ConsenSys Acquires Hal to Improve Alerts

ConsenSys, a company that provides services related to blockchain technology, has just completed the purchase of Hal, a platform for no-code blockchain development tools, with the purpose of causing a disruption in Web3’s alerts and notifications at the protocol level.

ConsenSys’ Web3 API provider Infura will be able to include Hal’s configurable webhooks or notification service into its developer stack as a direct consequence of the acquisition. As a direct result of this modification, it will be much simpler for developers to generate warnings and notifications at the protocol level for a wide range of signals.

According to ConsenSys, Infura offers a collection of tools to link apps, which the developer community may use to connect applications to the Ethereum network and other decentralized platforms. These tools were developed by Infura. The collection of these tools is sometimes referred to as a suite.

According to Eleazar Galano, one of the co-founders of Infura, the company wants to fix inadequacies in the present approach of creating apps for the bitcoin ecosystem. This information was provided by Galano. In relation to the acquisition of Hal by ConsenSys, Galano made the following statement: “Enabling developers to have a seamless end-to-end experience is a critical objective, and one of the most important trends is the use of little code / no code solutions.”

In February of 2022, ConsenSys successfully finalized the purchase of Ethereum wallet interface provider MyCrypto with the purpose of improving both the security of MetaMask and the level of the user experience it provides.

ConsenSys purchased Hal in order to expand upon this endeavor, which has been ongoing for an entire year, and to make it possible for MetaMask to provide a dynamic and tailored notification system. Additionally, the acquisition of Hal was made in order to make it possible for ConsenSys to expand upon this endeavor.


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Blockchain in Fintech Sector Expected to Hit $31.4B by 2030

Blockchain in the fintech market is anticipated to reach $31.4 billion by 2030, given that the penetration of this cutting-edge technology in the financial industry has boosted app-based operations.

The study by Market Research Future (MRFR) pointed out that a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 47.9% would be recorded in the forecast period between 2021 and 2030. 


Open banking and the high adoption of international payment platforms are the key driving forces behind the market expansion.


Since blockchain technology aids transparency, transaction security, and detection of fraudulent activities, it has been a major catalyst in the fintech industry’s growth even during the pandemic. 


Working capital has become fundamental in the current era where inflation and surging interest rates continue wreaking havoc. As a result, the fintech sector aims to fill the void as companies seek to attain greater economies in the mission-critical cash cycle. 


Therefore, blockchain is expected to unlock more opportunities by automating supply chain finance.


North America takes the lion’s share in the fintech and blockchain market, followed by Europe and the Asia Pacific. Per the report:

“North America heads the global blockchain in the fintech market, witnessing the growing adoption of advanced technologies. Besides, the growing fintech industry and the rising demand for secure payment processes from online applications boost the region’s market shares.”

Moreover, market growth in Europe is anticipated to soar based on surging payment security and internet connectivity needs. 


On the other hand, the increasing numbers of call centres, websites, and mobile applications in the Asia Pacific region are expected to foster more development in the blockchain in the fintech market. 


Meanwhile, the fintech sector in Singapore made notable strides in 2021 by hitting $3.94 billion, with crypto and blockchain funding contributing nearly half at $1.48 billion, Blockchain.News reported. 

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Crypto​.com is the #1 app in the Google Play Store in the US

Cryptocurrency exchange now tops the charts as the most downloaded app for the U.S. Google Play Store across all categories.

According to the most recent list of Google Play Store’s top free apps,’s app has surged in number of downloads to jump to the 1st position ahead of TikTok. Coinbase’s app sits at 3rd ahead of Cash App, while Voyager Digital is 10th following the trading platform’s announcement it would be partnering with the Dallas Mavericks basketball team.’s rising popularity could be the result of the exchange releasing an ad campaign featuring actor Matt Damon, arguably one of the biggest celebrities to throw his name behind a cryptocurrency exchange. The “fortune favors the brave” ad, which went live last week, is aimed at reaching a global audience of potential crypto users and investors.

The number of downloads for a company’s app could be viewed as an indicator of market interest. While currently holds the top position on the Google Play Store, the exchange’s app was the 3rd most downloaded on the U.S. Apple App Store last week — it has since fallen to the #20 position. Though the campaign featuring Damon likely contributed to the price of the native Coin (CRO) rising to a six-month high of $0.2294 on Oct. 29, the token has dropped roughly 7% to reach $0.2134 at the time of publication.

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The description of’s trading app also includes Shiba Inu (SHIB) following Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). The price of the Dogecoin (DOGE) clone token has surged significantly in the last year, with some retail businesses now accepting it as a form of payment.