Melania Trump NFT Sale Was A Wash Trade?

The latest NFT of former US First Lady Melania Trump was recently sold at 180,000 SOL ($170,000 at the time of purchase).

The NFT is a wide-brimmed white hat she wore during the French President Macron’s state visit to Washington.

While Melania seems to build her own business empire, the crypto community quickly caught something strange in the selling activity.

According to blockchain data, the NFT buyer was coincidentally…the NFT creator.

A Strange Trump Tale

In December 2021, Melania became the “crypto queen” after her announcement of NFT release.

The official news marked the former US First Lady’s major move towards crypto space. At that time, Melania stated that her life-inspired artwork was selling as NFTs and would be launched on the Solana blockchain.

The announcement also implied more collections to come in the future after the first NFT release of “Melania’s Vision.”

At the time, the collection featured NFTs depicting her eyes at 1 SOL. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to charities that help children under her name.

Everyone is Entering the NFT Market – Everyone

The former First Lady seems committed to her words.

By the end of January 2022, she continued to announce the release of a new NFT collection called “Head of State Collection, 2022”, which depicts the image of Mrs. Trump wearing a white hat during the reception for French President Emmanuel Macron at the White House in 2018.

In this press release announcing the auction of the NFT, Melania Trump’s representative said that an offer to buy for up to 1,800 SOL ($250,000 at the time) was sent. The money raised will continue to be used for charity activities for children.

The auction then went smoothly, with the final sale price still being 1,800 SOL. However, due to the correction of the cryptocurrency market during mid-January, the cash value of the above amount is only 170,000 USD.

But latest findings showed that the scenario seemed too good to be true. Following a series of transactions on the Solana blockchain, it can be clearly seen that the seller and buyer of Melania Trump’s NFT are most likely the same.

Washing The Tape?

Melania Trump previously revealed her intention to venture into NFTs last year, describing it as a blend of her passion for art and devotion to supporting our Nation’s children to fulfill their own unique American Dream.

The deal proceeded in the following order. The first wallet address sent 372,657.64 USDC to an intermediary address, and then converted part of this amount to 1,816.08 SOL via DEX Raydium.

This intermediary address sent 1,800 SOL to the second address, which was also the address that won the auction. The first address received 1,800 SOL and sent this amount to the intermediary address, then it used Raydium to swap the other SOL back to USDC.

It was only when following the cash flow path in the series of transactions that people are “impressed” to learn that the buyer of the NFT hat is the seller.

Melania’s representatives showed strong belief in blockchain transparency:

“The nature of Blockchain protocol is entirely transparent. Accordingly, the public can view each transaction on the blockchain. The transaction was facilitated on behalf of a third-party buyer.”

It remains questionable whether Melania Trump NFT was a wash trade although blockchain data is well-known for its transparency and reliability.

The incident is not the first time that NFT projects have been questioned for their real value.

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is the famous one that recently faces accusation of paying celebrities to buy NFT BAYC or giving them NFT directly to both do media and push the price

Meanwhile, there are no further comments on the newly announced set of events from Melania’s side.

One hypothesis of this strange act is that the buyer uses cash instead of cryptocurrency and he must have made an indirect transaction through Melania’s side.

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Tagged : / / Receives Significant Boost from NEAR Protocol to Deliver Innovative Blockchain Services

Blockchain-based insurance protocol has revealed the approval of a development grant from NEAR protocol. This development will enable to develop various innovative products within its ecosystem.

Major milestone for

The acquisition of the grant is a major milestone for, which has continued to record steady growth since its launch in April 2021. The insurance protocol has provided a decentralized solution towards delivering insurance products and protection to DeFi products.

NEAR Protocol is a sharded, Proof-of-Stake a layer-one blockchain that makes it easy for developers and teams to build decentralized apps and products.

It combines EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) and Rust technology to create a highly scalable architecture that can process many transactions and provide interoperability features. NEAR Protocol also runs a $250 million grant that allocates funding to different DeFi projects that can provide value within its ecosystem.

With the grant, will be able to collaborate with NEAR Protocol to achieve a unified goal of creating a multi-chain ecosystem. Furthermore, the insurance protocol will also be able to take a major step towards adoption and become a leading player within the blockchain industry.

An innovative blockchain protocol

Since its launch in April 2021, has emerged as one of the fastest-growing blockchain projects. This is due to its innovative approach towards providing insurance products and protections to DeFi projects.

The DeFi sector is still relatively new, and many protocols are vulnerable to hack attacks and smart contract exploitation. provides a robust insurance service to defi protocols to protect their protocols without traditional insurance platforms’ complex processes and requirements.

There is no need for KYC, and provides cross-chain coverage for users and low pricing plans. In addition, all activities and transactions are stored on-chain and can be accessed by all stakeholders providing a fair and transparent insurance claiming process.

Currently, it offers protection for smart contract risks, custodian risks, IDO event risks and stablecoin de-peg risks. The blockchain protocol has also secured partnerships with coverage to over 100 protocols and secures over $200 million worth of DeFi assets on over 15 public chains.

Liquidity providers can also delegate their capital to underwrite insurance risks in supported pools in exchange for rewards in INSUR tokens. This provides investors with a low-risk passive income opportunity to generate sustainable returns for their investments.

More developments in the future

The team behind have continued to work towards achieving the timelines on its roadmap. As a result, there are plans to launch a few products in the coming months. Some of which include adding new insurance products, launching a multi-chain aggregator, and deploying to new EVM chains. also plans to list INSUR tokens on multiple centralized and decentralized exchanges to foster its adoption in the coming weeks.

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Bullieverse: P2E Fantasy Metaverse Island to Play Games & Earn Rewards

Gamers and creators now have another good reason to get excited. Bulliverse is a fantasy Metaverse island! Gamers can enjoy an immersive environment, earn rewards, and create thrilling experiences.

