ECOMI And VeVe: The Mom And Pop Of NFT Comics And Illustrated Books

ECOMI and it’s NFT platform VeVe are carving out a unique niche in NFTs. You never know what may happen to that old Spider Man comic you once loved but lost or threw out. What if that same comic book could be bought and saved online only to grow in value? ECOMI and VeVe are looking to address exactly that. Today’s generation has found a new way to turn digital comics into high value digital NFTs that can be resold for two to ten times (or more) of their initial value. 

The OMI token has remained strong through substantial volatility. | Source: OMI-USD on

VeVe Changes The Landscape For Comic and Illustrated Books

Lets take a quick but deep look into ECOMI and VeVe. VeVe is a block chain digital art app that allows everyday crypto investors and cartoon NFT fans to buy and hold or resell comic books, characters, and even illustrated novels.

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What makes VeVe special and different from potential competitors is it’s ability to display your art in 3D anywhere in your home, office, outdoor space or room, etc. – while some people even save them in their personal VeVe vaults for personal joy or flex. OMI, the token behind VeVe, has made huge plays to put VeVe on the map by partnering with super hero comic powerhouse Marvel and DC, and even landing a deal with “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

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All of this action within the past couple weeks will look to help both VeVe and the OMI token rise to the top, and become the face for the new era of digital comic books and illustrations, all within the fast and ever-changing crypto NFT world.

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To understand this importance, you must understand the head of the beast: ECOMI. ECOMI is a Singapore-based technology company in the collectible space of digital NFTs. They created VeVe to add a new dimension and spin on the NFT world. Within the few days, the price action has been re: the coin currently sits at $0.005 USD, with a trading volume north of $18M.

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With the recent September 17th announcement of ‘The Little Bear’ deal and the strong price action lately, it is safe to say this is a company, app , and token that you should have on your radar if you’re interested in comics and NFTs that have potential looking forward.

In this new world of potential gold, it’s hard these days to ignore any company that takes on high client projects with good reputations within unique communities across the world. With new investments left and right into immersive NFTs, augmented reality, and other metaverse components, ECOMI and VeVe are making the strides necessary in securing strong IP partners to future-proof the brand.


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In The Mood For Auction: Wong Kar-Wai ‘s First NFT Available At Sotheby’s

Legendary Hong Kong director Wong Kar-Wai will be minting an “In The Mood For Love” NFT soon. Revered fine art auction house Sotheby’s will broker the deal. The NFT will contain never-before-seen footage from the first day of filming. How rare does that make it? Considering “In The Mood For Love” is one of the most critically acclaimed films of the century, what does this mean for the NFT space? What does it mean for Asian cinema?

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So far, this trailer for the whole event is all we have:

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[embedded content]

In the description box, Sotheby’s presents its Modern Art Sale in Hong Kong:

“Celebrated auteur Wong Kar Wai will bring his avant-garde aesthetic to Sotheby’s this October. The first Chinese filmmaker to win Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival, Wong’s sensuous cinema embodies the spirit of Modernism so it is only fitting that we will be working together on our Modern Art Sale in Hong Kong.“

ETHUSD price chart for 09/09/2021 - TradingView

ETHUSD price chart for 09/09/2021 - TradingView

BTC price chart for 09/09/2021 on Poloniex | Source: BTC/USD on

Tell Me More About Wong Kar-Wai ‘s First NFT 

Every time film critics vote, “In the Mood for Love’s” name appears among the best films of the century. Its reputation has only increased since its 2000 release. Along with Wong Kar-Wai ‘s “Days of Being Wild” and “2046,” “In the Mood for Love” is the best-known part of an informal trilogy. And now, a lucky soul can own a digital representation of unreleased footage from the movie. In it, the two main actors play different characters than those in the movie. How rare!

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The auction house describes the item as:

“The star lot of Sotheby’s Modern Art Evening Sale on 9 October is the debut of Wong Kar Wai’s first ever NFT creation – “In the Mood for Love – Day One” – edited from never-before-seen footage shot on the first production day of the international masterpiece, “In The Mood For Love” (2000).”

And they quote Wong Kar-Wai himself, saying:

“Today, we are able to eternalize this first day in a brand-new form. In the world of blockchain, this arrow can chart a new course. Here’s to more of us that will live and chase that first spark in every flash.”

What Does The NFT Contain?

This rhymes with the whole Wong Kar-Wai trilogy in more ways than one. “In the Mood for Love’s” main actors, but as completely different characters. What a concept.

