BTSE Launches BTC and ETH Earn Products

Digital asset exchange platform BTSE announced the launch of its Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) earn products. - 2022-06-27T170127.313.jpg

Following the launch, investors can generate passive income, according to BTSE, and the new products add to the growing range of options in BTSE Earn.

The announcement also added that the products will start at an annual percentage rate of 4.5% and potentially touch 60%. Users can also select a deposit duration of 30, 60 or 90 days with a minimum deposit of 0.5 ETH or 0.03 BTC.

Retail investors from BTSE make more than US$1.5 billion in volume on BTC and ETH futures per day and the company stores more than 99% of its customers’ funds in cold wallets to safeguard client assets.

BTSE said that it does not rely on third-party technology and uses self-hosted servers. The company leverages financial decentralisation while enhancing convenience, accessibility and returns.

“BTSE Earn products give our users an easy way to earn interest on their assets. This new offering with no minimum investment requirements, no penal lock-in options and attractive returns will provide the much-needed flexibility to users who are looking into diversifying their asset portfolios. Given the high annualised interest rates, we foresee strong interest in both our products,” said Henry Liu, Chief Executive Officer of BTSE.

“With the current volatility in the cryptocurrency space, choosing proper crypto asset products is crucial. We’re committed to helping our users make sound decisions with strong upside potential,”  added Henry.

BTC and ETH are the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation.

According to a recent report from Blockchain.News, BTSE has become the first crypto exchange to offer perpetual futures trading for the world’s newest stablecoin, US Decentralized (USDD).

BTSE’s offerings in its Futures feature, including perpetual futures for USDD, may appeal more to experienced traders. 

However, for less advanced users, BTSE provides a collection of resources and learning materials — the BTSE Testnet, tutorials, and a support centre — to introduce the mechanics behind futures. The materials can help users understand the risks and rewards involved in BTSE’s future products and provide traders with a way to backtest strategies or formulate plans to profit from market volatility.

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BTSE Becomes 1st Exchange to Offer Perpetual Futures Trading for Overcollateralized Stablecoin

Crypto exchange BTSE has become the first crypto exchange to offer perpetual futures trading for the world’s newest stablecoin, US Decentralized (USDD). - 2022-06-14T123832.093.jpg

According to a press release, BTSE’s offerings in its Futures feature, including perpetual futures for USDD, may appeal more to experienced traders. 

However, for less advanced users, BTSE provides a collection of resources and learning materials — the BTSE Testnet, tutorials, and a support centre — to introduce the mechanics behind futures. The materials can help users understand the risks and rewards involved in BTSE’s future products and provide traders with a way to backtest strategies or formulate plans to profit from market volatility.

“By including USDD perpetual into our (BTSE) futures offerings, while providing a repository of educational content to demonstrate how futures trading and other types of investments can be part of a balanced portfolio, we are adding ways for long-term crypto investors to create new trading strategies that meet their own needs,” said Henry Liu, Chief Executive Officer of BTSE.

Perpetual futures can introduce hedging and risk management into a portfolio, improving its resilience during high volatility in market conditions.

They also provide short exposure by allowing traders to bet against an asset’s performance, enabling the possibility to reap profits during a downturn.

According to CoinGecko, BTSE has been a consistent leader in derivatives trading. BTSE claims that it generates more than US$1.5 billion in daily transaction volume on BTC and ETH futures on the exchange.

Furthermore, BTSE’s low trading fees give users the flexibility to settle futures with their choice of supported crypto or fiat currencies, such as BTC, USDT, or US dollars.

USDD is an algorithmic stablecoin on the TRON, BNB Chain, and Ethereum networks, which entered circulation on May 5, 2022, which is the first overcollateralized decentralized and youngest stablecoin in existence, pegged at roughly 1:1 to the US dollar.

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Creaton Raises $1.1 Million from Tykhe Block Ventures, BTSE Labs & Others

Creaton, a decentralized, subscription-based content sharing network, announced today that the platform has received a total of $1.1 million in funding on October 7th in Sheridan, Wyoming, from investors including BTSE Labs, Tykhe Block Ventures, and other angel investors.

Powered by Polygon, the Creaton platform is a Web 3.0 platform for subscription-based content sharing in which artists retain complete ownership and control over their work.

Creaton is Making it Possible

Artists on Creaton, in contrast to many other similar sites, may accept paid memberships from their followers and be repaid in bitcoin for their work.

Unlike the conventions of ordinary Web 2.0 content sharing platforms, Creaton artists retain entire ownership of their work as well as the remuneration they receive from them.

To protect the content, it is encrypted and stored on Arweave using the Lit Protocol, which is supported by decentralized storage on Arweave. Therefore, the team will be unable to alter or even view the material unless the originator gives permission.

Artists can restrict access to their works to a limited and exclusive audience by integrating smart contracts and various blockchain technologies, so preventing arbitrary prohibitions, censorship, and payment delays, among other things.

Through Superfluid’s streaming payment mechanism, the Creators can make money from the subscriptions of their followers, which are instantaneously converted to bitcoin by the platform.