Built for the Web 3.0, and designed to reach the standards of the innovative play-to-earn trends, Bulliverse is the real deal.

Designed to evolve into a full community Metaverse governance, this Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), will build its own self management, as players increase the use of the native token, the Bull.

Enter The Bulliverse

The features that make Bulliverse ¨The Metaverse¨ are full digital asset ownership, the dazzling game creation, and decentralized governance.

It also features fair reward mechanisms and, most of all, an incredible immersive experience.

All these assets add up to player satisfaction!

More than a gaming ecosystem, Bullieverse believes in rewarding the community for their loyalty and time.

Users can not only fully own their NFTs and use them to play, but also rent and lease them to other players.

Self created events, the Marketplace, and other community activities will be the spaces to trade and make profitable deals.

Interoperation with other Metaverse economies is on the developers projects table as well.

Bullieverse´s vision is to form a loyal native community that loves its NFT designs, simple game creation, and immersive playing.

Bullieverse Business Model

The revenue that will drive Bulliverse are – gamers spending, Metaverse development and NFT asset sales (gaming avatars, in-game assets, land sales and game portals).

Creators also spend into the ecosystem and partnerships (sponsorships and advertising) will drive profits too!

The DAO receives a share of the transactions. When one of the community members makes profits through an event, a share of the generated revenue will go to the DAO.

Partners and Investors

Those willing to advertise on their platform, sponsor events, or those who wish to have some sort of in-game experience that could help them to enhance their brands, are welcome.

Investors so far include:

  • 6thMan Ventures
  • OkEk Ventures
  • Fundamental Labs
  • Rainmaker Games
  • Double Peak
  • Good Games Guild
  • Draper Dragon Roark
  • Spark Digital Capital
  • Gala Games
  • C2 Ventures
  • And more!

Bull token holders, gamers, creators, NFT holders, gaming guilds and asset owners, will be Bullieverse´s clients.

The company aims to create a strong and loyal community, with gamers who understand NFTs, and are ideally native 3.0 web users.

The Team

Bulliverse is backed by an extremely talented team of industry professionals.

Srini Anala

Co Founder & CEO. He worked in various leadership roles in Operations and Engineering at UBS, Goldman, Reuters and Capital One. He also delivered multi-billion dollar Fintech successful products.

Murali Reddy

Co Founder & CEO. He’s a serial entrepreneur with more than a decade experience in leading high performance teams in finances, at IBM, Oracle and Yodlee. He’s responsible for making sure all operations run efficiently and smoothly. Leadership Coach, Cryptographer and Blockchain Keynote speaker.

Sanjit Daniel

Head of Game Engineer. Held leadership roles in Sony R&D and Hedean. Over 20 years experience in hard-core programming at OpenGL, C++, and Real-time 3D Graphics. Also engine architecture and GPU/Shader programming, VR/AR/MR.

Arunkumar Krishnakumar

Chief Growth Officer. More than 19 years experience in financial services, tech, consulting and venture capital. Author of 2 books, one of them being Blockchain and Quantum Computing. Founder and deployer of 2 VC funds and respected member of their boards. He also holds a Master from LSE, and a Postgraduate diploma from Oxford University.


Bulliverse has a big 2022 planned with loads of important milestones coming soon!

Q1 2022

Play2Earn Bear NFT. Land auction. IDO & Liquidity Mining. Treasure Hunt – Play2Earn.

Q2 2022

Metaverse LAunch – Phase 1. PVP Fighting Game. Bull Run Game. Marketplace Launch. Metaverse Phase 2 Launch.

Q3 2022

Cow NFTs. Staking Dashboard. DAO Governance. 3D Cow Avatar.

Q4 2022

Mobile Support. DAO Governance & Staking. Annual COBI Virtual Summit in the Metaverse. Breeding.


Bullieverse Creation Engine and Metaverse Full Launch.

Similar Platforms Making it in the Market

Bullieverse was indeed inspired by many other metaverse games, but it also addressed several strategic and tactical differences, to boost the users´experience.

It is well placed to grow in this exciting sector.

Here are some examples of other successful platforms in the same space:


This successful game is a native Web 2.0, and therefore it is not allowed to remunerate its gamers and creators community like a native Web 3.0 can.


Axie is not designed to hold the users´ attention for too long. It’s designed to earn. In Bullieverse, even PubG and Fortnite fans will experience the four games on the 2022 Roadmap. And creators will also be able to launch their own games, for their NFT communities.


Built on Unity, Sandbox cannot offer the gaming experience that Bullieverse, running on Unreal Engine displays.

We could say that Sandbox is geared to a younger audience, while Bullieverse offers a more realistic experience, for a larger audience.

Go To Market Strategy

Bullieverse intends to build a strong and vibrant community, before launching the alpha phase of the Creator engine. NFTs were sold with that purpose.

User ownership, DAO governance, decentralized marketplace and play-and-earn rewards should do the trick.

Bullieverse will also reach out to social media streamers, to expand their base of players and therefore, thrust the ecosystem´s economy.

The player can create his/her own worlds, by introducing Game Portals freely on the Land, and then teleporting to gain access to them.

Land on the other hand, is the place to host community events or crafting experiences. Coordinating with other landowners is another alternative.

Bullieverse is built on Unreal Engine, giving game developers who love control and technical freedom what they want.

Nevertheless, users with no coding knowledge can build games using templates and assets. The learning curve is exponential; always increasing the complexity levels.

In the line of the classic MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game), MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), Battle Royale, Survival and Sandbox.

The Bullieverse Creation Engine will give users the power to create games of their own.

The initial set of games to be launched by Bullieverse include:

Bear Hunt

A single player objective-based game designed to win NFT rewards

Island Treasure Hunt

An MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online Game) exploration game, also designed to earn token rewards.

Bull Royale

An MMORPG where your team competes with other teams, accessing through Game Portals and earning tokens too.

Arcade games like point and shoot basketball and Bull Run are included.

