A Crypto Trading Revolution Is Coming; Cryptonovae Sets Out to Reshape Market Through All-Inclusive Ecosystem

Despite its unrivalled growth and sheer potential held over the future of finance, the cryptocurrency market is yet to catch up to traditional trading solutions, leaving thousands of retail and institutional traders scratching their heads when navigating today’s trading platforms. 

While most cryptocurrency exchanges effortlessly permit the purchase and sale of digital assets, they do little for traders looking to dig deeper and secure higher profits using advanced tools. Other than branding and ongoing volumes, there’s not a lot that differentiates most exchanges. This creates an untapped market gap that’s finally being filled by Cryptonovae’s next-gen trading platform

With a unique market position, Cryptonovae targets not only experienced traders, but also beginners looking for an intuitive all-in-one solution. It’s time to cut straight to the chase and present a trading ecosystem unlike any other, actively paving the way to innovation within the cryptocurrency trading market. 

Inside Cryptonovae’s Unique Value Proposition 

Filled to the brim with customizable trading tools and market-shaping features, Cryptonovae targets traders looking for an all-inclusive experience. After all, switching from one exchange to another in hopes of finding desirable trading pairs, low fees, and appropriate tools no longer cuts it. 

First and foremost, Cryptonovae is not only a standalone trading software, but a fully-fledged and secure ecosystem created through the culmination of multiple components. These include a native charting engine, integrations with the market’s most popular centralized and decentralized exchanges, as well as a marketplace and native token to tie it all together. Initially, Cryptonovae will support secure trading on Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken, Uniswap and FTX, with more exchanges to be added in the future. 

From a technical perspective, Cryptonovae’s software is unparalleled. Adequate trade management is carried out through copious sophisticated tools and features, enabling the deployment of any and all trading strategies. For instance, users can engage in automated, but customizable trading through the usage and contrivement of bots and indicators. 3rd party integrations are also available, with a marketplace built to allow the purchase and sale of custom-made trading tools. 

Of course, no crypto trading ecosystem would be complete without support for profit-taking and stop-loss strategies. Traders are able to set stop loss functions on their orders, alongside multiple take profits through singular on-chart clicks. 

Exploring the Chart Engine

TradingView and MetaTrader 4 have shown great promise, but they do come with particular disadvantages. For one, customizing MT4 is time-consuming and downright exhausting. In light of these aspects, Cryptonovae has decided to pioneer a new charting engine, effectively removing and improving on everything that’s deemed as inconvenient in traditional offers. The software’s powerful chart engine allows multiple screens and timeframes, with plenty of customization options. Modular features are easily and intuitively taken advantage of, creating the very best trading setups for the ecosystem’s users. 

The $YAE Token or Cryptonovae’s Power Engine

Cryptonovae strives to incentivise a tight-knit community of retail and institutional traders. This is possible through $YAE, its very own native ERC-20 utility token. Whilst $YAE is not yet available on the public market, its strategic role inside the Cryptonovae ecosystem will soon have everyone looking for a slice of the limited pie. 

$YAE serves as means of payment on Cryptonovae, as the platform’s advanced features will be purchasable via the token. $YAE will also be needed to buy and sell trading products like customized bots or indicators via the marketplace. Last but not least, $YAE builds revenue streams for token holders who engage with the platform’s staking mechanism, contests, and loyalty programs. Regularly-scheduled burns and token repurchases will be carried out as a deflationary measure, instilling a bullish sentiment on the token moving forward. 

Do You Feel It? Change Is Imminent!

Following intensive market research and a strong desire to build innovative solutions within the cryptocurrency trading landscape, Cryptonovae sets out to rethink and reshape the trading experience forever. Appealing to both CeFi and crypto traders, as well as to beginners and connoisseurs, Cryptonovae’s value proposition foresees a much-needed wind of change by creating a gateway for long-term capital success in the crypto world. 

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