Bitcoin Leverage: Lack Of Liquidations Could Indicate Another Wave Of Selling

Bitcoin finally broke below the $40K point this past weekend. This had sent the cryptocurrency back towards six-month lows. One thing though was that liquidations or the digital asset remained lower than expected. The current liquidation volumes lay well below the volumes that have accompanied previous crashes like this one. This could be a very important indicator for the market.

Bitcoin Liquidations Remain Low In Shakeout

Previously, whenever the price of bitcoin had dumped this hard, liquidation volumes have quickly risen. This is due to the massive sell-offs that follow such crashes as investors try to get out of a bleeding market. This time around, bitcoin liquidation volumes have not jumped. They remain really low, indicating that maybe investors were not done selling their holdings.

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If this is the case, then there may be more downside coming as the week runs toward the end. Massive sell-offs have already sent the digital asset to lows not seen since mid-last year. Another round of sell-offs could end up pushing the cryptocurrency’s value down below $30K.

Last Friday, when the price of BTC had successfully broken below $40,000, the bitcoin futures and perpetual markets were rocked by liquidation. By the time the beginning of the weekend rolled around, over $854 million in long liquidations were already recorded. This may seem like a lot but compared to previous iterations of this type of shakeout, liquidations have fallen short.

Chart showing bitcoin liquidations across exchanges

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BTC liquidation volumes fall short of expectations | Source: Arcane Research

May 2021 was the last time that BTC’s price had taken a similar plunge. In total, the market saw $4.8 billion worth of liquidated longs across the market. Indicating that the sell-off in May was more intense than those recorded in January of 2022. One explanation for the low liquidation volumes is that traders were able to re-allocate and add collateral to underwater trades, given that they’ve had more time to reassess their positions.

Where Are The Liquidations Happening?

Another reason for the low liquidation volumes could be the data available for analysis. Back in May 2021, crypto exchanges like Binance and ByBit had their bitcoin liquidation data out for anyone who wanted to have a look. Since then, there has been a change by both exchanges where they now restrict their liquidation. Now, analysts are having to guesstimate liquidation volumes using historical data from the exchanges.

Bitcoin price chart on

BTC price begins uptrend | Source: BTCUSD on

Binance still retains dominance of the market, thus, not having access to the crypto exchange’s bitcoin liquidation data could severely affect the volumes of liquidations being reported. The crypto exchange’s dominance in the market has risen since before its data was restricted, suggesting an even larger pool of liquidations that are not being reported correctly.

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Nevertheless, the liquidations have spilled into other spaces in the industry. Decentralized finance (DeFi) did not escape the onslaught in the least as it was also rocked by liquidations.

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Market Sentiment Crumbles As Sell-Offs Drags Bitcoin To $33,000

The current market crash is no doubt one of the hardest to hit in recent times. Bitcoin as well as other digital assets have suffered massive dips as a result of the crash. For Bitcoin, the pioneer cryptocurrency has had more than 50% of its all-time high shaved off in the last two months. This has caused it to hit new six-month lows as its price crashes to $33,000 for the first time since the summer.

Market sentiment has since nosedived in accordance with the movement of the market. As investors become increasingly wary of the market, more so than it was during the crash in May, sentiment has skewed entirely into the negative. The Fear & Greed Index puts this into perspective with its current rating as it now sits at one-year lows, crashing to 11 on the scale.

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Fear & Greed Index Goes Haywire

The Fear & Greed Index has been consistently declining into the negative as bitcoin and others have continued to record massive fluctuations. Now, though, the index has gone completely berserk as it crashes into one of the lowest recorded points. On Sunday, the Fear & Greed Index hit a score of 11, completely registering sentiment in the negative as it dived into extreme fear.

The following day has not come with much good news as the Fear & Greed Index still shows that investors are very wary of the market. The index currently sits at 13 at the time of this writing, a mere 2 points higher than its weekend low of 11. Nevertheless, the Fear & Greed Index has now spent a week in extreme fear as last week concluded with the index in the same territory.

Fear & Greed Index goes into Extreme Fear

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Fear & Greed Index remains in extreme fear | Source:

Sell-offs remain the order of the day with investors scrambling to save themselves from more losses. It looks to be what is the start of another stretched-out bear market, as the last time something like this occurred was in 2018. After this, the market did not recover for another two years. If history is anything to go by, then the downtrend may not be over, with some predicting the bottom to be as low as $10,000.

Bitcoin Liquidations Rack Up

Amidst the sell-offs and price crash has been massive liquidations. Bitcoin long traders have naturally borne the brunt of the recorded liquidations with hundreds of millions of dollars in longs liquidated in the space of 24 hours. BTC liquidations racked up to $390 million in a single day, while the 12-day chart looks even worse with more liquidations taking place.

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In total, there have been over $283 million in bitcoin liquidated in the last 12 hours. Longs have made up 80.8% of all liquidations according to data from Coinglass. OKEx, Binance, and FTX maintain the lead for exchanges with most liquidations as the majority have occurred on these platforms.

