What Could Send Ethereum Crashing To $2,000, According To Crypto Analyst

Ethereum has been hitting some minor milestones since the market crash. Obviously following behind market leader bitcoin, it has posted small recoveries that brought it out from its last month low. But while this has been encouraging for investors, there is still a long way to go, meaning that the digital asset could go either way at this point. Bears are trying hard to drag it down to a new low and crypto analyst Justin Bennett maps out what could give the bears exactly what they want.

Ethereum To $2,000?

Currently, the price of Ethereum is trading close to $3,000. This does not mean that the digital asset has been able to test this coveted level. Rather, it is showing a bit of support around the $2,800 price point. Nevertheless, this remains a volatile market and the asset could easily fluctuate down as it would upwards. Only a strong resistance point stands between ETH and touching $2,000.

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Crypto analyst Justin Bennett explains in his latest newsletter what is an important support for the digital asset. He acknowledges the pullback that the asset has experienced following alongside bitcoin, expressing that it sees some key support below its present price. However, without being able to defend the $2,500 level going forward, it would be hard to carve out a higher low.

Ethereum price chart from TradingView.com

ETH begins recovery trend | Source: ETHUSD on TradingView.com

A close below $2,500 would see ethereum moving towards its next major support level, which is $2,200. If this support does not hold, bears would successfully take control of the digital asset, dragging it down to $2,000.

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However, it is not all bad news. Bulls still exert major control over ETH’s price and if they can hold it above $2,500, “then the next big test is $2,800-$2,900, followed by $3,100,” Bennett says.

Good News For Bitcoin?

The crypto analyst also touched on bitcoin, an asset whose movements ethereum closely follows most times. It’s no secret that the success of bitcoin translates into the success of other cryptocurrencies in the market and that is no different with ethereum.

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As for bitcoin, given the current momentum in the market, it can be hard to tell what is coming next. But Bennett does not expect the digital asset to be seeing the $30,000 level at any time soon. Given that the cryptocurrency is still trading above the $35,000 point, “I think it makes little sense to assume $30,000,” Bennett says.

This does not mean that a breakout is coming soon as the analyst explains that bitcoin would have to close above the $42,000 area for a confirmation of a bullish breakout, which would, in turn, expose it to the $45,000-$46,000 level.

Bitcoin is trading below $38,000 at the time of this writing.

Featured image from Crypto Hustle, chart from TradingView.com


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Crypto Research Analyst Puts Ethereum At $9,000 In Six Months

Ethereum has had a good year in 2021, although the digital asset is looking to close out the year on a less than a bullish note. Nevertheless, investor sentiment around the altcoin continues to be on the positive side as most expect the cryptocurrency to do well in the coming years. One of those is a crypto research analyst at Fundstrat, Armando Aguilar, who believes that Ethereum will double in price next year.

Ethereum Heading For A Big Year

In a report on Business Insider, Aguilar noted that the year has been a choppy one for the cryptocurrency market. There were several bull rallies and crashes that rocked the market for the year, and the analyst expects to see this choppiness persist into next year. However, next year does not look to be all bad from his perspective.

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Aguilar shared with Insider that he was expecting more adoption from institutional investors into bitcoin which would lead to what he sees to be a successful year. For Ethereum, this has some important implications as the coin has now lost its footing above $4,000. Aguilar explained that he sees the price of Ethereum doing very well going into the year 2022.

Ethereum price chart from TradingView.com

ETH begins recovery towards $4k | Source: ETHUSD on TradingView.com

He puts the price of the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap at $9,000 by the second quarter of 2022. This will be propelled by the growth of decentralized finance (DeFi), the metaverse, and NFTs.

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Even with the explosive growth of DeFi in 2021, Aguilar sees this growth going into 2022 as institutional investors take more stake in the market. As this demand grows, Atheneum’s value will grow with it, putting it at $9,000 in the first half of 2022. “I believe that DeFi will play a major role for institutional capital next year,” said Aguilar. “As institutional and retail demand drove DeFi into new heights, the trends will continue to spill into 2022.”