Getting Started With Bulliverse

Players Access citizenship simply by holding a Bull NFT. In 2021, 10,000 Bull NFTs were launched, and are currently owned by some 2,300 wallets.

A collection of 10.000 unique bulls NFTs varying skin colors, clothing, horns, facial expressions and accessories is available.

Once the player fully owns his/her 3D customized bull, he/she can play-to-earn, create-to-earn, own assets and land, and get higher rewards through more NFTs or Shell tokens.

The Tokens

Bull tokens are the governance tokens, with which a player can vote resolutions, or link key decisions on the game´s decentralization process.

Whereas Shell tokens are the ones that keep the platform liquid, to fuel the play-to-earn and the create-to-earn experiences.

Transactions of Bull tokens will be done through smart contracts, mainly by three actors:

The Bullieverse Foundation, that acts as the incubator for the creation engine, and will share a part of every consequent revenue.

The Staking Pool, which is designed to reward Bull token holders.

The Bullieverse Treasury, which represents the Bulls owned by the foundation. This feature will finance the operational expenses.

Bulliverse is Built to Grow

A scalable, secure and rich gaming platform built on Ethereum and Polygon, for Web3.0 can’t fail.

The formidable graphics, and the play-to-earn and create-to-earn paradigms, can only lead to the growth of an enthusiast community.

Bullieverse is already working on their in-game creator engine SnowCrash.

To learn more about Bulliverse – please click here!

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Authtrail Launches Community Round for Distribution of 30 Million AUT Tokens by Invitation-Only

The blockchain-based SaaS data integrity platform Authrail, has announced the creation of an invitation-only community, to benefit from acquiring AUT tokens at much lower prices.

AUT, the Authrail native tokens, will be available at market prices for the public that will later participate in the public Crowdsale. These events can be very exclusive, and hard to participate in.

Authrail, originally designed to add quality and integrity to enterprise data management, raised $ 3.6 mln from angel investors and various VCs in 2021.

This upcoming community will raise an additional $6 mln, by simply distributing u$ 30M AUT tokens to the whitelisted members.

Massive Interest in Authrail

Authrail is a market-ready data integrity platform, based in the Moonbeam ecosystem, that offers easy and inexpensive solutions to the always sensitive issue of data integrity.

Building up trust, optimizing their performances, and boosting their market reputations.

All of this is achieved by hashing and anchoring the data on the Moonbeam blockchain network, supported by the AUT utility token.

The Authrail ecosystem is also one of the first real-life cases, designed to run on Web3 at an enterprise level.

AUT Token

The AUT token´s value is again, directly linked to platform adoption, meaning that the more users and the more frequent usage, the higher its potential value goes.

This community will have early Access to the AUT token. Many investors seek early access to tokens to gain a price advantage.

Authrail will manage this event in two rounds:

  • Community Firstcomers Round: The first 1,000 contributions will start at u$ 1,000 and are capped at u$ 5,000 per user.
  • Community Round: First-serve basis, first-come. Contributions will start at u$1,000 with no upper cap.

AUT tokens will be available at u$ 0.2 per AUT. Hardly half the Price of their market Price in the public round.

The maximum supply of AUT is of 150 M. During this Authrail Community Round a total of 30 M AUT will be made available.

There will be a twelve months vesting schedule for the AUTs, with a three months Cliff. An equal vesting in months 4-12.

Only the Community members listed in the Authrail Whitelist can benefit from this Community Round. Applicants have to register on their sign-up page.

Unfortunately, this offer is not available to residents in the United States, Canada, Singapore, the People’s Republic of China, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the People’s Republic of Crimea Region of Ukraine.

Authrail is Growing Fast

Authrail is meant to connect the blockchain technology, and the always valuable enterprise data. The platform enables cheaper and faster blockchain transactions, by anchoring data in bundles to its Moonbeam network.

Unlike many of the legacy networks, Moonbeam offers fast transactions, as well as low costs.

Dealing with complex code snippets, paying high fees and waiting is a thing of the other solutions in the market.

Authrail runs fast, simple and cheap. It offers a user- friendly interface and an intuitive integration to simplify the transition.

Without compromising capacity or security, users can check on any of their product data history, or take a complete overview.

A new competitive edge is at hand for companies that can now show fast relevant and verified data.

Managers, employees, end-users, auditors and/or regulators can easily access trustable information about the company.

As more and more businesses are operating totally online, these tools will help companies keep valuable data safe. Without safe data systems, the results for both businesses and clients could be dire.

Helping digitized organizations to increase their productivity and making data management faster and more transparent, at low prices is Authrail´s goal.

To learn more about this offer from Authrail – please click here!

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UniX Gaming: Meet The Future Of Play-To-Earn in the Metaverse

UniX Gaming is a community-centric platform that aims to become home to gamers within the metaverse and provide scholarships to help people in developing countries get involved in the booming play to earn arena.

The concept of generating revenue through virtual games has remained the hottest keyword this year, thanks to the increased interest in digital assets. The rise in P2E projects is partly due to the resounding success of the Axie Infinity project, which is a community-driven digital pet game inspired by CryptoKitties and classic Pokemon.

UniX aims to bring a balance of entertainment and profit-making opportunities to one platform.

What Is UniX Gaming?

Through prizes, activities, educational events, and monetization, the team hopes to create a strong community in which people can gather, enjoy the features, and help to improve the ecosystem.

With the usage of Unix Gaming community assets and a DAO token, UniX’s objective is to become the first digital nation with the largest virtual economy.

The blockchain gaming market has been on an upward trend as more game enthusiasts and investors enter the potential space, which is fueling the exponential volume of many NFTs.

Most game enthusiasts, particularly those interested in crypto investment, have failed to approach earning potential owing to an inability to navigate the NFT area or a lack of critical expertise to handle their NFTs.

UniX Gaming is making this easier for investors with a one-of-a-kind project that gives answers and allows customers to maximize their earning potential.

