Audius: Meet The Platform Looking To Shake Up The Crypto Music World

Audius, a “new kid on the blockchain”, is looking to shape an entirely new way of music distribution between artist and fans. AudioCoin breaks down the barriers of traditional music financing, directly connecting artists and fans through a transparent, distributed ledger.

Let’s dive in to Audius’ role in music and more on the platform’s native token.

The Get Down: What This Platform & Token Is All About

For those who are familiar with audio platform Soundcloud, you will understand Audius has gained similar comparisons because of its ‘artist-first’ mentality. This approach allowed Soundcloud to birth many successful artists, such as Chance The Rapper, because of the platform’s ability to drive music to fans with minimal label interference. How does this tie into Audius, as well as cryptocurrency more broadly? The platform is using the blockchain to connect sellers and consumers within music in a similar vein as Soundcloud.

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Audius also uses the same artist-friendly approach, by allowing them free uploads, a substantial artist percentage payout, and placement opportunities. All of these transactions will be reported on the blockchain. The platform seems to have a firm understanding that artist buy-in is critical.

The crypto music platform also has a token available with limited access points; however, this token has surged into the top 150 tokens and will be looking for continued exchanges to host on.

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AUDIO: Audius currently trading at $2.50 AUDIO-USD on

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 Audius & The Music Industry

The way music is bought and sold today has evolved drastically over the past decade. With the rise of digital streaming, Audius now provides a new way that might change how we get our favorite songs. Other projects stand to benefit greatly as Audius shows us a new potential blueprint around crypto and the music business.

The San Francisco-based coin has gained some national  attention in recent headlines on Rolling Stones with some heavy hitters getting behind the project. Some of  the fast growing list of artist investors include Katy Perry, Nas, The Chainsmokers (via their Mantis VC), Jason Derulo, Pusha T, Steve Aoki, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, and more. Audius is a example of how music distribution and the blockchain work together and effectively, providing an innovative way of getting music to fans and getting artist’s paid.

Many interested investors around crypto and music are starting to look at Audius (AUDIO) as something to keep an eye on. The crypto’s price jumped significantly this year and is still on the climb as they close out more deals. With powerhouse backings from artists, executives, and platforms like TikTok, it will be interesting to see how things go in 2022 and in years to come.

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Quick History: The War On Tokens & Crypto Bans

Since the drop of the first token in 2009, there has been a battle for control going on within the digital world. This war is generally financially based, as countries try to secure greater control and grip on decentralized exchanges and cryptocurrency.

Here is a brief look into a few different perspectives from countries that have tried to close the door on cryptocurrencies.

A Brief Look Into The Hate

We’ll take a fundamental look at crypto’s history for those who are less familiar on details that can impact geographical and geopolitical perspectives. For those who are less familiar around cryptocurrency and it’s history we will take a quick dive in: the first crypto coin to bless us was Bitcoin in 2009. Starting as an idea on paper, it grew into a $50K+ top dog coin and blockchain that is finding it’s way into New York’s stock market via ETFs.

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With its 9,000,000% rise in the last decade, it’s safe to say Bitcoin is the founder and start of where this war begins.

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As time progressed and Bitcoin grew, more coins started to arise and make a mark in the world of digital currency. In 2013, China attempted to ban the coin, and label it an insufficient and illegal currency. 

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At a high level, what makes these coins a hot commodity to control is the ability to use these coins across the web to buy and purchase many things both online and off. On top of that, it has formed into the new “gold rush,” as young and old investors took a liking to the profit and growth of these coins – especially Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has long positioned itself as the top dog and face of crypto.: BTC on

The first to enact an official ban was Bolivia’s central bank, as they banned all forms of currency that were not regulated by the government, including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency across the world in June 2014. Many other countries have since created loopholes and laws to regulate and/or ban these coins.

Egypt has not yet made the ban official, but according to Sharia law all crypto currency is prohibited, according to the Islamic legislation. Many countries fear that these coins could become more damaging then helping for their economy, and the “war” around crypto has led to some countries enacting laws accordingly.  

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The Latest “War”: China’s Ban

This year, China made headlines again by indefinitely banning all cryptocurrency and crypto-mining. The Chinese government proceeded to have banks and exchanges shut down crypto-related activity. This really is no surprise after their attempts stemming back to 2013; meanwhile, their approach (or one similar) has also been adopt from countries like Turkey, Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, and Bolivia. Additionally, the UK dropped the hammer on Binance for not meeting money laundering requirements.

It is especially difficult for countries, states, and cities across the globe to regulate and monitor the activity on the blockchain, and how we use this new form of currency – emphasized by it’s mystique and ability to stay below the radar when it comes to making transactions.

What countries will do battle in this new era of financial war?


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GreedSwap: Super Producers Cool And Dre Help Launch New Coin & Crypto Record Label

Grammy nominated super producer team ‘Cool and Dre’, and developer Peter Parente have introduced their latest project, GreedSwap ($GREED) – one that has a lot of eyes ready and wondering: what’s going on and what’s next? It was only a matter of time before music and the vastly growing cryptocurrency market came together to change the way music is bought and sold to the world.

Chess Over Checkers: The Deal And The Plan

According to a recent press release, GreedSwap, also known as the $GREED project, announced a new contract on one of the fastest and third largest growing cryptos, Cardano (ADA). This new blockchain will hopefully add value to the growing list of strong projects taken on by the Cardano team. With 2,300 smart contracts getting ready to launch, ADA looks to have a huge year looking forward.

For those who have been watching this blockchain and the broader market for some time, you likely understand how important each new partnership and project can be.

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ADA holding after reaching all time high the past two weeks. | Source: ADA-USD on

What makes GreedSwap a potentially important player for Cardano is its versatility, depth and broader ceiling as a company in general. $GREED not only provides a game changing factor for the music industry, but it also provides something for investors, with a deep ecosystem. That ecosystem will include farms, staking pools, a multichain NFT Marketplace, and a major Metaverse build in Decentraland that will include NFT wearables, driveables and NFT keys. These keys will give you VIP access to certain areas in GreedSwap’s virtual world that will also include a Greed Music studio where you can watch your favorite musicians and recording artists create music, while also being able to watch them stream live concerts.  

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Only Time Will Tell: The Change We Seek, Or Doom We Meet…

This news will hopefully provide a new look at how music can now be shared to the world, allow the ability to connect artists with fans at a new level, and also engage consumers via crypto. Artist and musicians have already taken a likes to the NFT world by collaborating and doing exclusive tracks and albums. Big names in hip-hop especially, such as Curren$y, have gotten involved (Curren$y released an exclusive NFT project titled ‘Financial District’, and he won’t be the last to do this as many artist have taken this approach quite seriously).

Other artists, like DJ Premiere have gotten involved with NFTs and crypto as well. The ability to cross promote on a number of different levels beyond music makes it easier for GreedSwap to get its name around to the crypto world.

Hopefully it sticks, and we all can see what this company can do to impact a new generation of music.


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