Bitcoin Clocking Six Figures

For Ethereum to hit Aguilar’s prediction, bitcoin would also have to see explosive growth in 2022. This is why the analyst also expects bitcoin to finally hit six figures in the same time frame. He puts this up to more adoption from institutional investors as they turn to bitcoin to combat rising inflation rates. This will see the price of bitcoin finally surge towards the coveted $100,000 price.

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Additionally, institutional investors are already getting exposure to the digital asset through the various ETFs that have been approved by the SEC. Aguilar notes that funds like Valkyrie are tracking US public companies that are exposed to bitcoin through the Balance Sheet Opportunities ETF.

Just like Ethereum, bitcoin looks to be heading towards a year-end close below expectations. The digital asset continues to struggle at $48,000 going into the holidays, suggesting that a close below $50,000 for the year is imminent.

Featured image from BankrateAn, chart from TradingView.com


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Why Closing Out The Year Below $50,000 Could Be Bad For Bitcoin

A lot of predictions had put the price of bitcoin at $100,000 by the end of the year and although there are still some weeks left to go, it does not look like these predictions will come to pass. Bitcoin has however maintained a bullish trend despite price crashes and massive liquidations rocking the digital asset in recent times.

Since analysts, and the crypto market in general, has been so focused on the bullish future of the asset, there has not been much attention paid to a low for the year. As the end of 2021 rolls around, it is important to not only look at the bullish end-of-year predictions but also how the cryptocurrency might be affected depending on the price bitcoin closes at.

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Crypto analyst Justin Bennett addresses this in his latest issue of the weekly newsletter. Bennett maps out the outlook for the digital asset, as well as the implications of bitcoin closing out the year below $50,000.

Options Contracts Becoming Worthless

Some of the bitcoin options contracts are set to expire at the end of the year and the profitability of these options contracts depend greatly on what price BTC is when they expire. Since the crash, bitcoin has struggled to maintain its value above $50,000 and this has not been good for the options contracts. Bennett notes that a close below $50,000 would see all of these contracts expire worthless, playing into what he called the “max pain theory”.

The crypto analyst is not particularly confident in the digital asset’s ability to finish the year above $50,000. He expressed that he expects the consolidation in larger cap cryptocurrencies to continue through the last month of the year.

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Bennett however notes that there is a wide range for bitcoin due to the December 4th candle. This means that anywhere between $42,000 and $53,000 is possible going forward, providing a massive margin for the digital asset.

Bitcoin price chart from TradingView.com

BTC price continues downtrend | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView.com

Bitcoin Volume Is Concerning

Bennett also points to the lack of volume in the cryptocurrency. One thing is to start a rally or a breakout, but the other thing is to get enough volume to match that breakout. Otherwise, a rally would not be successful.

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“If we’re to see Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market breakout later this month or even January, we need to see volume to match the price increase,” said Bennett. “Without volume, any rally or even breakout is more likely to fail.”

As bitcoin continues to consolidate following a $53,000 test, the market is quietly waiting for more institutional money to pump into the market. Currently, Bennett has put the bitcoin key support at $49,000. “Below that is the April trend line near $46,000,” Bennett notes.

Featured image from Bitcoin News, chart from TradingView.com


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Crypto Analyst Says Bitcoin Won’t Hit $100,000 This Year, When Will It Hit?

Bitcoin at $100,000 has become somewhat of a generally agreed-upon peak for the current cycle. Various analysts have put the digital asset at this point before the end of the year, painting a rather bullish future for BTC. With Bitcoin’s recent touch at $69,000, this price point is looking more likely by the day. However, not everyone thinks that the asset will hit $100,000 in 2021.

One of these is analyst Nicholas Merten. Merten has disagreed with the predictions for the digital asset that puts the year-end price at $100,000. According to the analyst,  this is an overly optimistic target that the market won’t be seeing anytime soon. But that does not mean that it won’t hit it at all.

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Analysts Are Getting It Wrong

Merten has always been bullish on the future of bitcoin. However, this seems to be one train that the analyst cannot get behind. The approval of the Bitcoin Futures ETF by the Securities and Exchange Commission in October has provided the push for BTC to hit a new all-time high but did not drive BTC towards the price the market was expecting.