“Unveiled for the very first time, the NFT short film contains rare footage starring Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung as characters utterly different from the iconic lovers in the original film. This unique artwork celebrates the critical and wondrous moment when a creative idea is first conceived, while marking the first Asian film NFT ever to be offered in international auction houses.”

Will this extremely rare NFT that has a concept behind it and it’s backed up by a legendary piece of cinema break some records? So far, the world’s most expensive NFT is Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days.” Rival auctioneers Christie’s sold it for $69,3M. That doesn’t mean Sotheby’s hasn’t been part of the game. They sold CryptoPunk #7523, AKA Covid Alien, for $11.8M.

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Currently, Sotheby’s is auctioning a lot of 101 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. The highest bid is $19M and the lot closes in approximately 9 hours. Participate while you can. Or save your money for the Wong Kar-Wai one.

Featured Image: Screenshot from "In The Mood For Love" NFT | Charts by TradingView TradingView


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100K Minimum bid VR NFT Art Auction

Follow the drop on Twitch from

Starting soon 2PM BST lasting until 27th.

Auction lasts on Terra Virtua from today until the 27th during the AIBC Summit in Dubai.

The VR Glasses and the work will be available to see both at the conference as well as privately upon request.

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Watch the sneak peak film here from VESA’s studio.


It was first an artwork commissioned by an early anonymous crypto OG, who revealed that Satoshi Nakamoto is eight different experts in their fields. ‘The story of Bitcoin thus far’ took me five months to convert into an artwork, and a further six months with the 3D wizard Frank Spalteholz, as well as composer Mighty33 to transform it into an exclusive VR artwork.

Predict the price of BTC & AAB and win up to 5,000 USDT!

The piece has a 30-minute mini-documentary about it, explaining the substance. Watch here

The first out of 10 NFT is reserved for the mystery OG, who may be one of the eight people, and nine others will now be sold to the market with a Varjo headset. The Finnish company Varjo has the world’s most advanced VR headset, only available for industrial players like Apple, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Volvo, etc. The headset is not commercially available and has an astonishing 8K resolution that people fly airplanes with and perform surgery in major hospitals – and you. The NFT comes with the headset, controllers, a powerful laptop, and a physically signed big print copy of the original version. It is set up for troubleshooting remotely to ensure a smooth transition.

You can see a 2D preview of the work here, as well as hear the glorious soundtrack by Mighty, which captures the danger, tension, and power of the Bitcoin island perfectly in its purgatory.

The 2D version

Wanna own astronaut grade VR goggles unavailable elsewhere on the market? The artwork comes with a beast of a laptop, The Varjo VR2pro headset, and a remote troubleshooting mechanism. Check out 

100K USD minimum bid

The bids for the 2/10 version will start from 100K USD, but as we know that people like exclusive things, for this very first version only, we will offer a ‘buy now’ option for 1M USD, which means no other versions will come to market. It will then be a 2/2.

Watch VESA address this in a tweet earlier this morning

Have a look at this interview with the co-founder Gary about why Terra Virtua is a big deal in the NFT space, and their art segment will soon be a force to be reckoned with here.


Crypto & NFT Artist
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The 99 Unique Early Crypto Art Hard Cap

There are only 99 individual pieces made out of 33 works, baby!

Since coming into this space, starting Art For Crypto in June 2017, I’ve produced 33 works that tell the tale of crypto from many angles. They also utilize tech and cetificates as appropriate. As my works are digital originals due to the process I invented back in 2008, the most popular investment grade work has been something called a ‘re-paint.

“Stereoscopic” partly made live in front of the Crypto Kingdom documentary (time 23.15) crew, hanging on the wall of Adam Williams, the co-founder of World Crypto Con in Las Vegas. He has 5 of my large works in his collection.

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What that means is that I paint, and photograph those paintings as layers, sometimes bodypaint recording the process, nature photography, etc. Those files then get printed into high-quality canvas and are then re-painted over with acrylic paint to make them unique with only three versions produced of each piece.

The nr. 1/3 of “I Am Satoshi Nakamoto” (above) is still available.

Since I’ve now put a hard cap on the early works made between 2017-2021, only 99 will ever exist. Here is an article on this platform, which was the first ever to be written about my work. There are still some available as the 1/3, like the headlining piece here called “I Am Satoshi Nakamoto”. Soon, the more the market saturates from the thousands above thousands of artists pouring in, the early works will start to stand out as the beginner works of an important art movement.

