Animoca Brands subsidiary Darewise Entertainment Secures US$3.5M for Bitcoin Metaverse Ecosystem Token

Darewise Entertainment, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, announced on 17 October 2023, a successful pre-sale event, accumulating US$3.5 million ahead of its Bitcoin metaverse ecosystem token launch. The funds are slated for the further development of the Bitcoin metaverse ecosystem under Darewise’s initiative, with a particular focus on their upcoming “AAA” MMO game, Life Beyond. This announcement follows the revelation made on 14 September 2023, regarding the launch of a new ecosystem token on the Bitcoin blockchain, with Life Beyond as its inaugural adopter.

The pre-sale saw participation from key gaming investors and Web3 venture capital entities like Gamefi Ventures, London Real Ventures, Citizen Capital, Blocore, Animoca Ventures, and Yat Siu, who is the co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands. The wide array of investors from the gaming and Web3 culture signifies a robust confidence in Darewise’s project, resonating with the innovative integration of the Bitcoin ecosystem for a new digital experience.

The token, yet to be launched by Darewise, is envisaged to power a comprehensive ecosystem on the Bitcoin blockchain, encompassing gaming, brand collaborations, and In Real Life (IRL) experiences. Life Beyond is set to pioneer the utilization of the token, facilitating transactions for in-game assets, virtual lands, among other features. The ecosystem token is anticipated to be released in early 2024 with Horizen Labs, a notable technology provider who had earlier orchestrated the launch of ApeCoin, providing strategic support.

James Lim, the founder of Blocore, elucidated their investment decision stating, “We invested in Darewise and Life Beyond because we are drawn by its pioneering integration of the Bitcoin ecosystem and an immersive experience that promises to reshape the landscape of digital exploration and connectivity.” Similarly, a spokesperson from Citizen Capital, NEO Tokyo’s official venture capital arm, expressed their enthusiasm as early investors alongside Animoca Brands, highlighting the game’s impressive artwork, robust lore, and the promising team behind it.

Benjamin Charbit, the CEO of Darewise, acknowledged the significance of this round, welcoming investors who believe in their project and values. He emphasized the broad spectrum of investors as a strong indicator of faith in building on the Bitcoin ecosystem.

With the new Darewise ecosystem token expected to hit the market in early 2024, and with backing from Horizen Labs, the path is paved for an innovative gaming metaverse anchored on the Bitcoin blockchain. The CEO, investors, and the wider gaming community await with bated breath as Darewise’s project sets the stage for a new realm of digital interaction and economic transactions within the gaming world.

Prior to the successful fundraising of US$3.5 million by Darewise Entertainment for its Bitcoin metaverse ecosystem, another Animoca Brands subsidiary, Forj, had initiated a significant move to propel the ApeCoin ecosystem by launching the $APE Accelerator. This initiative seeks to endorse and fund projects, bolstering the utility and value of ApeCoin. The accelerator is a testament to the broader objective within Animoca Brands’ network to foster blockchain-centric innovation across various digital domains. The consecutive efforts by Forj and Darewise Entertainment highlight a structured approach by Animoca Brands to leverage and support blockchain technology, enriching the gaming and Web3 spaces respectively.

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Animoca Brands subsidiary Forj Unveils $APE Accelerator to Boost ApeCoin Ecosystem

Animoca Brands subsidiary, Forj, has officially opened applications for the inaugural cohort of the $APE Accelerator, an initiative designed to propel the ApeCoin ecosystem forward. The $APE Accelerator is a community-centric Web3 platform funded by the ApeCoin DAO, aimed at fostering projects that amplify the utility and value of the ApeCoin (token symbol: APE).

Forj, a key player in the realm of Web3 technologies, is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands and is at the forefront of creating unique fan experiences through its range of products. Operating in the realms of Music, Entertainment, Gaming, and beyond, Forj has previously collaborated with notable names such as Grammy-nominated musician Lewis Capaldi.

With the launch of the $APE Accelerator, innovative Web3 projects now have a robust platform to bring their ideas to fruition. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to introduce their business concepts to a thriving ApeCoin community comprising over 200,000 members. This initiative comes on the back of the successful ratification of AIP-209, a proposal sanctioned via the ApeCoin DAO’s Idea Proposal (AIP) system.