“There’s no way we are going to a $100,000 or $150,000 in Q4 of this year or Q1 of next year. I’m sorry. I’m going to have to say it because I think a lot of the analysts are getting this wrong,” said Merten.

Bitcoin price chart from TradingView.com

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BTC trading at $65K | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView.com

The analyst explained that the approval of the ETFs did not push BTC towards the expected six-figure price point, which led him to question what macro event could drive the asset towards this figure this year.

$200,000 Bitcoin In 2022

Merten’s outlook for year-end may not have been bullish but for the long term, the analyst sees big things in the future of the asset. He explained that just because the market will not see bitcoin at $100K for 2021 does not mean that the future is bleak. In fact, Merten expects the current bull cycle to drag out until late 2022, with the price of the digital asset peaking at $200,000.

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So instead of expecting a couple of months of a sharp blow-off, it will be a steady climb upwards into the end of 2022. There is no doubt that bitcoin is headed in the direction of a multi-trillion dollar asset. The only drawback is no one can accurately predict when this will happen. However, Merten strongly believes that 2022 will be the year.

“If we’re talking about the perspective of going to $3 or $4 trillion (market cap), around that $150,000 to $200,000 range, it’s going to take a lot of liquidity, and along with that as well, some time to get there. And that’s why we have our expectation of a cycle top coming in November of 2022, far-out than probably 90-95% of market projections.”

Featured image from HDQwalls, chart from TradingView.com


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Analyst Lays Out Theory That Suggests A 290% Move In Cardano (ADA) Before Rally Is Over

Cardano (ADA) has no doubt has an interesting couple of weeks leading up to this point. The digital asset has hit multiple new all-time highs as the rally raged on. Only now slowing down but still well above its last all-time high set in May of this year. The slowdown has seen the price of the asset lose its footing over $3, causing it to crash down below $2.70 for the first time in over a week.

This loss of momentum has led the market to believe that the asset might be nearing the end of its rally. But not everyone thinks so. Analyst Jason Pizzino has predicted that the altcoin still has a bit of fight left in it, predicting a 290% move before the end of this current bull cycle. An increase of this magnitude would put the price of ADA at nothing less than $7, solidifying its claim as the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

The Theory Behind The Prediction

Jason Pizzino took to his YouTube channel to share his prediction with his over 200K subscribers. The prediction completely rests on the back of a single theory, the Elliott Wave theory. A theory that predicts the future price action of an asset by looking at extremes in investor psychology which comes in waves. So this is basically looking at investing patterns of the market.

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This current theory puts every bull market in a series of cycles separated into five different waves. During waves 1, 3, and 5, the price of the asset rallies upwards. While waves 2 and 4 come with a price correction. For Cardano (ADA), Pizzino says the asset has completed four waves so far, including waves 2 and 4 which are the market corrections. Now, the fifth wave is imminent, which would lead to a massive price increase.

Pizzino puts the current downward correction as wave 4 while identifying the biggest wave so far as the price surge from $0.10 to $2.47, which occurred last month, as wave three. Since wave three is usually the biggest, Pizzino puts the fifth wave on par with the first wave, the surge from $0.01 to $0.17. Placing the fifth wave at only a 290% increase.

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Cardano (ADA) Price On The Rise

So far, it does not look like Cardano (ADA) has reached the end of this downward correction. But Pizzino points to it as part of the five-wave theory movement. Comparing it to the first wave that saw a 900% increase between April 2020 and July 2021, the analyst says, “I’m excited to see the waves play out similarly.”

Cardano (ADA) price chart from TradingView.com

Cardano (ADA) price chart from TradingView.com

Pizzino's prediction would put ADA price close to $10 | Source: ADAUSD on TradingView.com

Cardano still has a final card to play before the rally can be said to be truly over. The smart contracts testnet is currently live and developers have started building DApps on the network. But the release to the general public is still scheduled for September 12th. If all goes well with the launch, then this might be the event that triggers the fifth wave of Elliott Wave theory.

