IoTeX Is Now an Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN) in China and the U.S.

IoTeX is now part of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN) in the U.S. and China, a press release on Feb 25 reveals.

A Boost for IoTeX, AWS Widely Adopted by Fortune 500 Companies

The APN is a global partner program tailored for technology and consulting businesses. It is fitting. Already, over 90 percent of some of the most valuable Fortune 500 companies utilize AWS, aptly using APN partner solutions and services.

From a market standpoint, the deal is a massive boost for IoTeX. For instance, the technology company and an IoT leader will have preferred access to business opportunities and in other AWS client-facing webinars.

At the same time, IoTeX stands to collaborate with any AWS clients keen on integrating IoT into their business operations.

Altogether, more client on-boarding and utilization of IoTeX solutions translate to more value for token holders. Additionally, there is more exposure for a platform offering differentiated solutions that will power an inevitable machine economy.

Presence in China and the United States

It is a significant step in the right direction for IoTeX—a blockchain-based platform that’s looking to create a network that will power the next generation Internet-of-Trusted Things.

Specifically, IoTeX is now the Select Technology Partner in the United States for the APN.

However, in China, it notched it higher. By joining hands with High Cloud—a senior consulting partner with AWS, the platform will optimize their cloud-based storage and services for uCam and other devices powered by IoTeX in China.

Their experience in China was different. Unlike other regions of the world, there are no data centers in China.

For this reason, IoTeX had to make additional partners in the world and optimize the technical architecture of uCam to meet the need of their Chinese clients. The IoTeX-powered uCam is secure and brings data control back to the user, not corporations.

Now, clients in China can encrypt and save their video files in the AWS cloud while not giving up on privacy. Files are decrypted only on the uCam.

Streamlining Nodes and Provide IoT Solutions

The immediate objective for IoTeX is to streamline their delegation nodes, of which most operate their nodes directly from the AWS.

Also, they intend to explore the suite of AWS IoT services to determine whether they can build synergy with uCam and the recently launched Pebble Tracker.

Concurrently, IoTeX will, following this collaboration and as an APN, provide blockchain and IoT software solutions that will be integrated and hosted directly on the AWS platform.

It will be advantageous not only for IoTeX, seeking to claw a market share and be a force in the supply of trusted and verifiable data broadcasted by a web of IoTeX-powered devices, but for AWS users. The IoTeX Pantheon is now part of the AWS marketplace.

Pantheon Available at AWS Marketplace

Therefore, users can manage IoT devices using their technology.

Pantheon is IoTeX’s Enterprise-ready consortium blockchain specifically designed for the burgeoning but future-critical IoT.

Unlike HyperLedger and Enterprise Ethereum, which are general-purpose blockchains, Pantheon is designed from the ground-up to solve heavy clients’ needs. Therefore, it supports full-stack IoT use cases that are shared directly by partner enterprises.

Thus, the Pantheon blockchain allows for user and group management, expanded IoT-Oriented capabilities, and a Full-Stake framework for easy synchronization with other IoTeX technologies.

Through Pantheon, users can create a trusted council of members for data sharing, process automation, and powering other needs that require trusted data from IoTeX devices.

With this partnership, users—including private networks, can now run on the IoTeX protocol through the AWS cloud for permissioned deployment.

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