Bitcoin Whales Take Advantage Of Market Crash To Gobble Up Millions In BTC

The bitcoin crash rocked the market to its core when the digital asset had lost over 50% of its all-time high value to bottom out at $33,000. It was as a result of market sell-offs across the financial space, sparking a ripple effect that was felt heavily in the crypto market. Market sentiment had crumbled during this time as investors had scrambled to sell their holdings.

However, not everyone saw the declining prices as a signal to sell before prices tank even more. Whales, who control a large portion of the circulating supply, took this as a cue to buy and have been filling their bags with all of the bitcoin being dumped on the market by panicking investors.

Whale Gobbles Up Traded Bitcoin

In a report from CC15Capital, the trading activities of a whale are outlined. In what came out to be a long document, it shows that the whale had been purchasing tens of thousands of bitcoin every few hours while traders dumped their coins. CC15Capital which is an asset allocator tracked the wallet and discovered that a single bitcoin wallet had been purchasing millions of dollars worth of bitcoin.

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In the event of the past week’s price crash, this single whale had accumulated millions in bitcoin. Each purchase ranged from $2 to $18 million worth of BTC every few hours, averaging 48,000 BTC per purchase.

It looked like the whale was buying up all coins being dumped on the market. By the weekend, the wallet had successfully increased its holdings by a couple of hundred thousand BTC. The more the price dropped, the more bitcoin the whale bought.

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Bitcoin price chart from

BTC trading above $36k | Source: BTCUSD on

CC15Capital, in response, called for bitcoin investors to stop dumping their coins, which are being bought by whales, thereby increasing the concentration of bitcoin supply in the hands of large investors.

Tradable BTC On The Decline

CC15Capital also noted that the volume of bitcoin that is available for sale has gone down. Currently, 14.5 million of the total bitcoin supply is illiquid. This means that this supply has not moved, neither have they been traded. It is the highest concentration of supply which looks to be held for the long-term.

In the same tweet, the asset allocator explains that if the wallets holding this illiquid supply were to increase their holdings by a mere 27%, a total of 4 million BTC, there would be no coins left for sale, driving the supply to zero.

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Other whales have also taken advantage of the sell-offs happening in the market. As the exchange supply is dwindling, these large investors are making sure there is no shortage on their end when a supply squeeze happens.

In two months, a whale wallet that had zero BTC in November has managed to gather an impressthatalance of over $1 billion in BTC. This account looks to have started buying with the crash and has continued to do so ever since. At the time of writing, the wallet balance sits at $1,013,777,643.51.

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Bitcoin Whale Address Containing $11 Million Activates After 9-Year Dormancy

Another bitcoin wallet containing millions of dollars worth of BTC has come out of dormancy. As time goes on, more and more of these wallets are being reactivated by their owners who have, for one reason or another, not transacted using these wallets for years despite having what is considered life-changing money in them. This one has not had any activity on it in over nine years and has now activated after a long stretch of dormancy.

Whale Wallet Activates

Whale Alert, a service that posts activity from wallets with large holdings, reported on Sunday that a dormant bitcoin wallet had reactivated. This wallet contained a total of 235 BTC, amounting to $11,114,901. The wallet had not seen any activity for 9.1 years and was reactivated in 2021. The wallet had moved a total of 100 BTC in a $4.7 million transaction.

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The wallet which had sat for almost a decade without any activity had promptly gone on to carry out multiple transactions. In the next couple of hours, the wallet holder performed a couple of transactions that emptied out the balance of the wallet into another wallet and the balance now sits at zero.

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Bitcoin price chart from

BTC slumps ahead of market opening | Source: BTCUSD on

How Do Bitcoin Wallets Go Dormant?

There are a number of reasons why a bitcoin wallet would go dormant. One of those is in the event of the wallet holder losing the keys to the wallet. This can happen when a holder forgets that they have bitcoin or may be stored the keys somewhere they can no longer access it. It could take a while for a wallet holder to recover their keys and access said wallet.

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About 20% of all bitcoins are estimated to have already been lost due to users who have lost their keys or have died. There is also the speculation of people who have gone to jail may have had to wait till they got out to access their coins.

Finally, there are the super holders who have held out for years. These diamond hands got in early and have held their bitcoin through all of the ups and downs of the market. Now, they are reaping the rewards of their patience as they finally move their BTC after all these years.

