How BitcoinDay Is Building Bitcoin Communities Across The U.S.

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The team behind the BitcoinDay event discusses its mission to bring Bitcoin to more small communities across the country.

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In this episode of “The Bitcoin Magazine Podcast,” host Christian Keroles sat down with Edward Weniger and Benjamin Maenner from AlphaBTC and to talk about everything they are doing to bring Bitcoin to smaller communities across the United States.

BitcoinDay is a traveling Bitcoin conference that was recently held in Omaha, Nebraska and is coming to Kansas City in just a few weeks and is definitely not to be missed. 

“Ben and I are both based in Omaha, and we have our Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Weekend every year, and so I was getting kinda frustrated about that and Warren dogging on Bitcoin, so we decided to start Bitcoin Day,” Weniger explained.

Weniger and Maenner shared their experience starting and operating a Bitcoin company, why it’s important to have meetups all across the United States, what draws people into Bitcoin and what makes the Bitcoin community different, and much more.

“Something different about the Bitcoin community that joins us all together is this altruistic NGU,” Maenner said. “We’re all in it together and I think that allows for the more sovereign-minded community… The community is something else with Bitcoiners you know, everyone is trying to help each other and level up and continue building.”


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