in with its network of autonomous agents, as David Minarsch, Fetch lead economist told Cointelegraph:

“Fetch is built for autonomous interactions between agents and traditional Web2 kinds of architectures, but also between agents and DLT kind of architecture and thirdly, between agents and other agents.”

For the DeFi world, Fetch sees itself as automating more complex interactions that require constant monitoring. Minarsch cited the example of providing liquidity — users may want to get in and out of a particular liquidity pool to avoid periods of heavy impermanent loss, for example. This is somewhat similar to concepts like Yearn.finance, where developers create complex strategies to automate yield farming. Keep3r, another project launched by Andre Cronje, also uses the concept of agents to automate smart contract maintenance. “In my understanding, Keep3r is a subset of what autonomous agents can do,” said Minarsch.

Fetch has been mostly focused on enterprise uses of blockchain, but like for many other companies and projects, it began expanding to DeFi in 2020.

Nonetheless, its vision for the space is somewhat different from the prevailing attitudes in the community. As David Galindo, head of cryptography, said:

“If blockchain wants to gain more adoption than what it has at the moment […] one of the things we need — apart from the tools to [become] more accessible — is to be able to link it to the real world, to the people that would use it. In particular, [it needs] to be accepted at some point by the regulators. And this is where the issue of identifying attributes of the people that are transacting becomes very relevant.”

On a practical level, the integration of digital identity for Fetch agents would be mostly seamless. The framework would abstract away many of the specifics, and the system ultimately relies on proofs — agents can be verified to have valid identities, but their personal data remains locked within Yoti. Law enforcement could then issue a request to acquire that particular user’s data, if required.

The system would also not change anything about existing protocols. The DeFi integration mostly relies on Fetch agents creating automated interactions with existing protocols, and the identity system would apply to the agents who perform these actions. Such a system could be particularly useful to certain venture and trading funds, who might have legal difficulties in interacting with DeFi.