“What do we get if we do an 800% or 900% from the low that was put in in June and July? That would bring us to around our $8 mark. Maybe we hit a 1,000% return from that point. That’s going to bring us up to $10 or $11.”

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Although optimistic about the asset from here, Pizzino issues a warning for investors. The potential for massive runs also comes with sharp downwards corrections that will reverberate through the market. “All good runs will come to an end,” says Pizzino.

Featured image from CreditDonkey, chart from TradingView.com


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These Three Lagging Altcoins Are Poised For A Breakout, Says Crypto Strategist

Top crypto strategist known as Inmortal has revealed the three altcoins they think is ready for the next breakout. Immortal takes their pick from the top three altcoins that have been lagging recently. Even though they have been performing in the market, not performing to the level of other altcoins like ADA and SOL which have both broken new all-time highs in the market.

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Inmortal took to their Twitter account, which boasts 64K followers, to share his price predictions with his followers. Generally, the crypto analyst remains bullish on the market, seeing a lot of coins doing better from here on out. Over the course of several days, Inmortal shared their analysis on their Twitter timeline. Revealing the top three altcoins they believe are getting set for a run-up.

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Playing With The Laggards

Inmortal shared three coins that are set to experience a run-up. Litecoin was an obvious favorite for the analyst. Across three digital assets, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, and Litecoin, the analyst sees the most potential with LTC. “Time to play the laggards. LTC is leading the way (old coins),” the analyst posted. Following up with this was BCH and EOS poised to follow the same path as Litecoin.

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Talking about Litecoin, Inmortal explained that the coin had recently broken out of consolidation. Hence, putting it in a position where it is set to rally. For the crypto analyst, the breakout will see the price run-up to a target of $260. The analyst had earlier tweeted they had bought some Litecoin given its snail pace at the time. The order was filled at $176, while the analyst targeted a price range of $210-$220.

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Litecoin (LTC) price chart from TradingView.com

Litecoin (LTC) price chart from TradingView.com

Litecoin trading at $223 | Source: LTCUSD on TradingView.com

As of the time of writing, Litecoin is trading above $220. And Inmortal has now turned attention to Bitcoin Cash, advising investors to take a look at the Bitcoin fork if they had missed out on Litecoin.

Another Crypto Set For A Breakout

The crypto strategist was not only focused on the three lagging altcoins. Inmortal also pointed out that he’s waiting for a particular altcoin to breach a crucial point. Taking about Chainlink, Inmortal added that a breach of its immediate resistance against Bitcoin would trigger a buy signal.

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“The plan is simple. Wait for a clear break above KEY level + 200MA (moving average) to confirm that deviation, then buy/long on a retest, targeting those equal highs at 0.001 BTC ($50),” said the strategist. “High probability 3R setup,” added Inmortal.

The analyst puts top cryptocurrency Bitcoin at $60,000 after breaking key resistance level of $50,000. While putting number 2 crypto Ethereum, at $5,000. “It’s long $ETH season, don’t get left behind,” said the analyst.

Chart from TradingView.com


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Crypto Analyst Lays Out Cardano’s (ADA) Pathway To $4

Cardano (ADA) recently hit a new all-time high with the rally. The price of the altcoin had surged past $2.5 on Friday to set a new trading record. While the market awaits the release of the Alonzo Purple Hard Fork that would bring smart contracts capability to the network, indicators have shown that the price is nowhere near the end of its run. The increased interest in the project shows that the coin will continue to grow. But just like any asset, there are things that could hinder this growth. This is what crypto analyst, Benjamin Cowen, has taken time out to explain.

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Smart Contracts Are Pushing Cardano (ADA) price

Crypto analyst Benjamin Cowen attributes the recent growth of the digital asset to two things. First is the smart contracts capability that is set to be launched on September 12th. This would put the Cardano network on a level high enough to compete with its biggest rival, Ethereum.

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Cardano (ADA) price chart from TradingView.com

Cardano (ADA) price chart from TradingView.com

ADA breaks new all-time high | Source: ADAUSD on TradingView.com

The number 2 reason Cowen gives for the price run-up is Bitcoin’s current movement. According to Cohen, Bitcoin resting above the 20-week SMA (simple moving average), and then going sideways has been a big factor for the rally. Bitcoin being at this point puts ADA in a position where the path of least resistance is upwards. Thus, the price of the asset has been driving upward.