The primary objective of the $APE Accelerator is to solidify the ApeCoin ecosystem by endorsing and funding projects that augment ApeCoin’s utility and value. APE token holders will be able to support endorsed projects via the APE Launchpad by acquiring NFTs and other tokens. Additionally, they will have a say in the approval of project proposals through a voting mechanism.

Harry Liu, CEO of Forj, remarked on the launch, “Today marks the beginning of a step change in innovation for the ApeCoin community. $APE Accelerator welcomes Web3 founders to apply now and join us in our mission to take the ApeCoin ecosystem to new heights.”

Yat Siu, the Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands, echoed these sentiments by highlighting the community-driven nature of $APE Accelerator. He noted that it embodies the spirit of Web3 entrepreneurship, empowering ApeCoin holders to steer innovation within the ecosystem they are part of. Siu anticipates that the $APE Accelerator will serve as a blueprint for future online ecosystem growth, with several groundbreaking projects expected to emerge from this program.

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ConsenSys and Animoca Brands Investor C Capital Reaches New Heights with $250 Million Fund III

C Capital has successfully closed its Private Equity Fund III, accumulating over US$250 million in investments from both its main fund and associated co-investment ventures. This marks the firm’s most substantial private equity fund ever raised.

Driven by strong demand from both existing and new investors, the fund has exceeded its initial target. The newly launched Fund III boasts partnerships with more than 20 esteemed investors. These participants span various sectors and regions, encompassing funds of funds, established financial institutions, and prominent family offices from Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, and beyond.

Ben Cheng, C Capital’s CEO and president, highlighted the significance of this diverse group of investors, stating, “The broad consortium of investors we have attracted for this latest fund not only provides a boon in terms of capital injection but also stands as an endorsement of C Capital’s track record and forward-thinking investment paradigms.”

The firm plans to maintain its seasoned investment approach with Fund III, focusing on global growth-stage entities within the consumer and tech sectors. As of 31 August 2023, nearly 35% of C Capital’s portfolio companies achieved unicorn status, based on their latest financing round valuations. Notable names in this category include Casetify, Xiao Peng, NIO, Sensetime, Shein, Agile Robots, and Lalamove, among others.

Here’s a closer look at some of the prominent names within its diversified portfolio:

Shein: A leading international online fashion retailer known for its trendy, affordable apparel and accessories.

Animoca Brands: At the forefront of blockchain and gaming, Animoca Brands is recognized for its role in introducing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to mainstream gaming and creating play-to-earn paradigms.

ConsenSys: A key player in Ethereum blockchain solutions, ConsenSys focuses on Ethereum software development and developer tools, having a vital role in the Ethereum ecosystem’s growth.

Sensetime: A globally recognized AI company, Sensetime specializes in computer vision and deep learning technologies and has applications across various industries, from finance to healthcare.

Threads: Renowned in the luxury fashion space, Threads has innovated shopping experiences through its unique tech-forward approach, blending luxury with the digital age.

Finery: In the tech-fashion crossover, Finery stands out with its wardrobe operating system, helping users organize and optimize their clothing collections.

Armarium: Catering to the luxury fashion sector, Armarium provides high-end fashion rentals, offering consumers access to the latest couture without the commitment of purchase.

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Animoca Brands Secures US$20M for Mocaverse Expansion

Key Takeaways

  1. Animoca Brands raises US$20 million in a funding round led by CMCC Global.
  2. Funds to be used for the Mocaverse project, focusing on Web3-native tooling for gaming, culture, and entertainment.
  3. Mocaverse to introduce Moca ID, a unique non-transferrable NFT collection, enhancing Web3 accessibility and growth.

Animoca Brands Corporation Limited, a prominent player in the digital property rights for gaming and the open metaverse and owner of Sandbox ($SAND), has successfully garnered US$20 million (equivalent to A$31.3 million) in a recent funding round. This capital injection is earmarked for the acceleration of Mocaverse, a pivotal project within the company’s portfolio.

