Clever DeFi (CLVA): A Bitcoin-Beating Strategy of Building Wealth with Gas-Less Distribution of Yield

Clever people accrue wealth from passive income, capitalizing on interest payments. Crypto enables this, with Bitcoin being a prime example. 

However, times are changing. Savvy investors are moving to DeFi, where the middleman’s removal is transforming the way people make money and earn decent above-average yields.

What is Clever DeFi?

Take, for example, CLEVER DeFi

Fans are raving about its experienced, skilled team, an incredible product, and the opportunity of a lifetime. 

But there is more.

CLEVER is more about utility, yields, and, as the name insinuates, “clever” investment. Putting all descriptive elements of CLEVER into perspective, the goal is about ROI, Security, and Yield.

The DeFi protocol is fashioned in such a manner that the ordinary investor can earn decent yields every two weeks from a secure, audited protocol. The CLEVER platform rides on the DeFi wave. 

For perspective, especially for prospective investors testing DeFi waters, the sub-sphere has tremendously grown over the past few months. 

Year-to-date, for instance, DeFi in Ethereum alone is up over 45X, to a TVL of $44 billion, according to trackers. Better still, the space has the regulators’ attention. The widespread adoption of DeFi, a CFTC official said, could prop the global economy during tumultuous periods.

In DeFi, there is no mediator—and thus low costs, expeditious delivery, and better efficiency. The CLEVER DeFi leverages this to automatically distribute interest payments to all CLVA interest holders on a pre-programmed routine cycle over 888 fortnightly cycles taking exactly 34.15 years to complete. 

Superior Compound Interests and ROI for investors

During any of these cycles, up-to 11 percent in compound interest is dispensed in a Gas-less environment with guaranteed automatic payment to all CLVA token holders. For clarity, CLVA is the project’s native currency. 

Unlike in the traditional way of doing things, CLVA holders don’t have to hassle themselves with staking, farming, or pouring their assets into untested vaults. Instead, the classic crypto investment strategy of HODLing comes to play. 

CLVA token holders just HODL using the protocol’s official wallet and earn special interest every two weeks.

The keyword here for serious investors is CLVA and 888 Fortnightly cycles. If anything, 34.15 years is a long time. It is especially long in crypto, where activities happen in a flash.

From the above statement, it means CLVA is key as a means of preserving and increasing wealth. 

This is a perfect opportunity for investors to not only earn superior yields from their assets–especially when the FED and central banks can’t help but hit the money printers, but also to beat high inflation, preserving and increasing their wealth.

An Investor’s Haven: Security, better ROI, and Transparency

In 34.15 years or the 888 fortnightly cycles, 9,519,539 CLVA tokens will be dispensed via a Decentralized Dynamic Mechanism (DDM). The supply may be high, but the designing team had in consideration the distribution time of over 34 years, during which holders earn on average 11 percent of compounded interest. 

Over months, this translates to a superior ROI, exceeding gains that one can potentially make from Bitcoin—the project has mechanisms to outperform the world’s most valuable project consistently and incomparably to the paltry yields from banks.

Like in any investment, initial capital determines profitability. For instance, the first annual yield of a 500 CLVA investment is around 1,535 CLVA. On the other hand, those who buy and HODL more also earn more. Over the first ten years, CLVA yields are over 800 percent, as per their projections.

The CLVA token is deployed via verifiable fundamentals and a validated preset structure guaranteeing global adoption over the 888 cycles. Most importantly, in the spirit of fairness of which crypto and DeFi embodies, the team didn’t mint or assign tokens for themselves. Consequently, early adopters of Clever need not worry about price dumps. 

The CLVA minting started at zero supply. In place of this, the CLVA pricing is on organic price discovery defined by market forces. In addition to this, all CLEVER protocol activities are on-chain, meaning better Transparency—a trait desirable for investors. 

Presently, the CLVA token is trading at $8.15 from a total supply of 566,745 CLVA tokens ahead of their second cycle, where a six percent interest would be paid. 

CLVA minting ended on Mar 3. Moreover, CLVA at Uniswap and P2PB2B exchange provide another opportunity for CLVA token holders to provide liquidity, earning more CLVA rewards. They can use the same to earn more profits. 