Bitcoin’s simple moving average plays a key role in Cowen’s analysis of this bullish setup. The SMA is a critical key that would either make or break the bullish setup in ADA.

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Bitcoin Is The Key To $4

Benjamin Cowen took to his YouTube channel to talk about what could hinder the bullish setup of Cardano (ADA). Cowen pointed out that the price was set to explode with the current setup. But this uptrend would depend greatly on Bitcoin. Bitcoin staying above this key level would see the price of ADA going up.

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“The only thing now that you should be rooting for if you want to see ADA breakthrough to, say, the $3 mark, the $4 mark, what do you want to see happen?” Cowen asked. Answering his own question, Cowen explained that Bitcoin staying above the 20-week SMA (simple moving average) is key to ensuring this setup realizes its full potential. “What you want to see happen is you want to see Bitcoin just kind of hang out. Just have Bitcoin chill above the 20-week simple moving average.” Cowen further went on to add, “if we get it, then the past of least resistance for ADA IS UP.”

Bitcoin’s movement, Cowen says, is very important to understanding Cardano’s (ADA) movement. “To get an idea of what ADA is doing, you need to look at what Bitcoin is doing.”

Featured image from Arabian Business, chart from Trading View.com


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Top Analyst Predicts Parabolic Rally for One Emerging Altcoin, Says Dogecoin Will Outperform Bitcoin

A widely followed crypto analyst and influencer says one emerging altcoin is about to explode to a new all-time high.

The prominent trader known as The Crypto Dog tells his 565,500 Twitter followers that decentralized finance (DeFi) payment network Terra (LUNA) has been on a strong uptrend since July and is currently accelerating en route to fresh highs.



“I think that was the last stop before LUNA all-time highs.”

Source: The Crypto Dog/Twitter

LUNA, Terra’s reserve currency, is trading at $16.98 at the time of writing and is up over 100% in the past 30 days, according to CoinGecko. LUNA is the 23rd-largest crypto asset by market cap and hit its all-time high of $22.36 in March.

The Crypto Dog also thinks that meme crypto asset Dogecoin is poised to outperform Bitcoin.

“For what it’s worth, I think DOGE outperforms from here. I like the DOGE.

Source: The Crypto Dog/Twitter

The Crypto Dog adds that he’s seeing a positive technical signal that could potentially ignite the next leg of Dogecoin’s rally.

“I liked the volume coming in earlier. Think we’ll manage to find liquidity higher.”

Dogecoin is trading at $0.27 at time of writing, up nearly 40% in the past week, according to CoinGecko. Bitcoin is trading at $46,271 and is up more than 20% in the past seven days.

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Ethereum Set To Explode According To Market Dominance, Crypto Analyst

Crypto Analyst Nicholas Merten recently said in a video analysis session on YouTube that Ethereum’s price is poised to explode. Merten pointed out that price analysis really isn’t the reason that the number 2 cryptocurrency is set to explode, but what the market dominance shows that actually shows this. This shows through when the cryptocurrency market dominance is measured.

Merten believes that current market trends are very similar to what was done in the market back in 2017. Going back to when the last bull market had started in 2017. Before fizzling out and turning into a full-blown bear market by the time the middle of the year 2018 rolled around. The current trends of higher lows that have been seen so far in the market continue to mirror the cycle of 2015 when Ethereum had started to show momentum in the market.

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This momentum had continued on for Ethereum straight through 2016 and all the way into 2017, leading up to the bull cycle that had begun in November 2017. Ethereum has so far maintained momentum despite a variety of competition in the market. It continues to hold market dominance around the 19% to 20% range.

“This showcases that this is a critical metric we need to watch for because we’re testing around that 20% range. One-fifth of the market share going towards Ethereum,” Merten said.

