The Bitcoin logo lights up Berlin

The Bitcoin (BTC) logo was placed atop Germany’s tallest tower over the weekend in Berlin, Germany. The logo took the shape of a gigantic orange letter B and lit up the night sky. On January 21st, the Bitcoin logo was shown on the Berliner Fernsehturm tower, which is more commonly known as the TV Tower.

Users of Bitcoin in Germany raced to Twitter and other social media sites to upload images and films of the illumination. Notable Bitcoin Twitter accounts then shared these photographs and videos with their followers.

“To put it more simply, we would want to draw your attention to bitcoin!

We believe in using subversive strategies such as this one, and we are going to carry out our plans as intended.”

Tilo is the Chief Executive Officer of an events firm that is in charge of organising the “Best of Blockchain” conference that will take place this year. The conference is scheduled to take place in this year.

In one of the comments, he outlined how simple the process is for making light displays, adding that all that is necessary is “a mixer, power station, and customised Bitcoin logo.” He went on to explain how straightforward the operation is. Tilo made an effort to carry out the operation towards the tail end of the year before. However, the beamer that I used was insufficient, as he said. It is not the first time that the Bitcoin logo or themes associated with it have been projected onto well-known buildings.

May of 2021 was the month when London saw the projection of the statement “Fiat is the bubble, Bitcoin is the pin” onto the Bank of England. This took occurred in London.

Tilo has in the past beamed Bitcoin words onto the world-famous Berlin wall and had offered an inventory of the supplies required to organise illuminations with others who were interested in doing it themselves.

On the other hand, he insists that “advertisements” of this sort are not absolutely authorised, and as a result, it is preferable to approach with utmost caution in regard to this topic.


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NFTs to help brewers and farmers preserve UNESCO Belgian beer heritage

Brewers and farmers from Belgian Barrels Alliance (BBA) have partnered with Zeromint to offer nonfungible tokens (NFTs) aimed at preserving the UNESCO recognized Belgian beer culture and heritage. 

As a part of the partnership, Zeromint will mint and offer exclusive NFTs on the GoChain blockchain, which will be made available for international beer fans via BBA. Starting today, the organization will run several BBA NFT collection projects around sustainability and the preservation of Belgian beer heritage for the next 14 days.

According to the official statement, the first Belgian Barrels NFT auction will be used to recruit 11 participants for acting in a BBA-produced movie titled Belgian Barrels:

“The aim of the movie project is to further eternalize the Belgian Beer history through a professional cinematic movie production, which BBA plans to promote and distribute globally.”

In addition, the NFT winners will join a whitelist VIP access to all BBA events and access to vintage beer menus and exclusive bottles at BBA clubs. “Eighty percent (80%) of the revenue generated from the NFT auction will go towards a local charity in Belgium,” the announcement stated. Tom De Block, Co-founder of the Belgian Barrels Alliance added:

“Belgian beer is not just beer. It is a rich and complex history about old families and true people that became legends. It is simply an honor to open some of their bottles and to tell their story.”

The Alliance also plans to launch NFTs initiatives to promote tree plantations and learn specialized artisan skills and traditions in addition to building engagement and reward opportunities for beer fans and enthusiasts.

Related: Vodafone auctions world’s first SMS ‘Merry Christmas’ as NFT for charity

British telco giant Vodafone announced plans to create an NFT of the world’s first Short Message Service (SMS) and auction the proceedings to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (the UN Refugee Agency).

The SMS, that reads “Merry Christmas,” was sent 29 years ago over the Vodafone network on Dec 3, 1992, to Richard Jarvis, an employee at the time.

As Cointelegraph reported, the historic 15 character-long SMS will be auctioned off in a one-off sale conducted by the Aguttes Auction House in France.