Binance Adds DOGE, XRP, SOL to FDUSD with Zero Maker Fees

Key Takeaways:

Binance adds five new trading pairs, including DOGE/FDUSD and SOL/FDUSD.

Zero maker fees on FDUSD trading pairs until further notice.

TRY is specified as a fiat currency, not to be confused with digital currencies.

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced today the addition of five new trading pairs, effective September 7, 2023, at 08:00 UTC. The new pairs include DOGE/FDUSD, SOL/FDUSD, TOMO/TRY, UNFI/TRY, and XRP/FDUSD.

New Trading Pairs

The introduction of these new trading pairs is a significant move for Binance, as it broadens the range of assets that can be traded on the platform. DOGE/FDUSD and SOL/FDUSD are particularly noteworthy, given the increasing popularity of Dogecoin (DOGE) and Solana (SOL) in the crypto market.

Zero Maker Fees on FDUSD Pairs

In a move likely aimed at encouraging trading activity, Binance has also announced that users will enjoy zero maker fees on FDUSD trading pairs “until further notice.” This could potentially increase liquidity and trading volumes for the newly introduced FDUSD pairs.

TRY as Fiat Currency

The announcement also clarified that TRY, which is part of the TOMO/TRY and UNFI/TRY pairs, is a fiat currency and “does not represent any other digital currencies.” This clarification is crucial for traders who might otherwise confuse TRY with a digital asset.

Implications for Traders

The addition of these new trading pairs and the zero maker fee policy could attract more traders to the Binance platform, especially those interested in diversifying their portfolios with DOGE, SOL, TOMO, UNFI, and XRP. However, traders should be aware that the zero maker fee is a temporary measure and should keep an eye out for any updates from Binance regarding this policy.

Zero Fees and Crypto Price

Zero fees are a common business strategy to boost liquidity. Both Binance and other cryptocurrency exchanges have employed this ‘zero fee’ approach. As reported by on May 18, 2023, Coinbase announced significant updates to its premium membership service, Coinbase One. Notably, the platform will now offer zero trading fees and enhanced staking rewards to its members.

However, it’s important to note that an increase in liquidity does not necessarily translate to a rise in price.

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First Digital Group Launches New Stablecoin FDUSD to Revolutionize Global Finance

Asia’s leading trust company and qualified custodian, First Digital, is making waves in the global financial ecosystem with the announcement of its new stablecoin, First Digital USD (FDUSD). Launched by FD121 Limited under the brand “First Digital Labs,” this novel stablecoin pledges to bring stability, diversification, and innovation to the existing financial landscape.

Stablecoins, digital currencies pegged to stable assets like the U.S. dollar, provide a hedge against volatility, a means of remittance, and a cost-effective gateway to financial services. With FDUSD, First Digital Group aims to enhance these benefits by offering a programmable stablecoin backed 1:1 by U.S. dollar reserves held in regulated Asian financial institutions.

First Digital Trust Limited, the custodian and trust company, will maintain FDUSD reserves in segregated accounts, ensuring a secure and robust financial framework for the stablecoin. Notably, the redeemable nature of FDUSD adds to its appeal, as users can exchange their tokens for equivalent U.S. dollar value, strengthening the trust in the 1:1 backing.

Vincent Chok, CEO of First Digital, underscored the significance of this development, “The launch of this stablecoin marks a significant milestone in our mission to provide a secure, efficient digital currency seamlessly integrated into everyday transactions. Especially in these uncertain times, we see a growing demand for predictability. This was a driving factor in conceptualizing FDUSD.”

First Digital remains committed to transparency, pledging open scrutiny for every aspect of FDUSD. In collaboration with local and overseas regulatory authorities, First Digital Labs aims to ensure comprehensive compliance with all applicable laws, both present and future. Their objective is to set new standards of trust and stability in digital currency, guided by regulatory compliance.

In a world increasingly moving towards digital currencies, First Digital’s FDUSD brings a novel, secure, and reliable alternative to the table, marking a significant stride forward in digital asset innovation. For detailed information, prospective users are advised to review the FDUSD Stablecoin Whitepaper, the FD121 Account User Agreement, the FDD Terms, the Privacy Policy, and the FDD Risk Factors.


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