Despite the fact that P2E games are becoming more popular, there are a few issues with how the gaming ecosystem interacts with the players.

Because players are such an important part in the ongoing development of gaming projects, it’s critical to build a destination that is entirely focused on them.

Gaming Options

In the long run, the project aspires to be the industry’s leading project in the NFT gaming industry, promoting widespread adoption.

Unix Gaming’s operating model is similar to those of other gaming guilds.

The guild makes the majority of its money by investing in, purchasing, and producing valuable NFT assets in blockchain games. UniX focuses on process automation, making tasks like renting and staking NFTs much easier.

UniX Gaming provides an enjoyable gaming experience while also assisting people in developing countries in their exploration of the burgeoning P2E model. By participating in the ecosystem, both gamers and non-gamers can earn money and make a life.

Whether in regular games or blockchain games, the most crucial aspect is community. The success of the projects will be determined by the number and quality of members.

UniX Gaming largely focuses on community building and providing members with social benefits. Currently, the project has 193,070+ community members, 5,000+ scholarships, and 21,025,333+ stream viewers – the wish numbers of any gaming projects.

Unlike other investing businesses that exclusively cater to the wealthy, NFT allows anyone from all walks of life to participate and earn tokens.

UniX: Key Features

UNIX Token

UNIX token is the governance token for the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Taking this role, UNIX holders have the ability to vote and propose changes in association with the platform’s operation. UNIX token sale went public on the Copperlaunch platform on November 26, 2021.

The auction was held through the Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (BLBP) and raised $22 million.

In addition to the governance role, UNIX token is also used as staking rewards. Users can lock tokens to receive rewards in return. Holders will get a chance to be the first to receive NFT drop as well as special deals on purchases of NFT collectibles and related products.

Other use cases of UNIX token are in-game rewards, event rewards and in-game currency.

UniX is working on developing its own game and at this time, the project has implemented a wide range of games to their gaming studio. The platform has plans to host esport tournaments and will use UNIX tokens as rewards for participants.


  • Token Name: UniX Gaming
  • Ticker: UNIX
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Token Standard: ERC-20
  • Contract: 0xddd6a0ecc3c6f6c102e5ea3d8af7b801d1a77ac8
  • Token Type: Governance, Utility.
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 UNIX
  • Circulating Supply: 31,865,390.00 UNIX

Diverse Profit Streams 

In addition to several distinct streams of income from numerous Vaults, the project owns a number of different game titles and aspects of their business plan; each Vault will represent a different game title or part of their business approach.

Some examples of Vaults are as follows:

  • Breeding Vault: Profit from animal or creature breeding games such as Axie Infinity
  • Scholarship Vault: Profits from scholarship system
  • Launchpad Vault: Profits from P2E gaming projects participating in Launchpad and benefit from early access discounts
  • NFT Marketplace Vault: Profit from trading fees
  • NFT Merchandise Vault: Profit from selling products online
  • Unix Game Vault: Profits from UniX’s own gaming ecosystem


Owning UNIX tokens opens a gateway to multiple advantages of participating in different utilities.

At the same time, UNIX DAO boosts the growth of the ecosystem thanks to the community-driven model structure.

The DAO model functions independently, without any heading individuals to manipulate the system. Users are able to participate in voting, considering proposals , guaranteeing the whole system operates smoothly and transparently.

One major highlight is the NFT Renting, which facilitates the connection between users who want to play games to make money and investors.

The feature allows NFT renting and leasing with the profit split of half and half. UniX will manage all accounts and free training for players to generate 30% more revenue than regular players.


With the vision of building a strong gaming community, the UniX P2E launchpad is in the works and constant development.

UNIX holders can join the Metaverse IGO (Initial Game Offering) game projects launched on the platform.

Apart from P2E gaming projects, the expert team also provides further marketing support including B2B professional support care and 24-hour streaming features on social channels like YouTube, Twitch and Facebook.

Scholarship System

The core mission of UniX is to bridge the gap between the so-called complex money-making gaming model and players.

To accomplish this purpose, it is critical to provide users with a well-prepared mindset and knowledge. The project provides scholarships, education, training, and account management to players in order for them to earn more money.

The scholarship system provides all of the assistance required for participants to generate 30% more than regular players.

With the P2E concept, players have the opportunity to make a full-time living from their gaming activities.

They have access to free education and are backed by one of the greatest gaming communities on the planet.

The community members have raised significantly since the project launch. Participants in DAOs gain from their involvement in the development of their own communities, resulting in a beneficial and constructive social impact.

Gaming Studio

UniX Gaming introduces a variety of P2E games with attractive rewards to the user community.

The well-known games currently live on the platform are Axie Infinity, Splinterlands, Alien Worlds, Heroes & Empires and many more.

Additionally, UniX also features other promising games in the works such as Sipher, Star Atlas, Big Time.

Each gaming project comes with a brief introduction, contract address (the live ones) and all the information from basis to in-depth details.

To learn more about UniX – and everything it offers, just click right here!

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The History & Future of DeFi Lending

Lending has become a core pillar of DeFi and even helped put decentralized finance on the map. The initial protocols supporting this concept have solidified their position in the industry, although new protocols are improving upon the existing ideas. The future of DeFi lending looks exciting, and there is still more room for progress.

How DeFi Lending Began

In theory, Bitcoin was the first network to introduce the concept of decentralized finance. Without Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency industry would not be where it is today, nor would people have entertained the idea of creating alternative financial services and products. Although the Bitcoin infrastructure doesn’t lend itself that well to decentralized finance today, it is home to a DeFi ecosystem that spans millions of dollars.

Ultimately, it was replaced by Ethereum, a network with smart contracts and other opportunities for developers. Ethereum is better-suited to facilitate DeFi concepts like lending, borrowing, staking, yield farming, etc. Thanks to platforms like Aave, Compound, MakerDAO, Liquity, and others, the lending segment took off firmly. However, new platforms are coming to market to improve upon the foundation laid out by these pioneering platforms, providing a more compelling user experience with new revenue opportunities.