Explaining the motive behind Creation, the founder Alexander Klus said that their goal is to liberate artists from the Web 2.0 shackles that have been unjustly placed on them in recent years.

To wit,

“Between payment issues, bans, and censorship, Web 2.0 platforms like Patreon have done a disservice to their core users. We aim to tackle this issue in a way that makes sense, combining multiple advanced blockchain technologies to make a platform that, for the first time, works. We are incredibly excited to build this with our amazing roster of investors.”

According to Prashant Malik – Founder of Tykhe Block Ventures and a former member of Facebook’s first ten workers, Creaton is the driving force for content producers in ways that have been never seen before via the use of decentralized blockchain technology.

“We are really looking forward to seeing the Creaton team focus their efforts on fuelling the next generation of the Creator Economy,” the founder concluded.

About Creaton

Creation is a decentralized content subscription platform (similar to the Web3 Patreon) that empowers artists to directly monetize their community through subscriptions to their work.

In order to create a Web3 creative platform that actually works, Creaton is merging Polygon smart contracts, Arweave storage, Lit Protocol encryption, and SuperFluid payments with other technologies.

About Tykhe Block Ventures

Tykhe Block Ventures is a well-known investment business with its headquarters in Singapore. With a great location in Asia, and loads of local talent, the company is sure to grow from here.

The company was founded in the year 2021. It is led by Prashant Malik, a founding member of Facebook’s engineering team who is well-known for building and open-sourcing the Facebook API and for his work on the social media platform.

Apache Cassandra is a distributed database system developed by Apache Cassandra, and it is pretty cool. There is a lot of new tech entering the blockchain space, and Apache Cassandra is worth watching.

With a specific emphasis on decentralization technologies, digital assets, and supporting infrastructure, its business plan is to engage in initiatives and retain liquid assets in the blockchain sector.

There is zero doubt that blockchain platforms are here to stay – but the real question emerges – where do the use cases stop?

Important Note: There have been reports of scammers approaching companies via Telegram, LinkedIn and Other Social platforms purporting to represent Blockonomi and offer advertising offers. We will never approach anyone directly. Please always make contact with us via our contact page here.


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BTSE Reveals the Launch of B2B NFT White Label Solution

Crypto exchange BTSE has announced the launch of a B2B white label solution that allows organizations to create, buy and sell Non-fungible tokens (NFT). This development is expected to expand the current services offered by the exchange into the growing NFT sector. 

BTSENFT Solution Developed in Partnership with UnitLondon

BTSE further revealed this development today, June 4, and offered more details about the NFT solution. According to the exchange, the innovative NFT solution was developed in collaboration with London-based art gallery UnitLondon

The BTSENFT White Label Solution is one of the first B2B NFT platforms that provide comprehensive Fiat multi-currency support. It integrates the BTSE wallet technology allowing users to deposit money from fiat accounts easily and supports debit and credit cards as well as SEPA, FPS, and SWIFT payment networks. 

Additionally, the BTSENFT solution is built to the strictest security standards, offering clients a safe and secure platform. The onboarding process is relatively straightforward, and BTSE clients can reach out to a huge market base of people who may not be entirely crypto savvy. 

The ease of converting between multiple assets on the BTSENFT solution means that buyers and collectors can manage their NFT portfolio without the complexity of using multiple wallets. 

BTSE Looking to Leverage NFT Boom 

BTSE also revealed that developing an NFT platform was due to the recent NFT boom in 2021. NFTs have managed to attract interest from non-crypto enthusiasts due to their unique attributes. Many celebrities, brands, and creators have turned towards creating and selling their works in the form of NFTs. 

BTSE intends to leverage this by improving the current difficulties associated with NFTs via its fiat-crypto and off-ramps features. This will help users overcome the problems of using cryptocurrency wallets when using NFT platforms powered by BTSE’s white label solution. 

In addition, BTSE made extensive consultations with some of the established names in the NFT sector to design its white label solution. This includes Marlon Flohr of Bassjacker, considered among the world’s top-rated DJ duo who have released several NFT collections. The exchange also consulted popular NFT artist piplpleasr and Andrew Kang, co-founder of Mechanism Capital. 

BTSE also revealed that more NFT creators have shown interest in deploying BTSE’s white-label platform. There are expectations that the BTSENFT solution will be widely adopted due to its backing by one of the top Crypto exchanges in the world. BTSE has also demonstrated its aim of bridging mainstream audiences with the exciting world of NFT digital assets with its white label solution. 

Jonathan Leong, Founder of BTSE, had some notes on the development:

“We are delighted to launch the BTSENFT White Label Solution with Unit London, a collaboration that will pave the way for other clients exploring new opportunities in digital assets. The solution’s crypto-fiat multi-currency wallet speaks to the strength in convenience that users will enjoy.” 

He further added that the BTSENFT solution had unique qualities that would resonate with potential clients.

“The versatility in customizing for virtually any market will be attractive for our clients’ NFT projects offering a spectrum of creative works. We think people will be as excited as we are by the many possibilities – as seen already through the new bridge built between the art world and tech,” Leong concluded. 