The funding round saw participation from a consortium of investors led by CMCC Global. Other notable participants include Kingsway Capital, Liberty City Ventures, GameFi Ventures, and institutional investors from Koda Capital. Noteworthy individual investors such as Aleksander Larsen (Sky Mavis founder) and Gabby Dizon (Yield Guild Games founder) also joined the round. Yat Siu, the co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, has also invested.

Mocaverse is poised to redefine the Web3 landscape by offering native tooling for gaming, culture, and entertainment sectors. This will enable users to establish their digital identity, accumulate reputation, and engage in a loyalty system. The project aims to tap into Animoca Brands’ extensive network, which boasts over 700 million potential users.

A significant feature of Mocaverse is the upcoming Moca ID, a unique non-transferrable NFT collection. This will allow users to establish their on-chain identities and actively participate in the Mocaverse ecosystem. Active engagement will be rewarded with loyalty points, which will be integral to a decentralized loyalty system. The overarching goal is to enhance Web3 accessibility and growth.

CMCC Global, a pioneer in blockchain and Web3 investments in Asia, has a track record of early investments in leading projects such as Ethereum, Solana, and Cosmos. With assets under management exceeding US$500 million, CMCC Global has established itself as a high-conviction investor with a global presence.

Yat Siu remarked on the investment, stating, “The ongoing evolution of the Internet involves a shift from hierarchical power structures to autonomous ones. Mocaverse’s DAO-based approach ensures community-driven innovation and collaboration across the Animoca Brands ecosystem.”

Martin Baumann, co-founder of CMCC Global, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, highlighting the potential of Mocaverse to unify the unique portfolio of companies under Animoca Brands and serve as a gateway for new users to the Web3 and metaverse ecosystems.

In terms of the funding details, Animoca Brands is issuing Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFEs) to sophisticated investors at A$4.50 per share. These SAFEs will be converted to ordinary shares in six months, with the conversion rate determined by the AUD:USD exchange rate at settlement.

About Animoca Brands: A leader in digital entertainment, blockchain, and gamification, Animoca Brands is at the forefront of advancing digital property rights and the open metaverse. With a diverse portfolio of products and over 450 Web3 investments, the company is a key player in the digital realm. 

Disclaimer & Copyright Notice: The content of this article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as financial advice. Always consult with a professional before making any financial decisions. This material is the exclusive property of Blockchain.News. Unauthorized use, duplication, or distribution without express permission is prohibited. Proper credit and direction to the original content are required for any permitted use.

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Animoca Brands Reports US$402 Million Bookings for 2022

Animoca Brands, a leading figure in the realms of digital entertainment and blockchain technology, has unveiled its financial performance for the year ending 31 December 2022, providing a comprehensive insight into its achievements and future prospects.

The company’s financial health appears robust, with bookings escalating to a commendable A$594 million (approximately US$402 million). This figure represents a significant uptick from the A$428 million (around US$291 million) reported in the previous year. Such bookings are not just mere numbers; they encapsulate the company’s diverse ventures, including token sales, NFT (Non-Fungible Token) sales, and other activities that don’t necessarily fall under the blockchain umbrella.

Diving deeper into their financial reservoir, Animoca Brands has showcased a strong liquidity position. Their cash and stablecoin reserves are pegged at A$286 million (approximately US$191 million). Furthermore, the company’s liquid digital assets, which comprise reserves of the SAND utility token used predominantly in The Sandbox platform, are valued at a substantial A$690 million (roughly US$469 million). Such figures not only highlight the company’s financial prowess but also underscore its strategic investments in digital assets, which are becoming increasingly pivotal in today’s digital age.

Another noteworthy mention is the off-balance sheet token reserves associated with Animoca Brands’ majority-owned Web3 subsidiaries. These reserves have reached a staggering A$2.4 billion (about US$1.6 billion). This includes an array of tokens such as PROS, ASTRAFER, QUIDD, PRIMATE, REVV, TOWER, GMEE, and several others, reflecting the company’s diversified approach in the rapidly evolving blockchain space.

In terms of business expansion, 2022 was a landmark year for Animoca Brands. The company strategically acquired six firms, broadening its portfolio and fortifying its position in the market. These acquisitions include industry players like Grease Monkey Games, known for its prowess in game development, and PIXELYNX, a unique music metaverse gaming platform. Such acquisitions are a testament to Animoca’s vision of integrating diverse digital platforms to offer unparalleled user experiences.