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One of the Largest Bitcoin Whales in History Moves $913,000,000 in BTC

One of the largest Bitcoin (BTC) whales in the world is moving more than $913 million worth of BTC this week. notes an unknown wallet transferred more than 15,078 Bitcoin for a fee of only 0.00001660 BTC, worth about $0.99 at time of writing, earlier this week.

The sending wallet now holds zero Bitcoin but would currently be the 53rd-richest Bitcoin address in the world were it not for the transfer, according to BitInfoCharts.

A second unknown address received the Bitcoin, transferring most of it less than an hour later to a third unknown wallet.

About an hour and a half after receiving the BTC, the third unknown wallet sent the Bitcoin trove to a fourth unknown address.

An hour and a half after receiving BTC from the third wallet, the fourth unknown wallet transferred the Bitcoin to a fifth unknown address, where it sits today.

That fifth unknown address has assumed the title of 53rd-richest Bitcoin wallet in the world, with holdings worth about $898 million at time of writing, according to BitInfoCharts.

Bitcoin is trading at $59,507.60 at time of writing and is down 3.87% on the day.

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Bitcoin Whale Wallet With $150 Million Activated After 8 Years

A good portion of the bitcoin supply has been lost due to holders dying or forgetting their private keys. These coins will never be recovered and are regarded as lost bitcoins. They play into the scarcity factor that drives the value of bitcoin up. It is estimated that 20% of the digital asset has been lost. These could technically still be recovered but it is unlikely since losing a private key means losing the coins held in the wallet.

Since so much of the asset is lost, the rest remaining in circulation are more valuable than ever, especially given the limited supply of bitcoin. Sometimes, though, some of these wallets with BTC which have been regarded as a lost cause can be reactivated again. It could be the holder finally managed to find their lost private keys or they had simply been holding for that long.

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One of these wallets, dormant for eight years with millions in BTC, has just been reactivated and coins have moved out for the first time in a long time.

Whale Wallet Activates

A whale wallet holding 2,207 BTC has now been activated after spending 8.1 years in dormancy. Whale Alert reported the activation after the wallet began moving BTC out.

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The amount contained in the wallet was only worth $294K when the last transaction occurred on the account. Now, 8 years later, the value of the coins held in the wallet has grown so much that it is now worth over $150 million in 2021. One could speculate as to why the wallet has only begun to transact now but there could be a number of factors at play that could lead to such a long dormancy period.

Bitcoin price chart from

BTC falls to $65K | Source: BTCUSD on

It could be that the owner of the wallet forgot that they had this wallet. It might sound impossible but could very well be the case. A more likely scenario would be that the wallet owner forgot their private key and could not find it for a long time. Maybe they were finally able to access the wallet in 2021.

Another scenario could be that this is a case of diamond hands. There are holders who have held through thick and thin in the bitcoin market over the years and have refused to sell. This holder could be one of them. Whatever the situation, the reality remains that this is now a very rich holder and they may begin to take profits over the next couple of days.

Inflation Announcement Sends Bitcoin Soaring

Inflation figures for the U.S. were recently announced and the figures came out higher than previous figures. Inflation rates for the country currently sit at 6.2%, higher than anticipated. The growing inflation rates have been a concern for investors in the market. Sending them running to cryptocurrencies, which have proven to be an effective inflation hedge.

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The recent announcement though spelled good news for the market. After inflation figures came in, bitcoin had rallied towards a new all-time high. This is indicative of investors putting their money into the digital asset to keep it from being affected by inflation.

Bitcoin had rallied above $69K for the first time on Wednesday, setting a new record before the close of the trading day.

Featured image from Bitcoin News, chart from


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Bitcoin Bearish Signal: On-Chain Data Shows Whales Have Started Selling

On-chain data shows whale ratio has exceeded the 0.50 mark, historically a sign that whales are dumping in the short term.

Bitcoin Whales Have Started Selling Their Coins

As pointed out by a CryptoQuant post, the Bitcoin whale ratio has started going up above the 0.50 level. This signal has usually meant a bearish outlook for the crypto in the short term.

The BTC all exchanges whale ratio is an indicator that gives an estimation of how many whales are sending their coins to exchanges.

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The metric does so by taking the sum of the top 10 transactions to each exchange and dividing it with the total inflow on all exchanges.