About BTSE

BTSE is a leading digital currency exchange and financial technology company that empowers users by offering a simple and secure way to trade. BTSE’s suite of financial services are designed to introduce innovative digital assets to the traditional financial landscape. It features services that include multi-currency spot and derivatives trading, white labels, OTC, asset management, and payment gateways. 

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BTSE’s Series A Fundraising Round Achieves a $400M Valuation

March 11, 2021 – Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Cryptocurrency exchange and digital asset technology group BTSE has completed its latest fundraising round, achieving a $400 million valuation.

The round, which concluded on January 31, raised a total of $22 million and attracted investment from a range of backers including family offices. The primary investor is a leading family office based in Hong Kong.

Jonathan Leong, co-founder and CEO of BTSE, said,

“It gives us enormous pleasure to conclude this latest round, which marks another important step towards BTSE becoming a bridge linking traditional finance with the world of digital assets.

Investment is of course critical as we transform into a comprehensive digital bank encompassing both fiat and cryptocurrencies, and to have achieved a $400 million valuation on the basis of recent funding attests to this vision and to the broad health of the digital currency ecosystem.”

BTSE facilitates the trading of leading cryptocurrencies in the spot and futures markets and is powered by its native BTSE Token, which allows users to save on trading fees and to increase referral bonuses. The platform recently introduced an Earn feature that allows users to earn a passive income from their crypto-assets without exposing themselves to market volatility. For example, lending BTSE tokens to the platform can generate APY of 6.5%. BTSE does not require a minimum deposit, there are no fees on deposits, and the platform supports 13 fiat currencies. BTSE also supports multi-asset margin and settlement, 100x leverage, and several fiat on- and off-ramps. Additionally, BTSE will soon offer fiat top-ups directly through credit cards for much more simple user interactions.

About BTSE

Founded in 2018, BTSE’s ultimate goal is to become an institution that bridges the existing traditional financial system with the monies of tomorrow, to figuratively and literally break the language barriers across generations, continents, and cultures. BTSE will continue to build trust and mindshare, fostering a community of like-minded enthusiasts ready for a new frontier in finance and self-sufficiency.

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Bitcoin Exchange BTSE Lands Fresh Funding at $400 Million Valuation

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@Tom__Kuhn @MatiGreenspan @eToro Indeed. It’s definitely much tighter spread than in years past, but the volume can spike so their market maker fails or runs out of money under high demand, so you can still occasional opportunistically grab arbs. Got a btse to bitfinex one a few weeks back as it crossed 📈$20k

@Tom__Kuhn @MatiGreenspan @eToro Indeed. It’s definitely much tighter spread than in years past, but the volume can spike so their market maker fails or runs out of money under high demand, so you can still occasional opportunistically grab arbs. Got a btse to bitfinex one a few weeks back as it crossed 📈$20k


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BTSE Launches Wrapped Monero on the Ethereum Network

Crypto futures exchange BTSE has announced the launch of a Wrapped Monero token (WXMR) on its platform via a tweet on Jan 6. This new token is a first of its kind and is issued through the Ethereum blockchain, backed by the real Monero (XMR) token itself.

What is Wrapped Monero (WXMR)

According to a blog post released by the crypto firm, the creation of the new token was carried out in order to give Monero users the ability to use their coins on the Ethereum network. In addition, the exchange believes that its innovation would go a long way in changing the whole DeFi community.

The blog went on to state that BTSE would be in charge of minting and redeeming the crypto coin, as well as act as a custodian for the backed Monero tokens.

It is a known fact that Monero is a crypto asset with notoriously-strong privacy features, which is mainly the reason why so many illegal markets are dependent on it as a means of transacting on their platform, according to an FBI report. The privacy coin remains a preference for illicit activities since the other two leading cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, are traceable due to their pseudo-anonymous nature.

But being built on the Cryptonote algorithm, an application layer protocol designed to specifically address transaction traceability of cryptocurrencies. This enables Monero users to hide their address while conducting transactions. However, some blockchain analytics firms like CipherTrace and Chainalysis had stated that Monero may not be as untraceable as previously conceived while claiming to have a de-anonymization tool for it.

Wrapped Monero Could Add More Usage to XMR

With the coming of a Wrapped Monero on Ethereum, the privacy feature of Monero may possibly be compromised. Users who use the new token would only be able to get the amount of privacy that the Ethereum network can provide. And since Ethereum is not built for privacy, users of Wrapped Monero will not enjoy the same level of anonymity that the traditional Monero blockchain provides. 

On the flip side, Wrapped Monero could play an important role in making Monero more public. Another major crypto exchange firm in the United States, Bittrex, had earlier announced its decision to delist privacy coins like Monero, Zcash, and Dash on its platform.

Bittrex pointed out that this decision was made due to the changing regulations and policies that guide the operations of exchanges within the country. Furthermore, the authorities have cracked down majorly on these privacy coins, amid the reports regarding their involvement in fueling illegal activities. 

But with WXMR, things might just turn around for the once purely-private crypto coin if its wrapped counterpart gets listed on various exchanges.

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