The introduction of Web3 services by Animoca Brands in 2022 is a significant stride towards bridging the gap between traditional web platforms (Web2) and blockchain-based platforms (Web3). With this venture, the company aims to guide other businesses in seamlessly integrating tokens and NFTs into their existing models. This initiative alone contributed a whopping US$120 million to the total bookings for the year, underscoring its success and potential for future growth.

On the leadership front, the company has infused fresh talent into its senior management. The induction of industry stalwarts like Alan Lau, Minh Do, and Jared Shaw is expected to steer the company towards newer horizons.

Product development has also been in the limelight, with Blowfish Studios’ “Phantom Galaxies” making waves by securing US$19.3 million from its Planet Private Sale.

In conclusion, Animoca Brands, with its recognition from industry giants like Deloitte and the Financial Times, continues to shape the digital landscape. Its vast portfolio, strategic acquisitions, and focus on innovation position it as a formidable player in the digital property rights domain and the burgeoning open metaverse.

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Animoca Brands and CyberConnect Collaborate on Decentralized Social Layer for Mocaverse

CyberConnect, recognized as one of Web3’s pioneering social networks, has formalized a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Animoca Brands. The latter is known for its efforts in advancing digital property rights in gaming and the open metaverse. This strategic partnership aims to develop a decentralized social layer for Mocaverse, an NFT collection integral to the Animoca Brands ecosystem.

The collaboration will leverage CyberConnect’s smart account infrastructure, known as CyberAccount, to bolster the identity layer of Mocaverse. This move will provide companies under Animoca Brands the capability to construct their unique social graph. This will further enhance interoperable user experiences across various games, products, and services.

A significant development from CyberConnect was the recent V3 upgrade, which introduced CyberAccount. This is Web3’s inaugural scalable and thoroughly vetted ERC-4337-powered smart account. Since its debut on 26 July 2023, CyberAccount has established itself as a frontrunner in the ERC-4337 account abstraction domain, accounting for over 90% of all smart accounts (or smart contract wallets) created thus far.

The joint venture between Animoca Brands and CyberConnect aspires to set a benchmark in the Web3 social network space. Their goal is to pave the way for a novel paradigm in crafting consumer products and applications. This will empower users to seamlessly navigate their preferred applications without the need to reestablish their networks.

ERC-4337-powered smart accounts are designed to simplify the intricacies of crypto wallets for Web3 developers. This ensures that the user experience and onboarding process is as intuitive as the familiar Web2. Applications built on CyberAccount will grant users access to a plethora of games and services offered by Animoca Brands and its associated companies through a unified smart account.

While existing solutions like MetaMask provide developers access to a crypto-native user base, they fall short in offering developers the tools to deploy context-specific, tailored user experiences. By integrating a social graph with users’ CyberAccount, developers can expedite the launch of their decentralized applications, thereby reducing time-to-market and tapping into new user demographics. Animoca Brands envisions broadening its reach with this ‘super account’ strategy, offering developers an unparalleled user onboarding solution.

In the forthcoming months, Animoca Brands intends to extend support for CyberAccount across Mocaverse. This will enable users to integrate their networks of friends, fans, followers, and connections into their favorite applications.

About CyberConnect 

Established by a team of entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley in 2021, CyberConnect is Web3’s earliest and most expansive social network. It facilitates developers in crafting social applications using ERC-4337/Account Abstraction. This empowers users to have ownership of their digital identity, content, connections, and interactions. As of August 2023, the CyberConnect protocol boasts 1.2M user profiles, with 400k monthly active wallets executing over 16.3M transactions. Its native social app, Link3, has 940k monthly active users.

Recently, CyberConnect’s native token, CYBER, has been listed on several major cryptocurrency exchanges. This includes industry giants such as Binance, Bithumb, and Bitget.

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Enhancing Metaverse Integration: My Neighbor Alice joins the Board of Directors of OMA3


Riccardo Sibani, Chief Product Officer at My Neighbor Alice, represents the company on the OMA3 Board and contributes to developing a more interconnected metaverse.