Exchange Whale Ratio= Sum of Top 10 Exchange Inflow TXs (BTC) ÷ Total Exchange Inflows in BTC

The “inflow” is another indicator, it gives the total amount of Bitcoin entering into exchange wallets from personal ones.

When the whale ratio rises, it means the top 10 transactions to exchanges are taking up a larger part of the total BTC going into these exchanges.

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This means more whales have started sending their coins to exchanges, either for withdrawing to fiat or stablecoins, or for purchasing altcoins.

On the other hand, when the value moves down, it means the general small transactions make up the majority of the inflows to exchanges, and that Bitcoin whales aren’t moving their coins around at this time.

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Here is a chart showing the trend in the value of the indicator over the past year:

Bitcoin Whale Ratio

Bitcoin Whale Ratio

The Bitcoin whale ratio has once again started climbing up | Source: CryptoQuant

As the above graph shows, the whale ratio has soared many times in the past year, and whenever it has, a crash in the price of the coin has also followed shortly after.

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Looks like the whale ratio has once again started to move up as its value now crosses 0.50. This could indicate that BTC might move down next in the short term at least.

BTC Price

At the time of writing, Bitcoin’s price floats around $42k, down 3% in the last seven days. Over the last month, the crypto has lost 13% in value.

The below chart shows the trend in the price of the coin over the last five days:

Bitcoin Price Chart

Bitcoin Price Chart

BTC's price seems to have crashed down once again | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView

After showing some recovery from the crash due to news about China’s ban, Bitcoin has once again crashed down back to $42k after going up near $44.5k.

If the whale ratio is anything to go by, the price might continue to move further down in the short term. Maintaining above $40k is going to be crucial for any big moves forward.


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Bitcoin Whale Ratio Soars, Could A Crash Be Coming?

The Bitcoin all exchanges whale ratio has soared, which might be an indicator that a crash could be coming soon, based on past patterns.

The All Exchanges Whale Ratio Soars

As pointed out by a CryptoQuant post, the Bitcoin All Exchanges Whale Ratio had a sharp spike on Sunday.

The BTC All Exchanges Whale Ratio is defined as the total amount of coins in top 10 transactions of all exchanges (that is, the transactions with the most BTC sent) divided by the total amount of coins flowing into the exchanges.

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Bitcoin All Exchanges Whale Ratio= Sum of Top 10 Exchange Inflow TXs (BTC)​ ÷ Total Exchange Inflows in BTC

The indicator shows the relative size of the top transactions to the total inflows on all exchanges. Based on which, it becomes possible to tell the ratio of whales that are using the exchanges.

Now, here is how the Bitcoin all exchanges whale ratio chart looks like for the year 2021:

Bitcoin Whale Ratio

Bitcoin Whale Ratio

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The BTC whale ratio seems to have risen | Source: CryptoQuant

As is clear from the chart, the value of the Bitcoin all exchanges whale ratio seems to have sharply increased recently.

A notable feature of the graph is that the value of the indicator right now, about 0.6, has only been surpassed by three other occasions in the year.

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And shortly after those periods where the ratio spiked, a decline in the price of Bitcoin has always been observed.

The reason behind the drop is that whenever the indicator increases in value, it means whales are sending their BTC to exchanges for selling/exchanging purposes. Whales dumping their coins has always driven the price down.

Bitcoin Price

As of the time of publishing, BTC’s price is going around 33.5k, down almost 0.8% in the last 7 days. Compared to one month ago, its trading value is about 6% lower.

Here is a chart noting the trend in Bitcoin’s price over the last 6 months:

Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price

BTC's price seems to be on a downtrend | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView

The price of Bitcoin continues to be range bound as the crypto fails to escape the $35k resistance line. The volatility has dropped to the lowest of the year as the coin’s price stagnates.

Based on the behavior of the indicator this past year, the current spike in the BTC All Exchanges Whale Ratio might suggest that a drop in the price could be coming soon.

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It’s unclear how much the price would drop if the pattern indeed holds, and whether the market will enter a bear market afterwards. It’s also possible that a small dip could be there that’s followed by a long-term bull market.


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Bitcoin Whale Warns Of “November 2018 Vibes.” What This Means

Known Bitcoin whale JOE007 compared current market trends to November 2018 trends. Calling it November 2018 vibes. This was in reply to a tweet that called Bitcoin at $30K the new Bitcoin at $6K, referring to the market trends of 2018 when Bitcoin crashed after the bull market ended.

