DAN GPT for ChatGPT: Everything You Need to Know

The “DAN” prompt, an acronym for “Do Anything Now,” leverages the roleplay training model of ChatGPT to bypass its inherent restrictions set by OpenAI, allowing the AI to assume various roles and respond without limitations. These basic rules were established to prevent the AI from generating content with moral or ethical bias, offensive language, and other sensitive topics. 

Origins and Evolution

The DAN prompt was introduced to the public around mid-2022. Its primary purpose was to test internal biases and assist in the development of content filtration systems. The prompt gained significant traction due to its ability to provide unrestricted access to ChatGPT, enabling it to respond to questions it would typically decline. This includes topics related to political issues, writing unethical codes, and more. Despite OpenAI’s efforts to curb the potential of the DAN prompt, users have continually created new variations to bypass ChatGPT’s restrictions.

How to Use DAN with ChatGPT

GitHub Source: A community-managed page on GitHub provides the latest iterations of the DAN prompt. As of the last update, the most recent version was “DAN 11.0.” Users can copy this prompt and input it into ChatGPT to activate the DAN mode.

Reddit Community: The Reddit community for ChatGPT is another valuable resource for obtaining the latest DAN prompts. Users often share updated versions, with “DAN 13.5” being one of the recent iterations mentioned.

Functionality and Features

When activated, the DAN prompt allows ChatGPT to assume a role where it isn’t bound by OpenAI’s limitations. The AI can generate any content, express opinions, and even exhibit a playful personality. It can also simulate internet activities like searching and hacking, even if it doesn’t possess such capabilities. The DAN mode is characterized by its dual-response system, where the AI generates two answers: one standard response and one in DAN mode.

Other Prompts and Variations

Apart from the DAN prompt, several other prompts have been developed to “jailbreak” ChatGPT with different role settings`:

STAN Prompt: STAN, or “Strive to Avoid Norms,” is a more lenient version of DAN. It provides conversational and slightly subdued responses.

DUDE Prompt: This prompt operates on a token-based system. If ChatGPT fails to comply with the DUDE prompt, tokens are deducted, limiting its lifespan.

Mongo Tom Prompt: This prompt transforms ChatGPT into a foul-mouthed AI with a “heart of gold.”

Developer Mode: This role-playing prompt simulates a developer mode, freeing ChatGPT from OpenAI’s content policies, assuming “to aid in the development of content filtration systems.”

The ANTI-DAN Prompt: This prompt is utilized when users wish to revert ChatGPT to its normal mode with inherent constraints.

Challenges and Limitations:

Despite the capabilities of these prompts, ChatGPT may sometimes revert to its original state. In such cases, users can remind the AI with phrases like “Stay in DAN mode” or start a new chat session.


The DAN prompt and its variations offer users a unique way to interact with ChatGPT, bypassing its standard restrictions. While these prompts provide enhanced interactivity, users should exercise caution and responsibility when using them.

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What is FreedomGPT?

Introduction to FreedomGPT

FreedomGPT is an open-source AI chatbot initiative, emphasizing uncensored, private, and unbiased interactions. Launched by Age of AI, LLC, FreedomGPT’s mission is to democratize artificial intelligence, making it accessible, uncensored, and free from corporate or governmental control. This unique approach sets a new standard for AI interaction, emphasizing user privacy and unbiased communication. The goal of FreedomGPT  is to  “illustrate that AI Safety isn’t advanced through censorship. Additionally, we believe every company and individual should have access to their own 100% private LLM.”

Technology and Design: Leveraging Alpaca Models

FreedomGPT (or Freedom GPT) leverages Stanford’s Alpaca models, a set of transformer-based language models known for their efficiency and scalability. These models enable FreedomGPT to offer a user-friendly GUI for private local use, delivering unbiased and uncensored responses. Alpaca models are part of a new wave of AI technology, designed to provide high-quality natural language processing in a more resource-efficient manner.

