Tether Amplifies Cryptocurrency Presence in Georgia: Invests in Payment Processor CityPay.io

Tether Operations Limited (USDT issuer), the driving force behind the highly adopted stablecoin blockchain platform tether.to, has magnified its presence in Georgia’s cryptocurrency landscape through a strategic investment in CityPay.io. This leading payment processing company is active in over 600 locations nationwide, encompassing retail outlets, hospitality venues, and eateries.

With an increasing cryptocurrency demand and nearly 2.89% of Georgians owning some form of crypto, the country, host to 130 crypto ATMs, has been identified as the fourth most crypto-ready globally by Forex Suggest in 2022. Tether’s investment in CityPay.io aligns with Georgia’s commitment to becoming a crypto-friendly hub, aiding the seamless integration of crypto payments.

CityPay.io, offering streamlined payment experiences to customers of renowned brands like Wendy’s and Radisson Hotels, among many others, will utilize Tether’s investment to enhance its service offering and improve efficiency. This strategic move marks Tether as the first stablecoin to invest in CityPay.io, catalyzing a significant milestone in Georgia’s payment processing industry.

The investment will bolster CityPay.io’s ability to extend its operations and refine its services, with the goal of benefiting customers across Georgia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Tether’s Chief Technology Officer, Paolo Ardoino, emphasized the firm’s commitment to the integration of a more connected and accessible financial system.

“We are excited to be working with CityPay.io to bring greater innovation and efficiency to the payment industry in Georgia,” stated Ardoino. Eralp Hatipoglu, CEO of CityPay.io, echoed the excitement, expressing how Tether’s investment will expedite the company’s growth and extend its services to more Georgian customers.

This investment heralds Tether’s expansion strategy in Georgia, reinforcing the company’s dedication to revolutionizing the payment industry with more innovative initiatives expected to be announced soon


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Gate Pay and CityPay.io Partner to Bring Cryptocurrency Payments to Georgia

Gate Pay, the cryptocurrency payment service offered by the crypto exchange firm Gate.io, has announced a partnership with CityPay.io, a startup specializing in crypto payments in Georgia. The collaboration will enable more than 600 merchants in Georgia to enjoy the benefits of crypto payment alternatives for their products and services.

By partnering with CityPay.io, Gate Pay users can connect with numerous merchants across Georgia, facilitating a wide range of daily activities such as hotel bookings, supermarket shopping and restaurant payments. Notably, restaurant chain Wendy’s is one of the partners of CityPay.io, with customers now able to make payments using cryptocurrencies for their meals.

Gate Pay’s director, Feng Zhou, stated that the launch of Gate Pay aimed to connect users with businesses, products, and applications that are friendly to cryptocurrencies. This partnership with CityPay.io allows merchants to offer their customers the option to pay with digital assets, bridging the gap between Web3 and people’s daily lives.

The collaboration between Gate Pay and CityPay.io offers a Web3 shopping experience to a broader audience of regional merchants and customers. Gate Pay’s user base and experience, combined with CityPay.io’s business network and coverage in Georgia, will facilitate this expansion.

Gate.io is no stranger to expanding its business coverage, having announced its intention to seek a crypto license in Hong Kong on February 22. The license would allow the company to introduce “Gate HK,” expanding its services to Hong Kong residents.

Georgia has emerged as one of the world’s most crypto-friendly countries, with its regulations attracting crypto companies to set up regional branches. The Georgian government has ambitions to make the country a major global crypto hub.

This partnership is a significant step towards achieving that goal. CityPay.io has already established a strong network in Georgia, and Gate Pay’s experience in the crypto industry will help expand the usage of digital assets in the country.

Gate Pay and CityPay.io’s partnership will enable merchants in Georgia to accept crypto payments, making it easier for customers to pay for goods and services. This collaboration will not only benefit the merchants but also attract more crypto users in Georgia and improve the shopping experience for both parties.

The use of cryptocurrencies as a payment method has been on the rise, with more and more businesses and individuals recognizing the benefits of using digital assets for daily transactions. The partnership between Gate Pay and CityPay.io is a significant step towards the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies in Georgia.

As the crypto industry continues to grow, partnerships like these will become increasingly important in expanding the usage of digital assets and bridging the gap between Web3 and people’s daily lives. With the collaboration between Gate Pay and CityPay.io, Georgia is well on its way to becoming a major global crypto hub.


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