“Vesa’s art is amongst the most integrally advanced in the history of Western abstraction – no small claim, but one backed up by the works themselves. Rather than abstraction as a fleeing from life, his works are a diving into the incarnate mystery of human being — direct celebrations of the fullness of Life.”

— Michael Schwartz, Professor of History and Philosophy of Art, Augusta State University, March 2014

Already back in 2014, Professor Michael Schwartz put me in the 100MM plus category in substance and delivery. This means Picasso, Dali, Rothko, Pollock, Kahlo, and the usual suspects of every major museum and auction when real money moves. Here is proof of quote.

Also “Soldier of Fortune” from 2017 is still available as a 1/3.

I also implemented a new pricing system called stable art, as the price of these pieces is steadily tied to the foundation of 1 BTC each. To some, the ‘steady’ part will come across weird to begin with but think about it. Fiat value is going steadily up. BTC valued is going steadily up. There actually might come a moment, in the not too distant future, that people will refuse to convert their BTC into fiat anymore. For this, you might need something even more scarce, and higher upward trajectory – early Bitcoin art.

Read the CoinTelegraph article here

Like this 3rd version of the Forbes headlining article on the movement owned by famous OG trader Tone Vays, you can only get it on the secondary market, and Tone is unlikely to part from it for less than 1 BTC, no matter what its fiat value is. That’s if he ever will.

The Tone Vays commission “Selling Banks Their Fat Asses Back” that followed the Fork & Flip collecting, is also sold out as an edition of three. This one was collected from a public auction during Unconfiscatable in 2020 by Willy Woo.

Three works have now sold out. This is Fork And Flip, Beyond Moon, and Selling Banks Their Fat Asses Back. For example, INVISIBILITY, made for the Litecoin Foundation, commissioned direct by Charlie Lee, only has one version left. It is priced at 2 BTC, as some of them increase the price towards the end.

Charlie Lee in Las Vegas 2018 stood next to “Truth Or Dare“, about crypto adoption in India. It still has 2/3 and 3/3 versions available.

Only one of the INVISIBILITY pieces remain for 2 BTC, as some increase towards the end.

These works are available via both crypto and fiat.


Crypto Artist
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Sheesha Finance Liquidity Generation Power

News BTC is mostly a price prediction platform. After writing about the cultural side of crypto for near four years, I’ve come to learn a thing or two about the correlation between leader, community, and price.

Even though I have no qualifications or desire to be a price predictor, I’ve made great friends here who it becomes easier to navigate the projects that have their foundations correct. The Defi burn is on, and I’m privileged to have chosen and accepted the ‘Artistic Ambassador’ title for Sheesha Finance.

Sheesha Finance is a Decentralized Finance venture founded by Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki. The strong team assembled to bring this venture into reality has been vetted by many community members, and approved to make the DeFi story even more interesting.

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“VESA has proven himself to be a leader in the digital art space which is not something that happens overnight. He has worked tirelessly at his craft for years, earning him features in Forbes and allowing him to work with very famous crypto infuencers. We are honored to have VESA as our Artistic Ambassador, guiding us in the decision-making of what artists to bring into our ecosystem and working with our community to educate and deliver quality content.”- Saeed Al Darmaki

The King’s Decentralized Deer

“If it is illegal for a man to fend for himself, how can he be a man in his own right?” -Robin Hood

Speaking of content, here is a thought and myth made visible in modern times. We undoubtedly are living through an unprecedented time in world history with COVID. Despite the rhetoric of “We are in this together” by most passing the lockdown laws, they keep having their paychecks show up, as they wish those well who have no such luck. The deer have been claimed by the king, leaving most with chasing rabbit meat.

While this might feel like a blessing to vegans, the green supply chain is equally affected, and there is a weird increase in supplement prices and kale lately. In this way, perhaps not all health risks this brings us are considered. For that problem, the crypto and DeFi space offer people the freedom to choose the risks they take. The defi space is a continued evolution of the power of the internet & free education for those who choose it instead of the latest episode of reality TV.

This is why I think what the COO Benjamin Leff has to say here matters.

What excites me most about Sheesha Finance is the unique model we have designed that allows exposure to top DeFi projects by way of partnerships and rewards to our stakeholders. Many of these partnerships come from direct relationships with Sheesha Finance team members and advisors. By partnering with such strong projects, our community members will receive tokens of merit. Over time we will turn our project into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) leaving the decision-making to our community! – Ben Leff

There is no closed pre-sale, top rewards, nor hierarchy other than first movers. It’s designed for free will to participate for those who can, and all are welcome to join the community.