What MakerDAO, Compound, And Aave Do

MakerDAO, Compound, Aave, and Liquity all look very similar on the surface. Their core service facilitates decentralized borrowing and lending, providing liquidity providers with revenue from interest payments. Moreover, the borrowers can use the borrowed assets across other decentralized finance protocols to explore yield farming, liquidity mining, and so forth. Ultimately, as long as they repay the loan, all profit generated through the borrowed asset is theirs to keep.

Compound remains one of the most significant DeFi lending protocols on Ethereum. It introduced liquidity mining incentives and the COMP governance token to attract users. Moreover, the platform still manages several billion dollars in Total Value Locked, ensuring sufficient liquidity to facilitate loans to those who need funds quickly. However, the protocol has lost its dominant spot to newer protocols like Aave in the past few months.

The Aave platform – formerly ETHland – has the highest total value locked on Ethereum in the DeFi lending category. It offers a much larger asset diversity than Compound and has a much lower collateral requirement than MakerDAO. In addition, Aave was one of the first protocols to introduce “flash loans,” a feature where borrowing and repayment occur within the same Ethereum network transaction.

MakerDAO is a decentralized solution to facilitate lending and borrowing that supports Ether to extend loans in the form of DAI, the platform’s native stablecoin. DAI is an ERC20 token pegged to the value of the US Dollar. MakerDAO has a second token – MKR – to support the stability of the DAI token and introduce governance for the Dai Credit System. MakerDAO was one of the first platforms to issue a new stablecoin not backed by funds in a bank account but maintains its value through a set of algorithms.


While Liquity is also a decentralized borrowing protocol, it introduces 0% interest loans against Ethereum used as collateral. All borrowed funds are issued in LUSD – a USD-pegged stablecoin – but require a collateral ratio of 110%. That ratio is much lower than Compound, MakerDAO, or Aave, where collateral rates of up to 300% are not uncommon.

Moreover, Liquity introduced the concept of a Stability Pool to secure all outstanding loans. The Stability Pool consists of LUSD and can be contributed to by holders of the stablecoin. The Pool is a liquidity source to repay debt from liquidated loans. Users who deposit LUSD to the Stability Pool make liquidation gains and receive LQTY tokens as an extra “reward.”


The approach by Liquity has given users an extra option to earn revenue when borrowing the LUSD stablecoin. However, protocols like Hubble have developed another revenue opportunity to attract liquidity for loans. Any collateral provided by users will earn yield when it is locked into the Hubble protocol. The project runs on Solana and supports ETH, BTC, and other assets as collateral, all of which will earn yield through various means.

Moreover, the Hubble protocol embraces the Stability Pool mechanism as well. Users can use the USDH stablecoin to provide liquidity to the pool to keep the platform healthy and ensure users can repay all loans. Users exploring this option earn roughly 10% difference from liquidated accounts. Additionally, they will receive HBB rewards at a constant rate. That HBB token can be staked on Hubble to earn protocol rewards and vote on protocol proposals.

The option to earn a yield on collateral, pocket passive income from USDH through the Stability Pool or other DeFi protocols, and earn stakeable HBB tokens from the Stability Pool creates a multi-pronged revenue stream. Moreover, users can access everything within the same interface for users who want to set up everything and let the revenue trickle in over time.

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NFT Drops Amid Beijing Winter Olympics Event

Following the Summer Olympics in 2008, China will host the 24th Winter Olympics. The event led to the inspiration for the launch of Alibaba and Bithumb’s NFT collectibles.

Alibaba, a Chinese multinational tech giant, announced the launch of four non-fungible tokens (NFTs) inspired by the sports featured in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

This is a positive sign in the context of the uncertainty surrounding China’s regulation of NFTs.

Alibaba Launches Sport-Inspired NFTs

According to the South China Morning Post, the NFT collectibles are designed as virtual badges in the style of traditional Chinese ink art. The NFTs represent the four aspects covered by the event, which are speed skating, freestyle skiing, downhill skiing, and figure skating.

The NFT will be available on Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall online marketplaces from February 5 to February 20, 2022, the final day of the world’s largest sports competition.

Each badge comes with 8,888 copies and will be distributed on four different days during this time frame. However, the availability of these badges will be generally limited to Alibaba 88Vip registered members.

The first NFT badge, which depicted a speed skater, was quickly sold out after its first release on February 2.

China is Ok With NFTs – for Now

In contrast to cryptocurrencies, which are restricted by the government, China appears to be supportive of the concept of NFTs.

Despite this, corporations and tech titans working on the release of NFTs avoid using the phrase “NFTs” directly; instead, they refer to “digital collectibles,” which are unspokenly understood as virtual assets.

The digital collection of the Winter Olympics on Alibaba is only available to residents above the age of 14, and owners are restricted from using these digital collections for any commercial purposes.

There is a growing interest in NFT – a blockchain-based digital asset – amongst Chinese corporations.

Ant Group, Alibaba’s fintech branch, and social media behemoth Tencent were the first to embrace NFT, introducing dozens of NFT-integrated products since last summer. and Baidu followed suit, launching their own digital collections.

On Christmas Eve, China’s national news agency Xinhua stepped in, giving out over 100,000 digital collections, representing news images from “historic moments in 2021.”

Bithumb Launches A Supportive NFT Collectible

How about watching the Olympics game to support your team and winning NFTs?

Let Bithumb show you how. South Korea’s leading cryptocurrency exchange announced today that traders who match the criteria for receiving digital art non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from Bithumb will receive NFTs every time South Korea wins a medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The release also marked the partnership of Bithumb and the blockchain-based sports content 300FIT. Traders with over 1 million Korean Won worth of transactions will be eligible to join.

For further details, when a Korean athlete wins a medal in the Olympics, the NFT offerings will be valid within 24 hours commencing at midnight on the day following the event.