The Key To Another Shoot-Up

Market dominance continues to be a good way to gauge how the price of a coin is going to do in the crypto market. Number 1 cryptocurrency Bitcoin, continues to maintain the majority market share, and as such, continues to be the most valuable coin in the market.

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But with Ethereum picking up more market share, there is no doubt that ETH is becoming more of a valuable asset. At one point, Etheruem had garnered as much as 32% market share. Showing how fast the cryptocurrency is gaining value ahead of other coins in the market.

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Also relevant is the fact that Ethereum is much younger crypto than Bitcoin. Recently celebrating its fifth year anniversary, Ethereum has continued outperformed number 1 crypto Bitcoin. Despite the latter being twice as old in the market.

Continuing further, Merten said, “This showcases that this is a really critical metric we need to watch for. And that is a huge psychological level because once we broke through that range, we climbed all the way up here to 32% market dominance. An over 50% increase of previous ownership of market share.”

Ethereum Breaking From Bitcoin

Ethereum continues to see uptrends in the price following the close of last weekend. The coin so far seems to be dissociating from the price of bitcoin and charting its own course upwards. Continuing to rally while the price of bitcoin experienced dips following the latest rally.

Ethereum price chart from TradingView.com

Ethereum price chart from TradingView.com

ETH price continued to rally while BTC slowed down entering the new week | Source: ETHUSD on TradingView.com

As ETH continues to gain more market dominance, the asset is more likely to rally at its own pace as opposed to following the market trends of bitcoin. This would put Ethereum on love ground with the pioneer cryptocurrency if the value of ETH stops being reliant on the value of BTC.

The price of ETH is currently up 7.45% in the last 24 hours, to be trading at $2,678.06 according to CoinDesk.

Featured image from Forex Academy, chart from TradingView.com


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Ethereum Price Could Go Up Over 860% To Break $10,000, Crypto Analyst

Ethereum value has taken some hits in the past few months as the coin has since significant losses in the price after the digital asset had hit its all-time high back in May. The price of ethereum had gone as high a $4,300, but the price has since crashed over 50% since then and now sits at less than $2,000 at the time of this writing.

Notwithstanding, crypto analyst and trader Kaleo predicts that the price of ETH is set to grow immensely in the next 12 months. The crypto analyst looks through movements of ethereum from back in 2017 and predicts that based on this, the digital asset is poised to experience a parabolic rally in its price.

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The long-term price prediction from Kaleo puts the digital asset price at over $10k, following a major altcoins season. The analyst’s prediction puts the price of ethereum at well over an 860% increase in the second half of the year 2021.

Ethereum And Bitcoin Price Predictions For 2021

Taking to his Twitter, which remains his primary method of communication, Kaleo gave a couple of predictions regarding the prices of the top two digital assets in the space.

According to the crypto trader, the price of bitcoin was going to see another run-up that would put the digital asset in a six-figure discovery range. Joining the ranks of crypto analysts who have put the price of the number 1 crypto coin at $100,000 before the year runs out.

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Ethereum price chart from TradingView.com

Ethereum price chart from TradingView.com

ETH price down over 50% since all-time high | Source: ETHUSD on TradingView.com

In line with this, Kaleo put the price of ethereum at a whopping $10,000, not minding the current bearish sentiments that continue to rock the markets as digital assets have continuously lost value amid sell-offs from investors.

The tweet further went on to predict more adoption from institutions and governments. While simultaneously calling out that there will be continuous FUDs from institutions and governments surrounding cryptocurrencies.

Long-Term Predictions For 2022 To 2023

Kaleo, who uses the handle @CryptoKaleo on Twitter, posted a follow-up tweet containing even more longer-term predictions for the top crypto coins. The tweet included price predictions for both bitcoin and ethereum, and predictions for major regulations to follow. But unlike the first predictions for the second half of 2021, these predictions were much more bearish, explaining that prices would crash in this time period.

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Kaleo sees the price of ethereum falling over 90% after it hits its predicted $10,000 in the second half of 2021. Calling the price crash to be under $1,000 when this happens. Altcoins were also predicted to crash at this point, putting the general market at this point in a bear stretch.

Featured image from Forbes, chart from TradingView.com


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