As for vetting the project properly, and OG advisory side, here are some words by the one and only Mr. James Bowater, London’s resident crypto insider.

I was super impressed with the team behind Sheesha Finance. In fact Saeed Al Darmaki is member of a few of my WhatsApp community groups. Of course you know Ben Leff which I found out by virtue of his work with Brittany Kaiser. Knowing other folks in the DeFi space like my good friends Stani Kulechov and Julien Bouteloup, one thing I know that is essential is the veracity and security of the coding of the smart contracts and so the final part of my decision process was being satisfied with the audit. I was delighted to find out my good buddy Hartej Sawhney of was not only doing the audit (which Sheesha passed with flying colours) but also joining the advisory team. Since joining Saeed some other familiar and friendly faces have come on board – essentially a great team for a great project which I’m delighted to support. – James Bowater

As my first token of appreciation, I made this NFT, which will be given as a limited to early investors gift. The blockchain coal the sheesha liquid smoke from tells a tale of gentle power. In collaboration with the temperatures, water is the most adaptable of substances we know. It is known the give the right conditions for life, where ever it appears.

Work: Community Drive
Mixed media digital NFT

For Sheesha Finance by VESA

The last but punchy quote of today is by Mr. Matthew Armstrong from Royale Finance.

“The partnership with Sheesha Finance is extremely important for us. It provides the much-needed distribution stability lacking in most DeFi ecosystems today. This mutually beneficial partnership helps Sheesha expand its network partners and reach while providing Royale network participants an interesting investment avenue through Sheesha’s liquidity generation events.” -Matthew Armstrong

For a further deep dive, check out this Medium article on Sheesha Finance.

I’ll soon be traveling back to Dubai to meet some old friends, as well as make new ones. Can’t wait to feel that desert sun on my face.

In the meanwhile, I wish you blessed stakes.


Crypto Artist
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Today 11:40 am EST: First Bitcoin Elite NFT Art Drop

Tonite is a special drop, as it is the launch of The Bitcoin Elite NFT series, which starts with a new creation via a VESA piece titled The Foundation.

You can still join the session via

Alternatively, follow the live feed of purchase and the auction of the 1/1 special at

The piece is called “The Foundation”.

It’s a 20-second mixed media artwork, made to honor Satoshi Nakamoto and the invention of Bitcoin. You can see the 21 version from the link below.


5 BTC + 300 Free Spins for new players & 15 BTC + 35.000 Free Spins every month, only at mBitcasino. Play Now!



This is a promo video about the whole Bitcoin Elite concept

NFT idea:

The universe is born out of the “genesis egg” concept in the Finnish mythology of Kalevala. This work, called The Foundation, dropping as the first piece with the Bitcoin Elite launch tomorrow, explores the forever tension of creation, value, the inevitable ensuing corruption, and return to value. In our recently passed time of postmodernism, we tried to distort everything to be about language, in an attempt to manipulate universal law to suit our perception of it. Due to the invention of Bitcoin, we returned to the construction phase after deconstruction atomized us in the recent decades. A new era began for art then, too, which we might call Integralism.

The work stands with the origin innovation discovery of mathematics, that math always existed, and we just learned its language. In other words, math is not fiction, it’s a tool of discovery. In the same vein, Bitcoin repels corruption by being protected by a decentralized mathematic protocol, more powerful than a single point of idealistic failure.

As Bitcoin is likely to go down in history as one of the greatest inventions of humanity, the piece attempts to not only pay homage to Satoshi Nakamoto but the path now possible because of this genesis.

The work will drop as an edition of 21 and a special 1/1 version.

See you there,


Crypto Artist
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Metaverse: The Bridge Over NFT To Integration

You can now go to a museum in Japan to experience moving digital art. You can also go to a digital platform like Somnium Space, or Superworld, to experience further digital rabbit holes.

Something has been cooking in Helsinki, Finland for a while now though, and we are finally ready to show the world the first snippet of it.

5 BTC + 300 Free Spins for new players & 15 BTC + 35.000 Free Spins every month, only at mBitcasino. Play Now!

So what is now possible?

