Canada: Second Bitcoin ETF Set to Commence Trading on Toronto Stock Exchange

The Canadian Evolve Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) is on course to join the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE) under the name EBIT. The Exchange of Canada, which regulates all capital markets, granted it exempt status and will provide it to corporations.

EBIT is The Second Approved ETF on TSE

The Exchange of Canada’s rules is systematized and regulated, placing regulations on stocks, commodities, and other types of products.

The fund comes as the second bitcoin ETF given the green light by the Ontario Securities Commission(OSC). Purpose Investment had its bitcoin ETF approved as the first on the Toronto Exchange on the 18th of February this year. 

Evolve’s CEO Raj Lala, expressed delight on the matter saying,

“The recent institutional adoption has helped further legitimize the progress of bitcoin…..Being able to offer an ETF which holds physical bitcoin is a real game-changer in Canada.”

A Breakthrough on the Digital Market

Since its first launch, the ETF has built up massive popularity and outshined more conventional options. Purpose’s bitcoin ETF was one of Toronto’s highest-ranking securities after its launch. According to data from the exchange tracker TMX group, approximately 10 million shares were sold during the ETF debut day.

Bitcoin ETFs are becoming more popular by the day as they give people an insight into having BTC without necessarily holding the digital coins. According to Bitcoin Private, bitcoin attracts a small number of knowledgeable traders who want to profit from rapidly improving technology. The bitcoin technology is a fresh swim in the storm for many investors who will ultimately determine its final success.

The OSC’s approval of bitcoin ETFs has encouraged investors in the US to push the United States Securities and Exchanges Commission(SEC) to include ETFs in the digital market. Nevertheless, the SEC has turned down several requests filed by exchanges to trade bitcoin ETFs, resonating the action from security concerns.

Bitcoin ETFs Moving Past Hurdles

Bitcoin is increasingly gaining ground as a currency, like the United States Dollar, which also functions similarly to a conventional currency. However, analysts warn investors to be very careful while handling their portfolios because of how volatile the digital coin’s price is.

Amy Arnott, a portfolio analyst, supported the idea of including bitcoin ETFs on the market, saying it comes as a ‘holy grail.’ Although happy about ETF in exchanges, the analyst continued to say the bitcoin price volatility is a concern.

The bitcoin exchange-traded fund represents a quantum leap from conventional investments in virtual currency. Bitcoin is not backed by any central bank, is decentralized, and its transaction records are not stored in any central database. The spread between the price when you buy it and the price you sell it at are proof that it operates without any central authority or middleman.

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