In addition, Bithumb will supply ten standard NFTs and one special digital art NFT of the winning South Korean Olympic medallist, which will be distributed at random.

Data from CryptoSlam revealed that the sports business has been a significant driver of the mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrencies, with sporting fan tokens selling twice as many units as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Because of the great hopes of the sports sector in 2022, which includes many big tournaments and attractive sporting events returning strongly after years of the epidemic, the rapid expansion of NFT Sports can be attributed to this expectation.

In addition to the Olympics, popular sporting events such as the Formula One World Championship, the NBA, Major League Baseball, and football generate significant attention across all continents of the world.

NFTs are finding new markets all the time!

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OpenSea Removes CryptoPunks V1, Collectors Furious

Despite the increased community interest, the resurgence of CryptoPunks V1 appears to be a problem for some – especially at OpenSea.

OpenSea, the world’s top NFT marketplace, said earlier this week that CryptoPunks V1 would be removed from the platform.

This drastic action came shortly after Larva Labs’ announcement to remove the collectibles, implying that OpenSea is siding with Larva Labs amid the issues surrounding its return.

Technically, CryptoPunks V1 is similar to CryptoPunks due to the origin of the same smart contract. However, Larva Labs, the company behind the renowned collection, stated that V1 is not an official CryptoPunks.

The action was not well embraced by the community, particularly by those collectors recently into the 10k collectibles. OpenSea’s delising partly adds fuel to the fire in the context of ongoing legal battle.

OpenSea Deals With NFTs Popularity

Back in 2017, when the first CryptoPunks were minted, LarvaLabs issued 10,000 CryptoPunks V1. However, there was a significant shortcoming in smart contract management.

Rather than allowing the seller to get the money, it permits the buyer to do so after the transaction. The buyer receives both the virtual works and the money, while the seller receives nothing.

Larva Labs decided to cancel the first edition and re-enact NFT as a result of the event. The second edition was established, and it is finally gaining traction in the crypto world, with almost $2 billion in trade activity.

The key source of the dispute was the reissuance of some CryptoPunks V1 NFTs under wrapped ERC-721 Ethereum tokens – each with a different background color compared to the standard CryptoPunks NFTs.

The collectibles have quickly gained traction, as seen by the growing interest and prices.

More Challenges for NFTs are Bound to Come

While it is still questionable whether CryptoPunks V1 is what it claims to be, many members of the community appear to have formed an opinion on the matter.

Since the release of CryptoPunks v1 alongside the more widely known CryptoPunks v2, some have questioned the legality and authenticity.

However, when whales boosted the volume on LooksRare and other rival sites, CryptoPunks v1 has gained popularity.

CryptoPunks V1 and OpenSea had quite a history.

The world’s largest NFT marketplace delisted the collection before. However, the collection has resurged on competitors’ platforms, prompting OpenSea to loosen restrictions.

At the time of writing, the total volume of the wrapped CryptoPunks v1 series had breached 315.44 ETH. CryptoPunks V1 is still active on different platforms. They are now known as Classic Punks or Wrapped CryptoPunks V1.

Huge Value Was Created

The debate over the authenticity of this NFT series is getting more complex. Velinova.eth, the creator of CryptoPunks v1, made the following statement in the official CryptoPunks v1 Discord:

To wit,

“We have been in contact with a top-tier IP Attorney from the US who has advised us that we are lawfully able to carry on in the trade of these CryptoPunks. Given we have now been publicly threatened with legal action by Larva Labs, and that we have been advised that their legal options are slim and perhaps frivolous, we wish to inform that we will challenge vehemently any attempt to bully, intimidate or cause damage to V1 or V2 CryptoPunk holders.”

The community’s reaction has gone wild with protection against OpenSea’s decision. Holders of CryptoPunks V1 NFTs changed the name to “CryptoPunks V1 313 WPV1.”

The value of these CryptoPunks is the sole motive for this legal conflict. NFTs, like most cryptocurrencies, are priced based on supply and demand.

So, less supply means more value. A CryptoPunk now costs 68.95 ETH, or around $212,198. Because only 10,000 CyptoPunks are available. If V1 is approved on Opensea, the supply doubles to 20,000, effectively lowering the value and uniqueness of the CryptoPunks.

Many collectors believe that this action goes against the primary notion of decentralization.

An NFT collector expressed his frustration,

“Screw Larva Labs. The right move was simple: embrace punks’ history, in all its messiness…ultimately it adds character to the collection. Instead we get the lamest web2-mentality action possible: legal threats.”

In unregulated markets, almost anything is possible.

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Tempus Finance: Decentralized Fixed Income

Today, more and more investors want to explore blockchain as its potential to the finance industry, Tempus Finance is here to meet the demands and give a new way to approach blockchain investments.

Blockchain technology has become one of the leading innovations and has received a lot of attention over the past decade, especially in the finance industry.

Holding promises such as reducing fraud, ensuring quick, and secure transactions and trades, blockchain technology is transforming everything from payments transactions to how money is raised in the market.

As such, we have seen a boom of blockchain-based finance platforms which are expected to replace the traditional banking industry.

What Is Tempus Finance?

There are many financial uses provided by a blockchain. Here, Tempus is a future yield tokenization and fixed-rate protocol that is built on the Ethereum network.

In addition, Tempus also works as a yield aggregation tool aiming to deliver additional returns on yield-bearing tokens.

In other words, it will charge fees to Tempus that will be redistributed to its token holders.

Launched in March 2021 by the pair founders David Garai and Djordje Mijovic, Tempus is a result of the understanding a need for interest rate swap products or fixed income in DeFi which are come from David’s experience when the founder worked in the interest rate derivatives space in TradFi.

To date, the protocol has successfully raised over $30 million through funding rounds with the participation of some of the leading investors in the crypto space such as Lemniscap, Jump Capital, Distributed Global, GSR, Wintermute, or Tomahawk.