What you couldn’t yet do, up until yesterday:

  • Go to a physical immersive crypto art space, in which you can podcast about, sit on, and buy digital art, made physical, that comes with #NFT certificates.
  • Be guided to buy digital NFT art, on display via digital screens
  • Have the physical representations come alive via AR apps, so you can watch mini-docs about the art, as well as watch their still representations come alive
  • Become art yourself, via a bodypainting, stills, video, and psychological process titled Artevo, which is then transformed into multi-disciplined digital NFT & physical art.
  • Sit on an art couch, put on VR glasses, and go experience the various rabbit holes created by and on the already existing digital platforms, again available for you to collect also.

A special segment corner of this space, will become a green screen studio, for capturing live performances for NFT art. Brittany Kaiser will be the first international guest, whose life will be turned into integral digital art, launching in Q3 in Dubai & the metaverse. For those still unfamiliar with her story, I recommend “The Great Hack” on Netflix, which now has around 100MM views, revealing the true impact of social media on our lives.

The meta inside the art

Many of you know by now how much effort I put into these artworks, and I’m proud to announce we’ve quietly been working on an AR/VR/AI integrating NFT version of “The Br8ve”, which will drop in a couple of months time. The physical representation of this piece, which took five months to make just into its first version, is now one part of the studio wall in 3x6M size. Soon enough, in Helsinki, Finland, some will be able to point their mobile devices on it, to watch it become alive.

They can then sit on the couch, and experience the full VR experience of it to make further mind-melt bridges on what is possible in this art renaissance of meaning, technology, and purpose.

Here are some insightful influencer comments on FB.

Be Brave

Watch the 30-minute explainer video on “The Br8ve”, revealing the skillset of the potential team behind #BTC – now about to be turned into Physical/AR/VR/AI art.

In order for this space to tranced to earn the meaning behind the word ‘metaverse’, it shouldn’t forget the multi-sensory capacity a human being has in both spirit, matter, and aspiration. I’m incredibly excited to say that this space has a green screen segment for video, a pull-down stills studio inside the circle, sauna facilities, make-up room, chillout area, and much more.

Collect multiple factors of crypto & NFT art history, at once, for less than 1 #ETH.

I recently joined the new Mintable platform with two new experiments. Due to the evolution of how my transition from the legacy art world came about in 2017, most felt my digital art was way too expensive and looked too much like classical renaissance art. The mostly silent critique was that people in the space at the time couldn’t afford it, and the way that I expressed myself ‘was a bit much’. I go into that story more in this episode with Bitcoin LIVE with Nicholaas, which was a real pleasure to do a deep dive with.

I made efforts to course-correct the price thing along the way, but not as significant as these value offers.

The 3D render of the space, with multiple art pieces featuring the whole site, is now available for less than 1 #ETH. All funds will go to build it further. As you might guess, the whole operation will cost significantly more than the edition of 10 will provide, so this is a real opportunity to benefit from helping the independent metaverse culture to thrive.

My long time supporter Mr. Ben Leff already acquired the 1/10 but you can collect:

The 2/10 version here.

The 3/10 version here.

I will mint more as they go, and the price will increase towards the end of the edition.

The other available piece is “Delicatessen”, again, on Mintable.

The $99 drop of an edition of 99 (now $130 due to price rise of #ETH) can be found here. The pieces are minted as they sell, and you can get in on the very early mints now for a very affordable price by today’s NFT standards on long-standing career-level work. It’s also a good way to get acquainted with Zach’s printable series concept, in which the piece mints as it is sold, as opposed to floods your store with NFTs and gas fees.

The idea was that you might have 99 problems but affording a cool limited edition #NFT isn’t one. Of course, as we are in a bull run, ETH has gone up a bit, so the price is now at around $120

Delicatessen is now a 150x150cm print on the wall of Flavorium in Helsinki. The file that comes with the NFT allows you to blow it up to the size of the whole wall or more if you like.

Blockchain Valley Virtual

Another worthy mention is all the incredibly exciting things happening with Blockchain Valley Virtual. There will be big news regarding developments soon, but for now, here is a demo on how Niko ain’t playing around when it comes to making our avatar swag.

Last but certainly not least, I’m just going to leave this here with #subtext.

So, we all have at least 99 problems but keep at it folks.

We are in the best possible sector to be in right now – unless if you are the mercilessly ruling class robbing the world blind. In which case you, still, are in the best sector in the world.


Crypto Artist
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Bitcoin (BTC) $ 26,168.01 0.63%
Ethereum (ETH) $ 1,584.47 0.39%
Litecoin (LTC) $ 63.83 1.05%
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $ 213.75 1.40%