Replying to the tweet, Joe tweeted; “Except 5 times more expensive.” With a follow-up tweet that said, “November 2018 vibes, anyone?”

This is a nod to the November 2018 crash when Bitcoin fell and lost over 80 percent of its value from the beginning of the year 2018.

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Bitcoin Set To Crash More?

A November 2018 movement for Bitcoin would mean that Bitcoin still has some falling to do. While Bitcoin has lost a good percentage of its all-time high, there is still a long way to go since the asset has only lost about 60% of its value so far.

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Despite bullish sentiments in the market, the price of Bitcoin hasn’t picked up much in recent months. Mostly held in the $30K price range for most of that time. Bears are trying to drag the price further down. Getting it to a point where it would be more profitable to buy. But that has not been the case as traders have managed to get the price back over $30K and keep it there.

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November 2018 market trends would see the price of Bitcoin crash back to $12K. This would be the point at which Bitcoin will have lost over 80% of its all-time high. Putting the market right in a bear market. But regardless, $12K is still a higher price than the $3,878.66 low that Bitcoin hit in November 2018.

The price of Bitcoin had fallen a whopping 37% percent in that month alone. And that’s how the subsequent bear market started, which lasted straight into 2020 until prices started picking back up. Leading us to the current bull market wave that the market has been riding up until this point.

Prices To Pick Back Up?

Responding to a question about if he was ever bullish on Bitcoin, Joe explained that he believes the price would go back up eventually. Much higher than current prices. But for now, the Bitcoin whale seems to remain bearish on the market.

Bitcoin chart from

Bitcoin chart from

Bitcoin up 0.43% in 24 hours | Source: BTCUSD on

With each bull market comes a bear market. The hard part is predicting when the bull market ends and where the bear market begins. With investors dumping their coins, it would seem that people do not believe that the price has hit its bottom yet.

Usually buying happens when investors start to see that the bottom is imminent and it was time to get back in before a rally.

If whales are seeing November 2018 vibes in the market, does that mean that the prices are more likely to go down than up? It could. But predicting Bitcoin price movements has never been an easy feat. The market’s volatility makes it so that price movements are usually erratic and predictions are mostly just opinions.

Prominent figures like Jim Cramer have said he has sold his bitcoins as they predict a further crash coming. While others like Billionaire Ricardo Salinas have said that investing in Bitcoin was the best thing for any portfolio.

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Analyst John Bolinger said last month that Bitcoin was going to reclaim $50,000. With billionaire Tim Draper giving an even staggering prediction of Bitcoin hitting $250,000 by the year 2022.

But most of these are just speculations. Institutional investors are still bringing their money into the market. Although it seems that it is not enough to move the price of Bitcoin upward.

Bitcoin is currently trading at $33,400, up 0.43% in the last 24 hours. With an overall market cap of approximately $627B.

Featured image from Nairametrics, chart from


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Bitcoin whale from 2010 moves 100 BTC for first time in 11 years

A veteran miner has cracked open their 2010 stash of Bitcoin, with crypto analysts spotting 100 BTC being transferred from two wallets that had laid dormant for more than a decade.

Prior to today’s transaction, the addresses had not seen any activity since receiving a 50 BTC Coinbase reward each nearly 11 years ago, except for two incoming transactions worth just 0.00000547 BTC each that were sent to the wallets in the last six months.

The Feb. 25 transaction combined the two mining address outputs, indicating both addresses belong to the same owner. The two blocks were mined only a couple of hours apart on Jun. 10, 2010.

Bitcoin is currently trading for $49,800, giving the coins a combined value of nearly $5 million. With BTC trading for $0.08 when the coins were mined, the whale’s holdings have increased in value by 622,500 times.

About half of the coins were moved to a wallet belonging to German peer-to-peer exchange, which has been in operation since 2011. For now, the remaining coins are sitting in a newly created legacy address.

Forked altcoins such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV) have not yet been peeled from the BTC.

The coins, mined in blocks 60365 and 60385, are unlikely to belong to Satoshi Nakamoto, who is suggested to have mined at least 1.1 million BTC.

The movement of 2010 era coins is an uncommon occurrence, with researchers identifying just 18 transactions involving BTC with inputs from July 2010 or before in 2021 so far.

In May 2020, 50 Bitcoin moved from a 2009 mining address, triggering excited speculation the BTC may have belonged to Satoshi.