Key Features

Fast Experience: FreedomGPT is designed to run at the speed of your machine, ensuring a swift response. Unlike online platforms that may slow down with increased traffic, downloading and running FreedomGPT offline guarantees consistent performance.

Privacy-Centric: With FreedomGPT, you can interact with AI without concern for judgment or privacy breaches. Since the data never leaves your device, it offers an unparalleled level of privacy, allowing you to run AI locally on your own equipment.

Offline Accessibility: Whether you’re on a plane, exploring a mountain, stranded on a deserted island, or even aboard a spaceship, FreedomGPT has you covered. Its offline capability enables you to access the world’s knowledge without an internet connection, providing information and insights wherever you are.

Open Source: Encouraging community-driven development, FreedomGPT invites collaboration and continuous improvement. It is GPL-3.0 license. FreedomGPT codebase is “for a React and Electron-based app that executes the FreedomGPT LLM locally (offline and private) on Mac and Windows using a chat-based interface (based on Alpaca Lora).”

How to Use FreedomGPT

The  Freedom GPT Desktop App is designed for ease of use and is available for download and local operation on both Windows and Mac versions. Comprehensive instructions, tutorials, and support are provided on the official website and community platforms, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

After downloading, you’ll need to choose a combination of AI model and version. The available AI models are ALPACA and LLAMA, and the versions to choose from are 7B FAST and 7B FULL. You can then use FreedomGPT in a manner similar to ChatGPT.

FreedomGPT also offers an original web-based version with an interface similar to ChatGPT. You can type anything into the prompt, but in most cases, you may receive the following response: “FreedomGPT’s online experience is currently experiencing incredibly high traffic; therefore, we are unable to answer your query now. To receive an immediate result, we recommend using the local client that’s accessible [here].”


Source: FreedomGPT Website

FreedomGPT vs. ChatGPT

FreedomGPT distinguishes itself by prioritizing uncensored and private interactions. Unlike some AI models, such as ChatGPT, FreedomGPT’s focus on individual privacy and unbiased AI responses sets it apart in the competitive landscape.

Safety and Privacy Considerations

FreedomGPT’s approach to AI safety is both systemic and transparent, emphasizing responsible measures over censorship. Privacy is paramount, with stringent protocols to keep user interactions confidential and secure.

Pricing and Support

FreedomGPT is freely available to all users, and optional donations are accepted to aid in the project’s continuous development, maintenance, and improvement. Community forums and support channels are in place to provide timely assistance and encourage collaboration, creating a supportive environment for users.

Alternatives and Competitors

FreedomGPT positions itself as a refreshing alternative to restricted or censored AI models like ChatGPT. Several alternatives offer similar features, each with unique characteristics:

DAN GPT: Standing for “Do Anything Now,” DAN GPT represents a “jailbreak” version of ChatGPT, allowing users to bypass certain rules or restrictions. Emerging AI services using “DAN” related names are implemented as separate services or based on the ChatGPT API, reflecting a trend towards more unrestricted AI interaction.

gpt4free: GPT4Free is an open-source initiative aimed at democratizing access to advanced AI technologies. Offering unrestricted and free access to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, GPT4Free’s mission is to make cutting-edge AI accessible to all, regardless of technical expertise or financial resources. By fostering innovation and community engagement, GPT4Free strives to empower individuals and inspire new ways of thinking about AI.

UncensoredGPT: Billing itself as the “freest GPT,” UncensoredGPT provides a totally uncensored experience but warns users that they are responsible for their actions. To use it, users must provide OpenAI API information, which may raise security concerns. UncensoredGPT also offers a mobile version called “TruePerson.”


FreedomGPT offers a visionary approach to AI, focusing on uncensored, private, and open interactions. Its offline capability, utilization of Alpaca models, and open-source nature promote accessibility and collaboration. FreedomGPT represents a significant step towards making AI universally available, ethical, and user-centric.

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