Currently, the platform can be found on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Medium.

How Does Tempus Work?

Most forms of yield farming return a variable rate of yield so that users can be subject to unpredictable fluctuations in their returns when depositing their assets.

At the present, there is no easy capital-efficient way to obtain a fixed yield or otherwise speculate on the receivable rewards. This is where Tempus steps in.

The protocol offers three different use cases and each of which has a unique value proposition. Tempus fixes your future yield using any supported Yield Bearing Token such as stETH, and cDai.

It also can offer fixed income to risk-averse investors by speculating on the rate of future yield of any supported Yield Bearing Token.

Moreover, Tempus provides liquidity to earn additional swap fees in addition to yield earned through yield farming protocols by depositing any supported Yield Bearing Token.

The current pools on Tempus offer short-term maturity contracts.

However, offering longer-term contracts, quasi-perpetual pools, and leveraged fixed-term contracts on Tempus are features that will be available as the company grows.

Therefore, the platform users are provided higher interest rates for the same cryptocurrency as compared to the interest rate offered by the underlying yield aggregating platform.

Although Tempus currently only operates on Ethereum, it is being developed and expanded to become the market-leading fixed yield protocol across all major blockchains such as the integration with Yearn on Fantom.

While the high gas fees associated with transacting on L1 Ethereum are pricing out a significant portion of users, many of these users have migrated over to other chains as a result, one of which is Fantom.

Fantom has seen explosive growth in volume and total value locked (TVL), as well as the interest rates available on Fantom, are also significantly higher at present.

As a result, the appearance of Tempus on Fantom brings fixed yield to Fantom. Yearn is the first Fantom integration and the integration will allow Tempus to bring fixed yields of over 20% APR to users.

The launch will be along with pools available for MIM, DAI, USDC, WBTC, and WFTM, with varying maturity dates.

The following pools are available:

  • Lido stETH with the 3-month term and maturity Date is 31 March 2022
  • Lido stETH with the 9-month term and maturity Date is 30 August 2022

Why Tempus Works

The DeFi lending and borrowing market have only been able to offer variable rates based on the market conditions and many other factors and offering a fixed rate on DeFi has been a challenge.

The existing protocols that have tried to do this are either offering very low to negligible rates or through Liquidity Mining rewards.

Taking inspiration from the bond markets in traditional financial markets, Tempus has designed and built a protocol that allows users to fix their yields or leverage them when they expect the interest rates to fall or rise.

This is also one of the major differences from other competitors in the market.

While other competitors such as Element and Pendle have different AMMs including liquidity pools for Principal, Yield tokens, and stablecoins, Tempus has a single simple and capital-efficient custom AMM for Principals and Yields.

This not only simplifies users’ experience and increases the yield on the platform, but also is the first protocol that has successfully done this in a capital-efficient way.

Tempus is focusing on retail users, institutional investors, staking businesses, DAOs holding significant treasury assets, TradFi businesses offering fixed income on crypto portfolios, and existing or new custodians for cryptocurrencies.

Its B2B offers fixed income for crypto holders, meanwhile, B2C offers fixed income to risk-averse investors, higher interest rates for the same cryptocurrency as compared to the interest rate offered by the underlying yield aggregating platform, and leveraged yields for degens with investment strategies.

Some of the things that may interest you in the protocol USP Tempus are simple user interface and experience as well as a mature crypto community on Discord and Twitter.

How to Get Started in Tempus?

The process to get started with Tempus Finance is quite simple:

Step 1: Go to Tempus.Finance and click on ‘Launch App’ that will take you to the dashboard where you will be able to manage your yield-bearing tokens and/or underlying assets. You can also change the language of the app by clicking on the ‘Settings’ button.

Step 2: Select the pool in which you would like to deposit your yield-bearing tokens or underlying assets from the pools available on the dashboard. The different pools available on the dashboard show various metrics, including protocol, maturity, fixed APR, LP APR, TVL, balance, and the available to deposit, which shows the total amount of the asset that can be deposited in the pool.

Step 3: Clicking on the ‘Manage’ button will take you to the deposit window for Basic users. This feature allows you to fix your future yield or provide liquidity to the pool to earn additional yield. Users will also get all the information relevant to the pool including the term of the pool, the TVL, the ratio in which the Principal to Yield tokens can be deposited in the liquidity pool, the 7-day volume of the pool, and more.

Step 4: Select whether you would like to deposit ETH, or stETH.

Step 5: By clicking on the ‘Fix Your Future Yield’ button, you can fix your future yield. This button allows you to deposit your yield-bearing tokens to mint an equal number of Principals and Yields.

Great Tools for Blockchain Finance from Tempus

With the boom of blockchain-based finance platforms recently, Tempus may be one of the significant platforms for those who want to explore this technological innovation in the finance industry in order to make an income.

While the market is volatile and fluctuates constantly, fixed rates are a safer bet in the dynamic crypto market.

Tempus offers DeFi-native interest rate swaps for the same cryptocurrency, fixed decentralized income offering to risk-averse investors along with leveraged yields for degens with investment strategies.

To learn more about Tempus Finance – just click right here!

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Dexalot: Brings CEX Functionality to a Decentralized Trading Platform

Dexalot is a unique decentralized platform that has the goal to deliver the traditional centralized exchange platform experience through a decentralized application on-chain.

You only need your crypto wallet. There are no intermediaries, swift transactions, and no custodial ownership. Users can maximize their investment with low fees and with new features in the future and governance decided by the community.

Dexalot’s mission is to bring a Central Limit Order Book capability on a functional decentralized exchange to the cryptocurrency finance space. It provides a trading environment that can compete with centralized exchanges.

Dexalot and Avalanche Protocol

Dexalot runs off the Avalanche platform for its obvious advantages in speed, throughput and near-instantaneous transactions.

