Why Bitcoin Is Intelligent With Aleks Svetski

Aleks Svetski discussed his “Intelligent Guide To Bitcoin” and the misunderstandings about BTC that are often perpetuated.

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Many in the traditional financial space, government and academia have long dismissed Bitcoin as a silly toy for criminals and predicted that its price will go to zero. These predictions remain commonplace in the mainstream media to this day, despite the network’s astounding growth and the currency blasting past $30,000 prices and making inroads across the global economy. Upon reading a recent example of these crypto dismissal articles from an Australian professor, titled the “Dummies Guide To Crypto,” Aleks Svetski — CEO of Bitcoin DCA app Amber and Bitcoin Magazine contributor — felt that he needed to respond.

Svetski agrees with the author of the “Dummies Guide” that “crypto” is trash and that there is very little substance to the general “crypto” market. Aleks does however disagree that these assumptions are also true for Bitcoin. The reality is that Bitcoin is a very well thought out solution to a very important problem that has been plaguing humanity. Aleks’ response to the “Dummies Guide” is “The Intelligent Guide To Bitcoin.” In the article, Svetski covered what Bitcoin is, whether people should invest in it, the mining and energy factors and its downsides.

“Bitcoin Magazine Podcast” host Christian Keroles sat down with Svetski to discuss the key points in the article and debate how to best articulate them to people that think Bitcoin is just a silly toy. 


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