Bitcoin price chart from

BTC recovers to $34k | Source: BTCUSD on

Bitcoin’s price continues to trend low, touching $33,000 in the early hours of Monday. Twitter is abuzz with talk of the bitcoin crash with #BitcoinCrash trending. The digital asset is now trading at $34,200, with indicators pointing towards further dips.

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Bitcoin Long Traders Bear The Weight As Liquidations Continue

Bitcoin liquidations have continued as the year draws to an end. The year has been rocked with liquidations that have gone past the $100 billion mark and there does not seem to be a stop even as 2022 rolls around. Long traders have had to bear the brunt of the losses given the recent downtrend. As bitcoin looks set to finish the year off below $50K, these losses will continue well into the year.

Bitcoin Liquidations Continue

Data on the 12 and 24-hour scales on Coinglass shows that bitcoin liquidations have not really slowed down. This number has climbed for the past 12 hours as of the time of this writing and has grown past $31 million in the same time period. For the 24-hour volume, the number is much higher at $46 million but shows more losses recorded over the last 2 hours than the whole day.

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This follows the general trend of 2021 that has seen long traders suffer tremendously in the market. While there certainly was money to be made for these long traders due to the various bull rallies that the market experienced, the crashes were swift and brutal leading to quick liquidations that went into the billions of dollars.

Bitcoin price chart from

BTC trading at $47K | Source: BTCUSD on

Bitcoin short traders have been doing well with the downtrend as bears continue to drag BTC’s price down. The majority of the liquidations recorded for the digital assets have been for long traders. The highest volume has been from crypto exchange Binance which hosts the majority of traders in the market given its trading volume.

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Ethereum Trades Not Left Out

Bitcoin traders are not the only ones suffering the effects of ongoing market liquidations. Ethereum traders are also bearing a significant portion of the weight with this. The digital asset has also seen traders get rekt on both the 12 and 24-hour time frames, with liquidations going into the tens of millions.

Like bitcoin, the 12-hour liquidations have made more impact than their 24-hour counterparts. Ethereum liquidations for the past 12 hours have come out to over $21 million. While on the 24-hour scale, there have been a total of $38 million in liquidations going on.

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Long traders are once again seeing the majority of the losses. Since ETH’s price, moving in tandem with that of bitcoin has continued to decline, these long traders are seeing their positions liquidated and are incurring heavy losses. Additionally, Binance is also the exchange recording most of the liquidations on this end.

LUNA traders are also feeling some of the heat with over $2 million liquidated in the past 24 hours. If the market continues its current trend, traders may only be seeing what is the start of a stretched-out period of liquidations.

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September Leaves Behind Trail Of Blood, Bitcoin Long Liquidations

After what looked to be a month of prosperity following the August bull run, Bitcoin has now entered into an era of increasingly bearish signals. The asset had seen a number of rallies that pushed it over two-month highs, successfully breaking above the $52K resistance range on a number of occasions. Throwing the entire market into a stretched-out period of positive sentiment.

September has now come with its own unique set of problems for the digital asset. Bitcoin price has been suffering since the beginning of the month, ushered in with a flash crash that rocked the market only a week into September. The market continues to suffer from the aftershock of this flash crash, which has left a trail of blood in the market, and led to massive liquidations.

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Bitcoin Price Crash Leads To Sell-Offs

In only a matter of days, the price of bitcoin has fallen from $47,000 to $40,000, which triggered liquidations in the market. The long liquidations totaled up to the tune of $860 million across exchanges. The liquidations took place over two days when the price of the digital asset had inevitably fallen to $40,000 on Tuesday, September 21st. Although significant, the liquidations, which were spread across two days, still sat below the sell-offs seen following the September 7th crash.

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Monday marked the beginning of the liquidations as the market saw $470 million long positions liquidated. And the following Tuesday, a total of $390 million long positions were liquidated as well. At this point, the price of bitcoin had hit levels not seen since mid-August. And as market sentiment shifted into the negative, the price continued to plunge.

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Chart showing bitcoin long liquidations

Chart showing bitcoin long liquidations

BTC longs liquated on Monday and Tuesday add up to $860 million | Source: Arcane Research

Current sell-off volumes have remained beneath the $1.2 billion sell-off in early September, suggesting that this current sell-off is more organic than previous ones. Also, it shows that the current market is more influenced by spot activity compared to the derivatives market.

September And Its Chokehold On The Market

September has historically come with challenges for the crypto market. So the crash that rocked bitcoin and the entire market at the beginning of the month is on-brand. Crashes with at least a 17% value loss have happened in September for the past four years and it looks like 2021 has fallen in line with this trend.

However, the end of September has always come with better forecasts for the following month. Chart analysis show crashes in the month precede recoveries that put the market on course to regain its lost value. Setting the market up for another bull run.

Bitcoin price chart from

Bitcoin price chart from

BTC price trading north of $43K | Source: BTCUSD on

The price of BTC has now recovered above its Tuesday’s lows, which saw the digital asset plunge below $40K. Bitcoin is currently trading above $42,000 at the time of writing. While the total market cap has fallen below $800 billion.

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