Previous attempts at Central Limit Order Book Functionality on blockchains were met with inferior protocols that typically led to limited adoption, high fees and large amounts of market risk.

Dexalot solves these problems by operating on the C-Chain and it will attempt to further improve user functionality and experience.

Unlike traditional AMMs (Automated market maker) on Avalanche, that focus on swapping, Dexalot allows users to enter orders at prices they want to execute at.

These orders eliminate worries for price slippage on executions and the unforeseen risk of being front-run during a crucial trade.

Making Liquidity Work

When liquidity is reached, market orders will allow users to receive the same price-time priority that they are accustomed to on centralized exchanges.

While Dexalot enhances the user experience for trading on Avalanche, through the functionality of a central limit order book, it also stands out with other features built directly into its foundation.

All transactions are irreversibly recorded on the chain.

By using the ID of a transaction, one can access the associated blockchain record, as approved by Avalanche validators. This feature allows users to view all pertinent transaction information for complete transparency.

Better Tools

The absolute independence of a decentralized exchange means there is no centralized control over the exchange or the user’s tokens.

Dexalot does not depend on any third-party services and the control of the wallet remains in the hands of user’s, staying true to it’s permissionless and non-custodial nature.

One of the biggest advantages that Dexalot has is the Intel SGX-supported Avalanche Digital Asset Bridge.

This bridge between the Avalanche blockchain and the Ethereum blockchain has allowed DeFi enthusiasts to bridge assets into Avalanche.

While the bridge is currently only supporting Ethereum and Avalanche, the technology allows for the bridging of other blockchains in the near future.

Emin Gun Sirer, Founder of Ava Labs and Director of Avalanche Foundation, commented,

“The last two months have shown incredible growth across Avalanche, with users, assets, and applications joining the community in record-highs. Blizzard will play a key role in further accelerating this growth, and solidifying Avalanche’s position as the premier home for projects and people pioneering the next era in our space.”

Attracting Investors

The team has capped investment at $7 Million USD, and investors such as, Avalanche Blizzard Fund, GSR, Woodstock Capital, Benqi, Avascan, Maven Capital, and Maximizer.

Some of the Key Investors include:

  • Avalanche
  • Republic Capital
  • Avalaunch
  • Muhabbit Capital Ventures
  • Colony Lab

Solving Exchange Issues

After seeing the issues with other exchanges, the founders started the development for Dexalot.

Some of the things that needed to be fixed included:

  • Shortcomings of central exchanges by hiding fees on their users, while claiming to have zero fees
  • A ridiculous concentrated amount of funds in custodial accounts, rendering the user without the ownership of their tokens
  • Too many exchanges are susceptible to rug pulls, frontrunning and hacks. Leaving users feeling cheated, tokenless, or robbed

Many exchanges have engaged in improper use of customer funds: staking, trading, leverage. Promising the customer high returns, when in actuality they only trickle profits to the user.

Some exchanges have had unexplained system outages, usually when prices skyrocket and become more volatile. Resulting in investors losing out on crucial moments in the price to sell.

Dexalot’s Business Model

According to the company, it would be valuable to, or provide value to, 

  • Projects that have treasuries (MAXI etc.)
  • Providing low slippage, capital efficient execution partnership to other businesses:
  • Ability to leave orders to manage risk when sleeping (i.e. orders that would execute even if you aren’t online)
  • Projects that raise crypto currency capital
  • Hedge Funds
  • Investment Advisors and Asset Managers
  • Ability to “self-custody” where no crypto is given to a company that can get hacked, or steal assets

Customer Relations and Channels

The foundation to Dexalot’s business model is the customer. Which sticks to the core values of decentralized finance. Meaning the user has total control over their own financial future.

According to the company,

  • The initial customer segment is expected to be crypto currency traders focusing on Avalanche
  • The next target would be crypto currency traders focusing on other chains and the crypto traders using centralized exchanges
  • Finally there would be the general population who are interested in crypto but don’t know where to start

Market Interest is Growing

Dexalot will put into action a governance model in addition to creating bonuses for it’s loyal users in the very near future. A strong community ownership and participation in governance is a very important goal for the project.

Dexalot started the Avalanche testnet on Aug. 6, 2021. The community has been extremely enthusiastic about the project with close to 1,000 unique wallets trading on day one.

The first 24 hours were phenomenal, there were 44,000 transactions completed, reaching an amazing $1.17 million in volume in those transactions.

Continuing with this tremendous momentum, the Avalanche community were invited to participate in incentivized events, like bug hunts, to push the system to its limits and further.

Making Progress

Dexalot plans to launch on the mainnet in the near future, with hopes that the crypto community will come together and expand on this groundbreaking decentralized finance space.

Dexalot launched their testnet on Aug 6, 2021. Since then they have been working with only Crypto transactions and have been able to process over 255,000 transactions and during this time they’ve gathered approximately 12,000 unique wallets.

Anybody can use Dexalot simply by connecting a MetaMask wallet and adding the Avalanche mainnet. Seed phrase provided by Avalanche Foundation.

The Next Generation of Exchange Infrastructure

Dexalot’s core team has a long-term vision with a clear roadmap and innovative features for the future.

Dexalot has been committed to staying true to the core beliefs of decentralized exchanges, while keeping things simple and in the hands of investors and by holding the customers at the heart of their business model.

Complete privacy and control at all times, something central exchanges and most decentralized exchanges are apprehensive to implement.

Dexalot plans to crush all of those worries for the common user. By creating a user friendly platform while bringing an efficient Central Limit Order Book. It will be truly decentralized and offer the utmost security rivaling any centralized exchange.

If you don’t hold the keys, then the tokens aren’t really yours.

But, with Dexalot you hold the tokens in your wallet and you hold the keys. Dexalot brings a transparent decentralized trading environment, one that rivals centralized exchanges with its simplicity.

Security, speed, user friendly interface and low cost makes Dexalot stand out from the rest. To learn more – please click here!

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