Apple’s New Guidelines Permit NFTs But There’s a Caveat

American multinational tech giant, Apple Inc, the owner of the App Store, one of the largest application hosting platforms in the world has updated its guidelines to include an accommodation for its hosted apps to integrate Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).


While this may come as very big news considering the exposure the new allowance will grant to developers and apps to integrate NFTs, Apple’s guidelines come with some form of limitations. The updated guideline reads;

“Apps may use in-app purchase to sell and sell services related to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), such as minting, listing, and transferring. Apps may allow users to view their own NFTs, provided that NFT ownership does not unlock features or functionality within the app. Apps may allow users to browse NFT collections owned by others, provided that the apps may not include buttons, external links, or other calls to action that direct customers to purchasing mechanisms other than in-app purchase.”

The update can be said to be positive and negative as the functionalities are generally limited which may not augur well for developers to maximize the traffic generated from the app.

NFTs as an offshoot of blockchain technology is going mainstream and the number of tech giants, particularly those in the social media space, supporting its growth has continued to grow over the past year. While Reddit has launched its own NFT collection, Twitter started permitting NFT owners to feature NFTs as their profile pictures earlier in the year.

While these moves help publicize the potential inherent in the technology, Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook launched support for NFTs across some of its applications including Instagram. 

With most of these applications running on the App Store, the new Apple allowance will notably help advance their embrace, and developers can count this as a win, despite the limitations applicable.

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Apple to Permit Developers to Host NFT-Based Apps on App Store

American multinational tech giant Apple Inc is coming to terms and is billed to allow Web3.0 startups to sell their Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) through its App Store.


With the new policy, marketplaces like OpenSea, LooksRare, and Magic Eden, amongst others, can offer their hosted digital collectables for sale through the Apple Pay gateway.

While it is no news that the broader crypto ecosystem and the NFT offshoot have experienced dwindling patronage over the past year with the advent of the crypto winter, the latest allowance from Apple may help stir some resurgence in the market.

Prior to this time, the privacy features of Apple have made NFT developers shun the App Store as a gateway to market their products. While NFT and crypto-related applications are permitted, the allowances were very slim.

According to a report by The Information, NFT startups have shunned Apple partly because of the 30% charges it levies on every transaction. Magic Eden co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Sidney Zhang reiterated this in an interview.

With the new allowance, developers are left to choose between boycotting the tech giant’s systems because of the high fees or embracing the opportunity based on its extensive market reach. 

The Web3.0 ecosystem is expanding at a prolific rate, and innovators in the space are doing all they can to position their businesses to capture the market growth. Investors are also pulling in the weight to aid the evolution of Web3.0 protocols to accelerate their product and service offerings through consistent funding.

The contributions from tech giants like Apple will help change the paradigm for all players in the space as the company, alongside Google, has dominated the Stores through which startups can host their mobile applications. In the age where many P2E games are being developed, these provisions from Apple will go a long way to offer flexibility for developers who embrace the terms.

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Apple Seeks Crypto Talents In Charge Of Alternative Payments Business

Based on a job listing posted on Tuesday, May 25, Apple Inc., is seeking to hire a business development manager to be in charge of alternative payments, including cryptocurrencies.

The new role will be responsible for including screening potential partners, developing “alternative payment” partners, negotiating and signing deals. Also, to develop new programs and features for Apple’s wallet, payment, and commercial team. This means the new position will closely work with Apple’s wallet, payment, and commerce team.

“Lead the partnership program with key players in the Alternative Payments ecosystem, covering the complete process of partner identification, business case development and socialization, partnership negotiation, contract signing and execution, go to market launch and continued partnership value growth,” the job listing stated.

The recruitment requires candidates who are experienced in being the role of lead negotiator includes alternative payment experience in cryptocurrency, digital wallet, as well as other fast-growing forms of payments like BNPL (buy now, pay later services), among others.

Crypto enthusiasts rapidly seized the job opportunity, with the understanding that the Silicon Valley-based firm is preparing to dive deeper into payments through cryptocurrencies.  

Crypto Creeping into Mainstream  

The potential recruitment comes at a time when Apple start preparing in low-profile for payments by Bitcoin through its Wallet app.

The company does not want to be left behind as mainstream firms are jumping on the crypto bandwagon.

Apple seems to follow other competitors, such as Samsung which announced its plans to create native cold storage wallets on its smartphones recently.

In February 2019, Samsung began making a big push for its flagship Galaxy 10 smartphones to natively store Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies.

In February this year, the BitPay wallet app rolled out support on major payment applications like Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Although the Coinbase App store listing currently does not support Apple Pay, it plans to bring a safer, faster way to spend cryptocurrencies to iOS users soon.

Reportedly, Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies can now be used for payments using the Apple Pay app.  

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