Ferrum Network Leverages AI And Machine Learning To Make DeFi More Accessible

The decentralized finance industry continues to grow and evolve. Ferrum network provides the highest APY on the market through its Rocket Vault. With a data-driven approach to create new vault strategies, users can maximize their profit potential and minimize losses. 

Innovative Technologies In DeFi

Enthusiasts who have explored the decentralized finance industry in the past often sought out the projects offering the highest APY. While this approach seems to favor get-rich-quick schemes, the concept still holds a lot of merits today. Providing a high APY can make DeFi projects very attractive in the eyes of many. However, there needs to be solid infrastructure to provide access to such returns, as the venture has to be sustainable.

Using innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, can play a growing role of importance. Banks and other financial service providers use these technologies to create more appealing and customizable investment vehicles for their customers. It is only normal the DeFi industry follows a similar path, but to empower users rather than bar financial inclusion. 

Rocket Vault is one of the DeFi projects tapping into these new innovative technologies. By leveraging AI and ML, the team can provide a data-driven approach to its Smart Vault solution. For the user, this means a chance at netting higher profits and minimizing losses. As most people want to make money, “fail-safes” like these will become more essential as the industry grows.

The Rocket Vault Explained

The creation of the Rocket Vault facilitates the access and overview of multiple staking platforms and token trading. It can be cumbersome, especially for novices, to deal with the overwhelming amount of information in the cryptocurrency industry. Spending the time to keep tabs on cryptocurrency news, new projects, platform changes, and DeFi yields is an exhausting endeavor.

Instead, Rocket Vault takes care of all of this through its artificial intelligence and machine learning-based approach. Users can deposit tokens into the Rocket Vault and have the automated platform take over. Such a hands-off approach will lower the barriers for newcomers looking to enter the cryptocurrency space. 

Under the hood, Rocket Vault integrates into many trading platforms, including centralized and decentralized exchanges. As more platforms are added to this list, so will the opportunities grow. More importantly, the Vault can scale up its performance and features automatically, indicating there may be some exciting things on the horizon. 

Thanks to its real-time orders and generated rewards and performance of +100% APY since its inception, there are many reasons to give this new solution by Ferrum network a closer look. Although past performance is never an indicator of future results, it seems plausible to expect a decent APY. After all, Ferrum Network is an interoperability protocol connecting blockchains.

Closing Thoughts

The introduction of Rocket Vault confirms the ongoing evolution of decentralized financial services and products. Developers can achieve a lot with blockchain technology, yet it is crucial to pay attention to innovative technologies. As artificial intelligence and machine learning play a growing role of importance in traditional finance, there are many exciting possibilities ahead for a similar approach with DeFi. 

Moreover, this automated approach through Rocket Vault indicates the user experience in DeFi needs to improve. DeFi yield farming is cumbersome, clunky, and unappealing in its traditional form despite the high-profit potential. Attracting non-crypto enthusiasts will be a primary challenge, yet automated solutions can make this transition much smoother. It is not unlikely solutions similar to Rocket Vault will pop up throughout 2021. 

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