STOCKHOLM-– JUNE 06, 2023 – My Neighbor Alice, the fully-decentralized open-world game, is proud to announce that its Chief Product Officer (CPO) has joined the board of directors of OMA3 (“Open Metaverse Alliance for Web3”).

OMA3 collaborates with Web3 metaverse platform creators, including renowned members such as Animoca Brands, Alien Worlds, Unstoppable Domains, The Sandbox, Upland, along with many others.They ensure virtual land, digital assets, ideas, and services are highly interoperable between platforms and transparent to all communities.

My Neighbor Alice is an open world where players can gather and leverage resources to shape their shared digital environment. The team focuses on creating a metaverse where digital items and resources can be shared across various virtual worlds. This focus aligns seamlessly with OMA3’s vision of an open and highly interoperable metaverse, marking a significant milestone for both entities.

The collaboration between My Neighbor Alice and OMA3 signifies a significant step forward in ensuring transparency for project communities and the web3 ecosystem. This includes striving for high interoperability of virtual land, digital assets, ideas, and services across platforms.

Riccardo Sibani, with his profound technical expertise and rich blockchain knowledge, is expected to be an invaluable asset to OMA3. Actively involved in creating shared protocols, Sibani will join a board to guide OMA3 to further the collective mission.

Commenting on the recent appointment as a board of directors member, Riccardo Sibani said, “Joining the board of directors at OMA3 is an exciting opportunity to contribute to the development of a more interconnected metaverse. By fostering collaboration and interoperability across platforms, we aim to create a seamless and transparent experience in the web3 space for all communities. I am thrilled to be part of this collective mission and look forward to shaping the future of decentralization together.”

By joining OMA3’s board of directors, My Neighbor Alice further demonstrates its commitment to establishing shared protocols and shaping an open metaverse. The team is excited about the future of their collaboration with OMA3 and looks forward to creating a more transparent and interconnected virtual landscape.




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About My Neighbor Alice


My Neighbor Alice is a groundbreaking multiplayer builder game built on Chromia’s Blockchain that offers an engaging and accessible experience on a charming virtual island. My Neighbor Alice represents the future of gaming, combining virtual reality, blockchain, and decentralized finance to redefine how people interact with virtual worlds. Integrating Blockchain technology allows players to own and trade virtual assets (NFTs). The game’s marketplace enables players to buy, sell, and trade these NFTs, creating a dynamic and player-driven virtual economy. Players can earn rewards, monetize their creations, and engage in community events, fostering a sense of ownership and collaboration. With different strategic partnerships, MNA underscores the project’s dedication to promoting NFT ownership, encouraging a more engaging and interactive gaming community.

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Animoca Brands to Focus on Markets Outside U.S. after SEC Labels Sand Cryptocurrency an Unregistered Security

According to a report by South China Morning Post (SCMP), Hong Kong-based blockchain giant, Animoca Brands, has announced its plans to shift its focus to markets outside the U.S. This strategic move comes in the wake of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) decision to label the firm’s Sand cryptocurrency token as an unregistered security, amid recent lawsuits against major crypto exchanges Binance and Coinbase Global.

Sand is the native crypto token used by Animoca’s metaverse platform, The Sandbox. It was among more than a dozen tokens explicitly labeled as securities by the SEC, a list that also includes Solana, Polygon, and Mana – the token used in the Decentraland virtual world. This decision by the SEC has elevated the legal risks for any company involved in selling these tokens.

Despite the regulatory challenges in the U.S., Animoca Brands remains optimistic about its global operations. The company’s co-founder and chairman, Yat Siu, commented in an email, “Animoca Brands is not focused on a single territory but operates globally. The SEC focuses on the U.S., so that should not have an impact on Animoca Brands in broader markets where Sand is widely available and accepted, including in more progressive jurisdictions like Hong Kong and Japan.”

Siu also disclosed that Animoca has already initiated measures to emphasize more on other markets in response to the recent “blockchain-hostile” approach observed in the U.S. This strategic shift represents Animoca’s adaptive response to the evolving regulatory landscape and is reflective of a broader industry trend towards seeking more cryptocurrency-friendly jurisdictions.


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