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Clever DeFi Review: Automatic Interest Paying Project to Watch in Q1 2021

The only change is constant. 

Blockchain is a representation of this evolution. The idea of creating “money Legos” in finance atop a decentralized and secure layer free from the middle man seemed unfeasible some years back. 

After years of stagnation, there is finally some movement in finance.

What is Clever DeFi?

With the rise of smart contracting–and now DeFi, many projects continue to innovate. Their actions present even more opportunities for investors, who, for a lack of a better word, are hungry, desirous of more.

Dominating the DeFi space is profit and yield. These are incentives, and farmers want to maximize their returns by putting their money in low risk environments with big upside potential for maximum gains, (Risk VS Reward).

Clever Defi has a way of attracting users through its guaranteed, above-rate yields for token holders of its native CLVA token without users needing to stake, farm, lock-in, or do anything except just keeping their tokens in their own wallet.

Clever DeFi is one of the many projects in DeFi democratizing finance. It is an Ethereum-based protocol that distributes automatic interest payments to all CVLA holders every two weeks. 

The disbursement is pre-programmed over 888 cycles that will take 34.15 years to complete. 

During this time, a maximum of one Trillion CLVA tokens will be released through the Decentralized Dynamic Mechanism (DDM). 

It is also enlightening to know that the Clever Protocol has passed a rigorous compliance Audit.

Designed to Outpace Bitcoin

The CLEVER Team says the deployment of CLVA has been designed with the economic fundamentals to outpace Bitcoin over the course of 888 cycles. 

In the CLEVER Protocol, up to 11 percent compound interest is paid every fortnight with a guaranteed automatic payment for all CLVA Token holders. 

Investors can think of the project as a smart way of storing their wealth with minimal risk. 

Instead of the dismally low interest paid out by banks and other traditional instruments, CLEVER plans to step it up for smart investors and pay above rate, attractive yields sustainably over a defined period. 

Through CLEVER, there is a means of tapping above-industry rates interest from holding and contributing to the ecosystem.

No CLVA Pre-mines

Different, the CLVA Token is not pre-mined. 

Its founder, Bryan Legend, said the team is not allocating tokens to themselves. From the very beginning will be completely decentralized, giving credence to the project. 

Taking after Bitcoin, which wasn’t pre-mined like Ethereum or XRP, the team will successfully curb unethical practices where the team, even after the end of the vesting period, dump their share, forcing prices lower. 

This level of transparency and resistance to price manipulation gives CLEVER an edge and the base for possibly revolutionizing DeFi yield farming.

To generate revenue, however, the team collects a 0.1 percent fee from interest paid to CLVA holders every two weeks. Fees collected are then allocated to fund marketing activities, research, and general maintenance of the CLEVER ecosystem. 

CLVA in Full Control

Additionally, there are no contracts, terms and conditions, or staking. 

The team has said no CLVA Token will be locked or be subjected to any contract with binding terms and conditions. With this, it means the holder has full control. As such, they can move their tokens in between any cycles, anytime without restrictions. 

Additionally, there are no penalties for holders who decide to liquidate their tokens. It is unlike in staking where not only can stakers be slashed when the token amount falls below the threshold but also tokens must be held within a specified period.

The team ensures yields are sustainable. 

First, by not holding any CLVA Token, minting will only be done every cycle. As such, there is an opportunity for holders to benefit from capital gains and compound interest. 

CLEVER CLVA Minting Starts Feb 1, 2021

Beginning from February 1, 2021, ETH holders can use their coins to mint CLVA Tokens. Minting will last a strict 30 days only. 

The Clever Protocol has designed CLVA minting in such a way that prices will be increasing at a given interval (a bonding curve). This way, early adopters will get the best rates. Investors who come later will buy at a higher rate while the early adopters benefit from capital gains. 

After the minting period is over, the interest rate protocol begins. After that, CLVA Token holders will be receiving yields every two weeks for 34.15 years and for long term holders, they will be eligible to compound their interest earnings. 

It is projected that early adopters can earn up to 307 percent in APR. Besides, CLVA Token holders can, over 10 years, earn on average 80 percent in annual yield.

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