Google’s Parent Company May Utilize Blockchain to Revamp its Existing Products

Alphabet Inc, the parent company of search engine giant Google, is not ready to play the second fiddle when it comes to blockchain technology, marked by the company’s in-depth research into the emerging tech.


According to the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Sundar Pichai, the company is doing all it can and planning to contribute to Web3.0 as it has always done for the open source technologies it has benefitted in. Web3.0 is considered by many as the decentralized web, which will return data control back into the hands of the owners. 

While Google is amongst the companies that have benefitted the most from data centralization, it is beginning to wrap its hands around the unique potentials of the technology driving the Web3.0 innovation with its partnership with EOS as a block producer candidate.

Based on the potential of the tech, Sundar said Google is prepared to use it in overhauling a lot of “areas of interest” for Alphabet. By inference, Google heavily deploys artificial intelligence into its search engine and he hinted at the likelihood of boosting YouTube and Google Maps through augmented reality and blockchain technology.  

“Any time there is innovation, I find it exciting, and I think it is something we want to support the best we can […] The Web has always evolved, and it’s going to continue to evolve, and as Google, we have benefited tremendously from open-source technologies, so we do plan to contribute there.”  

While Google has long been showing its deep interest in the blockchain ecosystem, the reaffirmation from Sundar Pichai is proof that big tech now knows better than to compete with decentralized web solutions. 

A number of digital currency trading platforms including are currently dependent on the resilient cloud hosting services of big techs, and with the deployment of blockchain to enhance these capabilities, there will be a better synergy and mainstream tech firms, and the emerging world of cryptocurrency.

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Google Pay Partners With Cryptocurrency Exchanges To Accept Their Digital Cards

Another day, another massive company entering the cryptocurrency space. Google is making moves to boost up the profile of their Google Pay service, and, of course, crypto is in the mix. The company hired Arnold Goldberg, ex-Senior Vice President at PayPal, “to run its payments division.” That’s according to Bloomberg, who broke the story. 

“The move is part of a broader strategy to team up with a wider range of financial services, including cryptocurrencies, said Bill Ready, Google’s president of commerce. The business, known for the Google Pay system and mobile wallet, has largely avoided the crypto industry.”

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Until now, that is. The company is cautiously entering the cryptocurrency space and NewsBTC is here to tell you what you should know about it.

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Google’s Many Failures

The company’s financial division hasn’t been the most successful. Their Google Pay service is far behind its competitors, and facing a crowded space with many players trying to get ahead. Recently, Alphabet Inc. partnered with 11 banks for an initiative called Plex, and canceled everything at the last second. “We’re not a bank — we have no intention of being a bank,” said the company’s president of commerce Bill Ready in a recent interview.

On the other hand, the company has a lot going for it: 

“Google does have enormous consumer reach and a huge balance sheet. The technology giant takes no fees on transactions with its mobile wallet, and Ready said there are no plans to change that.”

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What Will The Company’s Crypto Play Consist Of?

Let’s be clear about this, the technology giant is only testing the waters. They haven’t announced anything crazy, nor are they developing technology themselves. Still, it’s a great improvement from their “largely avoided the crypto industry” policy. What are they doing, exactly?

“Google has partnered with companies, including Coinbase Global Inc. and BitPay Inc., to store crypto assets in digital cards, while still having users pay in traditional currencies. Ready said Google is looking to do more of these partnership, though the company still isn’t accepting crypto for transactions.”

Since that’s a little vague, Yahoo! Finance elaborates on the matter:

“Late last year crypto platform Bakkt said its virtual Visa debit card would be available for use on Google Pay online and in stores. Bakkt’s Google Pay support follows in the footsteps of Coinbase, which rolled out support for Apple Pay and Google Pay for its Coinbase Cards earlier this year. Google is also working with Bitpay and Gemini to support their crypto cards, meaning that people who use these cards can add them to Google Pay.”

To further emphasize the lightness of the company’s crypto play, Bill Ready told Bloomberg:

“Crypto is something we pay a lot of attention to. As user demand and merchant demand evolves, we’ll evolve with it.”

How Did The Market React To Google ‘s Announcement?

As soon as the article went live and the news started spreading through the Internet, both Bitcoin and Ethereum’s prices spiked for a little while. Then, as people read exactly what Google announced, the excitement wore off. The two leading cryptocurrencies have been trading horizontally, lightly trending downwards for a while. And this announcement wasn’t strong enough to change that.

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Maybe it should’ve been, though.

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